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So Everyone Can See

Cowritten with: Tom R


    "So, can I watch you guys fuck?"

    My question hung in the air. For a moment I wondered if I had overstepped somehow. Ben and Sam had been so open with me already, though. My concerns vanished as they looked at each other and smiled devilishly.

    "Sure," Ben replied. "But if we're going to give you a show, you need to get out of those clothes. Show us what you've got besides that handsome face."

    I blushed when he said that. Even though I'd seen him naked and helped him jerk off, Ben's only ever seen me fully dressed. I rose from the couch and took a step away to give myself room. Ben's hand remained inside the back of Sam's briefs, continuing to knead his son's ass. Sam was slowly stroking his father's cock as they both watched me. I was the one giving them a show now.

    As I undressed, somewhat self-conscious in front of these two perfect-looking guys, I still could barely believe this was actually happening to me. It had all the makings of a wet dream. But this was real: I was here with Sam and Ben. A father and son, and they were going to have sex with one another while I watched.

    I slid down my boxer briefs and my rigid cock sprung up, already pointing toward the ceiling. I had been hard for so long already that I'd almost stopped noticing. I set my clothing out of the way and turned back to face them. Sam's eyes got big as he started at my crotch, and I saw Ben smile as he watched his son stand and walk toward me.

    "Look at those! Fuck," said Sam with amazement in his voice. They were both staring at my large nuts. I was used to that by this point in my life; sometimes it was even a little irritating to deal with if I just wanted to get down to business with a hookup. But this time I was proud to be bringing anything special to the table, considering what these two had going on.

    Sam was now right in front of me, close enough that I could smell him. We would have been eye to eye if he hadn't been looking down.

    "Your balls are fucking huge," he said with awe in his voice. Next I felt Sam cup my scrotum with his hand, feeling their weight. His touch sent a shiver through me, and I felt my cock pulse. He must have noticed that as well, because he moved his hand up to stroke me gently and looked me right in the eye.

    "I bet you've got quite a load in there for us," Sam said teasingly. I moved my hand to his wrist to stop his motion.

    "You're gonna see that sooner than you think if you keep that up," I replied with a smile. "And I don't wanna cum just yet. I wanna see you suck your dad's cock first."

    Sam smiled and released me from his hand, walking back over to his father who was already standing up, stroking his own cock.

    "You wanna see me suck my father's dick, huh?" the younger man teased me.

    "Fuck yes," I replied. "Do it."

    Sam got down on one knee, so that he was still turned toward me a little bit. Our eyes remained locked as he slowly reached up and grabbed Ben's impressive cock. Ben removed his own hand and was shifting his eyes back and forth between me and his son. Sam's chiseled jaw opened and I held my breath as he brought the head of his father's cock into his mouth. His lips closed around it and he began slowly taking more in as his tongue spread moisture along the shaft. I could see that Sam was erect and stretching out the front of his boxer briefs.

    Ben moaned in pleasure as his son got to work on him. I saw him reach behind Sam's head to push him down further on his cock. I could tell this wasn't their first time, nor second, nor third. They knew each other's bodies well. Ben's other hand went to Sam's nipple to playfully tweak it. Sam had about half his dad's cock inside his mouth now.

    "Take it all," I said with an even tone. "I know you can."
   Sam gave a muffled moan and got another inch in. I knew it had to be going down his throat now. And sure enough, the rest of Ben's cock disappeared into his boy quickly. Sam's mouth was open so wide, his nose pressed into his father's short pubes. I could barely see any of Ben's dick. Sam was occasionally closing his eyes for a second or two, but most of the time his eyes stayed on me. He really was enjoying doing this for an audience, for someone who knew they were father and son. Ben was holding Sam's head in place, keeping himself all the way down his son's throat. I suddenly felt close to cumming, even though I wasn't touching my cock, and I took a deep breath. "Not yet," I told myself. I need to see it all.

    Seeing any couple doing this would've been hot. But these two… I knew fully well this might be the last time in my life when I get to do this with a father and his son. I wanted to make the most of it.

    "I wanna see you suck your son," I said to Ben, sounding a tad bossier than usual.

    The older main raised one eyebrow and smiled, a look which I imagined had charmed hundreds of men over the years.

    "Mmm," Ben said quietly. His smile widened and I could see that he was willing to play along. "Get up, son. Let's be good hosts and do as our guest says."

    Sam pulled his head back and gasped a little as Ben's shiny cock withdrew from his lips, somehow looking even bigger than when it had gone in. He returned to a standing position as Ben got down on both knees. He was angled to keep giving me a full view and he pulled down the front of his son's boxer briefs, tucking the waistband under Sam's balls.

    Sam was rock hard. Who wouldn't be after sucking Ben's cock?! Even his own son couldn't resist him. 

    Ben quickly swallowed all of Sam, making it look effortless despite his son's size, which was nearly as impressive as his own. Rather than holding the cock in his throat like Sam had, Ben moved up and down on it quickly, going from just having the head between his lips to having his face pressed against his son's body.

    "Mmm. Fuuuck, that feels so good," Sam moaned, throwing his head back for a moment. When he looked back at me he looked a little breathless, and his eyes had gained a determined look. He reached to guide his father's head and make him go faster. He was fucking his dad's face for me. I enjoyed the sight immensely and had to stop myself from stroking several times as I watched them. There was a momentum building and we were all feeling it.

    "Now eat your boy's ass, Ben," I said, getting used to my role as a director. "Get his hole ready for that daddy cock."

    Sam gasped as Ben quickly pulled off his cock and stood up. In a flash, Ben grabbed his son's upper arms and turned them both around, forcing Sam onto the couch on his knees. Ben put his hand on his son's upper back and pushed him forward. It happened so fast, and the movement was forceful and incredibly sexy. Sam was clearly used to giving in to his father in moments like this and I could tell he loved it.

    Ben got back on his knees, this time facing his son's ass. He reached up and pulled the waistband of Sam's boxer briefs down violently. I heard something rip and the black fabric was now down at Sam's knees. With a quick motion, Sam extracted one leg from the underwear and was then able to spread his knees wider.

    I watched as Ben parted his son's muscular ass cheeks and exposed Sam's hole to me. It looked perfect – smooth and pale pink, already contracting in anticipation of what was about to happen. Ben looked at me with mischievous eyes and licked his lips. And then he dove in.

    This time I moaned along with Sam. What I was watching unfold in front of me was so fucking sexy and incredible. Both his hands still on his son's ass to give him the most access possible, Ben used his tongue and lips to pleasure his boy and prepare him for what was next. Even in his frenzy, I could tell the older man was still getting off on being watched. He'd bury his face in Sam's ass for a moment or two, going deep with his tongue and eliciting more noises from his son. Then he'd pull back a little so that I could see every glistening detail as he'd tease the puckered opening. Ben's fingers were slowly getting closer as he kept shifting the position of his hands to get the best angle.

    Sam was moaning at a steady pace now, and I could see that he was stroking his cock with one hand, steadying himself on the back of the couch with the other. I was about to give them another directive when Ben beat me to the punch. Without much warning, I saw him thrust his index and middle finger into Sam's hole.

    A loud, desperate sounding cry escaped from Sam's lips. I could see his face reflected in the window behind the couch. The sun had set and it was dark outside, except for the lights of the city. Sam's eyes were closed and his mouth was open as he breathed heavily.

    Ben's fingers had slid all the way in on the first push, and I could see him rotating his hand to caress his son's insides. More moans came from Sam. Ben was looking at me with such intensity, I started breathing heavier myself. I noticed I was sweating, even though I was standing still watching them.

    Sam gasped as Ben withdrew his fingers from his hole. Then Ben held his hand up and looked at me, with his thumb and pinky bent into the palm. He cocked an eyebrow and gave me a questioning look as if asking for permission: "Three?"

    "Yes," was all I could respond, barely even aware I was speaking. Ben moved his hand back to where it had been and worked his three fingers in with relative ease. It took a second or two but soon they were knuckle deep in Sam, whose groans were even louder. Ben worked his son's hole like a master and I loved watching it.

    Ben again pulled his fingers out and repeated the same silent question to me, this time with all four fingers raised, only his thumb folded in.

    "Yes," I said again, sounding more desperate. When Ben slid all four fingers into Sam, the younger man shouted out several obscenities and I could see he wasn't stroking his cock any longer. His arms were crossed on the back of the couch and he'd buried his face in them.

    The upper half of Ben's hand was inside his son and he was clearly working Sam's prostate. Sam's muffled cries were getting higher-pitched and more frequent. This went on for about a minute and then Ben withdrew his hand and looked at me, then looked down at Sam's gaping hole. It was quivering, the wetness fading into the darkness inside. Ben moved one finger up to it and teased the edge gently.

    It was finally time: I knew what I needed to see.

    "Now fuck your son's ass," I said loudly. "And do it right in front of the window so everyone can see." That wicked smile returned to Ben's face, and he took the few steps around the couch, keeping one hand on the small of Sam's back. Sam had fully given in to his father and allowed the older man to help him over the couch and position him up against the frame of the window, looking out at San Francisco. There were several buildings across the street. All the lights in this room were on. Anyone could have seen them. I hoped that someone was watching.



    "Come here," Dad said to Dylan with intensity. "I want you to see this."

    By this point I was so worked up, I couldn't have cared who was watching. But the fact that someone was watching made this so much hotter. Dad and I had been doing this more and more. Fucking in front of guys. Strangers. Not as boyfriends, but as father and son, to the extreme shock and arousal of our audience. The thrill of it was incredible, almost addicting. It tapped into the memories of those initial mind-blowing experiences with Dad. Where I had barely been able to process what was happening. "I am sucking my father's cock. My dad is fucking my ass." Experiencing it through someone else brought all that back.

    I turned my head so that I could see Dad and Dylan reflected in the window. The delivery boy — now was that a porn fantasy or what? — stepped up next to Dad and they were both looking down at my ass. At my open hole, which I knew was about to be filled again with my father's cock. I felt the head at my opening, and Dad held it there for a moment. I know he was letting Dylan savor every moment he was witnessing.

    Dad pushed into me, and all three of us moaned in unison. He slid most of the way in, only encountering any resistance when he got past where his fingers had reached. I closed my eyes and relaxed to allow the rest of him in, letting my breath out slowly when I felt my father's lower abs press against the top of my ass. His hands on my waist tightened and then he began thrusting, slowly at first.

    In these moments, with Dad inside me, I always felt complete. It was perfect, and I loved other men seeing me like this. The only thing that I needed now was my dad's seed deep within me.

    I knew from experience that Dad was getting close. He was just as turned on by all this as I was. The subtle changes in his speed and breathing. I knew it all so well. I relaxed all my muscles, except what I needed to brace myself against the window frame. I wanted him to get as deep as he could.

    "I need you for this part, Dylan," I heard my father say. "You're not just a bystander here."

    Curious, I opened my eyes and watched their image in the window. Dylan got closer and I could feel his rigid cock against my buttock. One of Dad's hands, the one closest to Dylan, left my waist. I felt him stroke the other man's cock quickly, and then he moved his hand to do something else. I couldn't see it, but I knew he was grabbing those huge balls, tugging on them. I knew they were probably already pulled tight up against Dylan's body. A second before it happened, I realized what Dad was doing.

    It was an incredible feeling, the warm sensation of Dylan's load splashing across my stretched-out hole. It was already so sensitive; we'd been doing all of this without any lube. But now we had some, courtesy of our guest. It was also coating Dad's cock, of course, right before it was pushed back inside me. I could feel the cum making its way around everything and dripping slowly down the back of my balls. My hole was wet and slick now, allowing Dad to thrust faster than before.

    Dylan had been crying out from the second his release had begun, watching his cum coat my father's cock as he prepared to breed my ass. For a second, I was seeing us through Dylan's eyes. And that did it for me. I felt myself start to cum, unable to reach down with my hands but not really caring. Cumming with Dad deep inside me was always incredible, a moment I could never get tired of. And as usual, my climax triggered Dad's as my ass tightened around him. I heard him start moaning just as Dylan was starting to come down from his high. Dad's other hand was back at my waist as he thrust into me one last time, his cock pulsing deep inside me.

Dylan is the main character of Dating Father and Son

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