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Porn vs. Art


    Ever since I was little, I knew I was into men. Every opportunity I got to look at men shirtless or in their underwear, I couldn't help but stare. Of course, I didn't even know that it was anything sexual, not until I started to hit puberty. 

    My parents, as imperfect as they were, never bothered with child locks on electronic devices. For better or worse, I could roam the Internet freely. It started off innocent enough; looking up photos of famous actors and singers, scrolling long enough until I could find something juicy. Before I knew it, I was spending most of my free time on the computer (and later, my smartphone) finding and saving images. Most of them were erotic rather than pornographic, but it was more than enough to get me going. 

    Of course, I had my favorites. At first it was celebrities, but pretty soon I'd developed quite a niche interest: advertising campaigns. 

    Ads were something "normal," something you see every day. They were often sexualized but some of them, especially some European campaigns, were on a whole different level. They managed to be dirty yet tasteful at the same time and it was probably what attracted me to them, along with the fact that the people in them weren't porn stars but "regular models."

    My favorite of those models was a man named Ben Turner. He was an American who seemed to model almost exclusively for European fashion companies. A lot of his work dated to the early 2000s, when overly-sexual advertising seemed to be at its peak. It took some cyber digging to find it but luckily, I wasn't the only Ben Turner fan on the internet: there were people out there who were just as dedicated to compiling his work as I was.

    The first image of him I found that drove me insane was an ad for a cologne. In it, he was lifting himself out of a pool with his arms and his muscles were perfect! I didn't know about Photoshop back then, but even without it I'm sure he looked amazing. Water dripping down his torso, it was just about obvious that he was naked, even though you couldn't see his dick. Over him stood a tan, skinny woman. You could only see her long legs, but the picture insinuated that she was also naked, and that he was about to climb out the pool and dive in between her legs. 

    Back then, it took me days to find out his name after that, but I never quit searching. Who would've known that years later, I would see Ben in the flesh, coming out of the pool at my brother's Fourth of July party?

    I normally spent Independence Day with my parents, but this year they decided to go away for the weekend. I was looking forward to having the house to myself so I could read and watch porn the entire weekend, but my older half-brother Josh decided to swoop in and organize a pool party at the house.

    Josh was all of 21 years older than me and he lived in his own apartment. He was cool, but I wasn't thrilled by having to attend a party with his friends. That was until I realized one of those friends was the Ben Turned, who showed up to the party with his son Sam. 

    Sam was a couple of years older than me but he was already in college, which made him seem a lot more mature. When I first found out that Ben (who was both my idol and my crush) had a son, I was jealous. I mean, how lucky do you need to be to end up with a dad like that?! But Sam turned out to be a nice guy and when I met him at the pool party, we spent the whole day talking to each other, mostly about his father.

    "If you want we can go upstairs and look at these on the computer in my room. It's a bigger screen…" I suggested, after Sam and I started going through all of his father's old pictures on my phone. By this point, we were the only sober people at the party, and it would've been nice to get away from everyone and go someplace quieter. (They say teenagers are bad when they're drunk; have you ever seen drunk adults?!)

    Sam and I got to my room and sat on the bed. 

    "It must be weird, seeing your dad like this," I said while my computer was loading. Most of the photos I'd collected of Ben were highly inappropriate. Yet his son seemed okay with it; indeed, he seemed more than interested.

    "It's okay," Sam said. "It's kinda cool to see what he used to do for a living."

    I opened up the folder and let Sam take the chair that was in front of the desk. I stood over his shoulder and looked on as he flipped through the hundreds of photos of his dad that I had. Just like me, Sam seemed the most interested in the most sexual ones, and always took extra time examining those.

    A photo of Ben in nothing but a pair of designer jeans, slung so low that you could see his pubes. An underwear ad with tight, white briefs clinging to his skin, wet and almost see-through. Ben in a full suit sitting on a throne-like chair with two blond female twins sitting naked on his lap. A picture of him and another man completely nude, wrestling. 

    "What's that ad even for?" Sam asked, looking carefully at his father's naked body on screen. Ben was about 28 in this photo, and his ass was the focal point of the whole shot.

    "See that rug they're on? That."

    "That's ridiculous! I didn't even notice it. I just keep looking at…"

    "At their bodies. Yes," I agreed, feeling a stir in my shorts. 

    Good thing I was standing behind Sam, because I was starting to blush. It would be so embarrassing to have him see me get a boner while looking at his naked dad. Sam moved in the chair and bumped my groin with his shoulder, which only made things worse. Pretty soon I was fully hard.

    I should've excused myself and gone to the bathroom or something. But the images of Ben on the screen had the same effect they always did, and they made me extremely horny. Next, even though it was risky, I started to discreetly rub my boner through my shorts behind Sam's back.

    "Sam?" A voice came from behind me: Ben burst into my room, still naked except for the little speedo he had on.

    Like a kid caught with his hands in the cookie jar, I started to freak. I let go of my cock immediately, which only made it more obvious that I was hard. Luckily, I don't think Ben noticed: he was more interested in what was on the screen.

    "Is that… a photo of me?"

    "Yeah," Sam answered. "Blake was just showing me some of your old work. I'm impressed!"

    I was surprised to see Sam talk so casually to his dad about the fact we were looking at naked photos of him, but the two of them obviously had that kind of relationship.

    "I'm impressed as well," Ben smiled at me. "I didn't know anyone still had these. Let me see."

    He walked toward the computer and came to stand right next to me. I could feel all my blood rush to both my heads.

    "Ha! That was a fun one," Ben commented as we went through a few more of his photos, including several sexy ones. And then, we got to my favorite photo.

    Two Bens stood looking intensely at each other. He was in his early thirties and just getting into his handsome daddy phase. One of the two Bens was fully dressed in a three-piece suit; the other one was naked. It was his only campaign where he'd done full frontal nudity.

    "You told me you'd never done porn," Sam laughed.

    "That's not porn! That's art," Ben retorted. "Isn't it, Blake?"

    I almost jizzed my pants hearing him say my name. I was hard as a rock.

    "Yes… Very nice," I stuttered.

    "Yeah. You seem to really like it," Ben smiled at me, and looked down at my crotch.

    Fuck! I wanted to run and hide but at the same time I couldn't move a muscle, except my cock which was stirring in my shorts.

    "Dad stop, you're embarrassing him," Sam came to my rescue when he noticed my hard-on.

    "Hey, there's nothing to be ashamed about!" Ben put one arm around me in a friendly manner, and my heart beat faster than I'd ever felt it! "You said you were a huge fan. Now I see just how big."

    He winked at me. With his face close to mine, I could smell the booze in his breath. He was probably tipsy, which made him even more easy-going.

    "Anyway," he continued, "I just wanted to see where you were. Didn't want to interrupt anything. I'll just leave your boys to it."

    "No! Stay."

    No one was more surprised than me to hear those words come out my mouth.

    "I – I mean, if you wanna hang out that's fine," I added nervously.

    What I really wanted was a photo with Ben, to commemorate meeting him in person. However, I could hardly pose for a photo with the tent I had in my shorts. So instead, I asked, "D– Do you mind if I take a photo of you?"

    "Of course," Ben said. Even though he was retired, he still seemed happy to jump in front of the camera. Sam passed me my phone, thinking I would use that, but I reached for my professional camera that I'd asked for last Christmas.

    I took a couple of photos of Ben in his speedos, thinking this was enough jerk-off material for a lifetime, when Ben went ahead and shocked me even more.

    "Should I take these off?" he asked casually.

    "Wh– What?"

    "I just thought you might want a photo like the one on screen."

    Whether he was drunk or he normally made wild suggestions like this, I couldn't tell. All I knew was that I was praying my brother wouldn't come in and interrupt us at a time like this.

    "Um, whatever makes you comfortable," I said, trying to sound as cool as I can. 

    That was all the permission Ben needed to shuck his speedos. He stood naked as the day he was born, right in front of his son and me. Sam just smiled and sat in the chair as I took more photos of his dad.

    "Do you wanna be a photographer one day?" Ben asked me while posing.

    "How'd you know?"

    "I've had a ton of people take my photo. I can see the passion in you. Plus, the camera's a giveaway."

    As nervous as I was, as soon as I grabbed the camera I felt like I was holding a shield. It helped me relax in front of Ben and Sam. My room was nowhere near as nice as some of the professional sets in his other photos, but it was fun to improvise a little photoshoot right here.

    "Why don't you join me, Sam?" Ben asked next. 

    I didn't really expect Sam to say yes. What I expected even less was for him to take all his clothes off before joining his dad! But that's exactly what Sam did.

    Swallowing saliva, I took photos of the naked father and son. They posed side by side, striking the same pose and flexing their muscles – it was almost like a before-and-after photo of the same man. Next, they started to hug and touch each other, looking sexier than any couple I'd even seen, in real life or in photos.

    I knew that models often took "provocative" photos, including ones with family members (those blond twins that Ben had posed with came to mind). I'd never photographed nude models before, and I didn't expect that my very first time would be with a father and son!

    Ben and Sam seemed completely relaxed in front of each other, though. Even more than relaxed… they seemed to be enjoying this! Indeed, they kept their arms around each other and posed for the camera like… almost like a couple.

    My dick only got harder as I snapped the pics, Once we'd had enough, I put the camera away, and promised to send them to Ben but not show them to anyone else.

    "I swear," I said.

    "Thank you," Ben said in a sultry tone, looking me in the eyes. "Now, I'd like to pay you back somehow."

    I licked my lips and looked down. Ben's dick, which I'd been carefully observing for the past half hour, was now chubbing up.

    This whole day was one surreal blur. I didn't want to hesitate, or shy away, or blush, or stutter anymore. I got to my knees and buried my nose in Ben Turner's crotch, taking a whiff of his balls. I didn't even care that his son was in the room with us! I got a chance to live out my fantasy that I'd been having since I was kid, and I wasn't about to miss out.

    It wasn't my first time sucking cock. An interview I did for the school newspaper with our team's quarterback ended up with me sucking him off. He'd shared the news with a couple of his teammates who had me blow them as well. All of them were closeted or claimed to be straight, so I never told anyone, but they'd all told me that I was an excellent cocksucker. 

    That had helped boost my ego so now, sucking Ben off, I wasn't all that nervous, even though he was my idol. Like every part of his body, his dick was perfect! I could stare at it for hours; but I wasn't here to stare. I took it in my mouth and felt it grow inside, filling it up until it was hitting the back of my throat.

    I gagged once, and did my best to control my reflex. Eager to please, I slowly pulled Ben's cock out of my mouth, licking the tip, before putting it back in. This time, my throat was more receptive, and I could really go to town.

    I loved sucking dick, regardless of who it was. But this! Getting to suck Ben Turner?! It was probably the happiest (and definitely the hottest) moment of my life. Even though I wanted it to go on forever, I was still paranoid about my brother catching us. Plus, I wanted Ben's cum. I wanted it so badly.

    "There you go, boy. There you go. That's good. That's – ahhh. Mmm. Fuck!"

    Ben's strong legs started to wiggle. I felt his balls scrunch up and I could tell he was close. "Give it to me!" I thought.

    "AHHH, fuck. There you go. There you fucking go!"
   I felt his cum flowing down my throat and I swallowed all of it, feeling incredibly happy. For about a minute, I kept Ben's dick in my mouth and didn't want to let go, not until I was certain I had drained all of it.

    "Phew. Thanks," he smiled at me and helped me get up. He gave me a hug and a kiss, then picked up his speedos off the floor, put them on, and turned to leave the room. Sam, who was already dressed, went to follow him.

    "Check your camera," Sam whispered to me on his way out.

    I reached for the camera and realized the last few photos were taken by Sam, and were of me swallowing his father's cum. "If only Ben's other fans could see this," I thought and smiled.

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