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Dad's Dick


    Having Isaac in LA for a couple of weeks was great, but just as soon as I started to take his presence here for granted, he had to go back to Ohio. This wasn't easy for me, but I tried to put on a brave face and pretend like I was okay. With Isaac here, I had someone to confide in, and most of our conversations revolved around my budding relationship with my father. Whenever Isaac and I weren't talking, we were fucking. We were doing it behind my dad's back, which added to the excitement, especially since we were doing it in my dad's house and I was calling Isaac "Daddy."

    With Isaac gone, his son still remained in California. Eli would be here for a few months and I was grateful for his presence as well. Back when Dad and I were by ourselves, we were both very tense. With Eli here, my father really loosened up, and I liked him a lot more this way. He even offered me a key to his house and my very own room, which is so much more than I'd expected when I first knocked on his door to introduce myself! We'd only known each other for a few months, but we were slowly but surely building a father-son relationship.

    Then again, maybe I wasn't the best person to judge what a "father-son relationship" was, seeing as I've never had a dad before. I'll never forget the morning when Dad walked into my room to find me in bed, sleeping in a red jockstrap with my morning erection poking out. For some reason it felt… good to be caught by Dad like this. Of course, I quickly covered up my boner, since I didn't want my father to think I was showing off for him, even if in realty… well, that's kinda what I was doing.

    As the weather got even better in May, my dad invited me to have lunch and hang out by the pool in his backyard one Saturday. I took this as the perfect opportunity to show off so I raided my cousins' closets, picking out a few speedos they wore while gogo dancing, which left barely anything to the imagination. 

    "I'll look so hot when Dad sees me in this," I thought, checking myself out in the mirror, focusing on how large my ass looked and how it was barely contained by the speedos, with both my cheeks and my crack spilling out. In the front, my package looked just as obscene, my dick perfectly outlined if you focused on it.

    As sexy as I thought that my swimwear was, my father's boyfriend had managed to one-up me. Eli had somehow gotten his hands on an even more revealing pair of speedos, with his entire pubic bush peeking out when he greeted me in Dad's backyard. My father was wearing speedos as well, but alas a more conservative, black pair.

    I don't know why it was so important for me to look sexy in front of my dad, but maybe a part of me felt like I had to compete with his hot young boyfriend. As much as I liked Eli, the insecure part of me felt like we were competing for Dad's attention sometimes. Today, as we hung out by the pool, Eli was easily winning that competition. He was free to have his hands all over my father's nearly naked body – and what a body it was! Even though Dad would be turning 45 soon, he could give plenty of guys my age a run for their money in the muscle department. As I watched Eli's fingertips travel down my dad's six pack, down his treasure trail and almost reaching the bulge in his speedos, I sort of wished I had the freedom to lay my hands on Dad that way; to feel him up and get close to him. 

    Of course, ever since we met, my dad and I had exchanged a few hugs and kisses on the cheek, but nothing more than that. I knew that if I were a kid or a baby it wouldn't be like that at all; we would probably be cuddling all the time. But thanks to my mom's decisions, I'd missed out on that portion of my life, and now I had to watch someone else cuddling with my father while I sat on the sidelines.

    At one point, while Dad was tending to the grill, Eli came to sit next to me.

    "So, how you doing, little bro?" he asked as he put one arm around me. I was happy to hear him address me as his brother again, even though obviously we never did it in Dad's presence.

    "I'm okay, bro," I nodded, and we chatted about school for a while. When my father came back, Eli got up off his chair and did something that took all of us by surprise: he pulled down his speedos and stepped out of them. 

    "I'm gonna go for a swim and I feel like skinny dipping. Hope you guys don't mind," he said and sprinted to the pool, leaving both my father and me staring at his bubble butt as he ran.

    "Umm, sorry about that. He's just kinda used to running loose around the house," my father said awkwardly, feeling the need to apologize for Eli's behavior.

    "No problem, don't worry about it," I said. "Four of my five cousins here are boys, so whenever I stayed with them there was always lots of skinny dipping and playing around."

    I silently hoped this might lead to Dad pulling down his own speedos and making a sprint to the pool, only to be followed by me. Unfortunately, he obviously wasn't comfortable enough to do that, even with his boyfriend breaking the ice. So Dad and I remained dressed (albeit, barely) and had some margaritas that I'd mixed up. When Eli was done with his swim, he came to sit in my father's lap, still butt naked and still intent on running his hands all over Dad's body, this time even going as far as to give his bulge a discreet squeeze, which didn't escape my eyes.

    Watching this made my cock start to stir. I knew that if I popped a boner in these speedos it would be super obvious, but I felt it coming up. "Stop it, stop it!" I told myself, but it only made my dick want to rebel. Thinking quickly, I faked a yawn and said,

    "These margaritas are making me sleepy. I think I'll head to my room for a siesta."

    "Oh, okay," my dad said, his hand running down his boyfriend's bare back, down Eli's spine all the way to the tip of his asscrack. "Enjoy your nap. We'll be here."

    Quickly, I dashed to the house, happy to turn my back to Dad so he wouldn't notice the boner that was now popping out of my speedos. When I got to the kitchen, I could finally rest. I ducked under the window and looked out into the backyard, where my father and Eli were making out now. It was like they couldn't wait to get rid of me! Eli was now straddling my dad, and Dad's hands were on Eli's ass, squeezing his thick, juicy cheeks. My unruly cock was now rock hard, witnessing all this.

    Suddenly, the two of them stood up. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but they headed to the hot tub together. Before getting in, my father finally pulled down his own speedos, exposing a semi-hard, hairy cock that made me salivate. I was seeing my dad's dick for the first time! Fuck, it was even better than I could've imagined it, and I'd imagined it more than once. 

    Growing up, I had a crush on my best friend's dad, and I often pictured what his cock might look like. Now, since meeting my real father, I'd been having similar thoughts about him. I knew it was wrong, but I wanted nothing more than to take Eli's spot and get a closer view of Dad's dick; the dick I'd come out of. 

    Eli seemed to be aware of how lucky he was. As soon as they were in the hot tub, they adjusted positions so Eli could take my dad's dick in his mouth. Since the tub was just a few feet from the window, I could see them almost perfectly! I couldn't tell who was enjoying himself more; Eli, who was gulping down my dad's cock like it was the most delicious thing he's ever tasted; or Dad, who had his eyes closed and head tilted back, leaning back in the tub and enjoying the blowjob he was getting.

    My boner was now fully sticking out of my speedos, dripping precum on the kitchen floor. When I saw Dad's lips move, I wondered what he might be saying but since the windows were soundproof I couldn't hear anything.

    "Do I dare?" I wondered, and slowly came up to crack open the window, just enough to listen to what they were saying. But just as I did so, Eli looked up and saw me. We ended up making eye contact, all the while Eli's tongue was teasing my dad's cockhead and his hand was sliding up and down his hard shaft. I silently prayed that Eli wouldn't say anything, and he didn't. He just shot me a mischievous smirk and went back down, deep-throating my father's penis in one move.

    "Ahhhh, that feels good. That feels soooo fucking good." Now that the window was open, I could hear Dad moaning loud and clear, from just a few feet away.

    "Yeah, you like that, Daddy?" Eli asked. Somehow, I wasn't surprised to find out he called my father that. After all, that's exactly what I did with Eli's dad.

    "Fuck yes, Son. That's a good boy! Suck Daddy's dick," my father's response took me more by surprise. As I heard him say those words, my hand wrapped itself around my cock and started gripping it tightly, squeezing more precum out of it. I wondered if by now my father was leaking precum as well, having it go down his young boyfriend's throat. Suddenly, I wondered how it tasted. I brought my fingers to the tip of my dick and I smeared some of my precum on them, bringing them up to my lips and tasting it, pretending it was Dad's precum I was tasting.

    "Shit, Son! Keep doing that and Daddy's gonna give you a nice big load!" I heard my father say a few minutes later. He was either extremely horny today, or Eli was that good at sucking dick that he could bring someone to orgasm so quickly. 

    My father started to grunt more loudly and aggressively. I jacked my cock and peeked out the window as Dad put his hands on his boyfriend's head and started to fuck his face, splashing water all over.

    "Take it, Son. Take it!" Dad grunted, and for a second I closed my eyes and imagined he was talking to me. Moments later, my dad let out a loud, drawn-out "FUUUUCKKK," an unmistakable sign that he was cumming inside his boyfriend's mouth, feeding Eli his daddy load. I bit my lower lip and had to hold back from screaming out myself, as I blew my own load in my hand, cumming in sync with my father. After I was done shooting, I brought my cummy hand up to my lips and once again I imagined I was Eli, lapping up my father's wad, cherishing its taste as it slid down my throat. Hell, I was his son, so maybe we even tasted similarly.

    "Good boy. I love you, Son," I hear my dad say on the other side of the window.

    "I love you too, Dad," I whispered, before putting my cock away and sneaking away from the kitchen and up the stairs into my room, to take a nap and replay everything that just happened in my dreams.

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