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The Webcam Model and His Dads, Pt. I

    "No. Not this one. Not this. I've already seen this one. No. Fuck!"

    I threw my phone on the bed, and stared at the ceiling, the phone's screen the only source of light in the dark room. I glimpsed at it again to check the time. 3 AM.

    I couldn't sleep. I was hoping some porn and an orgasm would help me fall back asleep, but after scrolling through what felt like a hundred pages, I couldn't find anything that interested me. Almost an hour of browsing, and I'd run out of all of my go-to search words. "Father son", "brothers", "gay twins", "cousins"…

    I got out of bed to open the window. It was another hellishly hot summer, this year more than ever. I walked around my room a couple of times, feeling hot even though I was completely nude.

    I reached back for my phone and opened what had become my favourite photo: Jaxon and Jack. Two handsome men smiling at me through the screen. I smiled back. 

    It'd been over a year since I'd seen either of them. I texted Jaxon once, a couple of months after our initial meet, just as I was getting horny for more. Turns out he did indeed take the money and move back to Melbourne. Right now, I was just about desperate enough to fly his father and myself there, just so the two of them could give me another hot show.

    I walked around my house like a caged animal, until I'd tired myself sufficiently. I went to my bedroom window to close it, and noticed the neighbours' light was on. "Weird, at this time of night," I thought. From what I knew, a "normal" and very boring family lived in that house; I expected them all to be asleep at this hour.

    I noticed a man who looked to be in his 30s, probably the dad, sitting at his computer, shirtless, in a pair of pyjama bottoms. My mind started to race immediately: what was he doing? Was he having a wank, looking up some pervy porn as well? You never know what happens behind people's closed doors…

    "Stop it, Ken!" I subconsciously yelled at myself. "Not everyone is a perv like you. Go back to sleep, you got work in a few hours."

    But I never did manage to fall back asleep. "This is gonna be one hell of a Monday," I thought as I tossed and turned.

    Turns out, it was one hell of an entire week. Work was busy, the whole damn country was on fire, and to top it all off it was Valentine's Day, which made me even more irritable. 

    "Any plans for the weekend?" an annoyingly chipper coworker asked me on my way out on Friday.

    "Jerk off and drink until I pass out," I thought.

    "Oh you know, catch up on some rest," I fake-smiled and dashed off before she could say anything else.

    That evening consisted, once again, of Chinese food, wine, and television. 

    "Happy fucking Valentine's Day," I said to myself out loud.

    My dating life this past year had been even more pathetic than usual. After my insanely hot experience with the two tradies, I wanked for weeks thinking back to it. That threw me into a spiral of spending even more time at home, desperately looking for incest porn (as it was easier to find online than out in the real world). Next thing I know, a year had passed without going on a single date. Now here I was, having "dinner for two" for one.

    As the evening cooled down, I switched off the air-conditioning and went to open a couple of windows. From the window in my bedroom, I spotted the man across the street again.

    "Interesting," I thought, looking at his shirtless body once again. I'd never really spotted him before, and now here he was, twice in one week.

    The wine helped me pass out soon, so I was up early on Saturday. I lay in bed and reached for my phone, instinctively opening Facebook.

    "Great, it's still Valentine's Day in America," I thought, scrolling through all the annoying posts from people there. "Fuck this," I thought, and decided to look at porn instead.

    Turns out, the bloody thing was unavoidable even on porn sites!

    The first post I saw was from my favourite cam model. Eric was a gorgeous young guy from the States who I'd been following for years now; we'd even chatted a few times. His post consisted of a bunch of heart emojis next to a photo of two men's hands intertwined, one of them wearing a ring.

    "After two and a half years together," the caption read, "I have asked the love of my life to be my husband, and he said yes!! 😍💍 We're looking forward to following in my two dads' footsteps, and becoming one big happy gay family 👨🏼‍🤝‍👨🏾❤️ #GayLove #GayFam #MyFiancéAndMyTwoDads."

    It was funny: this was a porn site, yet the comment section was filled with heart-warming comments of congratulations, that touched even my cynical heart. I added one to the bottom, before continuing on to Eric's full profile.

    Fuck, he was one hot man! But what attracted me even more to him was his family background. I'd never known anyone who'd grown up with two gay dads, much less a son who turned out to be gay himself. The whole scenario fueled my fantasy like crazy…

    I reached for my cock with my free hand. It was already half-hard, and scrolling through Eric's photos and videos made it get there all the way in no time. I pictured him recording these videos, wanking and fucking himself with various toys, while his two dads were in the other room.

    He'd mentioned his parents knew that he recorded porn, which was another detail that drove me wild. They were "open minded"… which could be a codeword for various things. 

    I'd seen videos of Eric in his parents' bedroom, in their bed. I imagined his two fathers sleeping in it, after their son had cum all over it. I wondered if any of the dildos he used were theirs; if he'd helped himself to his parents' toy collection.

    "Fuck!" I moaned, wanking faster, kicking the duvet off the bed completely. The morning wasn't hot yet, but I was on fire, thinking about Eric's "gay fam."

    My foreskin glided up and down my shaft, as I gripped my cock tighter. I continued to jack off, picturing what it'd be like to have Eric and his dads live right next to me instead of another "boring" family…:

     I'd go there on a summer's day like this. They'd all be in their speedos, unashamed to show off so much skin in front of each other. An all-male family, comfortable around each other.

    We'd go in the pool, all four of us. The two dads would kiss and run their hands all over each other's bodies under the water. I'd probably pop a boner seeing them do it right in front of their son, so I'd have to wait until it was down before I could leave the pool.

    Eric would get out last; water dripping from his blond hair down that beautiful face of his, down to his muscled body. I'd make a cheeky joke like "you got it from your daddies." They'd laugh, and Eric would show off in front of all of us.

    I'd bring up his porn career. His parents would smile proudly instead of scold him. I'd boldly ask for a "preview," and Eric would start to tease us even more, pulling down his speedos a little bit, exposing his pubes and arse, unashamed that his dads were sitting right there.

    We'd cheer him on, which would probably give the little exhibitionist a boner. Again, nothing to be ashamed of. He'd show it off in front of me and his fathers as we sipped on chilled wine.

    I'd suggest to everyone we go inside, and instead of the living room, we'd head straight to the parents' bedroom. The two men would sit on the bed with their son, as I sit on a chair, watching them. The two fathers would kiss and touch each other, their boners popping out of their own speedos as well… until their son decided to join in.

    They'd kiss for me, all three of them, and I'd sit right there to encourage them. I'll ask them to take their speedos off, egging them on to go further and further, until both daddies stuck their cocks in their boy's holes. Eric would be in the middle and get his mouth and his arse fucked at the same time. Spit-roasted by his two dads – how many people on this planet could ever say that's happened to them?!

    "Fuck, fuck," I continued to moan out loud, wanking myself with one hand and pinching my nip with the other. The window was still open. I wondered if the dad next-door could see me, or even hear me…

    "Ahhhhh!" I grunted loudly, spilling my pearly seed all over my belly. "FUCK, this feels good," I thought, continuing to wank my cock, thinking of Eric and his dads in this wonderful fantasy world of mine.

    A couple of minutes later, as the effects of my orgasm subsided, I scooped up my jizz and brought it to my mouth, swallowing all of it, before reaching for my phone again.

    Eric had a "Tip" button on his profile page. I tapped on it, and typed in "100 USD."

    "Buy your fiancé something pretty," I added. "Your biggest fan, Ken."

    I smiled, feeling so much better now after I'd cum. I still held my dick in my right hand, gently stroking it. It felt pleasantly tingly. In my left hand, a couple of seconds later, my phone vibrated.

    "Aww, thanks Ken," I'd got a notification from Eric.

    Even though he was just an "ordinary boy" with a porn account, every time I heard from him I felt like I was talking to a celebrity.

    "My pleasure," I typed slowly with one hand. "And say hi to your dads."

    "Thanks. Maybe one day we'll give you a show, all three of us 😉."

    "You little tease!"

    "Anything for my biggest fan 😄."

    I took a deep breath. I let go of my cock so I could type faster.

    "Seriously? Can we make that happen? Cos I would LOVE to see you three."

    "Yes. Let's do it!"

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