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Milking Dad's Cock


    It was official: I was moving out of Chicago. After getting a job offer in California and living with Greg for several months, I realized I'd much rather spend my time here with my boyfriend. I was already subletting my Chicago apartment and I had no trouble transferring the lease to the current resident's name, who was happy to stay there. I paid a few friends of mine to pack up the rest of my stuff that I had there and send it over. And just like that, I became another transplant to the West Coast.

    This all happened during my dad's visit to LA. He said he was "bummed" that I'd be further away from him, but he quickly added that he was happy for Greg and me. That evening, I decided to organize a cocktail party, just like I'd promised Greg's son recently. It was a party for four; another father-son double date like we were prone to doing when my dad was here.

    We gathered at Greg's house early in the evening, and I got to impress everyone with my mixology skills. Toni asked me to teach him a few tricks, and he and I had some fun in the kitchen while our dads talked on the couch. It was a rainy evening in LA; something uncommon but not completely unexpected since it was almost Halloween. 

    Once all four of us were in the living room, I cuddled up next to Greg while my father and Greg's son did the same right across from us. Dad and Toni weren't technically a couple, but they sure were affectionate when they were together. I was happy for my father, but also a bit apprehensive. I would hate to see either him or Toni hurt by getting into this kind of long-distance relationship, when they were unsure how it might work. 

    Even though it was pouring rain outside, the inside of the house was nice and warm. Soon enough, shirts were coming off and kisses were being exchanged, heating the atmosphere up even more. Toni had plans to go to a party later that night and he kept begging us to join him, but since it was a party for his college friends none of us were too interested in going. After a couple of hours, Toni realized he'd lost track of time and he tried ordering a car to drive him to the party.

    "¡Joder! There's no drivers available," he announced, looking at his phone. "It must be because of the rain. Says the nearest one is half an hour away. I don't wanna wait that looong." Sometimes, Toni could sound like a brat but I didn't blame him for it – he was still young (and cute) enough to get away with it.

    "I can drive you," Greg offered. My boyfriend definitely had a soft spot for pleasing his son, even though they'd only known each other for several months. "I've only had one cocktail, I'm good to drive."

    "Are you sure? And are you guys sure you don't wanna come?" Toni extended one final invitation, before giving my father a big kiss and then leaving the house with Greg. Dad and I now had the house to ourselves.

    "So, you and Toni, huh?" I said to Dad, sipping on the cocktail in my hand. We were both shirtless and when I looked down at dad's crotch I noticed what must've been a semi. It was the result of the passionate kisses he and Toni were exchanging just a minute ago.

    "What about me and Toni?" Dad asked, acting coy.

    "Nothing," I smirked. "I'm surprised you didn't wanna go to that party with him."

    "Nah, it sounds like it's gonna go on all night," Dad took a sip of his own drink. "I'd much rather go to bed with him than some loud party. But he's young, he should have his fun."

    "You should have your fun as well," I stressed. "You and Toni aren't exclusive, right? Get on the apps and find someone to go to bed with you if Toni won't."

    "Nah, I'm not up for that. And in this weather no one would wanna drive here anyway. You know what LA people are like when it rains," Dad laughed. 

    "Too bad. Cuz that thing throbbing between your legs looks like it needs release," I winked, eyeing Dad's growing bulge. 

    "Yeah, it probably does..." Dad said, smiling and eyeing me with a curious look. The other times we'd gotten off together, just the two of us, it had been when we were drunk or at least well on the way. Even now, I think both of us needed that extra push to brush aside the almost instinctive inhibitions. Certainly Greg had been the one to do that for us on other occasions in the past. I still could get hard any time I wanted just by recalling the night Dad was in bed with us at the airport hotel. I was already so turned on by getting fucked right next to my sleeping father – before I understood that he hadn't been asleep at all, as Greg had guided my hand to Dad's throbbing cock under the sheets.

    Touching Dad in that moment had sent a shudder through my entire body, just from the sudden realization at what was happening. And then I'd opened my eyes to find my father's eyes staring right back at me. There was so much there in that moment. Excitement, apprehension, the thrill of breaking a taboo. But most of all there was love, so much love that all I could do was let it wash over me as I started to slowly jerk off the cock that had created me.

    I was feeling a very similar mix of feelings right now, though without any apprehension, I realized. Dad and I had been through so much together recently, more than I'd ever imagined possible. We'd found many new ways to connect, and I didn't feel any need to hold back or worry about taking things too far anymore. I felt safe with Dad in a way that I couldn't with anyone else, even Greg. And I knew I wanted tonight to be something special.

    "So how about you let me be in charge of that tonight?" I asked as I reached out and began to caress the bulge in my father's pants, tugging the zipper down.

    "Fuck, Eli," Dad replied, relaxing into the couch and letting his head roll back, "I'd... I'd love that. Sometimes... ah!" He paused and gasped as I pulled his hard cock through the opening of his fly. Touching him this way still felt so special and charged, and I hoped it always would. "Sometimes," he continued, "I can't believe this place we've come to..."

    His words trailed off as he sighed deeply. I know I was feeling even more intoxicated right now, and I wondered if he was experiencing the same thing. It was from more than just alcohol.

    "You mean here at Greg's?" I teased, as I felt precum beginning to ooze from Dad's piss slit, quickly helping me stroke him much more sensually.

    "Pssh! You know what I mean," he said, laughing a little, his eyes still closed. "This... right now... us. It's so..." he paused and lifted his head up, looking into my eyes. "I just love you so much, Eli. And sharing this part of our lives, it's just... I can't even think of the words." He laughed drunkenly and closed his eyes again.

    "I'm not sure there's any words for this, Daddy," I said softly, getting up on my knees to lean over him, but never letting go of his cock. "But it's okay, we don't need words right now." I closed my own eyes and leaned in, kissing his full lips softly.

    My father and I had always given each other quick kisses on the lips, ever since I could remember. In the last year or so, when we'd seen each other less often, those kisses always lingered a bit longer than they had when I was growing up. The hugs were tighter too. Those moments of closeness were more rare now, and so more special, but there was a sexual charge to them now too. Something I know we both sensed but neither one of us quite acknowledged. Greg had even commented on it once or twice to me, how it always seemed a little steamy when Dad and I would hug and kiss. But I'd never responded to those remarks with anything more than a smile.

    This kiss with my dad right now quickly moved beyond steamy, though. Our tongues met and intertwined, and it felt new but familiar too, because of the smell of him, his breath, his beard – it was the same as it always had been, ever since I was little. His hand went to the back of my neck and we made out with a hungry intensity for nearly a minute, with me continuing to fist his leaking cock. We both gasped for air when we finally pulled our lips apart, and I opened my eyes to find my father's staring at me.

    "Oh my god," I said breathlessly, and then for some reason I started to giggle. Half a second later, Dad was doing the same thing, and I buried my face in his neck until the moment passed. We both sighed deeply and I felt his hand rubbing along my back, tracing my spine with his fingers.

    Going by instinct, I moved my face lower and took my father's nipple in my mouth, loving how the curly hairs of his chest tickled my face. It reminded me of all the times I'd hugged him as a boy while he was shirtless, and how warm and comforting it felt to press my face into his chest. Dad moaned as I worked his nip with my lips and tongue, and sucked in a quick breath when I pinched it a little with my teeth.

    After a moment I continued to move my head lower, kissing down Dad's furry stomach, getting ever so closer to what I really wanted right now.

    "Do you remember that first weekend you brought Greg home?" my father whispered. "That morning when you... when I..."

    I felt a swell of love for my Dad, realizing that even after all this he felt weird about saying it out loud. When you sprayed my face with the cum that created me? Of course I remembered, I thought to myself. I'd been so nervous after that, wondering if things would be weird between us. But we'd just acted like it was no big deal, never really talking about it beyond tacit acknowledgment that it had occurred. That became the way we handled the things that Greg and I did around Dad. No objections, no denials, no drama. Somehow, it just worked.

    "I remember, Dad," I whispered back, my face close enough to his cock that he could feel my breath on his wet shaft that I continued to stroke slowly. "I jerked off thinking about that for weeks afterward. I still do."

    "Fuck," Dad moaned softly. "So did I, Son. It blew my mind how turned on I got seeing my cum on your face... seeing it shoot into your mouth, even. It felt so wrong, but I wanted it so badly right then. I would have even..." He trailed off as I slid myself fully down onto the floor, between his spread legs, and moved my hand to the base of his throbbing erection.

    "Would have let me do this?" I asked, and then I took my father's cock into my mouth for the first time. 

    "Oh ffff—" Dad exhaled, unable to even finish the expletive. I felt the same way. There were fireworks going off in my brain as I sucked on my father's penis, and every fiber of my being was focused on this one thing. Sating a craving that I'd never quite acknowledged to myself. I moved my lips up and down Dad's cock, caressing it with my tongue slowly to give him the most pleasure possible. When I felt my father's hand on the back of my head, running his fingers through my hair like he had done throughout my whole life, it felt perfect. I knew I was right where I was supposed to be.

    I'm not sure how much time passed. I marked its progression only by the changes in what I was doing. Taking my father's entire cock down my throat and holding it there, burying my nose in his salt-and-pepper pubes. Stroking his wet, dripping cock as I took each of his balls into my mouth, almost in awe that I was getting this chance to worship the very place I'd been created. Nursing on the swollen cockhead and tasting the salty precum that seemed to keep pouring onto my tongue. Looking up my father's body to find him looking back down at me, and feeling so deeply connected to him.

    His cock was back down my throat when I felt his balls start to tighten up. I knew it was time, and I knew what I wanted. Pulling back until only his cockhead was in my mouth, I stroked his cock at the pace I knew he liked, and felt such a surge of pride when Dad started yelping that he was going to shoot his load. His hand was on the back of my head but he wasn't pushing me down, it was just there because that was where it belonged at a time like this, combing my hair and intensifying the connection between us even further.

    When my father's load began to spill out on my tongue, I wanted to have it every way I could. Tasting it, feeling it slide down my throat, letting it pool in the center of my mouth. Thankfully, there was enough of his cum to meet all those needs. As Dad's pulses tapered off and the last of his load oozed out, I slowly released the head of his dick from my mouth and sat back on my knees, still holding his erection in my hand. I smiled at my handsome father and then lowered my jaw, extending my tongue to show him the cum he'd just deposited into his own son's mouth.

    "Fuck... I love you, Son," Dad said to me, and I closed my mouth and made a show of swallowing slowly, grinning the whole time.

    "I love you too, Daddy," I replied, and I slowly crawled up into his arms. We shared a sensual kiss and I rested my head on his shoulder next, loving the warm feelings running through my whole body. I swear I could feel a little extra heat in my stomach where my father's load was.

    We both fell asleep like that, Dad naked with a slowly softening cock, me curled up on him like I'd been doing for many years. When Greg came home, he woke us up and said we should all go to sleep in his bed together tonight. He didn't ask about what might have happened while he was gone; he knew I'd tell him when I was ready. When we got to Greg's large bed I lay in the middle, and for the second time that night I was able to fall asleep wrapped in the arms of my daddy – but it was both of them this time.

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