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The Tradie and His Son, Pt. I

    When I first started looking at online porn, I was exclusively into vanilla stuff. Good old man-on-man action (or man-on-woman, if the bloke was hot enough). I was positively disgusted by the sight of men pissing on each other or shoving fists up each other's arses, and couldn't click away fast enough. 

    Over the years, the same old became boring, and my curiosity started to get the best of me. I found myself exploring different categories and before I knew it, I was deep in the rabbit hole. Now in my 40s, I can safely say I've explored every fetish under the sun (at least virtually) and for years now there was something I couldn't stop obsessing with: incest.

    I couldn't explain to myself why that was. My father was a decent man; neither too attractive nor too ugly, neither too distant nor inappropriately close to me. I had two sisters, and no brothers I ever lusted over. My uncles and male cousins I didn't see too much. They were all blokey types who talked about footy and could skol a beer in seconds; and I was usually the gay boy up in the kitchen, helping my mum and eavesdropping on my aunts gossiping. 

    I did well for myself, going from a working class family to owning a house in one of the more affluent suburbs of Sydney. Focusing on work wasn't hard when I had so few distractions. As my sisters got married and had kids, I worked, and came home to a computer full of porn to wank to. I had a couple of serious relationships, with guys who liked being a "traditional" sort of couple. I always hid my fascination with incest and other fetishes from them, telling myself no one needs to know.

    Normally, a Saturday morning like this would be spent at my computer (regardless of it being a gorgeous summer day in early December), desperately digging for something I hadn't already cum to. But today, I had something else to do. After years of using my spare bedroom as a storage dump, I was finally getting it repainted and redecorated before my sisters' kids came to stay later this summer.

    I stood upstairs looking out the window, anxiously waiting for the painters to get here. I wanted them in and out of the house as fast as possible, so I could get on with my usual routine. Unless, of course, they happened to be fit and willing to fuck my brains out... I shook my head. I'd been watching too much porn. Stuff like that never happened in reality.

    Although, to be frank, when I saw a van pull up in my drive and two men come out of it, I immediately found both of them attractive. One of them seemed to be my age, but in his tradie clothes looked very different than me, usually dressed in a suit. The other guy seemed to be in his 20s, a sexy bogan type. He finished his cigarette and discarded the butt on the ground. Normally, I would send them back right away for littering in my front yard, but the guy was hot enough to get away with what he just did. Besides, I wanted the work over and done with.

    I headed downstairs as I heard them knock. 

    "Hello, I'm Ken," I answered the door.

    "G'day. Jack," said the older guy, shaking my hand. "And this is my son, Jaxon."

    My eyes grew wider as Jaxon smiled at me. 

    After a couple of years of being hooked on gay porn videos on the Internet, I discovered an American site full of thousands of porn stories. This made it easier to edge for hours at a time, rather than video back in the day which took hours to load. 

    I noticed the most popular category was Incest. I didn't understand people's fascination with it, and some of the stories were really not my cup of tea. But I gave it a chance and discovered some very good stories, some of which went on for dozens and dozens of chapters. I printed out my favourites, and even stayed late at the office so I could use the machine to bind some of them. I still saved them in storage boxes to this day.

    Thus, my obsession with incest started. I found myself looking up photos and videos, but that proved much more challenging than written fiction. For some reason, studio porn where actors role-played incest never really did it for me. I wanted the real thing!

    "This is the room. I've put most of the stuff in boxes..."

    "No worries mate, we'll sort that out," Jack said in his Westie accent.

    So far Jaxon seemed to be the quiet one. He tagged along behind his father, and looked like he was waiting to be told what to do. 

    "Would you like something to drink? Some water?" I thought I'd offer.

    "Won't turn down a couple cold beers if you got some in the fridge," Jack smiled at me. I couldn't tell if he was joking or not.

    "No," I said, "I don't. But... I could go get you some."

    Why the fuck did I offer that? I did not feel like going to get them anything.

    "Nah, water's fine mate, cheers."

    I went to the kitchen and filled two large glasses with water. As I walked back into the room, the father and son were talking about where to get started. Even though Jaxon seemed quiet, as soon as he opened his mouth a deep manly voice echoed around the four walls.

    I scanned their features quickly as I handed them their drinks. They really did look like father and son, even more than average! They both had blue eyes, and a short blond stubble on their defined chins (Jaxon's was especially chiseled). Their arms were covered in tattoos, Jack's going down to his wrists and his son's even further down his hands and fingers. It was obvious Jack got his two or three decades ago, they were a different style; Jaxon's looked better and more contemporary. Their work boots, socks and paint-stained shorts were the same. If not for the age difference, they would've looked like twins.

    I wanted to stick around and watch them work, but that would've been weird. Unsure what to do with myself, I went to my room and opened up my computer. I went to my folder of father-son porn and got hard in seconds. After a while, I had to force myself to slow down and wait until I got soft again; in case the real father and son in my house needed me for something, I couldn't show up in front of them with a boner.

    I used every opportunity to walk to the kitchen or the bathroom, and past the open door of the guest room. As noon passed and the temperature rose, I saw Jack and Jaxon had both taken their shirts off and were now working shirtless, the waistbands of their underwear showing above their baggy shorts. Their torsos were covered in tattoos as well, especially Jaxon's. They were in excellent shape, the kind men were in who both went to the gym and did physical work for a living.

    I walked into the room to gawk at their bulging muscles for a couple of seconds. 

    "I... I'm going out to get something," I announced, trying not to stutter. "I'll be right back."

    "All right, mate," Jack said, holding up a ladder that his son was standing on. Jaxon's big bum and paint- and sweat-stained underwear was right in his father's face.

    I walked to the local bottle shop and bought some chilled beers and a few other things, and walked back to the house. The weather was gorgeous and I had a huge smile on my face.

    "Here you go," I walked into my guest room a few minutes later, offering the father and son a bottle of beer each. I was left with one more for me.

    "Ah, perfect time for a break!" Jack smiled. 

    I detested the taste of beer, but it was an opportunity to spend some time with the two and have a chat. 

    "Bootle opener," I said, realizing I hadn't brought one. I turned to go back to the kitchen, when I heard Jaxon say "Here," as he pulled out his keys and opened his beer with them. I handed him my bottle to open as well.

    "Always ready," I said, smiling. Jaxon smiled back. Fuck, he was gorgeous! His face changed completely when he smiled. He normally looked very stern and manly, aggressive even; but when he smiled he looked cute, and gentle.

    The three of us sat on some boxes that were still in the room, and talked about the paint, and the way the room would be decorated when it's done. 

    "Do you live on your own, or will the missus be doing the decorating?" Jack asked in between swigs of beer.

    "I live by myself. I lived with my boyfriend but he moved out a few months ago." 

    "Ah," Jack nodded, taking another swig.

    I watched his and his son's faces for a reaction to the fact I was gay, but they didn't seem to care much.

    A couple of minutes later, Jack's phone rang. He said he'll take it outside and have a smoke while he's at it, and he left the room with his beer. 

    "You don't want a smoke?" I asked Jaxon, trying not to stare too obviously at his huge pecs. They were bigger than some women's breasts I knew.

    "Nah, I'm tryna cut down," Jaxon smiled.

    "How's that going?" I asked.

    "Badly," he chuckled.

    "So how long have you and your dad been working together?" I kept it casual, while stealing glimpses of his biceps, too big for me to wrap my hands around.

    "Not too long. I used to help him out when I was younger. Then I moved out to Melbourne for a while. Just got back a few months ago and moved back in with him."

    So not only do they work together, they live together as well? Interesting.

    "Why'd you come back?"

    "Broke up with my girl there. Couldn't afford living on my own."

    I felt awkward to hear him say that, so I tried to think of something neutral to ask.

    "Did you like it there?"

    "I grew up round here, so of course I prefer Sydney. But my son's there. So I..." he took a short break, fidgeting with his beer. "I don't get to see him much now."

    "Ah. That sucks," I replied, feeling genuinely bad for him. 

    I wanted to give him a tight hug, and wished that sort of thing were socially acceptable. He might seem all butch and aggressive, but sitting here looking at the floor, peeling the label off his beer bottle and talking about his son, he looked like a real softie.

    "Ready to get back to work?" Jack came back into the room smelling of cigarettes, and I let the two get back to it.

    Sitting in my air-conditioned room, I felt bad for the two men across the hall working in this heat, but I didn't mind walking back and forth in the hallway and checking out their sweaty, muscular bodies every chance I got.

    All too soon, they were done for the day and putting the final touches before coming back tomorrow to finish the job. 

    "If you want... feel free to take a shower here," I blurted out, looking at the paint and sweat dripping down their shirtless bodies, hoping they take me up on my offer.

    "If you don't mind mate, that would be aces," Jack said. "We got spare clothes in the van, but a shower would be great first. We got another job after this."

    "Of course, right through there," I showed them the small en-suite bathroom. 

    "I'll go first," Jaxon said, unbuckling his belt and taking off his boots and socks in front of his dad and me, then walking to the bathroom and gently pushing the door behind him but not closing it all the way.

    Jack and I stood in the room and talked about the work that needed to be done tomorrow, while the sound of the shower running came through the open door.

    "Can I use one of these towels?" Jaxon's deep voice came from the bathroom a couple of minutes later, as the sound of the shower stopped.

    "Of course, go ahead," I said, fighting the urge to go in there and pat him dry myself.

    Jack undid his belt and took off his shoes and socks as well, leaving them next to his son's. Jaxon came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, some water still dripping down his body. He looked better than a fucking porn star.

    Jack went to the bathroom and just like his son didn't bother shutting the door all the way.

    Meanwhile, Jaxon looked around the room. 

    "Shit, he took the keys to the van with him," he said.

    He stood in his towel, waiting for his father to be done so they could get their clean clothes from the van. I stood in front of him, eyeing him head to toe and swallowing saliva. This perfect manly specimen, dripping water on my floor, fully naked except for the towel round his waist.

    "So, working all day today?" I tried to make small talk in an effort to make it less awkward. 

    "Yeah. We're taking all the jobs we can right now, especially me."

    "Hard worker, huh?"

    "It's more out of necessity. I'm tryna save up to go back to Melbourne, be with my son."

    "Oh. I hope that works out for you."

    "Thank you," Jaxon smiled at me.

    And then, I got an idea. It might be brazen of me, and I might be taking advantage of Jaxon's circumstances, but this kind of opportunity didn't present itself too often.

    "You know, I might have a way for you to make some extra money," I said, thinking of all the incestuous things I'd pay to see him and his father do together, "if you're interested."

    Jaxon looked at me with interest.

    "Ahh! Much better," his father interrupted us, walking into the room with a white towel on. His waist size was bigger than his son's and the towel barely stayed tied around it. 

    "Hey Dad, can you go get us the clothes from the van?" Jaxon said, still looking at me.

    "Sure. Hope your neighbours don't mind a bit of a show," Jack laughed and shook his hips at me, doing a mock-sexy dance. He dug out the keys from his pocket and went outside.

    "Sorry bout that," Jaxon said. "Just wanted my father out of the room, in case what you had in mind was... less than legal or anything," he suggested. "Cos I can get you some good shit, mate."

    I realised he thought I was after drugs.

    "No, nothing illegal," I said (in reality, I had no idea if what I was about to ask was legal or not). 

    I looked at Jaxon's torso, water still dripping down his chest and off his pointy nipples.

    He noticed me looking and it dawned on him what I was after. He flexed his pecs and his ridged abs. Fuck, it all looked even hotter when he did this!

    "I'm not into guys that way," he said at a low voice, taking a small step towards me, "but if it's nothing hardcore and if it's worth it... we can discuss."

    He licked his lips, now discreetly trying to seduce me, which I enjoyed.

    "I can make it worth it," I assured him, even though he probably knew this already. He knew how much houses in this area cost.

    "But..." I continued, "it wouldn't just be you."

    Jaxon smiled.

    "Wanna watch me fuck a chick?" he grinned hopefully. 

    "No," I said (well, yes, but not what I had in mind right now). "I was thinking about some action with you... and your dad."

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