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The Tradie and His Son, Pt. II

    I stared at my phone as it vibrated in my hand. An unknown number flashed on the screen.

    I was sitting in the living room, a glass of wine in my other hand. I'd had a couple of friends invite me to see them tonight but I'd decided to spend the Saturday evening at home. I was nervous but I couldn't tell why, my leg bouncing up and down restlessly.

    I never answered calls from unknown numbers, letting them go to voicemail. But today something urged me to answer.

    "Hello?" I spoke nervously. 

    "Hey. Ken? It's Jaxon."

    Excitement and nervousness built up inside me even further when I heard the gorgeous young man's deep voice.

    "I got your number from my dad, mate," he filled me in. "We never got a chance to finish our conversation."

    He was right. This afternoon, just as I'd revealed to him I'd like to see him and his dad do something sexual together, thus fulfilling my incest fantasies, his father Jack walked into the room. I chickened out and left, leaving the two men to get dressed after their showers and leave my house. 

    "So, like, what d'you have in mind, mate?" Jaxon asked.

    I took a sip of wine, grateful that we were having this conversation over the phone instead of face-to-face. I felt braver this way.

    What did I have in mind? Oh, if Jaxon only knew the filthy things I'd like to see a sexy father-and-son duo like them do together. But I knew I had to take it easy, and not scare him off. No matter how much money I offered they were still two straight men, and this was the real world, not Ken's Fantasy Land. 

    "Nothing too crazy," I tried to sound as normal as possible, and play it off like it was no big deal. "I just noticed that you and your dad are both very good-looking. Maybe you'd be willing to jerk off side-by-side? I'll make it worth your time."

    A moment of silence.

    "How much are we talking?" came Jaxon's voice from the other side.

    I thought about it for a second, and I offered him an amount I knew was enough to cover several months' rent for a decent place in Melbourne. I knew Jaxon was looking to move there to be with his son.

    Another moment of silence on the phone.

    "I need to talk to my dad," he said curtly. "We'll talk soon."

    Just like that he hung up, making my leg start to bounce even more vigorously. 

    The following day, Jack and Jaxon were scheduled to be back at my place to finish off the job. They appeared just a few minutes late. Jack greeted me as I let him in, a friendly smile on his face that didn't suggest anything unusual. A few seconds later Jaxon came in, carrying the tools they'd be using. He barely made eye contact and didn't say anything to me.

    "I fucked it up," I thought. There were absolutely no signals from either of them that they were interested. I felt awkward as fuck. I retreated to my room and shut the door. Great, I'd just made it even worse than yesterday. Now I couldn't even go and watch them paint shirtless. If they did that again. Probably not. They'd probably written me off as some queer perv and were here to finish the job as quickly as possible, get their money, and get the fuck out. I couldn't blame them.

    The following day, I was grateful for all the distractions at work. It was a busy day, as per usual, but thoughts still managed to creep into my mind about what a fool I'd made of myself in front of my painters.

    "Whatever," I told myself. "They're gone and I never have to see them again."

    I was the last person at the office that evening. While everyone rushed home to see their families, I dreaded going home to my thoughts. When the cleaning staff showed up, surprised to see someone still in, I realised just how late it was and headed home.

    Chinese food and bad TV did a lousy job at distracting me. I kept seeing images of Jack and Jaxon. Their muscular bodies, with sweat dripping down their torsos. Their big arms, covered in tattoos. Their paint-stained boots and clothes. The manly way they held their beer bottles and cigs. Both of them, with nothing but a towel around their waists, standing in my guest room...

    I was hard as a rock. I pulled out my cock and rubbed one off right there in front of the TV, hoping it would help me fall asleep soon. My orgasm felt good for a bit, but just a few seconds later I started to feel dissatisfied again. This isn't what I wanted; I wanted the real deal.

    I brushed my teeth and went to bed, tossing and turning for hours.

    "For fuck's sake," I thought, checking the time. It was past 2 AM.

    Since I already had my phone in my hand, I might as well look up some porn. Maybe another wank will help me fall asleep.

    Luckily, it was daytime in America and one of my favourite models seemed to be online. He'd just posted a video of himself wanking and cumming all over himself. Eric was a cute, blond twink and I was hard within seconds of opening the video.

    I edged myself while watching the video twice, then decided to message the guy to tell him how much I like his content. During out short exchange, he casually mentioned he has two gay dads, and that's all it took to activate the incest-obsessed devil on my shoulder.

    "If you don't mind me sharing this," I typed, choosing my words carefully, "male incest is my #1 fetish. Adult, consensual, stuff like that. I've been obsessed with it for years now. As you can imagine, it's nearly impossible to find real content, I'm not interested in porn and role playing. I don't know your relationship with your parents but if you were willing to... perform some things for me on camera, I'd be willing to pay good money for it."

    I stared at my phone with anticipation, my erection still pulsing under the cover, dripping precum all over my belly. I'd taken the same risk twice within a couple of days.

    "I'll think about it and I'll let you know," came a brief response from Eric before he logged off.

    "Great," I thought, frustrated at myself. "When are you gonna get it through your head: nobody's gonna perform for you, no matter how much money you offer them! People's families are important to them, they're not gonna fuck that up just for the sake of your sick fantasy. Just go to sleep."

    I tried to, but I got very little of it that night.

    That Monday had been a good precedent of what the rest of the workweek would be like. Lots of time at the office, followed by uncomfortable evenings at home alone. By Friday, I was determined to get out of my slump and I accepted an invitation to see some friends for cocktails. Just as I was grabbing my keys to get out of the house, my phone rang.

    "Jaxon," I thought, looking at the screen. I hadn't saved the number, but it was still etched in my memory.

    "H-hello?" I answered, my heart pounding.

    "Hey mate, how's it going?" Jaxon said casually as if we were old friends.

    "P-pretty good. Just heading out to meet some friends," I said, happy to brag about having a social life.

    "Cool, cool. Listen, we gave your offer some thought," he said. So, his father was definitely in on it. "And I had a question. The payment you offered, is that per person, mate?"

    I hadn't intended it to be, but I swallowed.

    "Yes. Course it is."

    "It's a tempting offer mate, I'm not gonna lie. And there'll be no photos or anything? No hidden cam."

    "Absolutely not," I assured him. "Happy to do it at my house, or yours if you feel safer."

    "Your house is fine, mate. We're working this weekend but we're free on Sunday night. You around then?"

    I smiled from ear to ear.

    How do you host a father and son who are coming over for a mutual wank? My first instinct was to bring out snacks and wine like I would for a typical soirée. Then I realised how fucking awkward that'd be, and I got some beer instead, and straight porn ready to play on the TV.

    Sunday night, I waited anxiously, tapping my bare foot on the floor, as the agreed-upon time came and went. Almost half an hour later I heard someone park in my drive. I rushed to get three beers out of the fridge, and went to the front door to take a look.

    Jaxon and his dad arrived in the same van. When they got out, I saw they were still wearing their work clothes. They'd probably be nice and smelly after a full day's work, which turned me on even more. As nervous as I was, my cock started to pulse, and they weren't even in the house yet.

    They were both smoking, and took a few seconds to finish their ciggies and discard the butts on my lawn again. I braced myself as I saw them walk up to the front door.

    "Hey," I answered it after Jack's knock, trying to sound casual. They greeted me back and walked in the house. This time, the atmosphere definitely felt different. Tenser. I couldn't tell if it was just me, or if they felt nervous as well.

    "So mate, Jaxon tells me you have an interesting proposal for us?" Jack said, walking into my living room. 

    "Yes, well I..." I felt awkward. I'd never paid anyone for anything sexual before, much less something like this. "I have the money right here."

    As soon as I said it, I regretted it. Wasn't it uncouth, bringing it up like that so soon? Still, I walked to get the two envelopes filled with cash and handed them one each. They accepted them without looking in. "Good," I thought. "They must trust me."

    "Are those for us?" Jack pointed to the beer bottles on the table, and I confirmed. The two then sat on the couch, Jaxon on Jack's right, and grabbed a beer. I sat on an armchair opposite them.

    "Cheers," I said, as we lifted our beer bottles.

    We all sat down and took a large sip simultaneously, followed by an awkward moment of silence.

    "I got some porn if you want," I pointed at the TV behind me. The movie was strategically paused on a closeup of the gorgeous blonde sicking a big dick.

    "Hold up," Jack said, somewhat business-like. "So you just want us to have a wank? And you're paying that much for it?"

    "Well..." I decided to be as honest as I could. "You're both attractive. And father and son. Which is... a big deal for me. I know it's weird, but... it's a big turn-on."

    "Huh. Never really thought of that," Jack said, taking another sip of his beer. "But I've wanked to mother-daughter porn before. Guess it's the same for you guys," he spoke of gay men like we were an entity.

    We both looked at Jaxon, expecting him to reveal if he'd jerked off to mother-daughter porn before as well.

    "I've actually fucked a mother and daughter once," he said with a slight smirk.

    "Fuck off!" Jack said loudly and playfully patted Jaxon's leg, as if to proudly say "attaboy."

    "Yup. In Melbourne. This 40-something-year-old cougar and her daughter, visiting from England. I met the mum first."

    "You showed them some good Aussie hospitality, eh?" Jack sounded proud of his boy.

    Jaxon smirked again and nodded his head before taking another sip.

    "You do this a lot, with fathers and sons?" Jack looked at me.

    "No," I admitted. "This is my first time."

    Fuck! I regretted saying that as soon as it was out my mouth again. I should've said "Oh yeah, I do this all the time," like it's no big deal. It would've probably helped them relax. Although, to be fair, I seemed to be the most nervous of the trio.

    "I get it, mate. And we really appreciate this," Jack said, patting the pocket he'd put the envelope in. Jaxon made eye contact with me while drinking his beer, but didn't say anything.

    "So, shall we get started?" Jack got up and started unbuckling his belt. 

    "Sure," I said nervously and reached for the remote. I played the movie and turned down the volume so it wasn't too loud.

    The father was the first one to pull down his shorts and let them fall to the floor. He was wearing a tight pair of boxer briefs which showed off a pretty nice package. He wasn't hard yet, but looking at the TV screen and rubbing his crotch I could tell he was getting there.

    "Can you please take your shirt off as well?" I asked humbly.

    "Sure thing, mate," he shot me a shit-eating grin.

    He took his T-shirt off, exposing his tattooed torso, flexing his muscles and making his pecs bounce. "You like that?" he asked me, fully aware of what my answer would be.

    Jaxon started to take his clothes off as well. First his T-shirts, then his shorts, as the action on screen was getting louder. The son was also wearing tight boxer briefs, only his were white. He bent down and took off his shoes and socks, and his dad imitated him.

    I was now the only person in the room wearing anything other than underwear. I grabbed my cock and balls through my shorts. I was excruciatingly hard by now, enjoying every second of this.

    Jack and his son leaned back on the couch. They continued to rub their cocks through their underwear until Jaxon's dick was fully erect and too big to be restrained anymore. He whipped it out. I almost came in my shorts seeing that beautiful straight cock in its full glory.

    "The young ones always take less," Jack laughed, as if to compensate for the fact his son had managed to get hard before he did. He shot a glimpse at his son's cock and continued to rub his own.

    "Is this the first time you've seen your son with a hard-on?" I dared to ask. As nervous as I was, my horniness was stronger and helping me get over it.

    "Yeah, mate," Jack answered. "He's got a nice cock, ain't he?"

    I almost shot in my shorts, hearing this dilf say that about his own son's dick.

    "Yeah, it's gorgeous," I agreed, noticing Jaxon smile while wanking his big uncut cock, the foreskin rolling up and down the shaft. 

    A couple of minutes later, Jack pulled down his underwear to expose his own boner. Side-by-side, the son's cock was just a bit longer but dad's cock was thicker; thicker than the beer bottle in his other hand. A thick vein ran prominently all along the shaft.

    I had to fight the urge to get on my knees and take both of their cocks in my mouth right there. That wasn't part of the deal and I feared it might scare them off.

    "You like that?" Jack asked me again, swinging his hard dick. He was definitely more verbal, and seemed to be more of an exhibitionist then his son.

    "Yes. And nice big balls," I noted.

    "Yeah," he tugged on his huge hairy ball sack. "It's where you lived before you were born," he said to his son on his left, patting his bare thigh again. Jaxon rolled his eyes, but he cracked a smile.

    "Fuck," I said out loud, unable to control myself. Jack knew just what this was doing to me and teased me mercilessly. 

    I focused on Jaxon's tattooed fingers as he stroked his own cock. His ball sack was somewhat smaller than his dad's and shaved smooth, as was his whole pubic area.

    "You like to shave?" I said.

    "Yeah," Jaxon said, running his fingers over his smooth underbelly. I could picture him now, surfing at the beach, wearing a pair of board shorts so low that his smooth pubic area was on display.

    "Reckon I should try it out?" Jack asked, running his fingers through his own pubes. This caused Jaxon to turn around and check out his own dad's cock. 

    "Go for it," Jaxon encouraged him.

    Just then, I got an idea. What I wanted more than anything now was to see father and son interacting with each other, touching each other, but I didn't know how to ask without freaking them out. As soon as I saw an opportunity, I blurted out without much thinking:

    "I'll pay you double to shave his cock, and balls. If," I turned to Jack, "you remain hard while he's doing it."

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