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"What the fuck is happening today? Did everyone get together and decide to rub sex in my face?"
Surrounded by a sexy new roommate, a horny suitemate, and an exhibitionist stepdad-to-be, Skyler doesn't know which way to look first, and just what to do about all the temptation...

Chapter 1 | Junior Year, Fall Semester

After moving into Room 141, Skyler is torn between his sexy new roommate, his horny suitemate, and his soon-to-be stepdad. All three men flaunt their bodies in front of him, but the question is: Are they doing it on purpose?

Chapter 2 | Junior Year, Spring Semester 

After a particularly intense party, Skyler ends up in his straight suitemate's bed. Skyler and McKenzie sleep next to each other in their underwear, and wake up to share some heartfelt confessions and much more...

Chapter 3 | Senior Year, Fall Semester 

With his mom busy getting ready for the wedding, Skyler is left home alone with her fiancé. Every day, Turner is more and more of a tease... until one night, Skyler gets a text from him in the middle of the night asking him to come to his room.

Series Finale | Senior Year, Spring Semester

Skyler is back in Room 141 and getting ready to say goodbye to everything he's known so far. A last-minute revelation by his roommate Camron leads to a dinner that just might help Skyler figure out what to do next.

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