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The Whole Story



    "There you are, Daddy. I'm so happy to see you!" I said as soon as I saw my boyfriend. He probably couldn't hear me through the loud music at the bar, but I'm sure the goofy, ear-to-ear smile plastered on my face let him know just how I felt. 

    "Hey, baby," he winked at me and leaned against the bar with all the style of an old-school Hollywood heartthrob. 

    "You don't mind if I leave a few minutes early?" I shouted at my fellow bartender, impatient and eager to feel Greg's tongue in my mouth. My coworker gave me the thumbs-up and I squatted under the bar, deliberately moving backwards so I'd give Greg a view of my ass, my low-riding jeans, and my jockstrap.

    "Sexy boy," Greg said when we were fact-to-face. As we started kissing, he put him arms around me and slipped his large hands under my T-shirt, caressing my back and moving down until he was holding the waistband on my jock like a reign.

    "Fuck, Daddy, I've missed you," I moaned. It'd been three weeks since we'd seen each other. The last time had been in Columbus for my father's birthday, and because I got there a day late, Greg and I only had two days together instead of three.

    I knew I should just accept Greg's invitation and move to LA. Not like there's a shortage of gay bars where I could bartend there. But I still wasn't ready to move all the way across the country, so far away from my dad.

    Truth is, as an only child, I felt somewhat responsible for my father. When my parents divorced, I got to witness how differently they both took it. Mom remarried, had more kids, and built a whole new social life for herself. Dad, on the other hand, only isolated himself from the friends he'd had even more. Pretty soon, other than work, I became his only link to society. 

    In my senior year of high school, most of my friends were getting ready to go to college, unlike me. A couple of them sat me down and made me promise I'd move out of Columbus and become my own person. "You can't babysit your own dad," they'd said. And they were right.

    Since I knew a few people who were moving to study in Chicago, I decided to come try my luck here. After all, it was far enough from Columbus that I could say I'm completely separate from my dad; yet close enough that I could drive there if need be.

    Since moving here, I fell into the gay scene immediately. I realized I was most attracted to the more sexual, more adventurous side of things. And I started looking for a partner that was on the same page.

    Unfortunately, that wasn't simple. Everyone thought I had it easy because I was so young. In reality, everyone I met was either too adventurous (read: substance abuse issues) or focused on getting married and adopting kids, which just wasn't my jig.

    When I met Greg, things immediately… clicked. I have plenty of customers hit on me (especially men his age), but he had a way of attracting me without even trying. He was just so… smooth. If it weren't for his modern clothes, he'd look like he were from another era completely. And when I found out he was a kinky one as well… well, that's when I knew he was the one.

    "Who's that guy?" I heard Greg ask me while we kissed by the bar. My coworker had already served us a couple shots to get us started.

    "What guy?" I asked disinterestedly, kissing my daddy's face. I wanted to kiss, not gossip.

    "That young guy over there, checking you out?"

    I looked.

    "Oh, this guy I hooked up last week when I was bored."

    "Was he good?" my boyfriend asked.

    "Meh. He was okay. You're much better," I said, putting one hand between his legs discreetly, looking forward to later tonight when I'd get to have all of him.

    From there, we continued to kiss for quite a while, as people around us danced and drank. We only took a break because we were literally running out of breath from all the making out.

    "What about you, have you hooked up with anyone lately?" I asked Greg.

    "Well, kinda," he smirked, even more mischievously than usual.

    "Ooh, this sounds good. Tell!"

    "Later. I wanna give you the whole story."

    "Oh, it's that good, huh?"

    "Ooohh, baby boy, you have no idea."

    Two hours later, we were in a cab to Greg's hotel, barely able to hold back from fucking right there in the car. I wouldn't have been surprised if he's asked me to go ahead… and I wouldn't have said no. Greg brought out the wild side of me like no one else, and I loved letting him push me and challenge me to go further. 

    When we got to the hotel, I was glad Greg had declined my invitation to stay in my dingy little apartment and had booked a nice room instead. We fell on the bed, ripping each other's clothes off, both of us just the perfect amount of drunk.

    "Do you wanna watch something?" he interrupted to ask.

    "Are you crazy? Now?! Absolutely the fuck not."

    Couldn't he feel how horny I was? This was no time for a movie.

    "Oh, but I think you're gonna wanna see this," he said, and reached for his pants on the floor.

    When I saw him pull out his phone, I finally realized he wasn't talking about seeing a movie. He turned on the TV and quickly connected his phone to it.

    The video started in medias res. A handsome young man about my age was holding two hard cocks in his hand, sucking on both of them. One of them was clearly Greg's; I could pick it out of a lineup.

    My boyfriend paused the video, leaving it on the TV like an X-rated screensaver.

    "Daddy's so naughty," I said, stroking both of our dicks as we lay naked in bed. They were almost as hard as the two cocks on screen.

    "Yeah? You like it when your daddy gets naughty?" he said in that seductive voice of his.

    "Oh, I fucking love it, Daddy. I fucking love it."

    Greg and I were in an open relationship and we often talked about our individual conquests, but I'd never seen a video of him hooking up with anyone else before. 

    "Do you wanna watch this as your Daddy fucks you?" he continued.

    "Fuck yeah!" I straddled him in under two seconds, sitting on his boner with my back turned to him so I was facing the TV.

    "Good boy," Greg said, impressed by how quickly my hole managed to swallow up his thick daddy cock.

    My boyfriend started to fuck me slowly and rhythmically, before reaching back for his phone. "I've edited it so it's longer, for your viewing pleasure."

    He played the video again, and I moaned out loud as I felt his dick stretch out my boy hole. It felt fucking phenomenal!

    The video was clearly edited for length: parts of it were slowed down and played over and over again, so we could fuck for a longer time while watching it. This is why I loved my boyfriend: he thought about everything.

    For about fifteen minutes, Greg fucked me while I watched him and his buddy get their cocks sucked. From the cocksucker's uniform I could tell he was a waiter. I pictured Greg out for dinner with one of his business partners, and the two of them ending up getting head side-by-side in the restroom.

    "Fuck, Daddy, your dick's amazing!" I moaned, reacting to both his dick on screen and the way it felt up my hole in that very moment.

    "Yeah. And what do you think about my buddy's?"

    "He's got a nice one, but yours is so much bigger. So much fucking bigger, Daddy. And thicker."

    I liked Greg so much, that I'd happily take his dick if it were the size of my pinky. But still, it felt good to compliment his size, especially compared to the other man's dick on screen.

    My boyfriend sped up, pounding my ass faster and faster as we watched the video. The cocksucking waiter in it could comfortably quit his job and start a career in porn: he was doing an excellent job. He juggled both dicks expertly, rubbing them against each other the entire time, creating friction that both tops audibly enjoyed.

    I wrapped my hand around my own cock, which had remained hard as a rock this entire time, and started stroking it faster and faster as well. When he noticed me speed up, Greg grabbed my wrist and made me go slower, making sure I don't cum just yet.

    Of course, that only made me hornier. I edged myself and got closer and closer each time. As my boyfriend fucked me harder, I could tell he was getting ready as well.

    The Greg on screen came before the Greg inside of me. He shot his load at the same time as the other man, while the cocksucker swallowed both of their loads, rubbing their two cockheads against each other as they came. From the movement and sounds they were making, I could tell Greg and this other men were kissing as they shot their loads. It was a moment that was both sweet and incredibly fucking sexy.

    And then, just as I was reaching my highest point of ecstasy, the phone camera moved up and showed the face of the other man: my own father.

    "FUCK!" I yelled.

    "Yeah?! How do you like that, boy?" Greg grunted, moving in even deeper inside my ass, hitting my spot with incredible precision.

    "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck," I moaned uncontrollably, my hand around my cock, watching my father and my Daddy kiss on loop. The video played and replayed the moment Greg's tongue went inside my dad's mouth. My father moaned just as I was doing in this very moment. Fuck, we even sounded alike…

    "Ahhh!" I started to shoot my cum, spraying it all over the room. As a proof of just how horny I was, I shot my largest load yet. I surprised myself by how high up it went flying! 

    A few seconds later, my hole was filled with Greg's cum, making the pleasure I was feeling even more intense. Still, I continued to bop up and down on his dick, extracting every last drop from his balls. 

    Fuck! The pleasure was so intense, it was almost making me dizzy. I took a second to catch my breath. I still couldn't believe what the fuck was going on. On the TV, the video had stopped on the shot of my dad and Greg kissing.

    I looked up and noticed that, for the first time ever, I'd literally shot up to the ceiling.

    I started to laugh, falling back into Greg's embrace, unable to sit up straight anymore. 

    "I love you," I panted, as he put his arms around me tighter.

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