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Fuck Me Like You Fucked My Dad


    Although I was sad to see Isaac go back to Ohio after Father's Day, I still had a lot to look forward to over the summer. My dad set me up with an internship at his office so I got to see a lot of him, as well as learn valuable skills and make connections. LA was all about who you knew, and I figured I might as well take advantage of my father's network of powerful attorneys and businesspeople. 

    I wasn't the only one making career plans for the future. My dad's boyfriend Eli was about to graduate the bartending course he'd been attending for several months. Eli always considered returning to Chicago after his course but now – after his longest stretch in LA ever – he seemed to grow fond of the idea of staying here and living with my father. Plus, as Eli approached the end of his course, he got a couple of job offers here, including one from a 5-star hotel which paid MUCH more than the gay bar where he worked in Chicago.

    "So how're you gonna break the news to your dad?" I asked Eli as he and I jogged by the beach one morning. It was now the middle of October but the weather in California was still nice enough to go running shirtless, which we did, attracting the looks of plenty of passers-by.

    "I'm just gonna tell him, and I hope he takes it well," said Eli. "Granted, Columbus and Chicago are much nearer, and he got used to having me there. Being on the West Coast is a different story. But honestly, after all the time I spent here, I think he's used to the idea by now."

    "I heard he's coming here for your graduation," I said next, always happy to talk about Isaac.

    "Where did you hear that?" Eli smiled.

    "He told me over text," I replied coyly.

    "Yeah, he's coming next week," Eli confirmed. "You guys still text regularly?"

    "Yeah, I guess we do," I nodded.

    "You know, I've been trying to get my dad to go out on dates in Columbus, now that he's out of the closet and everything. But he hasn't met anyone special there."

    "Huh. Well I… wish him the best of luck," I said vaguely, secretly happy to hear that Isaac was still very much single, just like me.

    A week later, Eli's bartending school threw a large party for the couple of dozen students who were graduating. Everyone's friends and families were invited, and of course that meant my father and I would be there, as well as Eli's dad.

    Isaac arrived at LAX the night before the party. I was hoping to see him then but I had an evening lecture at school that I did not want to miss. I was now in my sophomore year at UCLA, and since it was still the beginning of the school year I was trying to leave a good impression on all of my new professors. (That was always my strategy: Leave a good first impression and then start slacking in the second half of the semester.)

    I saw Isaac for the first time in months at the bar where Eli's celebration took place. It was a large venue, booked just for this event. The party was incredibly diverse. I was used to going out to gay clubs (which mostly attracted gay people) or college parties (full of people my age), but this celebration was attended by all age groups and walks of life. The one downside was that I couldn't drink since I wasn't 21 and didn't have someone to hook me up here, unlike the other parties I went to.

    "Don't worry, we'll throw a cocktail party at home and I'll serve you whatever you want," Eli promised me, and went back to making out with my father. For the most part, that's all the two of them did at the party but I didn't mind, since it gave me ample time to catch up with Isaac.

    After texting for several months, Isaac and I had a lot to talk about. He knew all my professors' names and showed genuine interest in how I was doing at school – which I found very paternal of him. After talking for an hour or two, it was inevitable that we ended up kissing as well. This was my first time hooking up with Isaac at such a public venue and it felt… really good to be able to be open about it. We weren't hiding our relationship anymore – whatever our relationship was!

    "You know… I went to the bathroom earlier –" I said in Isaac's ear.

    "All by yourself? Such a big boy!" he interrupted me with a joke and smacked my ass.

    "Haha, listen. I went to the bathroom and they're single stalls here. So we can… sneak off, if you know what I mean."

    Isaac kept his face close to mine, donning a wide, naughty grin on it. It looked so fucking sexy on him that I grabbed him by the hand and literally dragged him to the restrooms. Luckily, they were in a separate hallway that was currently empty, so no one saw us walk into the same stall together and lock the door behind us.

    I immediately dropped down into a squatting position, taking Isaac's daddy dick out of his pants and placing it in my mouth, burying my nose in his bushy pubes. After all of our making out, his cock was nice and plump now, in a state of half-arousal which filled me with anticipation. I sucked on it eagerly until I got him fully hard, feeling his precum start to slide down my thirsty throat.

    "Get up. I wanna fuck that ass of yours," Isaac grunted confidently. I got back up and kissed his lips, letting him taste his own cock in my mouth. While kissing me, Isaac spun my hips around and pulled down my jeans – thankfully unrestricted by a belt. I was wearing a jockstrap, so there were no more barriers to my ass.

    After kissing me, Isaac spat on his hand and brought it down between my asscheeks, lubing my hole up with his saliva. In the process, he let his middle finger slip inside my hole, making me moan and let out a loud "Fuck!" Thankfully, the music at the bar was loud, and I don't think anyone could hear what we were up to in the restroom.

    "I've missed this hole of yours, boy," Isaac said in my ear, giving it a little nibble.

    "And I've missed your cock, Daddy. I want it inside me. I want you to fuck me like you fucked my dad."

    "Oh, yeah? He told you about it?" Isaac growled. This was the first time he and I were talking about the Father's Day fuck between him and my dad.

    "Ah! Yes, he did," I replied as Isaac's index finger probed inside my asshole as well. "He told me you guys talked about me while you were fucking as well."

    "You fucking bet we did," Isaac continued. "I made sure to let him know what a hungry cumdump his little boy was."

    "Fuck! You said that?"

    "Oh yes, I did. I told him how much you love having cum in this tight little ass of yours." With that, Isaac's ring finger slipped inside my hole as well.

    "Fuck. You really let my father know I'm a slut," I moaned.

    "A slut for daddy cum, that's right. Now come here and get some more of it."

    Quickly, Isaac retrieved his fingers from my hole and shoved his hard cock in it instead. It slid in immediately, even though the only lube we were using was Isaac's precum and his saliva.

    "Ah. Ah. Ah!" I panted as Isaac piston-fucked me in the public bathroom. With his hands on my shoulders, he held on to me and made me feel like I was his. I closed my eyes and imagined him fucking my dad as well; my dad who had been a virgin until Isaac shoved his cock up his ass. The dynamic between the two of them had changed so much, even in the relatively short time that I knew them. When I first laid eyes on Isaac, he looked so timid in my father's presence. My father: a stereotypical alpha male, a real ball-busting go-getter. Even he had bottomed for Isaac; something that I'm sure served as fuel for Isaac's ego.

    The boost of confidence had made Isaac an even better fucker. He railed my ass in the bathroom, hitting my prostate with each forward thrust. Soon, he was grunting louder and louder, announcing his upcoming cumshot. I opened my ass lips as loud as possible, and we both yelled out loud as Isaac started to fill my hole with his seed. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I felt his semen filling me up, wishing it could knock me up.

    When he was done depositing his jism inside me, Isaac pulled out and grabbed my face, making me turn around so he could plant a wet kiss on my lips. I reached down for my own cock, which had been hard the entire time while we were fucking. I pulled it out and gave it a few tugs while kissing Isaac, which was all it took to get me to blow my own load. I shot my nut all over Isaac's crotch, most of it landing on his cock, which was still out.

    We made out for another minute, our kisses going from more passionate to more gentle. I tucked my dick away and reached for some toilet paper so I could clean my cum off of Isaac's tool.

    "Leave it," he smiled and put his dick away without bothering to clean it up. He winked at me and we left the restroom, rejoining everyone at the party.



    After dumping a load in Toni's teenage asshole, he and I returned to the bar where we reconnected with his father and my son. Eli and Toni struck up a conversation, which gave me the opportunity to lean into Greg's ear and whisper,

    "I just came inside your son's ass in the bathroom."

    Greg's reaction was to reach down for his crotch and squeeze it while making eye contact with me, and then looking over at his son.

    "Take me there," Greg said to me, and we left our sons behind and quickly returned to the scene of the crime.

    Greg and I shut ourselves in the bathroom stall Toni and I had just left. You could still smell the sex in the air, even through the air freshener that went off every few minutes.

    "How was it?" Greg asked, rubbing his bulge and obviously getting hard.

    "Great. As always," I teased. Ever since Father's Day, I felt like Greg no longer had the upper hand in our relationship. So many times I watched as he fucked my boy, acting like a cocky, dominant fucker who could get away with anything he wanted. Now, I felt like I had him wrapped around my little finger… or wrapped around my penis, so to speak.

    "You think you got another load in you?" Greg practically begged with his eyes.

    "Maybe. But first you gotta get me hard."

    Greg wasted no time. He dropped to his knees and pulled my dick out, still half-hard from my encounter with his son. Greg took my cock in his mouth, playfully juggling my balls with one hand and pulling out his own tool with the other.

    "You taste that cum on my cock?" I asked.

    "Mhm," Greg nodded.

    "That ain't my cum. That's your son's."

    Greg plopped my cock out of his mouth and looked up at me.

    "Fuck. For real?" he asked, jerking himself off while kneeling on the floor.

    "Aha. He came on my dick and I never cleaned it up. And I'm sure glad I didn't. Now go, clean it up with your tongue. It's still fresh. It shot out of Toni's balls just a few minutes ago."

    "Fuck!" Greg exclaimed and went back to polishing his son's jizz off my dick. I smirked and enjoyed the kinky exchange of bodily fluids from son to father, facilitated by me. Just a couple of minutes later I was hard once again, even though most men my age would find a feat like this difficult without popping a pill.

    Feasting on my erect prick, Greg soon got up and positioned his ass against it, begging for me to fuck him just like I'd fucked his boy. I obliged, drilling Greg's hole for a few minutes until I shot another, second load for the night. While I bred him, my son's boyfriend shot his own load all over the bathroom floor. 

    "Are you gonna fuck Eli tonight?" I asked Greg as we zipped our pants back up.

    "I'm sure I will. We do it every night," he confirmed what I already knew.

    "Well, have fun," I smirked, amused by the idea of Greg fucking my son while my own's cum was in his ass. I imagined it dripping out of Greg's hole, running down his ball sack, and landing on Eli's ass as they fucked. 

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