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Get Wet


    As our father-son vacation was drawing to a close, Sam and I had intended to spend a whole Sunday at the beach together. Alas, San Francisco had other plans. The weather today was gray and gloomy, and way too cold to spend at the beach. I had started to feel a certain homesickness for Southern California a few days ago, and it was rapidly growing.

    When my son joined me in the living room, his expression matched the weather outside.

    "Everything alright?" I asked, assuming he was once again feeling bummed out that we'd have to say goodbye soon.

    "Yeah. I wanted to call mom but she can't talk on the phone."

    "She alright?"

    "Yeah. Her husband's in the hospital. He'll be fine, but it's all a hassle."

    "What happened?"

    "He fell off the ladder cleaning the gutter. Cracked a rib."


    Sam seemed lost in thought for a second.

    "You know," he continued, "it was always my job, cleaning the gutters."

    "Oh c'mon, don't tell me you feel like this is somehow your fault?!"

    "No, of course not. It's just… It feels like a lifetime ago, living with them."

    "And is that… good or bad?"

    "I don't know. Neither. Both, maybe. Like, I came to LA as soon as I was done with high school. Then I moved straight to Boston. And now I spent all summer in California again. I just feel like… I'm all over the place, you know?"

    "C'mere," I invited Sam next to me on the couch and put my arm around him. Even though it was chilly outside, the apartment was warm and we were naked. "I know all too well. I spent twenty years flying from place to place, remember? And I made a ton of money, and it was a lot of fun, but… That's why I bought the house down in LA. I got sick of not having a home."

    My son hugged me tighter and we continued to cuddle. His body heat on my skin felt comforting. We watched some silly show that was on the TV, until Sam's phone rang.

    "It's Mom," he sprang, heading to the bedroom. "I'll go talk to her."

    "Stay here!" I said quickly. "I'll go for a walk while you're on the phone. Text me when you're done."

    "Okay," Sam gave me the thumbs up and picked up the phone.

    I went to the bedroom and dug out a jacket I'd brought, which I hadn't worn all summer. I got dressed and saw my son again on my way out, exchanging a wave with him.

    I walked for a while listening to a podcast, until I realized I wasn't far from my friend Josh's house.

    "You busy?" I texted him. "I'm in the neighborhood."

    It took ten minutes to get a reply.

    "Out on a date. Then meeting another girl for dinner."

    "Wow," I sent back.

    "Time's ticking. Don't want my sperm to go dry."

    I left Josh on read. I didn't want to indulge his paternity-obsessed mid-life crisis. I knew he would be alright. No matter how it sounded, Josh was right: there was no shortage of straight women wanting to get married and have kids. And even with his little quirks, Josh was an absolute catch.

    I felt the first raindrop on my cheek. I looked up and a couple of seconds later, I felt more rain, coming up quickly. I dodged to the nearest café, rushing to beat the other pedestrians that were starting to look for cover. Lucky for me, the place was still half-empty. I got a drink and sat at an empty table, and watched a slew of new customers come in as the rain fell more heavily.

    "Excuse me, do you mind if we share a table?" a kind-looking man asked me, holding a little boy's hand and pushing an occupied stroller.

    "Of course," I smiled. 

    The man turned to the boy and said something in what I assume was Chinese. If I had to guess, it was "Watch after your brother." He then left to order drinks.

    The boy sat at the table and started playing on his phone. His little brother, meanwhile, stared at me, the way only babies stare at strangers. I went along with it and stuck my tongue out, blowing a raspberry. The boy started to giggle, which made me smile as well.

    Soon, the boys' father was back and I looked away. I dug out my phone, and saw I'd gotten an email. "You are Cordially Invited…" the subject line said.

    "Hey Handsome! I'm sorry I didn't get this to you earlier," the email read. "Planning everything has been crazy! I know it's last minute, but the wedding is Sept 7 in Maui. I know you and Sam are still in SF and it would be great if you guys could make it!! 💋💋 Eric."

    Attached was the invitation to Eric and Will's wedding in two weeks. I smiled, thinking back of the amazing night Eric and I had spent in Berlin together. Who knew that two years later I'd be getting an invite to his wedding?!

    Across the table, the baby had started to whimper, prompting his dad to soothe him. When I caught the little one's eye, I blew another raspberry, which finally made him stop and he started smiling again.

    I looked out the window, feeling extra dramatic because of the weather. Still no text from Sam. He must be having an extra-long conversation with his mom. I rarely thought of Danica ever, even when Sam was around. Even though we weren't together, I bore no ill will to her. Quite the opposite: I think she'd done the best she could to give our son a normal life. She never got in the way of my career, even when some people might say that I "abandoned them." What would happen if… if she ever found out about… God, I couldn't even think about it! No! It was too disturbing. Other people might think that what Sam and I had was "gross." But Danica… she'd be absolutely devastated, betrayed, heartbroken. 

    In a rush to think about something else, anything else, I started to think about Eric's wedding. In my mind he was still a kid (as was everyone who was younger than me). Yet here he was, being an adult, taking the next step. Pretty soon, it'd be Sam's time. What would he do? Marry me? We both knew that wasn't an option. To top it all off, Josh's words played through my mind. "When are you settling down? Do you wanna have more kids?"

    Thankfully, just when I started to dive in too deep, Sam's text came to rescue me from my own thoughts. "All done. You can come home now 😘."



    "Careful, careful. A couple more steps. Okay, open them!"

    I was guiding my father through the apartment with his eyes closed, until we'd reached the bathroom.

    "Whoa!! What is all this?" he gasped.

    The apartment we were renting had a gorgeous, old-timey bathtub that we hadn't taken advantage of all summer. So today, after I was done talking to Mom, I went down to the store to get bath foam, chocolates, and a pack of candles. Luckily, we still had a bottle of champagne in the fridge. I ran a bubble bath, lit the candles, and played some relaxing music on my phone.

    "We couldn't go to the beach," I said, "but I figured we could still get wet."

    "Is it gonna fit both?" Dad asked. The tub wasn't large, but I was sure it'd be enough.

    "If we get reeeal close," I teased, and leaned in to start kissing him. I was fully naked, and as we kissed I started undressing Dad, kissing down his body as we got rid of his clothes one by one. When he was down to his socks, I knelt down and pulled those off for him. Just like mine, Dad's cock had started to go hard. With my face in his crotch, I gave his balls and the tip of his dick a kiss, before prompting him to get inside the tub first.

    I went in next, lying on top of him. It took us a few moments to get comfortable, but we'd finally found a good position.

    "Ahhh!! That feels nice," Dad said. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck as he exhaled, giving me goosebumps.

    "How was your walk? Did you get caught in the rain?" I asked, my fingertips stroking Dad's legs, which were straddling me.

    "Not really. It was alright," he said. We lay for a little while like that, enjoying the moment. Finally, Dad continued. "I got an interesting email earlier."

    "A distant relative is a Nigerian prince?"

    "Well that too. But Eric's getting married."

    "Ah, yes. I remember. That's coming up, isn't it?"

    "In two weeks, right before you start school. It's in Hawaii. Wanna go?"

    I turned my head around as much as I could, trying to look at Dad.

    "Are you serious?"

    "Why not?"

    This was the cherry on top of the perfect sundae which was this summer! Without wiggling too much, I reached back for a kiss and with some stretching, my lips met Dad's.

    When I lay back to lean on him, I felt my father's cock get even harder under my buttocks. With some wiggling around, I got it to settle in between my cheeks, and continued to feel it grow.

    "This feels nice," I admitted, enjoying the scent of the candles and the bath, the taste of the champagne, but most of all: my dad's body right next to mine.

    His large fingers stroked my arms up and down, before moving to my chest and circling around my nipples. He tweaked my nips ever so gently, before going down slowly and taking my ball sack in one hand, and my cock in the other.

    I closed my eyes, relaxing everything other than my dick. With my dad's fingers wrapped around it, it was rock hard. Dad didn't move his hand much; I moved my hips back and forth, humping and fucking his fist. I accelerated, going faster and faster until I was on the edge, and Dad unwrapped his fingers from around my boner and let me hump the air for a while, begging for release which wouldn't come just yet.

    I settled down, lay back, and enjoyed some more stroking by Dad's fingertips. I had goosebumps all over my body. My father's hand grabbed my nipples again and twisted them, this time more painfully. I squirmed, dripping precum that mixed with the bathwater. 

    I tucked my hands underneath my father's ass, and he reached forward, slipping his arms around my torso. It was now as if his arms were mine. In this position, he continued to stroke my body with one hand, while his right hand grasped my cock again, jerking me off for a few minutes. I panted like a horny dog, my mouth open as I moaned out. JUST as I was about to reach the peek, Dad pulled away! I was as if he could sense it. I pictured him at my age, jerking himself off. Maybe that's how he knew exactly when to stop and pick back up again.

    After a couple more rounds, I reached back with one hand and took Dad's dick in it. It felt weird, jerking someone off behind my back, but I got in the swing of it. Meanwhile, the playlist I'd picked kept playing cheesy love songs that I would normally roll my eyes at; but in this moment, they contributed to the atmosphere and turned me on even more. 

    Pretty soon, jerking off just wasn't enough. I started to lean forward and peeled myself off my dad. I went down on all fours, on my knees, with my ass sticking in Dad's face.

    I heard the clink as Dad picked up his champagne flute, took a swig, then placed it back down. He then reached forward, placed his hands on my thighs, and buried his face between my ass cheeks. Sounding hungrier than I'd ever heard him, he gorged on my hole and I felt his tongue inside me, as far as it could go. I arched my back, going from cat to cow pose as Dad teased my ass with his tongue and then his fingers. One finger, then two… He reached inside and I pulsed my hole open, letting him know I was ready.

    "How d'you wanna do this?" I heard Dad ask. The tub was too small for him to get on his knees behind me and fuck me doggy style.

    "Stay there," I said, and started to turn around. I wanted to look him in the face as we did this.

    Dad held my hand, as if helping a lady get out of a car. Slowly, I turned around, put my hands on the back of his neck for support, and started squatting on his dick.

    "Mmm," he moaned loudly, sensitive from all the edging we'd been doing. I was ready for him. I took him in in a matter of seconds, then we started to get comfortable again. I wrapped my legs around his body. He put his arms around my back. I felt his cock pulsating inside me. Everything else was relaxed.

    "Ahhh, there we go," we both breathed, and we leaned forward to start kissing again. Instead of actively fucking, he stayed that way for a while. We had some chocolates, drank champagne, all the while Dad's hard cock stayed inside of me.

    "I love you," I said softly.

    "I love you too. I always will, no matter what, you know that?"

    "I do," I said. And I did.

    We started to move, very carefully. Our movements were limited, but we didn't need a lot. This was already more passionate than any sex I could hope to have.

    "Ahh," I moaned as I felt Dad's dick hit new points deeper inside of me. I wanted his cum.

    "Shoot inside me," I urged him. "Give me your babies."

    Dad put his right hand on my face and looked at me carefully, as if examining me for the first time. He then quickly went in for a kiss, as passionate as any kiss we'd ever shared. 

    "Mm. Mm," we both panted. I started to jerk myself off. When Dad saw that, he took the matter in his own hand and stroked my cock while fucking me.

    "Yeah. Yeah. Cum inside me," I begged. I felt tipsy; drunk on love as much as I was on alcohol. Even after everything, it still felt like the first time.

    "I love you, baby," my father told me.

    "I love you too, Daddy."

    As I said those words, my guts started to fill up with my father's cum. I felt one spurt, then the next, as his hand on my cock accelerated its movement. A second later I was shooting my own load, landing it in the tub. By now, all the bubbles were gone and we could see my pearly white load shoot in the water and float around our bodies.

    My hole pulsed, milking every last drop from my father's cock. When we were both done, we hugged tightly, our wet chests against each other. 

    We stayed that way for ten more minutes, until Dad's cock went soft and plopped out of my ass. He picked me up and carried me to the bed, before ordering dinner for us. We ate, we watched a movie, we cuddled, we laughed. And then we went for round two. 

    After our summer in San Francisco, I went back to Boston and Dad returned to LA. Things were different now that we no longer saw each other every day. As a sophomore, I had a lot more schoolwork this year. I moved out of the dorms and moved into a small apartment with two roommates. Dad and I went to Hawaii for Eric's wedding and we had a blast! There, I got to reconnect with Eric's cousin Nathan, who also lived in Boston. 

    After several months, I felt myself getting closer and closer to Nate. Dad and I still made love when we got together, but we hardly ever got a chance to do that anymore. Finally, after existing in a weird relationship limbo, Dad and I decided that it was best for me to pursue relationships with other guys; Nathan in this case. I told Nate about my love affair with my father and he understood and supported me, and still wanted me to be his boyfriend.

    And that's where we are now. Nate and I are a "normal" gay couple in Boston, but I know that as soon as I'm back in LA I'll end up with Dad's dick up my ass. Dad is thinking about having another baby, and I'm excited for him to do so. Whatever the future has in store for us, I know we will always be a major part of each other's lives. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

– The End –

Ben and Sam are off to Hawaii!
Attend the sexy wedding in Beach Bonding 4: I Do
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