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New Friends, New Experiences

    "Cheeeers! To getting out of this bitch!"

    "Nooo, don't say that," I whined.

    Whining or not, it was almost time to face the inevitable: my best friend, a year older than me, was about to graduate soon.

    "Don't leave me here all alone," I begged dramatically.

    "Sorry boo boo," Nevaeh hugged me, both of us rolling around drunkenly on her couch. "But you won't be alone. You have lots of friends."

    "As if." 

    "You have the other girls. And your roommate's only a freshman! Don't you guys get along?"

    I kept quiet. As close and Nevaeh and I were, I hadn't told her about Camron and me.

    "Oh, you know I can't be friends with straight boys," I brushed it off.

    "Why not?"

    "I don't know. Never have been. I've always hung out with the girls. Never really had guy friends."

    "Sky, honey, I love you, but that's weird."

    "Gees, thanks. I haven't been shamed enough for it my whole life, I really need to hear it from you."

    "I don't mean it that way. Like, we joke around, 'men are the worst, ha ha,' but that's only for fun. Maybe you're just nervous that… they'll make fun of you or something. And yeah, some guys are assholes, some people are assholes in general. But it's not the same like what you had to deal with in middle school and high school, not around here. Why don't you give 'em a chance?"

    I lay in bed the next morning, thinking about what Nevaeh had said. Could she be right? Was I unable to open up to other guys because I was afraid of them?

    From the bathroom, I could hear Camron and our suitemate McKenzie talking and joking around. I always felt like the two of them were friends, and I was the third wheel in the suite. When they talked about sports or girls, I felt like a foreigner in my own room. Like they were talking in a language I could understand, but it wasn't my own.

    Spending winter break with my mom and her fiancé hadn't helped the situation either. As much as I tried, I could only look at Turner in two ways: an arrogant straight douchebag; or a sexy hunk I wanted to fuck me (which only made me feel bad for lusting after my mother's fiancé like a creep). 

    Turner only acerbated the situation by constantly flaunting his body. I was genuinely surprised Mom hadn't told him not to walk in front of me in nothing but briefs that hardly left anything to the imagination. He'd done it so many times by now that it was the new normal. Just as normal as him leaving the door open while taking a piss, or adjusting his balls shamelessly in front of everyone even if we were in public.

    "Hey man, you alright?" Camron came into the room, with just a towel wrapped around his waist. I don't know why he bothered covering up at all; not only had I seen his dick, I'd had it inside me.

    Last semester, after Cam and I started hooking up, we started to have sex once or twice a week. Living in the same room definitely made it convenient. Then, he went back home to his girlfriend over winter break, and he seemed to have gotten enough sex there, because he didn't seem as horny ever since.

    "I'm fine," I answered.

    "You going to yo girl's tonight?"


    "Nevaeh. She's having another party. You going?"

    "Oh. Yeah, yeah, sure. I'll be there."

    As she was about to graduate and move out of her loft in a few weeks, Nevaeh's parties only got bigger and bigger. For the first time, I spent hours at hers and I barely caught a glimpse of her! Usually we went everywhere hand in hand. Instead, I mingled and drank with other people, trying to make friends that will still be around next year.

    If nothing else, at least it made me feel better for the time being. I kept drinking more and more, which made everyone feel like they're my best friend. We screamed "oh my god, I love you" to each other, even though in the morning we's hardly remember each other's names. I'd officially become the kind of person I used to make fun of.

    After several hours, I was so drunk I hadn't even realized how late it was. I turned around and noticed more than half the people had left already. I was wasted, and I needed to go as well. I ordered a car, and started looking for Nevaeh to say bye.

    I walked around the loft until I found my friend sitting on her bed, making out with some guy. So that's where she's been all evening! With Nevaeh's big afro, I couldn't see who the guy was, until they tilted their heads and I saw it was… Camron.

    I was about to be sick! I sprinted to the bathroom and pushed aside the girl that was waiting to go in. Luckily, the person that was using it was just on their way out. I slammed the door shut behind me and threw up my guts in the toilet.

    Kneeling on the floor, I started getting notifications that the driver was waiting for me downstairs. I finished up, tried to clean up after myself, and went down as fast as I could. During the entire drive (which thankfully wasn't too long) I defied my own atheism by praying not to throw up all over this stranger's car.

    I managed to hold it in until I got to the dorm. Once there, I ran to my suite, letting the door bang shut behind me. I got on my knees and vomited loudly in the toilet again.

    "I think that's it," I thought, getting up and starting to brush my teeth, feeling disgusting.

    "You okay, Sky?" 

    In the mirror, I saw McKenzie standing behind me. He was wearing a pair of boxers and had a sleepy expression on his face. I'd obviously woken him up.

    "Oh shit, I'm so sorry," I mumbled with the toothbrush in my mouth.

    "That's alright, just wanted to make sure you're okay."

    I lifted up a finger to say "one second" and finished brushing my teeth quickly. In the meanwhile, McKenzie stood behind me. I looked at him in the mirror. He was only a year older, but in this moment he looked just like an older brother, looking after his younger sibling who'd just returned home drunk. I appreciated the fact that he cared; and I appreciated looking at his sexy 6'2" football player's body as he stood there with his arms crossed, making his large pecs seem even larger. 

    "I'm fine," I finally spit out the toothpaste. "Just had a bit too much."

    "Is Cam in?"

    "No, he's still at the party." I tried to sound sober, but I probably looked ridiculous.

    "You sure you alright? Why don't you sleep in my room tonight? Maybe you shouldn't be alone."

    "Aww, that's so sweet of you," I turned around. "Can I give you a hug?"

    Zie smiled. 

    "Sure," he said, humoring me. 

    I walked up to him and let him take me in his arms. I closed my eyes and cherished the moment. Zie must've taken a shower before going to bed, because he smelled so nice that I almost buried my face in his hairy armpit. 

    "Let's get you to bed," he said, and guided me to his room. 

    Since he didn't have a roommate, the two single beds in the room were pushed together. 

    "I can separate the beds. But oh, shit, I don't have another clean set of sheets."

    "That's fine," I mumbled, and passed out on one side of the bed.

    "You mind taking your shoes off, at least?"

    "I'm sorry," I mumbled drunkenly and bent down to take off my shoes. After that, I took off my jeans and my shirt, and got under the cover in just my underwear, just like McKenzie.

    "Good night," he said and switched off the light.

    "Zie?" I whispered two minutes later. "Are you a big spoon or a little spoon?"

    "Well I'm pretty big. So I'm the big spoon."

    I turned my back toward him and got a bit closer. Zie got the message and put his arm around me, filling my nostrils with his scent again. I fell asleep like a baby, feeling safe in his arms.

    In the morning, I was the first to wake up. My breath felt gross and I went to brush my teeth again. Afterwards, I went to Zie's room to take my clothes and to leave; but, when I saw him lying in bed with the cover off, I had to stay and admire the view for a second. 

    Not only was this perfect-looking jock nearly naked, his belly inflating as he breathed, but he was also sporting major morning wood, tenting his boxers. I couldn't leave now. I got back in bed, trying my best not to wake him up.

    "Good morning," McKenzie stirred. Obviously, I'd failed.

    "Morning. Thanks for letting me crash here," I said softly, turning to look at his face in bed, illuminated by the morning sunshine coming in through the window.

    "No prob," he yawned and stretched. "How you feeling?"

    "Humiliated, but otherwise okay."

    "Hey, man, no need," he smiled and tried to reassure me.

    "I managed to go through three years of college without getting majorly shitfaced, and now this. I couldn't let you graduate and leave without witnessing this."

    "Trust me, I've seen much worse. I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

    "That was really nice of you."

    "Is there… a reason you got so drunk, or were you just having a good time?"

    "Well, it wasn't the best of times."

    "Did something happen? Like, you don't have to tell me, but if you need to talk, I'm here."

    I looked at Zie, genuinely amazed by his kindness. Was he always this nice, and I just missed it because I didn't give him a chance?

    "Zie… Do you consider us friends?"

    "Of course we're friends, buddy! Maybe we're not the closest, but you're definitely a friend."

    "Well, we just spent the night sharing a bed in our underwear, so I'd say we're pretty close," I joked, making Zie smile. (Fuck, his smile was gorgeous.)

    "No, but seriously," I reverted, "I don't think I've ever had a close guy friend."

    "Why's that?" he asked earnestly, facing me, resting his head on his arm and making his bicep look huge.

    "Well, take you for example," I said. "You're the archetypal jock bro, sports fan, pussy pounder or whatever –"

    "Gees, thanks," he said sarcastically.

    "– and like… I've always felt insecure around guys like you."

    "Why?" he asked with gentleness in his voice.

    "Well, growing up… every kid that looked like you…" I couldn't get myself to say it out loud. "Let's just say they were very mean to me."

    "Because… you're gay?"


    All of a sudden, McKenzie looked sad, even sadder than I'd expect. Sure, he seemed sympathetic, but this looked like it was something more.

    "Sky…" it was his turn to talk slowly now, "when I was a kid… I was that kinda asshole. Calling some of the other boys all sorts of names. Most of them probably weren't even gay, they just weren't as rowdy as my friends and me. Calling girls sluts when we were still just kids. I'm… Fuck. I'm so not proud of that. But it was just so… easy." 

    His voice started to break, and his jaw started to quiver. In contrast with his manly physique, it was quite moving. 

    "Shit wasn't always easy at home," he continued. "My dad was an alcoholic, same as his dad. My friends really helped me out, made me feel better. So when they wanted to beat someone up for being a –" McKenzie stopped himself, "well, I wasn't gonna say no. And I should've."

    We looked each other in the eyes, still lying in bed in our underwear.

    "So, Sky, I don't blame you at all if you feel that way. It's your… defense mechanism, I guess. It sucks that you've had to develop one. But know that… it's safe to switch it off at times."

    I smiled.

    "C'mere," I said, and moved toward McKenzie to give him a hug. "Yeah, a man hug, dude!" I said with a mock deep voice as we hugged, cheek to cheek.

    "A bro hug!" he replied in the same way, squeezing me tighter.

    We broke off the hug, but remained face to face, our noses almost touching.

    "You know the weirdest thing through all this?" Zie said.


    "All that time, making fun of others for being gay… I never got to experiment the way I maybe wanted."

    "Were you curious?" I said softly.

    "Still am. Like…" he hesitated for a second, but decided to open up. "I've always wanted to know what it's like to suck a cock."

    "Really?" I almost laughed.

    "Yeah. Like, I love my dick, I love getting blowjobs, so like… I've wondered what it's like to be on the other side, to have one in your mouth."

    "Well, I might be able to help you out with that, if you do two things."


    "Take your boxers off. And bring that mirror over there closer."

    McKenzie jumped out of bed and moved the large mirror that he had closer to the bed. He then kicked off his boxers. I was amazed and impressed to see that throughout this whole thing he'd remained hard.

    Apparently, McKenzie was the poster boy for "it's not about the size, it's about how you use it." All those girls screaming out while he fucked them were proof. Looking at his hard-on now, I saw that it wasn't very big, but it still looked good, with neatly trimmed pubes and a nice set of balls.

    I sat up in bed, facing the mirror so I could watch Zie from behind as well while he sucked my cock. I took off my boxer briefs and stroked myself for a bit, while McKenzie lowered his face down to my crotch.

    When I was half-hard, Zie took my dick in his mouth and started to suck it. He wasn't particularly good at first, but I managed to get hard in no time. I looked down at his body, in awe that this muscular hunk was blowing me. I looked in the mirror to see McKenzie's ass. As he kneeled down on the bed to suck me, his ass was spread open, giving me a view of his hairy asshole in the mirror. It's been a while since I've seen an ass that hairy, and in this moment it was another turn-on.

    "Easy," I said, putting my hand's in Zie's hair and guiding his head up and down. Thankfully, he knew what to do with his teeth; I'm sure he'd gotten enough blowjobs from girls to learn that.

    With time, and some guidance by me, McKenzie started to get better. After a while experimenting, he seemed to get the hang of it. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to enjoy the sensation for a while. I didn't want to spend too much time with my eyes closed, however. 

    I looked in the mirror, fascinated by Zie's thick football thighs. The way his thighs and glutes flexed as he went down on me. The dense hair between his ass cheeks, through which I could just about see his tight, tight asshole. The soles of his large manly feet, and his ripped back.

    "Fuck," I said out loud, feeling myself get close. "D'you want me to cum in your mouth?"

    "Mhm," McKenzie nodded, going harder on my dick.

    "Fuck yeah!!" I grunted, proud of myself for shooting a large load in my suitemate's eager mouth, and proud of him for doing such a good job.

    "Fuck, man," he said as soon as he was done swallowing my jizz, "that was awesome."

    He looked up at me and smiled, his face radiating with joy.

    "I wanna see you get yourself off now," I said.

    "Sure thing, bro," he got up and took a couple of steps away from the bed. 

    From there, I had a prime view of his body head-to-toe. It was a view many people would pay for. This large man, so young yet still so manly, working his cock faster and faster. In his large hand, his cock looked even smaller, but I was still hypnotized. His whole body shook, as he stroked harder. 

    Sexiest of all, hotter than every muscle on his body, was the fact he was so turned on! And you could see it. Turned on after sucking his first cock, after swallowing another man's load for the first time. After a lifetime of curiosity, he'd finally gotten his wish.

    "Fuck man, I'm gonna cum," he moaned. I noticed his toes curl.

    "Go for it," I said, surprising myself. "Shoot your load."

    "Fuck yeah, man," McKenzie grunted and started cumming.

    His dick might not be the biggest, but FUCK it could hold a lot of cum! One spurt after the other came shooting out, cum blasting long-distance, landing all over the floor, the bed, and my body. 

    "Holy shit, dude!"

    I started to laugh. He wasn't done yet! 

    "What the fuck, it just keeps going?!" I left as McKenzie stood, spasming, toes curled, cumming all over the fucking room like a hose. 

    Finally, when he was done, he laughed and winked at me.

    "We'll definitely be friends after this," I said, wiping my buddy's cum from all over my body. 

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