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The Tradie and His Son, Pt. III

    As soon as the words were out my mouth, I couldn't believe it was I who said them.

    Since the moment I found out the two attractive painters who were there to paint my guest room were father and son I tried to control my urges, and not show them the filthy places my mind went to. As hot as I found the idea of father and son together, I knew exactly how frowned upon it was by the rest of society.

    But here we were now; we'd got so far. Jack and Jaxon were in my living room wanking side-by-side, an envelope full of cash in each of their pockets. And I'd somehow, somewhere in me, found the brazenness to ask them to take it further.

    "I'll pay you double to shave his cock, and balls," I'd told the son about his own father. "If you remain hard while he's doing it," I asked of the dad.

    Jack and Jaxon looked at each other in confusion. Fear filled me up instantly. I expected them to pull up their pants and storm out of my house. But to my surprise, I heard Jack say to his son "I'm down if you are."

    Jaxon looked just as surprised. He knew the amount I was offering was too good to turn down easily; it was too much even for me. I'd have to skimp on my Christmas shopping this year. But for fuck's sake, how often did an opportunity like this come along?

    The young, fit painter looked at his dad up and down, almost as if checking him out. Jaxon was fully shaved, a typical Aussie surfer boy. His dad had a nice bush all around his cock and balls. I didn't have a preference either way; I'd only used it as an excuse to have Jaxon manhandle his own father's cock.

    "You got the cash on you?" Jaxon looked my way.


    "No," I admitted. "But I can get it! I'll go now quickly to –"

    "That's okay," he interrupted. He looked me in the eyes while still stroking his big straight cock. "I trust you."

    Hearing him say that made me smile.

    "Okay, let's do this," Jaxon continued. "But then that's it."

    I wasn't sure if he was telling me that, or reassuring himself.

    We slowly headed to the bathroom, the same one where the two men had taken a shower last weekend. I walked behind them so I could see their erections bob up and down as they walked. Jack seemed to produce a lot of precum. It dripped on the floor as he walked, leaving a trail behind. Jaxon walked behind him and his arse looked just... phenomenal. 

    Once upstairs, I rushed to my own bathroom and retrieved an unused razor and some shaving gel. I went to the guest bathroom and saw father and son standing awkwardly, not making eye contact. Jack was still stroking his cock. It was a part of our deal that he remain hard while his son was shaving him.

    I handed the gel and razor to Jaxon, who got his hands wet and got down on his knees. 

    "Holy fuck!" I thought, and pulled out my own hard cock. I was still wearing shorts and a T-shirt, partly because I didn't want to scare the tradies off but also because I felt self-conscious about my completely average body, compared to their ridged muscles and manly tattoos.

    In the restraint of my shorts, my cock was getting so hard it hurt. Especially now, seeing Jaxon kneel down in front of his dad, as if to give him a blowjob. I unzipped my shorts and started rubbing my dick. The two men glimpsed my way but didn't say anything.

    Jaxon kneeled silently, looking at his dad's cock in front of him as if analysing it. Jack had stopped stroking and stood with his hips thrust forward. The tip of his dick still glistened with precum. In my pervy mind, I pictured it coat Jaxon's full lips, which were only centimetres away.

    As if reading my mind Jaxon licked his lips, then opened the can of shaving gel. He squirted some on his large hand then started rubbing his hands together lathering up.

    "Here we go," he said, then looked up to make eye contact with his dad before touching him. Jack smiled at him. Frankly, he seemed more amused than uncomfortable with this whole situation.

    Jaxon slowly leaned in even closer, and took his dad's dick with his right hand. His left hand went to Jack's pubic region and started applying the foam there, combing through the long pubes.

    "Aah!" Jack moaned out in pleasure out loud. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back. He'd been edging for a while now, and having his cock touched by someone else (his son!) must feel so pleasurable. I was so turned on, I had to slow down so I don't cum right there and then.

    Jaxon got the foam all over his dad's pubes, then moved down to his balls. As he massaged Jack's balls with his left hand, Jaxon's right hand moved between his father's legs, spreading the foam on the area between his balls and his arsehole. Jaxon was obviously an experienced shaved, and knew all the places to get.

    "Ooh," Jack seemed pleasantly surprised. I wondered if this was the first time someone was touching his perineum. 

    Jaxon's hands moved slowly and I wondered if he was doing it to give me a show and make sure I got my money's worth. Either way, I was thankful. He rubbed shaving gel all over his father's cock, balls, pubes and taint for a couple of minutes, giving him a nice massage. Jack remained hard throughout the whole ordeal (and who could blame him?) and dripping precum from the tip of his dick still.

    "Okay," Jaxon reached for the razor and slowly put it against his father's skin. With Jack's erection getting in the way, his son had to hold his cock the entire time while slowly gliding the razor. 

    I continued wanking myself, still in awe at the fact this fit young man was holding his dad's hard cock in front of me. When he was done with his pubes, Jaxon rinsed the razor and slowly moved down to Jack's balls.

    "Ahhh," Jack moaned again. His balls must've been sensitive, and made even more sensitive by the sharp razor. Jaxon's hand moved slowly and steadily. It was nice to see how attentive he was with his own father's ball sack. 

    "Watch it now, that's where all your little brothers and sisters are," Jack joked. Jaxon rolled his eyes, but I got even more turned on, knowing Jack was doing this verbal play for me.

    Jack's cock continued to drip precum all over his son's hand. When he was done with his balls, Jaxon said "Turn around," which surprised his dad.

    "Turn around and put one leg up," Jaxon instructed, so he could get in between his father's legs.

    Jack obeyed. He turned around so his peach-fuzzed arse was now in his son's face. He put one foot on the rim of the bathtub and stuck his arse out, giving Jaxon and me a prime view of his hole.

    "Fuck," I said out loud, wanking faster again.

    Jaxon turned around to look at me and for the briefest second I thought I saw him smirk.

    He rubbed his father's taint again, making sure it was nicely lathered up, then put the razor between Jack's legs.

    "Careful now, don't move," he told him authoritatively. 

    I wasn't sure if I was imagining it, but Jaxon seemed much more comfortable with an arse in front of his face rather than a cock.

    "Fuuuck," Jack was now moaning as well. Looking at his cock, I saw it pulsing. After all this edging, his balls were ready and begging to be emptied.

    Jaxon finished up the shaving job between his dad's legs, then slowly continued to move his razor upwards, until he got some of the hair in-between his dad's arse cheeks as well. 

    "Spread them!" he told his dad and Jack complied. His big tradie hands reached back and spread his own arse cheeks, giving his son full access to his hole. Jack's hole was now pulsing along with his cock.

    "Nice," Jaxon said, and I wasn't even sure what he was referring to. He got some foam on his father's hole and started to rub it in.

    "Fuck, Jaxon," Jack said, himself surprised at his son's initiative. 

    "Keep pushing out," Jaxon said matter of factly, his fingertips stroking his dad's hole. When it was nice and lathered up, Jackson put the razor to it.

    "Push out and don't move," he said, then slowly moved the razor down his father's arse. When he was done shaving it, Jaxon quickly rinsed his hands and put his wet hand to Jack's hole, getting the leftover foam off.

    "Fuck, that's so sensitive," Jack sounded astounded and short of breath. He was back to wanking his cock now.

    "Ever had someone play with your arse?" Jaxon asked matter-of-factly.

    "Fuck no," Jack shook his head.

    "You should try it. Feels amazing."

    I stood in the bathroom, unable to believe what was going on in front of me. The father and son no longer needed my encouragement to push things further.

    "Oh, I most definitely will," Jack grunted, wanking his cock faster and faster on top of the bathtub. His son's hand was still massaging his arse hole.

    Jaxon turned around to look at me again, and smirked.

    "You getting close?" he asked his dad, rubbing around his hole, his fingertips almost going inside. 

    "Yeah, yeah," Jack nodded, eyes closed. His voice gave away just how much he was enjoying this.

    "Go for it," Jaxon said and pushed against his father's hole until Jack started to scream out loud.

    "Fuck! Holy shit. Fuck. Fuck!" Jack shouted obscenities as rope after rope of cum shot into my bathtub and all over the tiled wall. 

    "My turn," Jaxon said and quickly stood up. "Keep 'em spread open."

    I was in disbelief. In his post-orgasmic bliss, Jack did as he was told and held his arse cheeks open. Jaxon started to stroke his cock behind him. He looked at his dad's hole, and then at me.

    "Yeah, you like this you perv?" he grunted at me aggressively.

    "Fuck, yes," I said, barely able to speak.

    "You fucking pervert. This is what you wanted to see, right?"

    "Yes," I spoke even more weakly. 

    "Dirty cunt," he barked at me then focused his attention back down. He was getting close. His dad was still holding his arse spread open, the tip of Jaxon's dick right next to it. 

    And then it happened. Jaxon's cum came spurting out, glazing his father's newly-shaved arsehole. Jaxon moaned out loud and got on his toes, making sure the cum ends up on Jack's arse rather than the floor.

    "Go 'head, Son. Get it all out," his father encouraged him, as Jaxon came on his dad's arse at the same time as I came all over the bathroom floor. It was the strongest orgasm I ever remember having.

    Three days later Jaxon was back at my house, this time by himself. It was early in the evening. He was on the way to meet some friends, but he dropped by to pick up the rest of the money I owed them first.

    "Hey. Come on in," I invited him with a smile. There were two cold beers waiting for us in the living room.

    "Thanks, but ain't got a lot of time."

    "That's okay," I said, trying to hide my disappointment. I handed him the two cash-filled envelopes. Again, he accepted them without counting the money. I wished he had. I'd left a little extra as a thank you.

    "I got something for you as well," he said and reached in his pocket.

    He handed me a photo. On it, he and his father were standing with their arms around each other's shoulders. They were both stark naked, with smiles on their faces, and their hard cocks pointing up. Jack's smooth pubic area let me know this was taken in the past couple of days.

    "I know we said no photos, but I wanted you to have a little memento," Jaxon said. "I trust you won't show it around."

    "Of course not," I assured him. "If anything, I should be the one embarrassed about this whole thing."

    "Nah man, I get it," Jaxon brushed it off. "We all got our things. Mine's anal, in case you couldn't tell," he laughed. "Not too many girls who'll let me do it, but the ones that do..."

    I smiled.

    "So, what're you gonna do next?" I asked.

    "Well, thanks to you," Jaxon patted the pocket the cash was in, "I'm moving back to Melbourne. I need to smooth things out with my ex, and hopefully I'll get to see my boy every week. My dad's gonna use his share to hire another person or two. He might even retire from doing jobs and just manage the business."

    "I'm happy for you," I said, and I felt that way sincerely. "Whenever you're back in Sydney, you know where to find me."

    "I just might, mate. That money won't last forever," Jaxon winked at me. 

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