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Coaching His Son

Bill, the narrator of this chapter, is a recurring character in Dating Father and Son



    Baker Beach was infamous for the shenanigans you were likely to see here. A nude beach, mostly popular with gay men, in one of the gayest cities on Earth… Only in San Francisco, kids.

    Watching the hot couple at the beach getting in on in front of everyone was nothing shocking, even if it was hot as hell. The younger boy straddled the other man, getting on top of him as they made out so passionately that I was starting to wonder if this might be their honeymoon. 

    My dick started to get hard as I enjoyed the show, along with several other men sitting nearby. I usually try to avoid erections in public, because… well, honestly, because of how big I am. So big that I actually spent most of my life embarrassed by the hugeness of my cock, until I finally learned to embrace it along with the nickname it got me: Big Bill.

    As the action between the two beach goers heated up, I couldn't help myself but pop a boner. They were both good-looking enough to be models, and no one within sight could keep their eyes off them. The older guy started playing with the younger boy's ass, exposing his hole right to my face, mere feet from where I was lying.

    By the time I saw the boy milk a creamy load out of his partner, I knew I had to go over and say hi. Still, reluctant to come off as a creep, I lay and waited, until the handsome guy and I had made eye contact. He smiled, and I got up and made my way to them.

    Making up a lie about not having a bottle opener, I took a fresh beer bottle and made my way to them. They were gracious enough to offer me theirs, along with their names.

    "I'm Ben," the older man said, smirking at me. "And this is my son, Sam."

    "Wait one goddamn minute!" I thought. "Son?! No, can't be. Must be some gay lingo I'm not acquainted with."

    Not wanting to make a scene, I smiled politely and sat down next to them. They were having two beers themselves, and it seemed appropriate to drink and chat together. All the while, my boner remained hard as a rock, all twelve inches of it, reaching most of the way from my crotch to my knee.

    The men revealed they were from Massachusetts. They'd some here for Pride and decided to spend the rest of the summer here. We talked about how lovely it is here, even though by now, at this time of day, the heat was getting unbearable.

    "Why don't we go somewhere with air-conditioning?" I suggested coyly.

    "Why don't we?" Ben looked at Sam and smiled. "How about... back to our place?"

    "So when you say 'son'…?" I mumbled a couple of hours later at the couple's rented apartment. By now, we'd switched from beer to whiskey on the rocks, and we were all a tad tipsy.

    "I mean just that," Ben said, sitting on the armchair across from me. Sam was in his lap and they were both cuddling while drinking and talking to me. All three of us were naked; we'd taken a shower after the beach and we now sat in nothing but towels. "I wasn't around when he was growing up. We only just met last year."

    As he spoke, Ben's fingertips stroked the boy's spine, going up and down absentmindedly, giving the kid goosebumps.

    "Wow. How old are you?" I looked at Sam, all sorts of thoughts going through my mind.

    "Ha. I'm 19. So not old enough to drink," he said, then shook his whiskey glass before taking a sip, "but old enough for other things. So don't worry," he winked at me.

    "Really? What other things?"

    Sam giggled, then started to blush. Like a child, he buried his face in his dad's chest. It was stuff like this that convinced me they were indeed father and son.

    "Sam couldn't help but notice how… endowed you are," Ben spoke on his son's behalf. "So he just wanted to get a… closer look."

    Even without looking down, I felt the tip of my dick peeking out from under my towel. Even soft, it was too long to stay hidden. Add to that the fact the conversation with Ben and Sam was making me horny and hard again.

    I still didn't know whether to believe them. The father-son scenario was foreign to me, but they sure as hell looked alike. What I did know, though, was that if their story was true, this was indeed a very rare opportunity.

    "Well if the boy wants a closer look…" I said, spreading my legs even wider and untying the towel around my waist, "go right ahead."

    Sam looked at his dad, smiling but still bashful. Ben nodded his head, as if giving him permission. "Go 'head, baby, it's alright," he said encouragingly, running his fingers gently through the boy's hair.

    When he heard that, Sam got off Ben's lap and went down to his knees on the floor. On all fours, he crawled toward me, and almost puppy-like, started to sniff my crotch.

    "Can I get you another one?" Ben asked nonchalantly, reaching for the bottle of scotch.

    "No, thank you."

    He poured himself another drink, unperturbed by the fact his teenage son was kneeling naked on the floor, his face in a stranger's crotch. When he was done, Ben leaned back in his chair with his fresh glass of scotch, almost as if he was getting ready to watch a live show his son and I were about to throw for him.

    I was confused, yet curious. I looked over at Ben and he and I made eye contact just as I felt his son's tongue on the tip of my growing dick.

    "This okay with you?" I asked Ben.

    "Oh, more than okay," he smirked. Being gay and living in San Francisco, I've met a good amount of pervs, but this… this was new for me.

    I didn't have any children; I probably never will. Yet the thought of a father allowing, no, encouraging his son to do something like this seemed crazy to me. I thought back to the two of them at the beach: Sam milking Ben's dick, Ben spreading Sam's ass open… I thought they were insanely hot before I'd even spoken to them. Now that I knew them and their relationship, it made everything that much more extreme.

    My mind may've felt confused, but my cock sure as hell wasn't! The more I thought about what was going on, the harder I got. I felt Sam's fingers on the inside of my thighs. Slowly, they moved to my balls and then the long shaft of my penis. Soon, all ten of his fingers were wrapped around my hard cock.

    His father continued to watch us, an entertained smirk on his face. I watched Ben back: his body definitely wasn't that of a typical dad. I envied his muscles, probably in the same way he and his boy envied the size of my dick. Ben was the only one in the room who still had a towel around his waist, and I looked at it carefully to see if there was something stirring underneath it. Sure enough, a poking movement let me know Ben was getting hard. Getting hard while watching his son suck a stranger's cock. Fuck!

    No longer willing to be a passive participant, I put my hands on the sides of Sam's head. His father wanted a show? Well a show's what we would fucking give him.

    Sam was still delicately nursing on the tip of my cock, almost shyly, as if he'd never tasted dick before. I knew better, though. We may have just met, but from what I saw at the beach, this was no naive boy who was new to this. He and his father; both of them were pervs.

    I squeezed Sam's head tightly; not enough to cause him any pain, but tight enough to show who's in control. Without being told what to do, he knew it was his turn to open his mouth widely. As soon as he did, I pushed his head down on my dick, like it was a melon I was fucking.

    I went in as far as I could, but Sam gagged by the time I was barely halfway in. I let him catch his breath and slobber over my cock for a bit, before shoving it in again. 

    Another gag.

    "You're gonna have to do better than that if you wanna take one that big," Ben said, like a father coaching his son from the sidelines. Maybe because he was determined to impress his pops, Sam tried to relax his throat. This time, I went in a further inch before making him gag.

    "This happen when he's sucking your cock?" I asked Ben, taking it for granted that his son has sucked his dick.

    "Not usually, no. But you're the biggest he's ever had. Don't worry, he can take it."

    Motivated by his father's encouragement, Sam continued to relax his throat. He drooled on my cock but he never gave up, not for a second. 

    I've had this happen with plenty of guys. Indeed; I'd only ever met a couple who could take my entire dick down their throat. With one of them, we'd practiced for weeks. I had a feeling Ben wanted to see his boy achieve it today.

    Parents had all sorts of expectations from their children. The mom who was never pretty enough, signing her daughter up for child pageants. The dad who could never quite make it as a football player, forcing his son to train daily, roiding him up if necessary to get him to be the best.

    I wondered if when he was younger, Ben had come across a large dick he couldn't take, and now he wanted to see his son compensate for it. Or maybe he just liked watching his boy like this: on his knees, pleasing strangers? Maybe they weren't even related; maybe this was just some sick role-play for them. Either way, I didn't care. I was ready to play along.

    I gripped Sam's head tighter, getting ready to really go to town on his face. He'd had some time to get used to my dick now. Sometimes "easy does it" only takes you so far. Sometimes, you need to show some tough love.

    "Aaagghh!" Sam gagged as I pushed his head down forcefully and rammed all my twelve inches down his throat, until his nose was in my pubes.

    Sam's whole body squirmed, and Ben moved in his chair, almost getting up. "Not so nonchalant now, are we?" I thought as I watched him. He hesitated, wondering himself if we were taking things too far.

    A second passed and Sam relaxed. An audible exhale came out of him.

    "He's okay," I assured his father.

    "Do it again," Ben said.

    I looked at him and we made eye contact again. Obviously he agreed: the boy would only learn if he was taught with a firm hand.

    "Aaagghh!!" Sam gagged again even louder when I slammed inside his throat again without warning.

    "C'mon Sam, you can do it. You okay?" his father asked.

    The boy nodded in my lap, never taking my cock out his mouth.

    One, two, three more times, and the gagging was getting quieter. His throat was opening up. And the bulge inside his father's towel was growing.

    Ben slipped his towel off, letting it drop to the floor. He was hard as a rock, watching his own son getting throat-fucked like this. He had a gorgeous dick as well. Maybe not quite as big as mind, but admirable nonetheless.

    "Attaboy," Ben encouraged his son proudly. The praise made Sam relax even more. By now, I was able to fuck his face with almost no resistance from him.

    The boy's father got up to get a closer look. He stood over his son, one leg on each side of his body, and bent down to observe my cock go deep inside his boy's mouth and then come back out covered in saliva.

    "Fucking hell. You're doing it, champ," he patted Sam on the shoulder twice, like a real coach.

    Still holding on to Sam's head, I started to fuck him more and more vehemently, aggressively, bullishly. He continued to gag occasionally, but it wasn't anything he couldn't handle. 

    Watching his son like this made Ben even harder. His right hand wrapped around his own cock, he jerked off while watching me fuck his son's mouth. 

    "He's a good cocksucker," I complimented the boy to his dad. "Really good. And a nice body on him," I appraised his son.

    "Thanks. We've been working on it." 

    "Oh, I bet you were," I thought as I continued to fuck Sam's throat. I was close, and Ben could tell.

    "Shoot your load in his mouth," he encouraged me. "Shoot your fucking load in his cocksucking mouth."

    "Yeah? He'd like that?" I asked as if Sam weren't even present in the room. His father was the one making decisions for him.

    "Oh, he'll love it," Ben answered on his son's behalf. 

    Sam's throat relaxed even more. The gagging had stopped. I wasn't even pushing his head down as hard anymore; he was doing it at his own volition. He was obviously turned on by what was going on. 

    "I'm gonna shoot," I announced, feeling the head of my cock buried deep down Sam's throat, about to start depositing my seed there.

    "Fuck yeah," Ben shouted and all of a sudden shot a huge load himself! Squatting down, pulling on his balls with one hand and stroking his cock quickly with the other, he let out a huge load of cum that all landed on his son's smooth, muscular back.

    Seeing that made me blow my own load down the boy's throat. He started to gag again as I came, but he swallowed every drop obediently. 

    It took his father and me a couple of minutes to calm down after our powerful orgasms. The room seemed to be spinning; this all seemed surreal to me. To top it all off, Ben reached down and started to rub his son's back. 

    "Well done," he said, rubbing his back reassuringly for a second before scooping up all the jizz that was on there and gliding it down to Sam's ass, using his spine as a cum gutter. Finally, Ben scooped up the whole load and rubbed it against the boy's hole, getting as much in there as he could, before licking the remains off his fingers.

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