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Can I Watch?


    In the couple of years that I've been making deliveries, I've gotten my fair share of unpleasant customers and angry barking dogs. Still, every now and then, a hot guy would answer the door and make it all worth it, at least for a few seconds. And of all the hot guys who I've come across, not one was hotter than Ben.

    I delivered to him a few times over the past weeks, so I got to see a good amount of him. No pun intended. He always answered the door shirtless, making me want to bend down and start sucking on his nipples. A friendly guy, he always chatted with me for a bit. I picked up that he's here on an extended visit from LA, and it made me want to pack my bags and follow him down south when he left.

    He seemed more relaxed every time he answered the door, until one Wednesday evening, I finally got to see him in nothing but his underwear, with a big boner tucked in his briefs! There was porn silently playing on the TV behind him; I'd obviously interrupted a jerk session. 

    "Hello, Dylan," he said when he answered the door, using my name for the first time. Was he flirting, or was he just being polite? Not that there was anything "polite" about answering the door with a raging boner almost popping out of your underwear.

    "I'm sorry for making you wait. I had to put something on," he continued to say with a smirk. Yup, definitely flirting.

    "Oh, how I wish you hadn't," I thought.

    "No worries," I said, trying to bide some time and stick around. There was no reason to; everything was already paid for, and I had other deliveries to make. Still, I couldn't peel my eyes off his nearly-naked body. He was probably the hottest fucking guy I'd ever seen!

    Luckily, he seemed to enjoy showing off just as much as I enjoyed watching him.

    "Why don't I get you a little extra tip? Be right back," he said, leaving the door open and walking into the apartment to find his wallet. As he walked away, I watched his amazing ass, every bit as impressive as his bulge in the front.

    "Quick, think of something to say!" I thought.

    That's when I realized that the porn playing on the TV was a homemade production. Ben was fucking a younger guy, a boy close to my age, while holding the camera. He got a shot of both of their faces, before zooming in on the action: Ben's cock thrusting back and forth in the lucky bastard's ass. 

    "Seems like a hot movie," I said boldly. I knew I had to leave to do my next job, but a part of me wanted nothing more than for Ben to invite me in.

    Ben must've been edging for a while. I didn't realize just how horny he was! Apparently, my sly comment pushed him over the edge. I was shocked, but extremely turned on, to see him close his eyes as his whole body started vibrating. He was cumming in his briefs! Quickly, determined not to miss the opportunity, I put my hand on his bulge and felt his jizz seeping through the fabric. I rubbed his cock gently, making him shoot an even bigger load. He started moaning, trying to keep it down because we were still standing on the threshold with the door open. The risk of being caught by one of his neighbors made the whole thing even hotter.

    For almost a minute, Ben's body continued to shake with my hand on his crotch. It made his muscles flex and look even better. His toes curled and his head tilted back. When he was finally done, Ben took the dollar bills he was holding and rubbed them against his bulge, getting all the cum on them that he could.

    "Thank you," he said and handed me the money.

    "Thank you. See you next time."

    Ben closed the door. I stepped aside and leaned against the wall of the building. I needed to catch my breath! My heart was beating like crazy and my hands were shaking. I looked at my right hand with Ben's jizz on it, tempted to slurp it all up. But instead, I took the money that had his cum on it as well and wiped it all on my right hand. Quickly, I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. I'd started to chub up as soon as Ben answered the door, but I was fully hard by the time he was shooting his load.

    I took my hand with all of his cum on it and wrapped it around my dick, using it as lube. In less than two seconds, I was ready to shoot. I took a step, facing Ben's door again, and shot my load all over the doorknob. Fuck, and it was a huge load! I marked the door with every drop of cum I had, before looking at my right hand again and finally licking Ben's load off it. 

    "Mmm," I moaned, savoring his cum and swallowing it down as I zipped up again.

    Ben probably had a boyfriend, maybe that's why he didn't invite me in. He ordered food for two, so it would make sense. Maybe it was the twink he was fucking in that video. I stood for a few seconds and admired the mark I'd left on their door. Whoever Ben's partner is, he would probably be home soon. I loved the idea of my jizz getting all over his hand as he opened the door and walked home to give his boyfriend a kiss.

    Three days later, Christmas came early when I got another delivery request and realized it's Ben's address again! I accepted it at the speed of light, my heart racing just at the thought of being back there.

    Food for two again. It was Saturday, so I wondered if Ben's partner might be at home today. "Fuck, two Bens would be even hotter than one," I fantasized. I imagined myself standing on their threshold, both of them wearing briefs with raging boners pulsing inside them. In my head, I put one hand on each of their bulges, as they shot their loads in my hands while kissing each other passionately.

    Half an hour later, I stood on the doorstep feeling nervous as fuck, so I took a few deep breaths. I had no business getting so worked up! For all I knew, Ben was having dinner with his mother. He'd answer the door fully dressed, thank me politely, and leave me with blue balls. I knocked on the door hoping for the best.

    Whoever I was in my previous life, I must've done something right. I was rewarded with the sight of Ben, fully naked head-to-toe this time. 

    "Dylan, it's you again. Hi," he said like we were old friends (if old friends did things like jerk each other off in doorways).

    I heard footsteps as someone else walked into the living room, and it definitely wasn't Ben's mother. It was the young man from the video!

    "Dad, is that the food?" he said loudly as he entered the room looking just a tad more decent than Ben, in a pair of tight black boxer briefs. But what really got me was that word…

    "Dad?" I thought to myself, assuming he was one of those guys that called their older boyfriends "dad" or "daddy."

    "Yup," Ben nodded, still standing at the door casually like this was all the most normal thing in the world, before turning to me again and saying, "This is my son, Sam."

    IT CAN'T BE! I looked left to right, really noticing the family resemblance. They weren't roleplaying! And then there's… oh my god, the video!

    "Let me get a tip. Would you like to come in?" Ben continued to act unfazed. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

    "I– I'd love to," I said and finally stepped into the apartment, ignoring the fact that my heart felt like it was about to shoot out my chest.

    With a click behind me, the door was closed. The three of us now stood in the living room, the two men grinning at me. The more I looked at them, the more uncanny their likeness was. When I'd fantasized about two Bens, I didn't know I would literally get Ben and Ben Jr.

    "Dylan's the guy I was telling you about on Wednesday," Ben said to his son.

    "Oh, really?" Sam smiled, like we were all just having a friendly chat.

    "You– You told him about that?" I said, trying to sound as calm and collected as possible.

    "Yeah. My son and I are pretty open," Ben replied.

    "I can see that," I said, still feeling like I might be hallucinating.

    "Listen, do you have another job now? I can get you a drink if you don't have to leave right away," Ben said friendlily.

    "No, yeah… I can stay for a drink."

    "We're having wine, would you like some?"

    "Actually, water's fine, thanks."

    I couldn't imagine having alcohol right now. I felt drunk enough as is. I wanted to stay as sober as possible for this.

    "So Dylan, are you from San Francisco?" Sam asked me casually as he started to walk toward the sofa. As he walked away, I watched his ass bounce in his underwear, just like I'd done to his father a few days ago.

    "Born and raised in Oakland," I said. 

    As Sam sat on the large sofa, he pointed at the empty space next to him. I followed him and took a seat. We continued to chat about the city, how Sam had known little about before coming here and what he'd learned over the past couple of months.

    A few moments later, Sam's father joined us on the sofa with the drinks. He made himself comfortable sitting in the middle, and put his left hand over his son's shoulders.

    I couldn't get over the fact I was sitting next to this hot daddy, stark naked, with his arm around his underwear-clad son. Then again, why the fuck was I so surprised?! I'D SEEN THE VIDEO!

    "So you guys are like, a thing?" I asked, then quickly reached for a sip of water.

    "Yeah, that's a good way to put it," Ben laughed. "We're a thing."

    "How– How long?" I asked then took another nervous sip. I was being nosy but fucking hell, these two didn't seem to have a problem with sharing.

    "Since last year. We didn't really meet until then," Sam answered.

    He then gave me a quick recap of their history. Apparently, Ben had only known Sam when he was a baby and a very young toddler, before Sam could even remember. The next time they'd seen each other was after Sam's high-school graduation.

    "It sorta turned out that I was gay and Dad was bi, which neither one of us expected," Sam talked while his father gently stroked his skin like an affectionate boyfriend. "All summer last year, we both hooked up with other people and just kinda tried to get to know each other. I had a couple of sex-related question, and Dad was the perfect person to answer them. Things kind of… gradually escalated, and one day we fucked."

    Sam said that matter-of-factly, before receiving a huge kiss from Ben. I watched as the two made out next to me for a couple of minutes. Looking down, I noticed both of their cocks start to rise. 

    "That's really… interesting," I said, my own cock hard as a fucking rock in my shorts.

    "Well, look at him! How could I resist," Sam smiled.

    "He's gorgeous. You both are."

    Sam put his right hadn't on his father's cock, the very cock he came out of, and started stroking it. It wasn't long until Ben was just as hard as I was. I couldn't tell who was a bigger tease: father or son.

    Ben put his left hand on his son's back, and I watched it slide down until it was in Sam's underwear, kneading his ass. Sam's stokes sped up, and Ben's cock got even harder.

    I finished the water bottoms-up and asked, "So, can I watch you guys fuck?" 

Dylan is the main character of Dating Father and Son

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