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Birthday Blowjob



    "Now who the hell could that be?" I said out loud to myself, slowly getting up off the couch to answer the door. Just as I had made myself comfortable for an afternoon of TV and nothing else.

    Walking toward the front door, I realized it must be a delivery. It was my birthday, and every year since he moved out to Chicago, my son Eli would have a present delivered to my house on this day. My frustration quickly dissipated and I started to smile. It didn't last very long, however. My smile was replaced by a look of utter confusion as I opened the door.

    "Greg?!" I said loudly, almost shouting.

    "Happy birthday!" Greg waved away the large helium balloon he was holding to reveal his handsome, smiling face. There was no one else around, including Eli.

    So then what was my son's boyfriend doing here?!

    I never managed to get over what happened over the holidays. My main tactic so far was suppression. It worked during the day, usually. But then at night, I'd wake up to echoes of "Boy, do you wanna swallow Daddy's cum?" in my head, only to find I'd shot a load all over myself. For the first time since high school, I was having wet dreams.

    The remainder of the time that Eli and Greg spent at my house, after… after "the kitchen incident" in December, was surprisingly fairly normal. My son and his boyfriend continued to make out all over the house, as passionate as you'd expect a couple that was in a long-distance relationship to be. But when it came to fucking and sucking, they kept that confined to Eli's room. I got a pair of earplugs, determined to ignore the noise and give them privacy.

    Right before they left, Eli gave me a strong hug and, with his arms still around me, looked me in the eyes and said, "Dad, it's alright. We had a great time here. And I can't wait to see you again. Everything's cool."

    He finished off by giving me a kiss on the cheek, and headed off to join Greg in the car.

    An empty car stood parked behind Greg as he waited at my doorstep. Another rental, I was sure. But where the hell was my boy?! Did… did Greg come here by himself? For my birthday?

    "Are you gonna let me in?" Greg asked, shivering. It was March, and it was still cold in Columbus. In true Californian style, Greg wasn't even wearing a jacket.

    "Sure, come… come on in," I moved out of the way so Greg could step inside, maneuvering the large balloon through the doorframe.

    I stood holding the door open for another couple of seconds, as if my son was gonna appear out of thin air and walk in behind Greg.

    "Eli's coming later," Greg finally answered the question that was on my mind. I shut the door and we both walked toward the living room. "I just came from the airport, I caught a morning flight. Eli's working for a couple of hours today, but he'll be driving here as soon as he's done."

    "I… I could've picked you up at the airport," I mumbled, unsure what else to say.

    "Eli wanted us to surprise you. So: surprise!" Greg said louder, handing me the balloon.

    "Oh, it's a surprise, alright," I thought, giving my son's boyfriend a hug and letting the balloon float to the ceiling.

    "So how old are you now?" Greg asked me unabashedly.


    "Oh. So when I turn 44 later this year, we'll only be a year apart," he winked at me, obviously amused by the fact.

    "Right. Can I get you something to drink?" I asked, happy to change the topic.

    Greg asked for coffee and I went to the kitchen, happy to have some time to myself to gather my thoughts. My hands trembled as I tired to open the coffee jar. What the fuck was I so nervous about?!

    The few minutes in the kitchen helped me calm down, and I rejoined Greg in the living room. He'd already made himself comfortable on my couch, sitting with his legs spread wide open and his hands behind his head. I felt awkward, almost submissive, serving him his cup of coffee while he waited like that. It didn't help that the cup was full and my hand was shaking.

    As soon as I sat across from Greg, though, and let him take charge of the conversation, I started to relax. I'd forgotten how comfortable Greg could make one feel, and how pleasant it was talking to him. He picked all the right topics, and switched from one to the other seamlessly. Before I knew it, the sun was already going down outside.

    "Shit," Greg said, looking at his phone. "Eli won't be able to make it today."

    "What?" I said, shaken back to reality. I'd completely forgotten we were waiting for my son.

    "His shift got extended," Greg explained. "He offered to come after, but I don't want him driving so late, not after working for so long. It's a long drive from Chicago."

    "Yes, of course," I agreed, touched to hear Greg talk this way. "I don't want him driving so late"… He spoke of my son as if he were his own.



    "Can I get you gentlemen anything to drink?" the young server asked.

    "A bottle of your finest champagne, for the birthday boy," I replied, pointing to Isaac.

    "Happy birthday!" the charming guy smiled to Isaac. "I'll bring that right over."

    "You didn't have to do this," Isaac said humbly when it was just he and I. Even with the dim lighting in the fancy restaurant, I could tell he was blushing.

    "Nonsense. We have to celebrate. 45 is a nice, round number. Halfway through your 40s."

    "Ha! Thanks for reminding me."

    "Oh, please. I'm practically the same age, so I'm allowed to say it. Besides, your 40s are awesome. I get more ass now than I ever did," I said, fully aware it was Isaac's son's ass I was talking about.

    "There we go," the eager server reappeared, sparing Isaac the need to react to my comment. The boy popped the bottle open and filled two glasses for us, taking his time, smiling and chatting with us, before disappearing again.

    "To you. Happy birthday," I said, holding up my glass in the air.

    "Thank you," Isaac replied, making eye contact with me and smiling. We clinked glasses and took a sip.

    "See, that's what I'm talking about," I whispered to Isaac, nodding my head toward the server.


    "He's totally flirting with us. He thinks we're a couple," I winked.

    "Oh." Isaac looked toward the server, only for him to make eye contact with us again and wink. Isaac quickly averted his gaze.

    "That's what I meant," I explained. "Being in your 40s is awesome. Demand for daddies is at an all-time high. You got guys in their 30s dyeing their hair gray just to look older."

    "Too bad it doesn't work that way with women," Isaac laughed.

    "Of course it does! You just need to know where to look."

    We both took another sip of champagne. In no time, the server was at our table again, to take our food orders and flirt some more.

    "Have you ever done anything with another man?" I asked Isaac casually when it was just the two of us again.

    "Have you ever done anything with a woman?" he surprised me by boldly asking me my own question.

    "I have. Twice. Once before I knew I was gay. And once a few years ago, just for fun."

    I raised my eyebrows, surprising Isaac right back with my answer.

    He reached for his glass and took another sip.

    "I've never had sex with a man, no."

    "That's not what I asked," I smirked. "I said 'have you done anything.'"

    "I've done plenty of things with other men. I've shared an elevator; I've climbed a tree; I've put up a tent…"

    "Okay, okay, Mr. Wise Guy," I laughed. By the time I'd stopped laughing, our food was already at our table.

    "Mmm. Exquisite," I said, tasting my steak. I'd picked the highest-rated restaurant I could find to bring Isaac to, and it'd been the right choice. "Too bad Eli couldn't be here," I said, imagining my boyfriend coming home from work to whatever stale leftovers were in his fridge.

    "How are –" Isaac took a break to chew and swallow his food. "How are things between you two? With the long distance and everything?"

    "Pretty good," I answered truthfully. "It can be tricky sometimes, but nothing we can't handle. I've offered him to move to LA, but he says he wants to stay in Chicago for now. I think he doesn't like the idea of being so far from you," I added matter-of-factly. "At least this way he feels like he's closer."

    "Oh," Isaac said, looking back down at his food.

    "But being together long-distance has its advantages," I continued, "especially in an intergenerational relationship."

    "A what?"

    "An intergenerational relationship," I repeated. "I've dated other younger guys, and that's another thing that takes getting used to. This way, Eli can go out and party and get it out of his system when he's alone. And when we get together we usually stay in more, or go out for nice dinners like this."

    "Well, hopefully Eli doesn't feel like you're cheating on him, taking me out for dinner instead," Isaac joked.

    "Not at all," I smiled. "Quite the opposite, I'm sure he's thrilled. Besides, he and I are open, so it wouldn't be cheating," I winked at Isaac.

    My boyfriend's dad looked down again, hiding his reaction awkwardly, before quickly changing the subject.

    "In-ter-generational," Isaac enunciated. "I need to remember that. It's a new word for me."

    "Just stick with the gays, you'll learn plenty. We keep coming up with new words every week."

    "Ha!" Isaac laughed, and put more food in his mouth.

    "Does it bother you?" I asked.


    "That I'm your age. That Eli calls me 'Daddy'?"

    Isaac started to chew very, very slowly, almost as if prolonging the time until he could answer.

    "It took… some getting used to," he said, finally swallowing. "But I wouldn't say it 'bothers' me."

    "Good," I said, switching to more serious mode. "I know what he and I have might seem… unusual, to you. But I love your son, Isaac."

    "Good," he replied, looking me in the eyes this time. "That's all that matters."

    By the time we were done with the second champagne bottle, I needed to take a piss. The restaurant had single-stall restrooms; and even I, used to swanky LA places, was surprised how elegant they were. I took a piss, washed my hands, and on my way out, bumped into the flirty server waiting outside the door.

    "How's it going?" I smiled. The hallway we were in was dimly lit and narrow.

    "Good, thank you," the boy smiled back. "I just wanted to make sure everything was okay."

    There was no mistaking what he was doing here. There was no one else around, and there were two other unoccupied restrooms right there. He was specifically waiting for me.

    "Oh yeah, everything's okay," I said at a low voice, taking another step forward. "But it could always get better as well," I smirked, closing the distance between us, pinning the server against the dark wall behind him.

    He closed his eyes and opened his lips, silently beginning for me to kiss him. I took a quick second to admire his cute face, before going in for a rough kiss. Immediately, we started making out passionately, not giving a fuck about anyone walking in on us. 

    "Do you want to get your partner as well?" the boy asked after a minute of kissing, confirming my suspicion that he thought Isaac and I were a couple.

    "Why, do you like him?" I whispered naughtily and gave him another kiss.

    "You're both hot."

    "Yeah? You into daddies?"

    "Fuck, yes," he moaned and continued to kiss me. 

    "Go inside," I pointed to the restroom I'd just walked out of. "I'll be right back."

    I walked back through the restaurant, past all the elegant diners, amused by the fact they had no idea what I was up to.

    "Do you want a blowjob?" I asked Isaac bluntly as I sat back across from him at the table.

    "What?" he looked bewildered, and for once I couldn't blame him.

    "The guy that's serving us, he's in the restroom. He's into you. So I figured you might like a birthday blowjob," I said devilishly.

    "Stop fucking around," Isaac brushed me off.

    "I'm serious. Look around, do you see him anywhere?" 

    Isaac looked around, only to see the server was indeed gone.

    "You're serious, aren't you?" he looked back at me in amazement.

    "Yup. I was right, he thinks we're a couple. Wants to hook up with both of us."

    "You're fucking nuts."

    "Yeah," I leaned forward and whispered, "but tell me you don't wanna do it."

    Three minutes later, I left the table, leaving enough cash behind so they'd know we hadn't dine-and-dashed. The table was now empty; Isaac was already in the restroom I'd given him directions to.

    I headed there myself and knocked on the door three times, before I heard it unlock. When I walked in, I found the cute server down on his knees. In front of him, my boyfriend's father's dick stood as hard as a rock.

    "Nice," I said, reminded of the last time I'd seen Isaac's dick hard like this. The time he'd ended up cumming on his own son's face. He could play shy and coy all he wanted, but I knew Isaac had it in him to get real fucking freaky. 

    I undid my zipper and let the young man take my dick in his mouth. While he was busy sucking me and getting me hard, Isaac looked at the blowjob closely and jerked himself off, just as he did when it had been his son sucking me.

    I'd had a semi since I first kissed the server, and I was fully hard in no time. The boy was a good cocksucker and he obviously had a sense of fairness: after sucking me for several minutes, he moved back on to Isaac so he wouldn't feel ignored.

    I had a different idea, however. As the guy was sucking off Isaac, a took a step forward and brazenly put my hard dick right next to Isaac's, making the server look up at me.

    "Can you handle both at the same time?" I smirked.

    With a twinkle in his eyes, the boy licked his lips before adding, "I'll try, Daddy."

    My boyfriend's father and I now stood side-by-side, our hard-ons like two crossed swords. I could feel Isaac's nervous energy as he stood right next to me; slightly older, slightly shorter, and with a slightly smaller dick than mine. (Okay, maybe that last part was more than just a "slight" difference, but hey, I don't want to get too cocky. Pun intended.)

    The eager cocksucker opened his mouth as wide as he could, and squeezed both of our dicks together with his right hand, before taking them both in his mouth. Isaac and I moaned out at the same exact time, feeling our cockheads rubbing against each other, wet with the boy's saliva, as well as both of our precum mixing together.

    I'd left a generous tip for the server at the table, but he deserved ten times that. He was fucking phenomenal! He sucked both Eli's dad and me simultaneously, mostly focusing on the tips of our dicks, occasionally taking one dick at a time deep in his throat for a couple of seconds. He managed to bury his nose in Isaac's pubes; but when it came to sucking me, the boy couldn't manage to take all my dick down his throat without gagging.

    Dripping saliva all over his nice uniform, the server continued to suck us as I made eye contact with Isaac. I'd seen him cum before, but this time our faces were inches from each other, and our fucking cockheads were touching. His eyes were shut in ecstasy, until he opened them and made eye contact with me. After that, he couldn't (or wouldn't) look away.

    As the server's tongue and lips worked our dicks, I could swear I saw Isaac's lips moving. He was whispering… no, not even whispering, just moving his lips. I tried to read them, when I realized what he was asking.

    "Kiss me," he was mouthing.

    I took a deep breath and leaned forward, shoving my tongue in Isaac's mouth just like I'd done to the server minutes ago, roughly and passionately. Isaac kissed me back with all the eagerness and gusto his son always did it with.

    I put my arm around the birthday boy, both for support and as a sign of affection. Within seconds, I felt Isaac's whole body start to shake. He was about to cum.

    Quickly, I reached for my phone, before closing my eyes again and losing myself in the kiss Isaac and I shared. I was right: he was about to cum. He let out a loud moan, muffled by my tongue in his mouth. I felt him cum as I kissed and hugged him, and pretty soon, I was shooting a load myself. I could feel the wonderful cocksucker do his best to swallow both of our loads as cum shot out of our cockheads, squished together side by side.

    Isaac let out another moan and put his arm around me. It was a good thing we were there to support each other; we were both getting weak in the knees from shooting so much cum.

    "Happy birthday," I whispered in Isaac's ear, quickly glimpsing down at my phone. I'd managed to get our cumshots on video. I thought of Eli, as I pocketed my phone, kissing his dad.

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