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"This is it. Finally, me, on my own."
18-year-old Aaron is excited to start college. Finally out of his parents' house and in a dorm, where he'll share a room, shower, and new experiences with several different guys; and in the process, learn something about himself and his sexuality.

Chapter 1 | Freshman Year, Fall Semester

Ex-high-school jock Aaron starts college and moves into the dorms in Room 141. He soon meets his cool roommate, exhibitionist suitemate, handsome advisor, and a flamboyant classmate who all catch his attention.

Chapter 2 | Freshman Year, Fall Semester

Aaron gets closer with his roommate and suitemates (including in some unexpected ways). He attends his first off-campus party and has a first experience with a guy. Also, how is one supposed to jerk off in a shared dorm room?

Chapter 3 | Freshman Year, Fall Semester

When Halloween comes and you don't have a costume ready, you gon' have to improvise. Plus, Aaron gets a Grindr 101 lesson during English 101; meets his new suitemate; and lets his inhibitions go way down after some whiskey.

Chapter 4 | Freshman Year, Fall Semester

With his roommate's help, Aaron tries to figure out just how many guys have had an experience with another guy. Where is the line between gay and straight, and where does he fit into it now? And once you do it once, do you go back...?

Chapter 5 | Freshman Year, Fall Semester

A study session turns into a lesson on how to figure out if you're a top or bottom. Afterwards, when Aaron's too cold sleeping on the couch alone, he snuggles up next to someone in bed and ends up doing much more than just snuggling.

Chapter 6

Having to spend a few days at his older brother's, Aaron starts seeing him with brand new eyes. After getting on Grindr to see "what the fuss is about," he ends up going to a stranger's hotel room for another brand new experience.

Chapter 7

After a hellish summer, Aaron is thrilled to be back in school! In Room 141, he reunites with his roommate Rory and the two have a close conversation. Plus, a new fuck buddy and a very unexpected date.

Chapter 8

Aaron gets some surprising news from Prof. Carr. Back in their room, Rory and Aaron share their closest moment yet. And later at a party, Aaron and Skyler escape the crowd so they can get a chance to be alone.

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