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New Home, New Rules

    On day one of senior year it was already clear: things were about to change. Senioritis was in full swing from the get-go. Graduation was still eight months away, but people were acting like it was right around the corner, constantly talking about what's next. 

    The biggest change for me was learning to live without my best friend Nevaeh here. Last year, after I'd caught her making out with my roommate Camron, I'd had a chat with her about Cam and his girlfriend. 

    "Oh, they broke up, didn't you know?" Nevaeh had told me. I was surprised to hear Camron broke up with his high school sweetheart; but even more surprised that he hadn't let me know. After all, he and I had been having sex for quite a while (something Nevaeh didn't know, so I couldn't be mad at her).

    I never mentioned anything to Camron. He and I were still friendly, but we stopped having sex. Why would he continue to fuck me when he could have any girl he wanted now? His muscular body and charming smile sure made that easy for him, not to mention that huge dick of his. I'm sure he got with plenty of girls, but he never brought any of them back to our room, probably out of courtesy to me, which I appreciated.

    I wasn't the only one going through changes. With Mom getting married, she was moving from the suburbs to Downtown Seattle. Over fall break, she told me to come pack up the stuff I want to keep from the old house unless I wanted it all to end up in Goodwill.

    I wasn't too thrilled to have to spend more time around her fiancé Turner, but I had no choice. To make matters worse, Mom was working crazy shifts day and night before taking time off for her honeymoon. That would mean plenty of time home alone with just Turner. "I hope he fucking behaves," I prayed.



    I fucking loved showing off! Especially to people who were interested but couldn't do anything about it. And Skyler was the prime example of that.

    I started when I was in college myself. I grew up in a very "normal" family. You'd maybe catch someone in their underwear very occasionally, and the boys would sometimes walk around with their shirts off, but never anything more than that. 

    Then in college, I moved into a large fraternity house and that all changed. Walking around in nothing but boxers or basketball shorts was pretty much a requisite; almost as if to bond with your brothers that way. Or maybe it was some way to assert masculinity and dominance. Either way, I think no one enjoyed it more than the couple of gay guys who were there. 

    They didn't try to "get with" the rest of us; we were brothers and they didn't wanna shit where they eat. However, they could definitely enjoy all the eye candy! I often caught them staring while trying to act nonchalant about it. It'd become a joke between all of us and we would all tease each other playfully sometimes, flashing our asses or dicks to each other. The gay guys all played along and laughed it off, but I had a strong feeling they'd jerk off to it later on. 

    At the risk of sounding conceited (oh, who a I kidding? I'm a full-blown narcissist), as I was one of the most athletic and handsome guys in the frat, I got plenty of attention. Pretty soon, I realized I quite enjoyed it. I would always wear as little as possible, and always let my shorts sag real low. Sometimes I'd literally tell myself "think of all the attention you'll get" as motivation to get myself to the gym in the morning.

    Maybe that's why I started doing it: the attention. Being the middle of five children, I guess I suffered the typical complex of feeling ignored. This way, the spotlight was on me.

    For some reason, men were always more fun to tease than women. Maybe it just felt less predatory. Or maybe I just loved having someone lust over me when they couldn't have me.

    As I got older, I realized people have all sorts of things that get them off; whether it's feet, or armpits, or nipples, or any part of a person's body. I loved standing up on public transport, holding the overhead handrails and having my armpit right in someone's face. For all the people that turned away, there were those who'd move in closer, liking what they're seeing (and smelling). I cut the sides off T-shirts so my nips were always poking out, grabbing someone's attention. Not to mention all the times I'd take my flip flops off in public and notice people staring at my feet.

    When I met Skyler, my soon-to-be stepson, he was already in college. I'd never dated a woman with a kid before, and I found the thought of having a stepson that's barely ten years younger than me amusing. When his mom mentioned he's gay, my interest to get to know him grew even further. Skyler didn't come back to Seattle too often; but when he did, his eyes wandered all over my body although he tried to hide it, just like my gay fraternity brothers.

    Since he was interested in a show, I figured I might as well give him one. I didn't bother putting on clothes and I walked around the house in my underwear. Interestingly, his mom didn't mind me walking around almost naked in front of her son. And no matter what he might say, I knew Skyler didn't mind either. So I'd lift my arms and expose my pits to him, flex my pecs to show off my nips, or wear my pants so low that half my ass was hanging out just to tease him.

    Moving into a new apartment shortly before the wedding also meant a much smaller space and much higher chances of bumping into each other. With me working from home, and Skyler's mom working double shifts, he and I found ourselves alone in the apartment a lot when he came over during fall break in his senior year.

    "So, what do you plan on doing after school?" I asked one morning, sitting on a barstool in the kitchen, spreading my legs wide open. I was wearing a pair of white briefs and my morning glory hadn't gone down completely just yet, so my bulge was nice and full.

    "Erg, why does everyone keep asking that?" Skyler groaned, pouring milk in his cereal. As much as he tried to pay attention to the bowl, I caught his eyes flicking my way. "I don't know. I'm not going to grad school right away, maybe I'll take a gap year. Or maybe I'll get a job and see how that works out."

    "Are you coming back to Seattle?"

    "I don't know. Not much point in it. Mom got rid of the house, so not like I have a place to live."

    "You can always stay here with us," I smirked, noticing Skyler's eyes between my large hairy thighs. "The spare bedroom's all yours. Until you get a baby sibling, that is," I said, dropping my hand on my babymaker and giving it a squeeze.

    "Thanks, but no thanks," Skyler grimaced and left the room. 

    Saying things like that might lead one to believe he wanted nothing to do with me. I would normally be perfectly fine with that, it wasn't like I was dying to be a stepdad. However, the fact Skyler couldn't take his eyes off me told a different story. I had plenty of experience with being watched and gawked at, and that's exactly what Skyler was doing whenever he thought I wouldn't catch him. It was almost like a game we were playing.

    Besides, after what I'd found in his bag on the last day, I was 100% certain Skyler was lusting after me…



    Thank god I managed to survive a week around Turner. Just one more night and I'd be on a plane back to school, away from him flaunting his body in front of me.

    The truth was, it was very difficult to keep my eyes off Turner. But what was I gonna do, start hitting on my mom's straight fiancé?! What got to me was that he knew this. He knew he was hot. He knew I was into it. He knew how fucking inappropriate this whole thing was! I lay in bed, rock hard in my white boxer briefs, thinking back at all the times I'd seen his abs this past week, covered in light fur. His bulge, stuffed in briefs a size too small. His ass, better than what any straight man had the right to have.

    Suddenly, my phone chimed and woke my up from my reverie. That is until I noticed it was a text from Turner.

    "u up?" it read.

    What the fuck? It was 1 AM. Was my mom's fiancé sexting me?

    I had read receipts on and I'd already opened the text. Too late to ignore it now.

    "Yea," I typed back.

    "can u come over here a second?"


    "the bedroom."

    What the fuck is he on about?! I typed "Why?" but then backtracked and deleted it. Going back and forth over text would just make it worse. Let's get this over with. I got out of bed and walked to the master bedroom.

    The door to the room was open. Inside, all of lights were off except for the lamp on Turner's nightstand. 

    "What's up?" I asked. Turner was lying in bed shirtless with the cover over him. 

    Looking down, it just hit me that I was still sporting a semi in my underwear. I just hoped it wasn't too obvious with the lights off. 

    "Your mom just texted. She's stuck at the hospital for a few more hours. By the time she gets back she'll be exhausted, so I'll be the one driving you to the airport in the morning."

    "Okay," I said. Was this really necessary to be said in person as opposed to text?

    "Did you pack everything?" Turner asked me. "Got all your stuff?"


    "You didn't take… anything else, did you?"

    "What?" I said in surprise.

    "I noticed something of mine missing, and thought you might have it."

    "I don't know what you're talking about."

    "Oh really?" Turner said and turned to get out of bed. When he did, I realized he was fully naked. Holy shit! I stood in shock. Turner reached for a pair of underwear that was on the bed. Quickly, I looked at his dick, trying to take it all in before he put it away. It was impressively large, and made me wonder if he had a semi as well. His pubes were neatly trimmed and his balls were smooth. It was then I noticed just how big his ball sack was! It was full and hung low, swinging left to right like a pendulum as Turner moved.

    To my further surprise, Turner didn't put on the underwear after he grabbed it. Instead, he turned around and walked toward me, his dick and balls still swinging between his legs.

    I didn't know what to do. I started to salivate, incredibly turned on by how hot this was, how hot he was; but also by how forbidden this is. I was full-on hard in my underwear now, and there was no way to hide it!

    "You see, when we came to visit you in school," Turner spoke slowly and quietly, getting closer to me step by step, the light shining on his muscular body like a spotlight, "I noticed a pair of my briefs went missing. They were nowhere to be found, and that hotel room wasn't that big…"

    Turner was now standing right in front of me, facing me, maintaining uninterrupted eye contact. My hands started to shake. I could smell Turner by now, and I could tell by his musk he hadn't showered since this morning.

    "At first I thought it might've been housekeeping or something," he continued, talking even more quietly now he was so close to me, "but then I realized you were also there." 

    He continued to get closer, even though there was nowhere to go. I was backed up against the wall, and the distance between the two of us was getting smaller by the second.

    "'Now, what would Skyler do with my used underwear?,' I asked myself. So when I saw your bag today, I decided to have a look. And would you look at that?"

    He held up the pair of black briefs he was holding. His face was now half an inch from mine.

    "Same brand, same size and everything. I can recognize them… by my smell."

    Turner held the briefs against my mouth and nose! I breathed in, feeling weak as if I were breathing in chloroform. I knew their smell very well: I'd been sniffing on Turner's briefs for months now! Since I wasn't having sex, I was jerking off almost daily, and Turner was my go-to material. His amazing body, his sweat on these briefs up against my nose… but more than anything, that cocky fucking attitude of his!

    "Care to explain?" he growled aggressively in my ear. My whole body was now trembling. Ironically, the one thing keeping me on my feet was the smell of Turner's worn briefs: after sniffing on them for so long, it'd become a familiar source of comfort.

    "I– I'm sorry," I stuttered, sweat running down my forehead, as I felt Turner's warm breath on my ear.

    Then, he pulled the briefs away and took a step back. He started rubbing them all over his crotch, getting in the area behind his balls and in between his balls and his thighs, before rubbing them all over his dick as well, and jerking himself off with them for a bit. My jaw dropped, as I trembled in shock and disbelief.

    After almost a minute of scrubbing his smelly crotch with the briefs, Turner took a step forward again. He held the underwear in his right hand, as he reached up with his left. He put his index and middle finger in my mouth, and pulled my jaw down, opening my mouth wider. I surrendered and let him do it without a struggle. I could taste his fingers on my tongue. I didn't dare blink, maintaining intense eye contact all throughout.

    Turner lifted his right hand, crumpled the sweaty briefs, and shoved them in my mouth.

    "HHWWKK!! HHWWKK!!" I groaned as I started cumming inside the white boxer briefs I was wearing. Turner's musk went up my nose, more intensive than ever now that it was fresh. It felt like I could taste him in my mouth with his underwear in it. As I shot my load my legs started to tremble uncontrollably. I would've passed out on the floor if Turner hadn't put his arm around me and held me up. He continued to look me in the eyes and supported my weight until I was done cumming and started to calm down.

    When I was done shooting my load, Turner let go. I fell down on my knees on the floor. I looked down, the briefs still stuffed in my mouth.

    "Go to bed," I heard a stern voice. "We need to be up early. You can keep those."

    I got up and walked out the room without looking back. When I was safely back in my bedroom, I shut the door and leaned on it. It took me over five minutes to get up and take Turner's underwear out of my mouth.

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