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A Son's Hole


    "Wanna switch?" I said to Greg, the words leaving my mouth spontaneously without me even thinking about it. Had I really just proposed to fuck my son for the first time? Unsurprisingly, Greg's face lit up at my suggestion.

    "Fuck yeah, Isaac!" he said with an excited tone. "You're pretty much the only one who could get me to pull out of this ass without cumming." My son's boyfriend withdrew his cock slowly from Eli's ass, and then gave it a good slap with one hand.

    As my son pulled his head off of my cock, he looked up at me with his big beautiful eyes. I could tell he was a little in shock at what was about to happen, but he was visibly excited about it. I reached down and caressed his cheek with my hand, watching him smile and smiling back at him. Then, I stepped around Eli on one side, as Greg did the same across from me, his wet and shiny dick bouncing in front of him.

    I grabbed my son by the hips, but then paused for a moment to watch him swallow Greg's cock – the cock that had just been in his ass a few seconds earlier. Greg and I looked at one another and grinned. In the past, there were times when Greg's presence made me feel nervous or apprehensive. But now, I was grateful to have him here, sharing this moment with me and my son. I winked at my son's boyfriend, just as my cockhead pressed up against my son's quivering, pink pucker.

    I slid in with ease; Greg had opened Eli up really well, not that my son ever needed much work to be ready for a fuck. I took a moment to savor being balls-deep in my own son's ass – in full view of a club full of people, no less – and then I slowly pulled half my cock out before pushing it back in. I felt huge due to the pumping I'd done, and I loved knowing that I was filling up Eli so extremely.

    The sensations that surrounded my shaft were different than I expected. Eli was tight, but not in an uncomfortable way. It was almost like his insides were massaging my cock. I pulled in and out a few more times, even slower than before, letting myself thoroughly enjoy all of it. I'd fucked a lot of ass in the last year, some of it virgin like Toni and his dad Greg; but more often than not, I was nailing a guy who'd been around the block plenty of times. Experienced or not, none of them could compare to how my son felt.

    "Goddamn... that feels fucking amazing," I said slowly, apparently loud enough for Greg to hear over the music. He chuckled and I glanced across Eli's back at him. My son's boyfriend had a wide grin on his face, and not the kind that comes from an amazing blowjob, which he was now receiving. Greg was grinning because he had a front-row seat to watch me fuck my own son, and he could tell how much I loved it.

    "Your son is hands-down the best fuck I've ever had," Greg said in a lurid tone. "Every top I've ever shared him with says the same. His ass is... something special. He's made for this."

    Hearing Greg talk about my son this way always stirred up a lot of feelings in me, some of which I never knew how to process until recently. I now understood that it was something that had always turned me on a great deal, even if I was in denial about it. Hearing Greg tell me how good a fuck my son was – WHILE I was inside Eli – was now getting me worked up more than I ever thought possible; and I was no longer denying it.

    His boyfriend's words were having an effect on Eli as well. He suddenly started thrusting back on my cock a lot more, almost as if trying to get me to pound him even harder. I was happy to comply, grabbing my son's hips tightly and slamming my pelvis against his muscular glutes. I heard him moan clearly, even though it was muffled by Greg's cock in Eli's throat.

    "His hole feels perfect," I said loudly to the man penetrating my son at the other end.

    "A son's hole is always going to fit perfectly around his own daddy's cock," Greg said as he grabbed the back of Eli's head with both of his hands. "I gotta admit, I've been wanting to see this since I first met you."

    "You fucking perv," I replied, making sure my thrusts into Eli were timed right in sync with Greg's. "You got me to blow a load on his face the first time we met!"

    "Fuck yeah, I did," Greg said, looking very pleased with himself. "And look at you guys now."

    "Maybe I'll get to watch you fuck Toni one day," I said in a slightly taunting voice. Greg's smile didn't go away but his eyes narrowed a bit as he stared back at me. Rather than respond, he leaned forward and let his hand glide along Eli's spine. I expected him to stop at my son's tailbone, and actually thought he might be leaning in for a kiss (which I wouldn't have minded). So I got a bit of a surprise when I felt Greg's fingers at the base of my cock. Wondering what was going on, I glanced down in time to see – and feel – Greg's index finger slip into Eli's already-stretched hole, right along the top of my shaft.

    My son moaned again, and I echoed it this time. This was so wild, and things felt tighter around my cock now, but that just enhanced the myriad of sensations I was already experiencing. Eli moaned again as Greg worked a second finger in, and then I saw that the older man was now pulling my son toward him, almost like he was threatening to pull Eli off my cock, like some kind of tug-of-war.

    "I can play that too," I thought to myself, and I reached my own hand out, my arm crossing with Greg's at the inner elbow. I grabbed a handful of Eli's thick hair and tugged back, briefly pulling him most of the way off of his boyfriend's cock. They both moved to remedy that quickly, and I could tell Eli was loving this, feeling his daddies almost fighting to fuck him as deeply as they could. 

    Greg and I both pounded into my son for a good while, each of us pulling him with both hands. Greg still had one hand on the back of Eli's head, and his fingertips touched mine as I continued to tug on my son's hair. Greg and I kept up our intense eye contact, the teasing smirks now giving way to expressions of pure lust and perversion. I was vaguely aware that we were attracting a crowd around us, and that just made all this even hotter.

    I'd been close to nutting down my son's throat when he was sucking me earlier. Now, I was glad that I'd held back on that, so that I could deposit my load inside Eli's ass instead – an injection of the cum that created him! I could tell he needed it. Once he'd sucked my cock for the first time, I think we both knew this moment would come eventually, though we'd never spoken about it openly. And here it was, finally…

    As I felt myself starting to cum, I pushed deep into Eli one final time, and pulled him back against me as much as I could, with one hand tugging his hair and the other on his hip. I felt Greg's knuckles pressing into me right below my navel, his fingers still deeply embedded in my son along the top of my cock. He stopped his own pounding a moment later, his entire cock buried down Eli's throat. With both of us leaning forward, it felt like Greg was nearer than ever. As my paternal load flooded my son's guts, I imagined it mixing with Greg's cum that was blasting down Eli's throat and into his stomach at the very same moment.
   Neither of us wanted to withdraw our cocks from my son's warm insides, even after we were finished unloading. Around us, men were fucking and sucking and jerking off, but the three of us only had eyes for each other. Finally, Greg and I pulled out, letting out cocks plop out of Eli at the same time.

    "That was AWESOME!" my son said loudly. He needed both of our support to stand upright, and he pulled us both in for a threesome kiss. After making out with Greg and Eli for a couple of minutes, I noticed a large cumload down on the floor beneath our feet, and I realized it had come from my son. Eli had shot his nut while getting loaded up by us!

    "I love you guys, but I gotta go splash some cold water on my face," my son said, walking off to the bathroom.

    "That was… fun," Greg smirked at me, putting his sweaty arm around my shoulders, filling my nostrils with the scent of his musk.

    "It was. And buddy, I couldn't imagine doing it with anyone but you," I said to him.

    "Like you said, maybe you'll be there when I get to do it with Toni someday," he said.

    I grinned and smacked Greg's ass, amused by his choice of words: "when" rather than "if."

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