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    With both of my real brothers being significantly different in age (and temperament) than me, we were never really close. I was a bit worried at first what it'd be like living with a roommate and two suitemates, but honestly: I struck gold.

    All four of us got along great! We didn't hang out all the time, and each of us had his own personality, but we all just clicked and it made living in the suite much more pleasant. Jamal mostly kept to himself, but he was really smart and funny when he joined in. Eric was the complete opposite, very outgoing and sociable. It was his senior year so he was done giving a fuck about anything.

    Rory was... Well, I know it's weird to call somebody your "best friend" or "like a brother" after only a few weeks, but that's how it felt. You get close to someone surprisingly fast when you're sharing a tiny room together. Stuff like walking around in our underwear (especially while it was still hot out) or quickly changing in the room was a no-brainer. And with him being not just a junior but an RA as well, his advice made everything so much easier in the beginning; I felt like I had a cheatsheet. 

    "You got any laundry that needs washing, man?" he asked one Saturday, while gathering his.

    "For real?"

    "Sure. The washers downstairs are huge, no need to use two. Just a thought."

    "Sure bro, thanks. Here," I jumped off my bed and gave him the bag I kept my dirty laundry in. "It's not a lot, it's mostly just underwear and socks."

    "Kay," he said and left the room.

    As soon as the door closed behind him I realized the towel I used as a jizz rag was also in there.

    Another thing I needn't have worried about was sharing a bathroom and a shower with everyone. Jamal signed up for 9 AM classes so he was up and out first thing in the morning. Rory, Eric, and I usually started classes at noon, so we would be up at the same time, taking showers one right after the other. Nudity was definitely not an issue, at least in the bathroom area. The little shower room got humid and steamy real fast, so we just showered with the door open. Sometimes the two of them would just stay naked while brushing their teeth and shaving in front of the mirror. I started doing the same, even though it's not like it was a hassle to do it with a towel wrapped around my waist. It was like an unspoken bro-bonding ritual, showing the guys you're not embarrassed to be naked around them.

    "Did you do any sports in high school, man?" I asked Eric one morning while we were both shaving naked at the two sinks in the bathroom. As he leaned forward his abs flexed, showing off an admirable 6-pack.

    "Nah. We have a gym at the house, so I started working out when I was like 15-16. But I never went to high school, actually. I was homeschooled by my dads."

    "Your dads?" I was a bit confused.

    "Yeah. I have two gay dads."

    "Ah, cool, bro."

    It was at moments like this that I realized just how different college was than high school. In our town you'd never meet someone raised by two gay men, especially someone who spoke about it so nonchalantly. It's not like the whole town was full of raging homophobes, but it was just something that never happened, it was one of those things that people only saw on TV. Here at college, I'd already met people with gay parents, people from every single continent, and people who introduced themselves by announcing their pronoun, saying "she," "he," or "they." I loved it, but I knew most of the adults back home would call us all crazy.

    "You excited about homecoming?" I asked Eric next, while he leaned to look at himself in the mirror closely, sticking his bubble butt out.

    "Fuck no," he laughed. "Don't get me wrong, it's alright, but I really don't care about school parties with no alcohol anymore. But Nevaeh's party's the day after, and now THAT I'm excited about."


    "This girl Nevaeh, she's a sophomore. She finally got her parents to get her a loft nearby. They're fucking loaded! She's throwing an epic housewarming party this weekend, and knowing her there's gonna be literal champagne fountains."

    "Cool, man."

    "You should come! Even if you don't know her, just say you're my suitemate. She and I are cool." 

    "You sure, bro? Cuz I'd love to check it out." It would be my first off-campus party.

    "Course, man. I'll text you the deets."

    "Thanks! Appreciate it."

    We were both done shaving. We went in for a pound hug, our usual way of saying hello and goodbye at this point, even though we were both naked. Our bodies were still a bit wet, water splashing off as we patted each other's backs. Whatever shaving gel Eric was using smelled really good, better than mine. It hit me like a fresh wave as my nose got close to his face, and I enjoyed the sensation.

    I only had a few more minutes to get ready before leaving for class so I rushed to my room.

    "Oh shit!" I said as soon as I'd opened the door in a rush and stumbled clumsily into the room. "Sorry, man."

    Rory was lying on his bed, naked except for a pair of boxer shorts pulled down to his knees, jerking off. It all happened so quickly, I didn't get a chance to register everything, but it was the first hard dick except for mine I'd ever seen in real life. Sure, I'd seen plenty in porn, even though it was never the type of porn that particularly focused on dicks. 

    But Rory's was... different. Porn dick always looked so generic for some reason. His looked more real, but impressive nonetheless. He must be a grower; he looked perfectly average getting in and out of the shower, but he was really hung when hard, holding it with both hands and still having extra length. His balls were shaved smooth, and he had a patch of neatly trimmed pubes.

    "Shit," he said, quickly pulling up his boxers. The whole situation only took 2 or 3 seconds, but it really electrified the atmosphere in the room. Normally, I might rush out and close the door, but I was naked myself, and had to get ready to go to class.

    "Sorry bro, but I really got to get dressed," I looked away and walked to my closet.

    "That's alright, man, my bad. Thought you were in class." Rory got up, trying to tuck his erection away in his boxers. "Sorry bout that, for real."

    "Hey, it's cool. Plus, now I get a get-out-of-jail-free card when you catch me," I tried to lighten it up with a joke.

    He stood around, still visibly erect, the head of his dick poking out the leg of his shorts. For the first time since we'd met, he seemed shy and embarrassed.

    "Hey man, you going to that girl's party after homecoming?" I asked, hoping to steer things back to normal by having a casual convo.

    "Nevaeh's? Yeah," he nodded and smiled, looking more like his normal self (except with a raging boner, still).

    "Eric just invited me. Sounds cool."

    "Yeah. And hey man," he said with a somewhat more serious voice, "I know I'm your RA so I gotta report you if I catch you drinking here. But when we're off campus, obviously it's not like that at all. Just don't want you to feel awkward or anything, drinking or smoking if you see me. I'm not like your mom, or the police."

    "Thanks man. I don't drink, but that's good to know."

    "Ha, we'll see if you resist the peer pressure once you're there," he winked at me. "But don't worry, if you get shitfaced, Eric and I will take care of you and get you home safely."

    We stood there facing each other, me naked and holding my clothes, and Rory still hard after jerking off, and I felt grateful to have a roommate like him.


    I was surprised to see him open the door when I showed up to the party Eric had invited me to that Saturday.

    "Aaron! Of course Nevaeh invited you."

    "Actually, she didn't, my suitemate did. Hope it's okay."

    "Oh please, everyone and their grandma's here. Come on in. What's that?" He pointed to the bag I was carrying.

    "I was gonna bring something to drink but I don't have a fake ID. So I brought snacks instead."

    As soon as I walked in and looked around I realized my snacks were completely unnecessary.

    I'd never been to a proper college party, but I knew this was not what they were usually like. This party was catered: there were rows of appetizers spread across two tables. There was not only a bar, but a bartender, paid to mix drinks and ignore the fact most of the people he was serving were underage. The loud music and the strobe lights in the large open-plan space made it feel like a night club. There were probably around a hundred people, and I was there early.

    "Oh, wow."

    "Yeah, she likes to go all out," Skyler said and led me to the couch where I saw Eric sit next to a good-looking girl.

    "Hey, this is my suitemate, Aaron!" Eric said when he saw me. "Aaron, this is our hostess."

    The girl got up to give me a hug. I have no idea about designers, but I could tell the dress she was wearing was very expensive. And very pretty on her.

    "Hi, I'm Nevaeh. And you've met my bestie, Skyler."

    "Bestie, huh?" I turned to Skyler, amused. "A month into college and you already have a 'bestie'?"

    "What can I say," he replied. "Our mutual distaste for everyone else made us bond real fast."

    "Ah, admit it, you're a big old softie," I poked his chest. He looked at me like he was ready to bite my finger off, but then he smiled.

    Two hours in and I was the only sober person at the party. Skyler had been doing tequila shots with Nevaeh and their group of girlfriends. I saw Rory, drinking beer and probably hitting on the girl he'd been talking to all evening. I didn't see much of Eric, but when I asked Nevaeh she said he was out on the balcony, smoking weed and making out with some senior named Will.[1]

    "Oh, so Eric's gay as well?" I said to Skyler and Nevaeh, who were standing next to me.

    "What do you mean, 'as well'? Did you expect me to be the only token gay guy at school?" Skyler said.

    "No, of course not. It's just that his two dads are gay. So that's like, one hell of a coincidence."

    "It's 2017, everyone's gay, deal with it."

    "Have YOU ever been with a guy?" Nevaeh said with a flirtatious tone. I couldn't tell if she was trying to flirt or that's just how she always talked.

    "Nope. Never kissed a guy or anything."

    "So if you had to kiss one," she asked, "who would you pick?"

    A couple of faces flashed through my mind quickly. I really couldn't decide.

    "Skyler, of course," I said.

    "Oh, please. He's just saying that cuz I'm standing right here," Skyler said.

    "Maybe. Maybe not," I winked.

    Another couple of hours later I was downstairs waiting for my Uber. It would've been just a short walk back to the dorm but it was pouring rain. Fall had officially started.

    "Hey, Aaron!" someone yelled out to me just as I was about to get in the car.

    Skyler stood in the doorway, hiding from the rain. I asked the driver to wait just a minute, and walked up to Skyler. There was a familiar cherry scent in the air around him.

    "You leaving already? Why don't you stick around?" he asked.

    "Nah, I'm too tired. But Nevaeh made it sound like she plans on throwing a party every single evening. I'm sure I'll be back soon."

    "Okay. Well, have a good night." I turned to walk away. "Wait!" 

    I turned back to Skyler in the narrow doorway.

    "That thing you said, about kissing me if you were to kiss a guy... Did you mean it?"

    I don't know why I did it. Maybe because, standing in a doorway in the pouring rain, it had all the makings of a cheesy rom-com. Maybe I'd been genuinely curious about kissing a guy. Or maybe there was something in Skyler's eyes, a hopefulness I thought I saw. But I leaned forward and gave him a kiss. Both of us had our eyes closed. I was surprised how pleasurable and passionate it felt, as my tongue gently explored his mouth.

    "Magic in the air," I said after a few seconds.

    "What?" Skyler mumbled.

    "Your fragrance," I winked at him and got into my car.

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[1] Will is one of the main characters of My Boyfriend and My Two Dads

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