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My Uncle and My Dad's Secret, Chapter 9: Nothin' He Ain't Seen Yet


    "Oh fuck! I'm... I'm gonna, I'm cumming!"

    I grunted loudly and shot my load down my fiancé's throat. Fuck! I just shot my load in front of Brett! Rodney took his time, making sure to milk every drop, all while my teenage nephew – my son! – sat just a few feet away with his pants around his ankles. I couldn't be sure what made me turned on the most – the vintage porn we'd been passing around, the group jerk session, or Rodney's blowjob. Another thought pushed through all the rest: Was I turned on because Brett was watching and stroking himself?! 

    Rodney sat up with a satisfied smirk, still totally unaware he just facilitated a young son watch his father get a blowjob. Now, my future husband had a look on his face that I was all too familiar with.

    "My turn now. Flip over and show me your hole," Rod commanded.

    He couldn't be serious! He didn't actually expect to fuck me right here and now in front of Brett, right? I stared at Rodney dumbly, slightly astounded. Sure enough, Rodney spit in his hand and started working his hung cock. Normally I'd welcome his meat anytime, but this was overwhelming.

    I looked over to Brett, who sat quietly with a clear expression of interest. His hand was still wrapped around his teen dick. While not as big as Rodney, his stiff 8-incher was still a hefty tool. He was bigger than me even though I was content with my 7.5". The pinkish tip of my son's cock was glistening with precum that practically oozed down towards the shaft. 

    Giving myself permission to stare, I noticed that Brett's tool had a decent thickness, and I was quite sure he knew how to use it. He had a mass of curly brown pubic hair. I guessed he hadn't quite gotten into his manscaping phase yet. Nestled between his muscled thighs was his heavy ballsack, equally as hairy. I caught myself wondering what he smelled like down there after hockey practice. Even being cock-spoiled by Rodney's nearly 10", Brett had the kind of dick that I would thoroughly enjoy – if it didn't belong to my son that is. But seeing it again, seeing how horny Brett was while watching this, made the situation so much hotter. My freshly-drained cock started to stir back to life.

    "But..." I protested weakly, making eye contact with Rodney again.

    "What? Nothin' he ain't seen yet. C'mon, lemme fuck you," Rod insisted with a grin.

    Rodney made a very valid point:. Brett had already seen us fucking, the night he spied on us at our apartment. Not to mention everything that happened last month at Tucker's house, including me and Brett jerking off together. Was this really that much more extreme than everything that's already happened? I couldn't think straight, especially not around two gorgeous men, one of whom was desperate to fuck me.

    In the end, my horniness got the best of me. I stood up and let my pants fall to the floor. Then, I got on my hands and knees on my childhood bed, offering my ass to Rodney. Rodney climbed onto the bed behind me, so that we were both turned sideways to Brett. My sexy fiancé spat again, this time on my hole. After all this time, that's all I needed to take his monster. Rodney tapped the head of his dick against my waiting pucker. As he began to push in, I looked at Brett. Brett's lips softly parted in awe as he watched Rodney skewer me inch-by-inch, his green eyes glued to my ass. As my fiancé spread my hole wide, I couldn't take my eyes off Brett's swollen cock.

    In no time at all, Rodney bottomed out. The feeling of him filling me up gave me such a sense of completeness, and the way he always hit my prostate practically made my eyes roll back. The combination of my partner penetrating me while the rest of the family was downstairs, and Brett's lustful gaze on us, made this exhilarating. My cock was once again hard as a rock. The only thing that could make this better was if I had a dick shoved down my throat. My old bed frame began to creak as Rodney gently pulled out, before sinking his pole deep inside me again. I lost my virginity in this bed over two decades ago and now, Brett was here watching me get fucked in it.

    Other than the sound of the mattress, the only noises in the room were Rodney's quickened breath and my soft moans. I continued watching Brett while he jerked himself off. Every time his balls tensed, he stopped, probably trying to edge himself and not cum yet. Rodney started to pick up his pace and soon the room seemed to echo the sounds of his hips slapping my ass and the bed frame knocking against the wall. My own dick bounced and swayed with each thrust, already dripping with precum. 

    "You like watchin' this?" Rodney suddenly asked Brett, who nodded slowly in response.

    "Yeah, I thought so, I bet you love watchin' me fuck your uncle's ass, you perv," he growled, him and Brett holding intense eye contact. "He's got a hungry fuckin' hole, don't he?"

    "Fuck yeah, he does," Brett whispered back, totally unaware that he was talking about his own father!

    Hearing this banter back and forth between Rodney and my son drove me absolutely wild. Rodney then pulled out quickly and flipped me onto my back. He tore at my shirt, ripping the buttons off and exposing my torso. He held my legs against his chest with one arm and shoved his cock back inside me. Using his free hand, he reached down and grabbed my chin. He forced my head to look over at Brett.

    "See that? Your nephew is gettin' off watching me fuck your slutty hole," he grunted.

    Like it or not, I was forced to watch Brett stroke his cock. Then, Rodney pushed his thumb into my mouth. I sucked hard, wishing it was a dick, maybe even a dick that looked like Brett's. Fuck! I was so horny I was basically picturing blowing my own son!

    "C'mere, kid," Rodney barked at Brett. Being dominant came naturally to him.

    Brett hesitated briefly, then went to stand next to Rodney, just inches from me. Rodney pulled his hand from my face, and in a completely surprising move, wrapped his fingers around Brett's throbbing cock. My own hand shot to my dick, totally turned on from watching Rodney fist Brett's cock. Brett seemed just as stunned as I was, but he let it happen. My own son stood next to me, his pants around his ankles while he got jerked off by my fiancé.

    Rodney, spurred on by the act of pleasuring both of us, started hammering my hole. All three of us were moaning and grunting, each getting closer and closer to exploding. Brett's jaw dropped and his forehead furrowed. His ballsack clenched and I knew what was going to happen next.

    "Fuck. Oh fuck!" Brett gasped as he shot his load.

    Brett's orgasm was so intense that he spurted my grandkids all over my stomach and chest. As the ropes of hot cum landed on my skin like drops of lava, I erupted for the second time, mixing my load with that of my son's. Seeing what Rodney perceived as a nephew cumming all over his uncle, made Rodney slam into me a final time with a loud grunt, depositing his jizz deep inside me. I lay there on my back, panting, as Rodney pulled out. He quickly bent down and licked up the puddle of cum off my chest, mixing the flavors from me and Brett. His lips came to mine, and we kissed. I could taste semen, but there was no way of knowing whose it was. 

    "Wow, thanks for the helping hand!" Brett joked, and we all laughed.

    We quietly got cleaned up and dressed. Thankfully, I still had some old shirts in this closet that fit me. I spilled some beer on my other shirt, so everyone would think that was the reason I'd taken it off. Rod and Brett finished their beers in a few gulps and when we ran dry, we finally joined the rest of the family back downstairs, each of us with a mischievous smile.



    "Charles, this has gone on long enough! We need to tell Brett the truth NOW!!"

    I could still hear my brother's alarmed words. They haunted my dreams at night sometimes. They made it very clear Austin wanted to reveal the truth about Brett's paternity to him.

    I'd listened to Austin's audio message a few times before deleting it. My brother sent it to me the night of his 40th birthday party. Maybe this was some sort of midlife crisis for him. Or maybe, Austin just wanted to do what we'd always said would be done. Still, I wasn't ready. I insisted on more time. Austin's birthday passed, and then Thanksgiving came and went. A week before Christmas, Brett was turning 18. His birthday was on a Sunday, so he decided to have a party for his friends that Saturday, followed by a large family dinner on Sunday.

    That Saturday evening, Brett's boyfriend Juan came over to our house to help my son prepare for the party. Brett's mother and I had agreed to go out and spend the night at my parents' house, allowing our son to host a party without parental supervision. After all, starting at midnight, he would officially be an adult. I'd even bought some beer and a couple of bottles of wine for the party.

    "Now remember, I'm letting you have this if you promise you won't be drinking anything harder," I told Brett. "And make sure your friends who are driving aren't drinking!"

    "Okay, I promise," my son smiled. "And thanks. That's really cool of you, Dad."

    "Dad" – I'd never get sick of hearing Brett call me that. But would he continue to do it once he learned the truth? That's what scared me.

    "Bye, Mr. Thompson," Juan waved at me. 

    "See ya, Juan. Watch out for my boy," I said.

    "Oh, he's a man now," Juan smiled, smacking Brett's butt playfully.

    "Ha. Guess he is," I nodded in agreement, almost getting teary-eyed.

    My wife Anne and I went out for dinner and a movie, after which I drove us to my parents' house for the night. I kept checking my phone for SOS messages from Brett, even though I had a smartwatch that sent notifications to my wrist. At midnight, I texted him a "Happy birthday, Son," before turning to Anne and saying, "Well, it's official, we no longer have a boy. He's a man now."

    "I guess," she smiled, texting Brett from her own phone. Just like Austin, I knew that Anne thought it was way overdue for Brett to learn the truth, but I appreciated that she didn't broach the topic tonight.

    The worst part about sleeping at my parents' was that they were both up at 6 AM, making noise around the house. Anne and I woke up and I checked my phone to see a text from Brett, sent at 2:49 AM: "Everyone's gone now. It all went well. Night Dad. Love you."

    Anne and I had some coffee with my parents and then drove back to our house. We walked in quietly, trying not to wake Brett up. I couldn't help but check in on him, so I snuck up to his room and I gently pushed the door open.

    A couple of surprising sights awaited. One was the fact that Juan was in my son's bed – I didn't know he would be spending the night here. Two was that both teenage boys were stark naked, their arms wrapped around each other with the covers kicked off, keeping themselves warm enough in their embrace. 

    Although Juan had never spent the night here, he was often here during the day and he and Brett were allowed to keep the door closed during those visits. I had no doubt that some sexual things were going down between them, although I never knew for sure if it was just handjobs or blowjobs or if they were full-on fucking. For some reason, seeing them like this made me think they were past the point of fucking, and they'd probably done it again just a few hours ago.

    The third surprising thing that caught my eyes was the condition of their penises. It shouldn't have been a surprise that they were both hard as rocks; not this early in the morning and especially not at their age. What made me gawk was the fact my son looked to be a good inch or two larger than me. At 6.5" inches, I could never brag that I was any larger than average. Then again… Brett was Austin's biological son after all. Did he get his endowment from my brother? Was Austin just as big as Brett?

    Shooing those highly inappropriate thoughts out my mind, I closed the door and let Brett and Juan sleep. It wasn't until I'd walked a few steps in the hallway… that I noticed I was also sporting a rock-hard boner now. 

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