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The Perfect Present, Pt. II


    After being out of school for a few years, I dreaded going back, even if it was only a bartending course that I was doing. Thankfully it was just like riding a bike, and I seemed to be in better shape than I'd feared. Since most of the work was practical anyway, I was having a ton of fun. Classes took place daily Monday through Friday and for the first time, Greg and I felt like a "proper couple," living together and leaving the house in the morning and spending evenings and weekends together. 

    On top of all of that, we had my father staying with us at Greg's house. Dad was only supposed to come to LA for the weekend. Then, he extended it to a week, which meant my birthday was coming up. Since Dad's boss didn't have a problem with him working remotely, he decided to stay for a couple more weeks. I was thrilled to hear that, but I knew it didn't just have to do with me and my birthday; it had more to do with Greg's son, Toni.

    My father had feelings for Toni, that much was clear. They were each other's first male sex partner. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and they'd bonded over texts while Dad was in Columbus. Now that they were both in LA, they spent every moment possible together. But there was one caveat: they had to hide their affair from Toni's dad, who didn't know about them. Toni's dad, who just happened to be my boyfriend.

    By the second Saturday in May – my birthday – we seemed to have full-on summer weather. (At least that's what it felt like to someone from Columbus and Chicago like me.) I'd made a few friends in my bartending course, which was full of young people who were on the same page as me, and I was happy to be able to throw a real birthday party. Greg offered to do it at his house, but I had a better idea. I decided to have it at one of the gay clubs in WeHo, and a part of the reason for that was that I wanted my dad to experience gay nightlife. By the time it rolled around, I was more excited about taking my dad out to a gay club than I was about the fact it was my birthday.

    As it turned out, two of Toni's cousins – a pair of twins named Mateo and Mario – worked as gogo boys and knew everyone worth knowing in WeHo. I decided to have the party at the club where they worked, which meant they could sneak Toni in even though he was still 18. Dad certainly looked happy to hear Toni would be coming along.

    "Are you guys, like, boyfriends now?" I asked my dad as he and I were alone, getting ready for my party.

    "No," he tried to brush me off. "He's just going through a lot, getting to know his dad for the first time, so I'm there to support him."

    "Aha," I said, unconvinced. "And have you two been fucking since you've been here?"

    "Well, yes," my father replied, taking his shirt off and looking through the closet for a fresh one.

    "I dunno, there is a sorta forbidden vibe to the whole thing, doing it behind Greg's back," I said. "It's bound to be exciting."

    "It's not exciting, it's just necessary," Dad insisted. "I don't like secrets, and I don't like asking you to keep a secret from Greg either."

    My father was now down to his boxer briefs and about to put on a pair of jeans when I said, "Wait! Why don't you put on the jockstrap I got you for your birthday? I'm wearing a jock as well."

    I pulled down my shorts and flashed my bare asscheeks, pushed together by the straps of the red jock I had on. 

    "Okay," my father agreed. He pulled down his underwear, and I smiled as I watched his hairy asscheeks while he dug through his suitcase and pulled out the white jock I'd bought him. I was happy to see I was right in assuming that he'd brought it with him to LA.

    My party was a ton of fun and I was happy to see I wasn't the only person who thought so. Even though most of my new friends from mixology school were straight, they seemed to have a great time at the club. Mario and Mateo had gotten all of us a VIP booth, and even though I'd never met the twins before tonight I felt indebted to them. It didn't hurt that they were both hot as fuck, and spent most of the evening dancing on platforms in neon-colored jocks. 

    Several times, the twins came to dance on top of our table as well. At one time, they were both grinding in my father's lap, giving him a lap dance while everyone else cheered them on. Dad smacked their asses a few times and stuffed some bills in their jocks, occasionally looking over at Toni and smiling at him. With Greg around, Dad and Toni didn't dare to be openly affectionate with each other, but as soon as I noticed them going to the bathroom at the same time I knew just what they were up to.

    That night, Toni asked if he could crash at Greg's house once again. Although surprised by the question, Greg agreed. He and I fucked in his room until he shot his load in my ass (my first load as a 23-year-old!) and drifted off to sleep. I, on the other hand, had had way more energy drinks at the club than I should've so I lay in bed wide awake, until I decided to get up to get some water from the kitchen.

    I walked downstairs in the red jock that I still had on; it gave Greg something to hold onto while he was fucking me. I grabbed a bottle of water and realized there was someone in the living room watching TV so I went to check it out, thinking it might be my father. Instead, it was Toni.

    "Hey," I said, standing close to the couch where he sat.

    "Hey. Can't sleep either?" he asked. It wasn't until I noticed he was in his underwear that I realized I was standing in front of him in just a jockstrap. This felt kinda inappropriate – he was my boyfriend's son after all – but at this point I felt like I would make a bigger deal out of it by trying to hide rather than just rolling with it.

    "Nah. Too many Red Bulls at the club," I replied, scratching my belly and taking a sip of water.

    "Oh my god, me too. Vodka and Red Bull was my go-to drink tonight," the cute teenager said with a smile.

    "Make sure you thank your cousins for everything they did tonight. It made my party feel real special."

    "No problem. Oh my god, did you know one of them knew Greg? Apparently they used to date the same guy!"

    "Yeah, Greg told me," I chuckled. Before me, Greg dated a model named Ben, who turned out to be Mateo's ex as well. "That's gay LA for ya," I said. "Stick around long enough and it all becomes incestual."

    "Haha," Toni laughed uneasily, and I wished I hadn't cracked that joke. With my father fucking him and his father fucking me, we all seemed to be tangled in a weird incestuous web as well.

    "Listen, thank you for not telling Greg about me and your dad," Toni suddenly said, as if he could read my mind. "I'll tell Greg about it soon, I promise. I'm just not quite ready yet."

    "That's okay, take your time," I responded, and decided to finally take a seat next to Toni on the couch. I walked in front of him, aware that he could see my bare ass as I walked by and wondering if there was any of his father's cum still glistening on my asscheeks. I sat down next to the boy, neither of us paying attention to the Spanish-language telenovela playing on TV.

    "I couldn't help but notice you always call Greg by his name," I said to Toni. "You know… he and I have talked about it, and he mentioned he wouldn't mind if you started calling him 'Dad.'"

    "He… he said that?" the teen asked, making eye contact with me and looking very emotional.

    "He did," I nodded, happy to be the one breaking the news to him.

    "Wow, I don't know what to say. I… I'd love that," Toni beamed. He shifted on the couch and it was only then that I realized what he was wearing wasn't a pair of briefs, but a jockstrap. It was also red and oddly similar to mine…

    "Wait, are we wearing the same underwear?" I asked, laughing.

    "Oh my god, I think we are. I… I got these from your dad," Toni admitted to me.

    "For real? Cuz he was with me when I bought these," I said, snapping the waistband of my jock against my skin. "He must've gone back to the store and bought the same pair for you."

    Somehow, the thought of my father buying the same underwear as me for his young lover kind of… turned me on.

    "Your dad's great," Toni said to me.

    "Yours is pretty good as well, trust me."

    "Yeah, I saw your guys were all over each other at the club."

    "You and my father weren't much better," I teased.

    "What do you mean?" he asked coyly.

    "Oh, don't play shy with me. I saw you going to the bathroom together," I grinned.

    "Guilty as charged," he smiled, looking slightly embarrassed. 

    "What did you guys do there?" I asked. "Did you just make out or did you… do more?"

    "We… did more," Toni nodded.

    "My father fucked you there?!" I blurted in disbelief. I'd been trying to keep things not-too-explicit with Toni, since he was my boyfriend's son after all, but the idea of my dad fucking in a public men's room at a gay club blew my mind. 

    "Yeah," Toni said. Now, he seemed less shy because he offered some extra information. "We did it there, and then once again just now."

    "You slut," I pushed his shoulder. "I use that term affectionately," I quickly added, making sure he knew.

    "It was fun," Toni said. Looking down, I noticed the bulge in his jock seemed to be growing. Then when I looked up, I realized Toni was looking at my bulge as well. This whole conversation was making my dick hard at the speed of light, and I felt it pulsing in my underwear, which could barely contain it anymore.

    "Maybe I should go wake your father up," I said. Toni's next question took me by surprise. 

    "You didn't get to cum earlier?"

    "No," I replied. "How did you know we fucked?"

    "I passed his door and heard you when I was coming downstairs. And also, I think you have his cum on your ass."

    Hearing that made me bone right up! My cock was now sticking out of my jock, and Toni's was doing the same.

    "Did… Did my dad cum in your ass as well?" I asked, now that our pretense of propriety was dropped.

    "He did," the teen replied.

    "It's kinda crazy that we're sitting here, with each other's dads' cum in our asses," I said. "Wearing the same underwear too."

    "You're an only child as well, right?" Toni asked another surprising question.

    "Aha," I nodded. To that he said,

    "I've always wanted an older brother."

    "Well come here, little bro," I said and I put my left hand on the back of Toni's neck, pulling him closer. We sat side-by-side and I could see us both leaking precum all over our jocks. "What did you wanna do with an older brother?"

    "Well… isn't that usually who teaches you how to jerk off?"

    I wasn't sure if this was a very common occurrence, but I knew for a fact my best friend Noah had learned about it from his older brother Jake.

    "You wanna watch your big bro beat his meat?" I asked, getting into this roleplay with Toni. "Show you a few tricks?"

    "Yes," Toni sighed, his eyes glued to my crotch.

    Slowly, I reached down and pulled out my erection, tucking the waistband of my jock under my ball sack. I did this all single-handedly, since my left arm was now around Toni's neck, hugging him like a big brother might.

    I spat onto my right hand and wrapped it around my pulsing dick. I felt Toni start to shake as he watched from so close by. "You okay?" I asked.

    "Yeah. This is just so hot," he said, adding, "Bro."

    "It is, isn't it? Why don't you take your dick out as well," I suggested, my voice a bit deeper than usual.

    The teenager did as he was told, and only after admiring his uncut cock for several moments did I realize this was my boyfriend's son's dick I was staring at. Weird, yes. But also: so fucking hot! Toni spat in his hand – probably in an attempt to copy me – and started stroking his cock as well.

    "This is nice, isn't it, jerking off with your big brother?" I asked him.

    "Fuck yeah, bro," Toni panted. 

    We jerked off for several minutes, our eyes mostly aimed at each other's cocks. With time, my left hand started to travel from Toni's neck, down his spine, until it reached the waistband of his jock in the back. I wrapped it around my fist and pulled on in, just like his dad did to my jock while he fucked me.

    "Lift your ass up for a second," I said, and as Toni sat up I slipped my left hand under his ass. When he sat back down, my middle finger was rubbing between his cheeks, teasing his hole.

    "FUCK!" Toni moaned out loud.

    "Anyone ever done that to you?" I asked. "Fingered your ass while you're jerking off?"

    "No," he shook his head, so I started to poke his hole with the tip of my finger, almost slipping it in. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea doing this with no lube; Toni's hole seemed very tight. He was young and didn't have a lot of practice. Then, I felt something oozing out of his perky asshole and realized: it was already lubricated with my father's cum! Dad had dropped two loads inside Toni tonight, not that long ago.

    That was all the encouragement I needed. I slipped my middle finger inside Toni's hole and started working it, thrusting back and forth, making the teen moan louder with each thrust. Finally, I slipped a second finger in, and finger-fucked Greg's son even faster as we both jerked off.

    "Stand up," I told Toni after a few minutes. "Put your ass in my face."

    Once again, the boy did as he was told. Looking at it up close, his ass looked amazing. I could easily see why my father fell for it. 

    I stopped jerking off for a moment, and used both hands to spread the boy's asscheeks open. I admired his perky little hole for a moment, looking just a bit loosened up after two fucks and a fingering tonight. Unable to control my appetite, I stuck out my tongue and pressed it against Toni's asshole, before poking it in just a moment later.

    "Oh fuck," Toni moaned, his whole body shaking as he jerked himself off.

    "Does my dad ever eat your ass?" I asked before burying my tongue back inside Toni's hole.

    "He– He hasn't done it yet," the boy stuttered, barely able to speak.

    "We'll just have to teach him," I said and went back to rimming the teen. As he jerked off, his hole started to loosen up and I felt some of the cum that was in there leaking out onto my tongue.

    "That's right, push it out!" I said. "Push my father's cum onto my tongue. Feed me his babies."

    This was all much more explicit than I'd imagined it but I was lost in the moment and Toni seemed to be as well. "Fuck!" he shouted and started pushing out my dad's jizz, feeding it to me.

    "Yes, that's it," I said, lapping it up. "Feed it to me."

    "OH FUCK!" Toni let out the loudest yelp yet, and his whole body started spasming. I could tell he was cumming and shooting his load all over Greg's living room.

    As he did so, Toni pushed out a huge load of cum out of his ass, feeding me both loads that my father had deposited there earlier tonight. As I gulped it all down, I blew my own load, jacking my cock vigorously and shooting cum on the back of Toni's leg.

    "Fuck. Fuck," we swore in symphony as we started to come down from the peak of our orgasms. 

    "Well that was… fun," Toni finally laughed, barely able to speak while trying to catch his breath.

    "It was the perfect birthday present," I said, smiling and licking the last of my dad's cum off my lips before saying good night to Toni and joining my boyfriend in bed. 

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