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Our Boy is Cumming

This chapter takes place after Leather Daddy Isaac, Chapter 6



    On my father's birthday two years ago, Dad spent the evening with my boyfriend Greg, and it culminated with the two of them getting their dicks sucked by their waiter in the restaurant's bathroom. It was the event that got the ball rolling and helped my father rediscover his sexuality, as well as forge a brand-new type of relationship with me, Greg, and later, Greg's son Toni.

    Because of this, Dad's birthday held a special place in my heart. Now that I lived in LA full time, it was much more difficult to get together, so every time there was a special occasion like a birthday or a holiday, I made sure to invite my father to spend a few days with Greg and me. This year, Dad couldn't get time off work, so spent his birthday in Columbus, but promised he would come visit us in a couple of weeks.

    By the time the end of March came, Columbus was still experiencing some winter weather, whereas temperatures in SoCal were already in the 90s. That's when Dad finally decided to come and stay at Greg's house for a few days. I picked him up at LAX, where he arrived wearing a black T-shirt that said "Leather Daddy," as well as a pair of gray sweatpants that made his prominent bulge look obscenely oversized.

    "Damn! That thing looks huge! What the fuck have you been doing?" I said to my father instead of a hello.

    "I tried pumping the other day," he said, adjusting his package by sliding his right hand inside his sweats right there at the airport, while his left hand carried his duffle bag. "You know, cock pumping?"

    "I know what pumping is, Dad? Why did you decide to go it?" I asked, leaning in to give him a kiss while he was still groping himself.

    "A buddy of mine from CoLMA mentioned it. It made me curious so he let me use his pump to try it out."

    CoLMA was the Columbus Leather Men's Association – a group of fetish-loving kink men which my father joined recently, in his evolving exploration of gay sex.

    "I didn't know those things actually worked!" I said, looking down in awe at my father's meat, barely concealed by the fabric of the sweatpants. 

    "Well, it worked, it made my cock appear bigger –" Dad said, grabbing hold of his shaft through the sweats and waving it around a little bit, "– but it's only gonna last a few days before going down again. So all in all, meh."

    While we stood talking about the size of my father's penis in the middle of the airport, hundreds of people walked past us, looking for their gate or reuniting with family members. It was something my dad would NEVER do two years ago – reach inside his pants and adjust his balls, for example. After expanding his sexual horizons with me, Greg, and Toni; Dad now also had his leather buddies in Columbus to help him break out of his shell of shyness (which was all but nonexistent by this point).

    "I'm also wearing this cockring that's supposed to be ultra comfortable, but I regret putting it on for a 5-hour flight," Dad said, still fidgeting with his bulge as we walked toward my car. I noticed several men giving him interested looks, clearly eager to see the monster underneath those gray sweats.

    "So, where are you taking me for my birthday?" Dad said as we got out of the airport, immediately hit by the bright California sunshine.

    "Your birthday was weeks ago," I pointed out, "but we're still taking you out."

    "Who's 'we'?" Dad asked.

    "Greg and I. It's Toni's spring break and he went down to Mexico to see his mom, so he won't be back until tomorrow."

    "Okay," my father nodded before getting into my car. 

    "Have things… gotten more serious between Toni and you? I know you're in different cities, but have you been texting?" I asked as I got behind the wheel.

    "I mean, we text all the time. I knew he was in Mexico; I just wasn't sure when he's coming back. Listen, he's the first guy I ever had sex with, so I will always be especially fond of him. I'm not gonna lie, if I lived here things might've… worked out between us. But that's not an option for now," Dad shrugged.

    "Too bad. That would've been interesting: Greg dating your son, and you dating Greg's son," I smiled. Then, while stuck in one of LA's infamous traffic jams, I put my right hand on my father's bulge and copped a feel of his pumped dick.

    That night, Greg and I took my father to an event that was right up his newly-discovered alley: a leather daddy party. It took place at a huge club, and although the crowd mostly consisted of men in their 40s and older, there was also a decent amount of twinks and daddy chasers of all ages. 

    Although he didn't bring a lot of clothes to LA, my dad had made sure to pack a leather vest as well as a leather jockstrap, which made up his outfit for the party. Stuffed in his black jock, his bulge looked even more lewd! When we undressed at the club, I realized my father had been letting his pubic hair grow even more than usual. His unruly bush was on complete display, as was the top inch of his dick, which just refused to be contained by the leather underwear. 

    Greg and I both rocked jocks as well, except ours were cotton. My boyfriend's bulge also looked delectable in his blue jockstrap. Greg's dick was usually significantly larger than my dad's, but now, post-pump, they looked like they might be the same size. I was tempted to drop to my knees and suck both of them off right there as soon as we got to the club.

    By now, we all knew that I had sucked Dad's dick before, as well as the fact that Toni had sucked Greg's dick. It was the kind of thing that fathers almost never got to experience with their sons, but the four of us were lucky enough to make it a reality. 

    At the club, we had a few drinks and danced all together. My father and Greg kept getting approached by younger guys who were into them, but they avoided all advances and focused their attention on me. I was aware that many eyes were on me, sandwiched between two of the hottest daddies at the party. Dad and Greg were different types – Greg more muscular, and my father softer and hairier – but they had their sets of admirers at a place like this.

    An hour later, when Greg went to the bathroom, I fell into my father's arms and started dancing pressed up against him. I was slightly tipsy and kept repeating "I love you" in his ear, all the while his large hands stroked me up and down my spine. I felt sweat dripping down my back and into my asscrack, which is where Dad's fingers ended up after a couple of minutes. He groped my asscheeks and inserted his thick digits between then, poking at my asshole before shoving a finger inside of it.

    "Mmmmmpff!" I moaned in pleasure as my dad began finger-fucking me on the dance floor. Using my perspiration as lube, I quickly felt his index finger slide inside of me past the second knuckle. Meanwhile, Dad's other hand wrapped itself around my throat and began choking me. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. Just as my father started sucking on my tongue, I felt a second finger sliding inside my ass, and then a third, stretching my hole more and more by the second.

    "Good boy," Dad growled in my ear over the beat of the music. "You like it when Daddy stretches your pussy open, don't ya?"

    "Yes Daddy," I nodded, shivering with excitement and pleasure.

    "Gooood boy. Daddy's proud of you, Eli. You've grown up to be a big strong man. Yet at the same time, you're just a pussy boy in need of daddy dick."

    "Yes, Daddy. I need your dick," I begged, my heart beating faster and faster. My cock grew to full erection and slipped out of my jock, stimulated by my father's thick fingers in my ass as well as his dirty words in my ear.

    "Well, go down at suck it then," Dad said sultrily, his warm breath hitting my neck and making me shiver.

    I did my best to bend down without letting Dad's fingers slip out of my ass. I wanted them there, stretching me open and diving even deeper inside me. I managed to lean over enough to get my father's penis in my mouth. Immediately, I was amazed by its size and thickness now. I had to open my jaw as much as possible to get it all in, allowing Dad to fuck the back of my throat in front of hundreds of jealous observers at the club. Some of them tried putting their hands on me, but my father very authoritatively told them "No." I was his boy, and his only.

    Feeling protected, I continued going down on my father, who stretched my throat and my asshole at the same time. After a few minutes, I felt another pair of hands on my asscheeks. At first I wasn't sure who it was, until I looked down and recognized my boyfriend's sneakers.

    "I've been opening up his hole for you," my father said to Greg. "Look at that pussy pulsing."

    "Indeed," Greg said, barely audible over the music. "You've done a great job."

    "Wanna take over?" Dad offered. 

    In a quick sequence, my father pulled his digits out of my ass, and Greg's dick slipped right in. Now, Dad was free to stand up straight and start thrusting his hips. Greg did the same thing, as my two daddies united and spit-roasted me rhythmically. 

    I felt like the luckiest boy in the world. To find a man as sexy, and successful, and exciting as Greg was a wonder in and of itself. But then, to be able to build this kind of relationship with my own father in addition – to have Dad in on all of my "dirty" secrets, and to have his approval on everything – that was even more astonishing. As my two favorite men's cocks pounded me from both ends, I suddenly felt an intense elation. Love and arousal stirred inside of me, and my dick began shooting out cum on the floor like a fucking water cannon. 

    "I think our boy is cumming," my dad said to Greg.

    "I can tell. You should feel how fucking tight his hole is around my cock right now," my boyfriend replied.

    "Well, maybe I should," my dad said, slowing down the face-fucking he was giving me and asking Greg, "Wanna switch?"

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