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It's All Yours, Son


    I entered the office at 6:45 AM, the first person there except for the security staff. I flicked the lights on, rubbing sleep off my eyes. I had a conference call with people on the East Coast in 15 minutes, and I tried my hardest to focus on the issues on today's agenda. I found it hard to concentrate, however; my brain was too distracted.

    Last night, my son and my boyfriend both went out clubbing with Isaac. They'd invited me to come, but I refused due to today's early call. At 3 AM, Eli woke me up by sneaking in my bed. 

    "It was so much fun," he started to narrate drunkenly. "It was a leather party; you should've come. Maybe we should get you some leather gear as well? My dad wore his Halloween outfit so he fit right in. Oh my god, that thing's like a superhero costume on him, it gives him so much confidence! He and Toni were so hot. They were fucking right on the dance floor. There were some HOT guys at the club, but everyone was looking at Dad and Toni. Then –" Eli giggled "– then I went down and started sucking Dad's dick in front of everyone. Oh boy, if they only knew! Toni was behind me rimming my ass for most of it. There were like at least a dozen guys watching and jerking off in a circle around us. It was so hot, Daddy," Eli concluded and fell asleep in my arms.

    This wasn't Eli's first time sucking his father's cock, that much I knew. They'd done it not that long ago in my very living room. Of course, in a way I felt like I'd contributed to it. Ever since I'd met Isaac, I'd been flaunting his son's sexuality in his face. Of course, this was back when I didn't even know I was a father myself. Karma's got one fucked up sense of humor, that's for sure! How the tables have turned. Now Isaac was the one fucking my boy – who was even younger than Eli! – right in front of me, or taking him to clubs and fucking him in front of half of LA. It was a classical case of the student surpassing the master. 

    During my video conference call, I did a surprisingly good job at staying awake and taking care of business; even though, under my desk, I was hard half the time, thinking about my teenage son taking Isaac's dick in the middle of a fetish club. Whenever I could, I gave my tool a few good rubs under the table, almost cumming with how horny I was. While listening to Eli's story in bed I had been hard as a rock, but my boyfriend was too drunk and tired to take care of me so I'd been blue-balling ever since. One thing I knew for sure: the next time I cum, it would be one epic shot.

    Eli had started his new job so he wasn't home when I returned from the office early in the afternoon. The house wasn't empty, however. Isaac was there, packing his things and getting ready to go back to Columbus. 

    "Hey. Is Toni around?" I asked Isaac, joining him in his room and taking a seat on the bed.

    "Nah, he's at school. But he's only got one class today so he oughta be back soon," Isaac replied, trying to fit his new leather chaps in his suitcase.

    "Sounds like you guys had fun last night," I noted.

    "Oh, Eli told you about it?" Isaac smirked. "Yeah, it was alright."

    "'Alright'? You're just acting spoiled now," I laughed. "I'd say fucking a 19-year-old as hot as Toni, as well as getting your dick sucked by your son counts for a bit more than just 'alright.'"

    "Wow, you know all the details, don't you?" Isaac smiled at me. "Well, you weren't there, so I had to take care of both boys."

    "Now you can take care of me," I said, getting on all fours on the bed.

    Seeing Isaac pack his luggage made me realize I wouldn't be seeing him again for quite some time, and I was unwilling to let him go without taking that dick of his up my ass again; that daddy dick that made my own son crazy with lust. 

    "What?" Isaac asked, taken aback by my directness. It only took him a couple of seconds though. Before long, he was stroking my ass through the fine, expensive trousers I had on. "I see where Toni gets his ass from," he added.

    "Nah, that's all him," I brushed off the compliment. My ass was alright, but my son's was magnificent. He didn't deserve any comparison to me.

    "And his hole is already looser than his dad's," Isaac said next, unbuckling my belt and pulling the back of my pants down. "Then again, he's gotten fucked a lot more than you have."

    That was true. To this day, Isaac remained the only man to ever fuck me.

    "Oh yeah, your son's a cock-hungry slut alright," Isaac continued, pulling down my underwear and now stroking my bare asscheek. "When I'm not here, he gets fucked by a gang of other men. And you know what: I don't have a problem with that. It turns me on to hear him tell me stories of how much dick he has taken. Sometimes it's several a day."

    "Ahhh, fuck!" I panted, as in that exact moment Isaac shoved his index and middle finger inside my hairy hole. There was no lube used except for the sweat between my asscheeks after sitting at my desk all day. 

    "You know, I think he and Eli are in a competition of who's the bigger slut," Isaac spoke as he finger-fucked me. "You should've seen them at the club last night."

    Isaac continued to give me all the details of the night before while fingering me, and a few minutes later I felt something else pushing up against my hole. Whatever it was, it was leaking out a warm liquid. Then I realized it was Isaac's cock, lubricating my asshole with precum before diving inside of it.

    "Ahhhhhh, yes!" Eli's dad grunted while shoving his member inside of me. "There we go. Fuck, you missed my cock, buddy, didn't you?"

    "Yes," I nodded my head aggressively. I was surprised myself by how much I'd come to crave Isaac's dick, but there was no denying lust. Moving quickly, I loosened my tie and unbuttoned my shirt, allowing Isaac's hairy hands to roam all over my even-hairier torso. I'd never had a particular fetish for bears or daddies, but now I wanted nothing more than for Isaac to climb on me and squish me with all of his body weight.

    "Lie on top of me," I asked, falling onto my stomach. With his hard cock still splitting my hole in two, Isaac put his weight on me and I felt his paunch filling out the small of my back. "Fuck yeah," I moaned, finding it harder to breathe now but enjoying it.

    Soon, Isaac did something that made it much harder for me to breathe: he grabbed hold of my tie and pulled it back like it was a leash, choking me with it. As I gagged, I realized it was the same exact thing I'd been doing to his son on Halloween.

    "Yeah, how you like that?" Isaac grunted, pulling on my tie. "Now who's the dog?"

    "Grrrrr," I growled – it just came out of me. After a few minutes I was on all fours again, letting Isaac fuck me doggy style. The first time we'd fucked we'd gone at it all night. This time, it was less than ten minutes total; we were both too fucking horny! Within moments I felt Isaac depositing his daddy seed inside me, breeding me like a bitch in heat, like he'd bred my son countless times by now. I struggled for breath as he pulled on my tie and emptied his hefty balls inside my ass, filling it up with his spunk. 

    "Phew. I need a shower," Isaac said matter-of-factly as he pulled his cock out of my ass a moment later. It wasn't until I was alone in the room that I realized that I didn't even get to cum.

    Later that afternoon, my son returned from college just in time to say goodbye to Isaac. I drove us all to LAX, where the two shared a long, dramatic goodbye; like two star-crossed lovers, one of which was headed to war. 

    "I'm really gonna miss Isaac," Toni sighed as he and I got back in the car on our own. It was now rush hour, and the infamous LA traffic was at its worst.

    "You'll see him sooner or later," I said in an effort to cheer up my son.

    "I dunno. It just sucks when he's not here," Toni insisted on sounding defeated.

    "Well listen. Isaac told me that you… hook up with other guys when he's not in LA. Maybe you can meet someone to help take your mind off him?" I suggested.

    "I mean, yeah, but with them it's just sex. With Isaac, it's more than that, Dad," Toni looked at me. As I made eye contact with my son, I vividly remembered the things he said to me on Halloween: "I love taking cock, Daddy. I fucking love it! It's all I wanna go. I wanna get fucked and suck cock every day. I love having Isaac cum inside of me. I love taking his loads."

    "So there's no other guy in LA that you have… feelings for?" I asked my son.

    "No. I mean, except you and Eli," he laughed. "I'm quite fond of you guys."

    "Aww, well ain't that sweet?" I said, putting my right hand on the back of my son's neck and giving it a little rub as we trudged along in traffic. 

    "Dad… What's that stain on your pants?" Toni asked, pointing to my crotch. I was still wearing the pants I wore to work… and while Isaac fucked me earlier.

    "Um, well… to be honest, Isaac fucked me a couple of hours ago," I admitted. 

    "So that stain's your cum?!" my son said in surprised amusement.

    "Precum, probably. I didn't get to cum."

    "Why not?" Toni asked.

    "It just… didn't happen. I was horny as fuck as well, but I was more focused on taking Isaac's dick at that moment."

    Just then, we had to pull over again, the line of cars in front of us seemingly endless. 

    "You should cum now. We'll be stuck in traffic for at least an hour," Toni said and he winked at me. At first I thought he was kidding but then I realized he might be serious. After all, he and I had already jerked off together a few months ago on my son's birthday. He'd already seen my dick hard; he'd already seen me cumming right next to him. 

    "Okay, I'll do it," I said, feeling frisky. Lately Isaac had been the one surprising everyone with his crazy sexcapades, and I wanted to prove to my son I could be just as kinky.

    As the car moved slowly, almost inch by inch through traffic, I pulled by dick out and started stroking it. It wasn't very long before I was hard. I was acutely aware of my son's eyes on my dick and it… turned me on. I enjoyed showing off for Toni; I enjoyed him admiring me. Every dad likes being worshipped by his boy. And since I didn't know Toni when he was little, he and I had skipped all that childish stuff and gone straight to the deep end, exposing our sexuality in front of one another.

    "Fuck Dad, you got a great dick," my son complimented me from the passenger seat. When I looked over at him, I was happy to see he was almost salivating.

    "Careful now, don't let Isaac hear that or he might get jealous," I said, stroking my throbber up and down for my boy, making sure to show off the dribble of precum that was oozing out of my piss slit.

    "Nah, Isaac knows I love his dick. I can admire more than one dick in the world," Toni said to me.

    I drove with one hand on the wheel and the other one on my cock. For a moment, I wondered if any of the hundreds of commuters around us was doing something as pervy as jerking off in front of their son in the car.

    Then, Toni surprised me with a question I did not expect to hear.

    "Dad… Can I suck your cock?"

    I looked at my son, wondering if I'd heard him correctly. Just last night, Eli was telling me how he'd sucked his own father's cock at the club. Toni had witnessed all that, and now he… wanted to do the same with me?

    "Are you sure?" I asked my boy, my cock throbbing in my lap.

    "Yes. If it's alright with you," he said, blushing. "I'd love to taste it."

    "Well… It's all yours, Son," I nodded down toward my lap, taking my right hand off the wheel so Toni could get to my lap. He unbuckled his seatbelt and leaned in, planting his face in my crotch and placing his full lips onto my leaky cockhead. "Mmm," I moaned immediately as my sensitive glans made contact with my son's mouth.

    We moved slowly. There was rock music playing on the radio and I switched the station to something slower and more sensual. "I love this song," Toni mumbled before diving back in for my cock. "Drip, drip, drip when you slide in / Fit, fit, fit, baby, right in / Don't hesitate when you in it cuz you know I like it," played on the radio while my son sucked my cock and I drip-drip-dripped precum in his mouth.

    Moving through traffic like this was much more enjoyable! Every now and then I stepped on the gas pedal, stirring the wheel if necessary, but mostly focusing on the expert head my boy was giving me. He focused solely on my head for a good ten minutes, before slooowly moving on down my shaft, inch by inch, until my pubes were tickling his nose. 

    Then, Toni struggled to get his right hand between my legs and underneath my nut sack. At first I thought his intention was to tug on my balls, but he continued to probe deeper until his fingers were on my asshole. I shifted in my seat, allowing my teenage son to fit his finger in my hole and start wiggling it around. My boy was churning Isaac's jizz which was still inside my ass, all the while deep-throating my cock.

    "Ahhh," I started to moan louder and louder, feeling my toes curl in my tight Oxford shoes. After operating with blue balls for over 12 hours, I was just about done with being teased. I put my right hand on the back of Toni's head – amazed by how soft his hair was – and I pressed down.

    "Gggggg!" Toni choked on my tool and I felt his saliva running down my shaft and onto my ball sack. The father within me wanted to take it easy on him, but I'd seen what Toni could do. I'd seen him gag on Isaac's cock, plunged balls-deep in his teen throat. Granted, my prick was bigger than Isaac's, but I had a feeling my boy could handle it. 

    "Take it all, boy!" I said, pushing and pulling his head up and down, gripping Toni's hair while moving the car forward. "Take your daddy's cock. Your REAL daddy! Yeah, that's right. Suck the dick that made you, baby boy. You bout to get your father's nut if you keep doing that."

    In that very moment, I could instantly feel just how turned on Toni became. He reached for his crotch with his left hand and pulled out his uncut cock, hard as a rock, and he began stroking. The fatherly verbal play had worked wonders on him! That's one thing I had over Isaac. He might be Toni's "Daddy," but I was Toni's father, and always would be. And my slut of a son LOVED taking his father's cock.

    "Fuck yeah, baby. Keep going. Keep going," I encouraged him, driving the car as Toni drove me closer to ecstasy, his tongue licking my engorged shaft, his finger fucking my cum-filled asshole. We both went faster, several other drivers honking at me but I was only half-paying attention to the road right now. I could feel my balls tightening, ready to shoot that same sperm which had made Toni right in his cocksucking mouth. He was in for a fucking treat. 

    "AHHHHH, FUCK YEAH!!!" I shouted at the top of my lungs as my cock exploded with cum. Luckily, my son was considerate enough not to let it get all over my car. Instead, he swallowed every last drop of my semen. I shot for almost a minute, experiencing one of the most intense climaxes of my life, almost losing control of the vehicle. While he swallowed his little siblings, Toni shot his own load next to me. I saw him let go of his dick and catch his cum in his left hand. Meanwhile, his right hand continued to probe inside my ass, making me jizz even harder in his cum-guzzling mouth.

    "Wow, Dad! That was AMAZING!" the teen said when he took my cock out of his mouth, after I was done blowing my load. He pulled his finger out of my ass and then looked me in the eyes and placed the digit in his mouth, sucking off Isaac's cum as well as my ass juices which were on it. Then, Toni reached for a box of tissues I kept in the car, and I realized he was about to wipe his jizz off his hand.

    "Wait. Give it here," I said to my son. It took him a while to realize what I meant but when he did, Toni put his left hand in front of my face, and I lapped up his swimmers as we breezed through the highway. We were out of the traffic jam; it was smooth sailing from here on out. "There, now we've both tasted each other's cum," I winked at my son as I swallowed the last of his teenage jizz, and we had a good laugh before tucking our dicks away.

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