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The Red Jock


    Becoming a dad was something I did not expect at this stage of my life, especially not overnight! After years of fucking younger guys and dating Eli, I was used to being "Daddy," but not a father. But surprisingly… the two had quite a few things in common.

    I met my son Toni while Eli was back in Chicago. For a few weeks, Toni and I were by ourselves in LA and I found myself showing him around, just like I did with Eli when he was here. I had a ton of questions about Toni's education, which was one of the things I was most concerned about. He was obviously smart enough to get into UCLA. As a freshman, he was still "testing it out" and "trying to find himself," but I encouraged him strongly to be practical and start thinking about law school or med school, or some type of engineering degree in the future. 

    "I don't know, I haven't really thought about it much, but maybe I could go to law school…" he said suggestively one day over brunch. 

    "Is it because that's what I do?" I couldn't help but ask.

    "Maybe, partly. Like, I'm sure you can show me around. I don't know if I'm gonna stay in the States after I graduate or go back to Mexico, but if I stay it would be useful to have some contacts established here already."

    I felt an unexpected pang of pride in that moment. My son was thinking about following in my footsteps. And even after knowing him for such a short time, I found myself sad at the thought of him leaving California, if that's what he ever decided to do.

    A few weeks later, Eli arrived in LA to begin his bartending course, and he brought his father along. I was happy to see Isaac, especially as we got to share a heart-to-heart moment in my backyard after dinner one evening.

    "I'm not gonna lie, I'm all over the fucking place," I said to Isaac as we smoked cigars and talked about my newly-found progeny. "I've had a few weeks to process this and it's still not sinking in. But every day, it gets a bit easier. And Toni… he seems like a nice kid."

    "Yes. Yes, he does," Isaac replied.

    "And he's gay as well, which is nice I guess. I get to show him around the scene once he's old enough to go out," I shared. Frankly, Toni was one of those guys who made it pretty obvious they were gay, and I'd had that suspicion about him since the second he showed up on my doorstep.

    "Is he… is he seeing anyone?" Isaac asked me.

    "No, I don't think so. He mentioned some guy who lives out of state weeks ago, but I don't wanna pry. Of course, I wanted him to meet Eli, and you as well if you could make it, since we're all like…"

    "Family," Isaac said, and I couldn't fucking believe it but it brought tears to my eyes.

    "Yes, family," I nodded.

    "C'mere," Isaac pulled me in for a hug. With him and Eli here, I realized I wasn't alone.

    My boyfriend's 23rd birthday brought all of us together again. The night ended at my house, where Toni asked to sleep over again. The following morning, Eli was still asleep when I got up, so I put on a pair of shorts and went down to the kitchen. I made some coffee and breakfast and headed to the guest room that my son was spending the night in.

    "Knock knock," I said, knocking on the door. There was no answer, so I did it twice more, trying not to drop the tray I was holding.

    "Could he have left without saying goodbye?" I wondered. I opened the door, surprised by the sight that awaited me.

    My teenage son was lying on his stomach on the bed, fully naked except for a red jockstrap he had on. Interestingly, it seemed just like the jock Eli was wearing in my bed right now. Toni was lying with the covers kicked off, so I got to look at his taut young body, his smooth brown skin, and his incredible bubble butt. Looking up, I saw that Toni had AirPods in his ears, which is probably why he didn't hear me knocking. Looking back down at the boy's ass again, I realized my dick was reacting by chubbing up, like it often did in the morning. I was freeballing in the shorts I had on, so the state of my dick was becoming quite obvious.

    I started to wonder if I should leave, but I'd already made breakfast and there was something I wanted to ask of Toni. I set the tray on the table and walked over to the bed, tucking my cock in my shorts and gently shaking my son's body.

    "Wake up," I whispered, with my hand on my son's back. As he awoke, the first thing he did was to turn around on his back. Now I got even more of an eyeful: my son's dick poking out of his jock, erect in all of its morning glory. A natural reaction, no doubt, but it really made me think this was a bad idea and that I should leave the room. Except that's when Toni started to open his eyes.

    "Oh shit, Dad. Morning," he said, pulling the duvet and covering his lower body. 

    "I… I… Good morning," I mumbled like an idiot. This was the first time my son had called me "Dad"!

    "I… I made you some breakfast," I finally said.

    "Oh thank god, I'm starving. I'm always so hungry after a night of drinking."

    "Yes, you should eat. There's also some coffee here," I brought the tray to the bed.

    "You're the best!" my son smiled at me, and it melted my usually-cynical heart.

    "This looks great," Toni said and helped himself to the coffee and food.

    "Don't you wanna brush your teeth first?" I asked.

    "I'm too hungry. Besides… Umm, I don't have a toothbrush here."

    "Yes, about that. I wanted to ask you something. How would you like to bring some stuff and leave it in this room? It would be your room," I offered. 

    "Uh, for real?" the kid asked, looking like I'd just offered him the whole house.

    "Sure. I've got plenty of rooms. You've spent the night here a couple of times already, and if it happens again you could bring your toothbrush or pajamas or whatever."

    "I don't sleep in pajamas, but yeah, that'd be great!"
    "Yeah, I noticed that much," I said, referring to my son's nudity and wondering if he was still hard under the cover. I sat and chatted with him until we'd finished all of the food on the tray. 

    "I'll take this to the kitchen. You go take a shower," I said.

    "Thank you, Dad," the boy said and gave me a hug before I got up. Once again, I found myself unbelievably close to tearing up.

    I brought the tray down to the kitchen and went back to my bedroom. There, my 23-year-old boyfriend lay in bed, also on his stomach, and also uncovered. I leaned in close to Eli's ass and gave it a kiss and a playful nibble. I inspected the jock he had on and realized it might even be the same exact kind as my son's. Was that possible? Looking at Eli's ass, it was almost like staring at Toni's again. Just then, my boyfriend started to stir, waking up and arching his back, poking his ass in the air.

    "Do you need Daddy's dick in your hole?" I asked while grazing Eli's asshole with my finger. I knew it was still full of the load I'd dumped there just hours ago.

    "Umm, yes, Daddy," Eli moaned and poked his ass out even higher, making his hole pulse and pucker under my finger.

    "Yeah, you want Daddy to fuck you?" I said, pulling off my shorts. My cock had been chubbed up this whole time – ever since I laid eyes on my son's jockstrapped ass – but now it was nearing full erection. "You want Daddy to fuck that ass?" I asked, slapping Eli's cheeks.

    "Yes, Daddy," he continued to moan with his face in the pillow. This was his favorite way of waking up.

    "Are you my good boy? Huh? Are you my naughty son?" I surprised myself by asking. I often called Eli my boy, but never my son.

    "Yes, Daddy," he continued without missing a beat. "I'm your naughty son who needs his hole fucked first thing in the morning."

    "Fuck!" I grunted and hopped on the bed, getting behind Eli and positioning my rock-hard dick next to his perky whole. My hands grabbed and kneaded his cheeks before sliding up and holding onto the waistband of the jockstrap. The same fucking jockstrap my son had on. Their two asses were soooo similar. With Eli's face in the pillow, it was almost like… like this was…

    "Fuck! I'm gonna fuck you, boy!" I shouted and started to push my dick inside Eli, using the precum I was leaking as lube. 

    "Yes, Dad. Fuck me. Fuck my ass," he moaned, his words muffled, and I could hear Toni's voice in my mind saying those same words.

    "I'm gonna fuck you, Son," I grunted and pushed the last inch of my penis inside the hungry hole. Back and forth, I started thrusting like a horny savage, still comparing the two boys' asses in my head.

    While fucking Eli, I started to wonder if my son was a virgin or not. My gaydar told me he was a bottom; I was almost certain of it. What kinda guys did he go for? Did he chase after daddies, like so many boys his age? Did he wear that red jock while getting fucked by them? Did he call them "Daddy" while they stuffed his hole?

    "Yeah, you like that?" I smacked Eli's ass, my dick feeling harder than it'd ever been.

    "Yes, Daddy. I want you to cum inside me," he panted.

    "Is that so, Son?" I grunted, breathing heavily since I was fucking him faster and faster by the second. "You want your dad's cum inside of you? You want the seed that made you?"

    "Yes, fill me up with it," Eli continued taking part in our perverse roleplay. We'd done a lot of things, but never quite this, never quite this far. I wondered if Eli had Isaac's image in his mind right now, just like I had Toni's.

    "I'm gonna fucking breed you with the cum that made you, you pig," I grunted, going even faster and holding on to the waistband like a reign. "You're gonna feel your little brothers and sisters up inside your hole."

    "Oh, Daddy. Dad!" Eli moaned. "Dad," I heard my son say to me earlier in my head, his new name for me. And with that, I started unloading inside my boyfriend's ass, filling it up with spurt after spurt of my cum, all added to the load I could already feel was inside there from last night. He was one hungry cumdump, my boyfriend was. And for what I know: maybe my son was as well. Maybe the red jock wasn't the only similarity between the two.

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