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Boss Daddy


    I'd missed most milestones in my son's life. Birthdays, first steps, first words, I was away for all of it. Which is why I was so happy to be around for his first job.

    Granted it was only an internship, but Sam was working full-time now, Monday through Friday, the way I never did in my life. He was so cute, picking what to wear in the morning, dressing up even though the company's dress code was fairly casual. Every other day when I went shopping, I came back with a little present for him; a pair of cufflinks or a money clip, something that said "you're an adult now."

    I was really starting to grasp just how grown up my son was when I saw him with somebody younger than him. A couple of weeks ago at my buddy's Fourth of July party, Sam watched me as I got a blowjob by Blake, a boy a couple of years younger than him. Even though it wasn't a big age difference, it felt like Sam was Blake's big brother, encouraging and photographing him as he sucked my cock. 

    On the other hand, Sam was so cuddly and sweet when we were alone, that I felt like he was still just a little boy. I'd missed his infancy and I was making up for it now by cuddling and spoiling him. Who knows, maybe he'll always feel like my little boy, no matter how old he gets.

    I was thrilled to hear that Sam seemed to be doing well at work. Indeed, I was impressed by the initiative he'd shown ever since he saw the ad for the position. He just went for it, and I couldn't be more impressed by his grab-life-by-the-balls attitude.

    Spending the summer in San Francisco, we'd hooked up with a few guys, hiding it from most of them that we were father and son. The ones that didn't know were turned on by "how much we look alike"; one guy even wanted us to role-play father and son while we fucked him, which we found both amusing and very easy to do.

    The rest of the time, while Sam was at the office, I did hook up with a couple of women. Now that we were in an open relationship, Sam said he'd like to be present whenever I hook up with a guy. Otherwise, I had a carte blanche to do whatever I wanted with girls. I took advantage of it here and there, but for the most part I was saving my balls full for him.

    Sam didn't have much of a social life in the city other than spending time with me. He knew no one here and the company he interned at only had one other person who was Sam's age, a fellow intern.

    "Dad, you don't mind if Luka comes over for dinner tomorrow, right?" my son asked as we got ready for bed one Wednesday night.


    "The other intern from work."

    "Ah, yeah, sure, invite him over. Just to make sure, you don't mind if I'm here, right?"

    "Of course not, I wanted all of us to have dinner together. Just… you know…"

    "I know. No sex talk. I'm just your good old dad."

    "You're not that old," Sam said, taking the last of his clothes off and walking over to put his arms around me and give me a kiss, "but you are very good."

    Luka turned out to be a nice guy. A local boy from the Bay Area, he'd just finished his freshman year as well. All throughout dinner, I was thrilled to see how well he and Sam got along. When Luka casually used the phrase "my ex-boyfriend" to refer to his ex, I realized he's gay as well which is another reason why he and my son got along so well: they had so much in common.

    "Luka's cute," I said to my son in the kitchen between courses, as we brought back the soup bowls and took out the entrees. I had to speak quietly; Luka was around the corner, sitting at the dining room table. He was out of eyesight, but there was no door between the two rooms.

    "Yeah, he is. But it's not like that," Sam said. "I don't want anything with him. We're just friendly and we work together. I don't wanna shit where I eat."

    ("You just wanna be bred by the man that bred your mom," I thought devilishly.)

    We went back to the table and sat with Luka. Of course, most of the conversation revolved around people from their office. A few drinks in, and the boys started to play Fuck Marry Kill using people from work, just for fun.

    "I'd fuck Mr. Horvat," my son said.

    "Ew, gross," Luka winced.

    "Isn't that your boss?" I chimed in.

    "Yes. Dad, he is so hot."

    "No, he's not!" Luka laughed. I guess there is one thing the boys didn't have in common: their taste in men.

    "He is!" Sam disagreed. "He's a proper boss daddy. In his tailored suit, mmm."

    "Please, stop. Your dad cooked this delicious dinner for us and you're gonna make me throw it up."

    "I had it delivered. But thanks for the vote of confidence," I winked at Luka.

    My son continued to describe his boss to me, who was apparently a few years older than me and very handsome. At Luka's request, we changed the subject and talked about things to do in San Francisco until we were done with the entrees.

    "So, you'd fuck Mr. Horvat, huh?" I teased my son when he and I were alone in the kitchen again, getting dessert.

    "With you there. Maybe you can tag team me," Sam played along, turning around to lean his ass against the counter and give me a kiss. We made out as quietly as possible; even though his friend couldn't see us, he was still just a few feet away.

    "Yeah? I'll show you who's a boss daddy," I whispered, taking my hand and silently spitting in it.

    "What're you doing?" Sam asked. I let my hand answer by slipping it in his shorts and pressing against his asshole. My son was freeballing, and even though he seemed nervous, his hole was telling a different story. I felt it pulsing against my fingertips, opening up receptively.

    "Dad…" he suppressed a moan. He wanted to say "no" next, but he didn't. He couldn't; he wanted it as well. I kissed him again, hungrily and passionately, still keeping the noise down as much as possible. 

    The ice cream that was on the countertop was melting. If we were gonna do this we didn't have a lot of time.

    I took my hand out of my son's shorts and took him by the shoulders and turned him around. Sam allowed himself to be manhandled like a puppet, he put in no resistance whatsoever.

    I spit in my hand again. At my house in LA, I kept a bottle of lube in the kitchen for moments like this, but here my saliva would have to do. Not that Sam's hole needed much lubing up to open even more. 

    "Mmm," he started to moan, his eyes closed, leaning forward against the counter. I wished we'd played some music in the dining room to drown out the noise, but we hadn't. I pictured Luka on his phone, waiting for us to come back. He was unlikely to come in to check up on us so we had a bit of time, as long as we kept it down.

    "Ah, fuck!!" my son whispered as I started to push the head of my cock through his hole. I could tell that he felt like shouting out in pleasure instead of whispering it.

    Slowly, gently, I pushed in. I spat on my hand a couple more times to lube up my dick, then continued to make my way in. My hands on my son's shoulders, I could feel him tense up.

    "Shh, it's okay, baby," I whispered in his ear. "Just let me know if you want me to stop."

    "No. No, don't stop," he begged. 

    "Bite on this," I picked up a wooden spoon and put it between my son's teeth. I heard him let out a soft growl, and I started going to town on his ass.

    "Umm, yeah," he moaned as softly as possible as I banged him faster and faster, picking up speed and feeling his hole relax. I was now all in and I felt Sam's soft insides around my cock, milking it and getting me close to the edge in record time.

    I kissed the back of my son's neck, feeling the peach fuzz on there with my lips. I sucked on that area for a while, driving Sam wild. When I looked down, I noticed his dick was as hard as mine.

    "Are you gonna cum?" I whispered in his ear.

    "Mhm," he nodded, still biting down on the spoon.

    "Good boy," I started to thrust even more aggressively, almost losing track of the noise we were making. 

    "Mm. Mm. Mm," repeated suppressed moans started to come out of my son. I could tell he was about to cum. His asshole started to clench, and it was all I needed to see and feel to get me to shoot my load as well.

    Just as I started to unload inside Sam's ass, his own cum shot out of his dick, landing all over the open tub of ice cream that was on the kitchen counter. I bit my tongue to hold myself back from laughing, as I deposited my jizz inside Sam's hungry hole. Slowly, I started to pull out when we were done.

    Sam pulled up his shorts, getting ready to go back to the table. 

    "What do we do with this now?" I asked, putting my cock away and looking at the cum-soiled ice cream.

    "Looks good to me," Sam used his finger to scoop up some ice cream mixed with jizz and put it in his mouth. "Yum."

    "You pig," I shook my head. I took the scooper and served the ice cream in three bowls.



    The week after my dad and Luka met, I was at work taking a piss at one of the urinals, when lo and behold, my boss walks into the restroom. I'd never seen him here and I was positive he had a private restroom in his office, but that was upstairs and I guess he really needed to go.

    "Hello Mr. Horvat," I said when I realized it was him, as I continued to hold my cock and piss.

    "I've told you, Sam, you can call me Filip," he said, greeting me friendlily and taking the urinal right next to me, on my right.

    "How's it going, Filip?" I asked informally, as he unzipped his pants and took out his cock.

    It was risky and I knew I shouldn't look, for several different reasons, but I couldn't help but catch a glimpse. If I wanted to fuck him before, I wanted it even more now! Mr Horvat packed a beautiful dick; uncut, which I didn't have too much experience with. I watched him pull back the foreskin before letting out his strong stream of piss. I was right: he really needed to go.

    I looked up and made eye contact with him as he started chatting with me, while the sound of his intense piss filled the whole room. I continued to stand there and shake my dick for a good while after I was done pissing, making it chub up in the process. Right before I started to get full-on hard, I tucked it away, still talking to Mr. Horvat like we were old buddies.

    I washed my hands as I watched him in the mirror, standing at the urinal and taking just as long as I did to shake the last drops of piss off his cock. When I left the room, I practically ran to my desk, trying to hide my semi-erection.

    "You okay?" Luka, whose desk was next to mine, asked as I sat down. 

    "Umm," I hesitated for a second. "We're friends, right? I can get inappropriate with you, you won't like, report me to HR or something?"

    "Of course, man, fuck that shit."

    "I was in the bathroom taking a leak… and Mr. Horvat comes in and starts pissing right next to me."

    Even though he'd said he was okay with hearing the story, Luka seemed weird about it. 

    "I caught a glimpse of his dick. It's really nice! Uncut, which I wasn't expecting –"

    "Okay, stop!" Luka interrupted me. "I know I said I was cool, but I need to tell you something. I used my mom's last name when I started this job because we didn't want anyone to know. But Filip… Mr. Horvat is my dad. He didn't want people to know he gave me a job, but he's my father."

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