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Now It's Your Turn


    This year, my son's boyfriend was turning 45. Since Greg's birthday was on June 16, it fell just a few days before Father's Day as well as Pride out in LA. I got a text inviting me to his birthday dinner and I figured I should do my best to attend it, even if it meant taking more days off work. After all, on my 45th birthday last year, Greg was the only one who made it out to Columbus to take me out for dinner. It was the blowjob that I'd gotten from the waiter that night – instigated by Greg – which had started everything, helping me open up about my sexuality. Who would've thought we'd end up here since?!

    Of course, Greg's birthday was far from the only reason I was going. Once again, I wanted a chance to spend more time with Toni, who rarely left my mind while I was at home in Ohio. I still vividly remembered how intimidated I was when I first met Greg; I could only imagine what it would feel like for a teenager. Of course, Greg was nowhere nearly as intimidating when he was around his son – indeed, it seemed to bring out a rarely seen, nervous side of Greg – but I still didn't like the thought that Toni was without me in LA, having to deal with all of this.

    On Greg's birthday, which was a Wednesday, I found myself once again landing at LAX, where I was greeted by my son and Toni. It was early in the morning on the West Coast and apparently Greg was still sleeping in.

    "He's got a massage and lunch with some people from work this afternoon," Eli filled me in, "and then he'll join us for dinner at his favorite place."

    Until then, the plan was for all of us to go shopping and catch up. Without Greg here, we could talk freely about the secret we were keeping from him.

    "How's everything with your dad?" I asked Toni as the three of us sat for lunch at a trendy place in WeHo that Eli picked for us.

    "Really good. I feel like we've bonded since the last time you were here, even though I was really busy with finals last month," Toni replied. "Now that I'm done with school for the semester, Dad got me an internship at his law firm. I'm literally just an errand boy, but it's still useful to be in an office-type environment."

    "And have you told him… about us?" I inquired next. As I did so, I noticed my son looking down at the table awkwardly, taking a loud sip of his drink.

    "No. No, I haven't," Toni admitted. "At first I thought it would be easier if he and I got to know each other better first, but now I feel like it's only made it more difficult. I mean, I can't just walk up to him now and say 'Hey, you know Eli's dad? Well, he and I had sex and I've been hiding it from you all these months.'"

    "I think you're overestimating his reaction," I said, before turning to Eli and asking him, "What do you think?"

    "I think your father loves you, even though you've just met," my son said to Toni. "And he'll love you no matter what you tell him. At this point, finding out about you and Dad might come as a shock, but he'll get over it quickly."

    We all took a bite of our food and chewed in silence for a few moments, before Toni spoke again.

    "Okay. I think we should tell him. I'm just not sure if I can do it. Maybe you can?" he asked, looking at me pleadingly.

    "Shit. Okay, yeah, I can do that," I said, nodding. Now that the ball was in my court, all of a sudden it no longer felt like such an easy thing to do.

    "But don't do it today, it's his birthday," Toni quickly added. "Let's wait for the right time."

    After lunch, the three of us went shopping for some last-minute presents for Greg. Since most of the stores in WeHo were full of rainbow-colored Pride merch, we couldn't help but look through it and pick out some knickknacks as well. In one shop, which sold mostly underwear and sex toys (this was obviously my son's favorite type of store) we found ourselves browsing through the wall of briefs and jockstraps, before picking out a few and heading to the fitting rooms.

    "I'm glad you're staying here for Pride, Daddy," Toni said, squeezing into the same booth as me. "I wanna go to the parade with you."

    Before I could say anything, the teen boy's lips were on mine and his hand was on my cock, rubbing it through my shorts before pulling down my zipper and taking it out. 

    "What're you doing?!" I tried to protest, but I didn't push him away. The feeling of his fingers on my dick was amazing, and I quickly started to bone up. It was all happening so quickly, until a moment later someone opened the curtain and we were interrupted. 

    "Shit, sorry!"

    I freaked out for a moment, until I realized it was my son who'd walked in on us. I knew we wouldn't get in any trouble if Eli caught us. Indeed, what he said next was,

    "Keep going. I'll keep an eye out for you."

    That was all the encouragement Toni needed. He dropped to his knees and took my dick in his mouth, right in front of my son. I looked at Eli, who was half-looking at us, half-making sure no one was approaching. Even though this place sold some adult toys, we weren't sure we could get away with something like this if we got caught.

    After being apart for a couple of months, Toni clearly enjoyed having my dick back in his mouth. "Mmm, it's good to have you back, Daddy," he moaned, before stuffing his face full of my cock again.

    "Yes, Daddy," my son teased and winked at me. The store was quite busy with shoppers that we could hear, and we knew it was only a matter of time before one of them headed to the fitting rooms.

    "Hurry up," my son rushed us, and I wondered if he was worried about getting caught or just keen to see his father blow a load in this young cocksucker's mouth. Either way, I started to near the edge very soon. Toni was doing an excellent job on my dick! Moments later, my legs were shaking and I was finding it hard to stand as I quietly moaned, 

    "Shit! I'm cumming. Swallow that load, Son!"

    As I said those words, I was making eye contact with Eli rather than Toni. Eli just winked at me, grabbing his bulge and giving it a few rubs while watching me unload in Greg's son's mouth. After swallowing my load, Toni quickly got up off his knees with my help.

    "Good job, little bro," my son said, taking me by surprise as he leaned in for a deep kiss with Toni. "Mmm, yummy," Eli said when they were done kissing, smacking his lips and tasting my cum which was on them. He even opened his mouth and faced me, just to show me my jizz on his tongue. Then, he gulped it down and opened his mouth again, as proof he'd swallowed my cum. 

    "Tastes good," Eli winked at me, rubbing his stomach with my load in it. The same load that had made him… I couldn't even IMAGINE tasting my father's cum like that. My son sure looked happy, as did Toni, as we all headed out of the store.

    The restaurant Greg picked that evening was quite similar to the place where we had dinner for my birthday last year. I respected Toni's wish and didn't tell Greg the truth about what we were doing behind his back just yet. Indeed, over the next few days, I found it hard to find the right time to open up to Greg. 

    Four days later it was Father's Day, and the four of us went out for dinner once again. A "father-son double date," as we'd started to call them. The boys gave us our presents, and I was touched to see that both Eli and Toni had gotten gifts for both Greg and me. In some weird way, we were all starting to feel like a family already, even though the sexual relationships made things more than complicated.

    After dinner, the boys talked us into going to the club where Toni's cousins danced, since there was a "Daddy's Day" party going on. We humored them and went for an hour or so, before growing tired and saying we wanna go home. Since our sons insisted on staying, Greg and I decided to head to his house alone.

    "Happy Father's Day, Isaac," Greg said to me semi-drunkenly in his living room, as he kicked his shoes up and unbuckled his belt.

    "Happy Father's Day, Greg," I said and gave him a bear hug, squeezing him tightly, which made both of us grunt and laugh out loud. After that, I headed upstairs to brush my teeth and get into bed. Just a few minutes later, however, I heard someone coming into my room and sliding in bed with me, just like Toni tended to do. But this time it wasn't Toni: it was his father.

    "Mind if we cuddle?" Greg asked, spooning me from behind in the dark. I was surprised to see him acting this way, even though we were both a bit tipsy. 

    "Sure thing, buddy," I said, feeling closer to Greg than ever. I guess he wasn't so intimidating after all. Under the sheets, I felt his cock fall right in between my furry ass cheeks, since we were both fully naked. "Just hold on, turn around," I said and flipped over, feeling more comfortable as the big spoon.

    Greg acquiesced without protest. This was a completely new sensation for me. By now I was used to cuddling with Toni, who – with his smooth and lanky body – felt not all that different from a woman under the sheets. Greg on the other hand, had a bicep on each arm that was thicker than both of mine put together. Although I knew that he trimmed his body hair occasionally, he was currently quite furry, covered in soft hair which felt good to the touch. I wrapped my legs around his and felt him relinquish control. It felt… good, to be lying this way with someone strong enough to win against me in a fight. And I wasn't the only person who felt that way.

    "Mm, that feels nice," Greg purred in my arms. I found myself stroking his torso and his arms with my fingertips, giving him goosebumps and making his hair rise. Next, my nose was buried in the nook of his neck and I was giving him a kiss, which slowly turned into a hickey.

    "Ahhhh, keep going," Greg moaned in a voice I'd never quite heard from him. I felt him relaxing further in my arms, and I could tell he needed this just as much as I did. I continued to kiss him and run my hands down his body, until I was combing through his pubes with my fingers. Going further down, just to check his reaction… yup, he was just as hard as I was. A rock-hard boner pulsed in my hand, just like the boner I was pushing up against Greg's ass.

    "Isaac… will you fuck me please?" Greg suddenly asked, my lips still kissing the back of his neck. "I want you to fuck me."

    I had no idea how often Greg got fucked, if ever. Did my son ever fuck him? That was something I'd have to find out some other time; I didn't want to spoil the mood with questions tonight. My cock was erect and begging for release. My teenage lover wasn't in my bed tonight; instead I had his father asking me to fuck him. How the fuck could I resist?

    Wrapping my arms around Greg's large chest and squeezing him tightly, I humped his ass for a few moments, enjoying the sensation of my hard cock rubbing against his cheeks. Then, I used one hand to position my boner in between Greg's asscheeks, as my other hand stroked the fine hair that was on them. I spit in my fingers and used them to feel around for Greg's asshole, hidden behind some hair that I wasn't used to dealing with. His hole felt extremely tight at first touch, but a moment later it was pulsing against my digits, inviting them in. I used my slippery middle finger to probe inside, shoving it further and further in as Greg moaned and breathed deeply.

    With every breath, my son's boyfriend's hole opened up more and more, letting my finger in past both knuckles, until it could go no further. Next, I used my index and then my ring finger to add to Greg's pleasure, finger-fucking him with three digits, playing with his hole just like I've done to his son in this very bed.

    "I'm gonna fuck you now," I whispered in Greg's ear. I sounded confident, and I felt that way too. My cock was even harder by now and ready to provide pleasure, both to me and a willing bottom. Tonight, that role was Greg's.

    I pressed my cockhead against Greg's hairy hole, dripping precum all over it to help my way in. I felt Greg's muscles flex as I hugged him with my other arm. I was still beside myself at the thought that this man – who I'd watched fuck my own son countless times – was now about to receive my cock up his hungry daddy hole. 

    I pushed in, the head of my dick entering Greg's ass, making him squirm.

    "Shhh," I soothed him, just like I'd soothed his son before fucking him. Toni was a virgin when I first fucked him; could that be the case with Greg as well? Was I deflowering both father and son, mere months from each other?

    I gave Greg a few moments to relax, and I continued to push inside of him. His sphincter relaxed around my cock with every inch. His muscles went from flexed to soft. I inhaled his scent, and I could swear I heard Greg whimper. 

    "You alright?" I checked, whispering in his ear again.

    "Aha. This feels good," he confirmed. The words were barely out of his mouth when the final inch of my dick found its way inside Greg's ass. I was in balls-deep. 

    I started to thrust slowly. Other than the moans of pleasure that we were both emitting, there wasn't a lot of noise. Even though we were alone in the house, we kept silent, like this was a secret we were keeping. Still, Greg couldn't help but grunt loudly a few times as I started to thrust harder inside of him. I went fast, then slowly, just like I'd done to his son. While I fucked him, my right hand was around Greg's cock, stroking it at the same speed at which I fucked him.

    Before I knew it, Greg and I had been fucking for at least half an hour, maybe closer to an hour by this point. It was my first fuck with a man my age. My first time with my son's boyfriend, a man who used to tower over me and make me nervous. Now here he was, whimpering like a puppy as I fucking his hole. 

    "When's the last time you've been fucked?" I asked, letting out a grunt and kissing Greg's neck again.

    "N– Never," Greg replied. Even though I partly expected that answer, it still took me by surprise. All of a sudden, I felt a rush of adrenaline much stronger than anything I'd been feeling all night. Suddenly, my hips started to thrust even harder, fucking Greg aggressively as I stroked his cock and whispered in his ear:

    "You know, I fucked your son as well?"

    "Mmmm, wh– what?" Greg whimpered, unable to speak clearly as I pounded his virgin hole, tearing it open more and more with each thrust.

    "Yeah. He was a virgin when I met him. Never been fucked. Took to my dick like a pro, however. Just a big a slut as Eli. To this day, I'm the only man who's ever fucked him," I said, going rougher and fucking harder, making sure I speak loudly enough for Greg to hear me. "Every time we fuck, he begs me to cum inside his hole. To fill him up with my spunk. And he gets his wish. Each and every time, in this very bed. I've fucked him every time we were both here, while you were sleeping in your room. I've made him moan and beg for my babies. Yeah, your son's a cock-loving cumdump, alright."

    With that, Greg's cock pulsed in my hand and I could tell what would happen next. "Fuck!" Greg shouted and started to blow his load all over the sheets. I milked his cock, my right hand pumping up and down as I continued to thrust back-and-forth inside of him. As he came, Greg's hole clenched my dick harder, turning me on and making me shoot my load inside of him.

    "That's it!" I grunted. "Take my load, just like your son did. I've bred your boy so many fucking times. Now it's your turn, you fucker!"

    "Ah! Ah!" Greg whimpered, still cumming even though it'd been over a minute since he started. I fucked my seed inside of him and squeezed his cock until he started to squirm again. Finally, I pulled out of his ass and grabbed his strong upper arms, flipping him around so we were face-to-face.

    "Was– Was that true? What you said about Toni?" I heard Greg say as he tried to catch his breath. Even in the dark, I could tell we were looking in each other's eyes.

    "Yes. I swear," I answered, unsure how he would take it now that the moment of passion was over. I even prepared myself for an incoming punch in the face. But instead of a punch, Greg planted a kiss on my lips, marking the end of a Father's Day neither one of us would ever forget. 

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