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A Father's Promise


    During spring break, like a lot of my friends from college, I was headed down to Mexico. While they were going down to drink and party, however, I was going to visit family. I stayed with my mom in Monterrey for a week, almost feeling like a tourist in the city I'd grown up in. After meeting my father in California and getting myself established there, I was starting to feel like a whole new person, in a way. Even though I didn't visit very often, my mom was understanding and didn't hold it against me.

    Mamá had a lot of family in California, so she would travel as much as possible. When my spring break was over, she and I flew together to LA, and I invited her over to my dad Greg's house, for a party he happened to be throwing. I assumed it must be awkward for my parents to meet all these years later; after all, I was the product of a one-night-stand, so it's not like they ever had a significant relationship. 

    Thankfully, Dad's party was so large that it made things easier. With almost a hundred people there, my mom and dad engaged in some polite chit-chat before going their separate way and mingling with other people. Dad kept it civil and never accused my mother of keeping me from him for all these years – not that I would blame him for feeling that way. For a while, I actually saw my mother flirting with a guy named Ben, who used to date my father. I just laughed and rolled my eyes, amused by the telenovela my life had become.

    Dad's party was also attended by Eli and Isaac. This was my first time seeing Isaac in months, and it took a lot of self-control not to drag him into the bathroom and beg him to fuck my ass right there. Mom and I left the party relatively early, and I tried to play it off cool, but on the inside I felt incredibly horny.

    Since I was still interning at Dad's company, I saw him at work the following day. He and I went for an early lunch together, where we got a chance to talk about the events from the night before.

    "Thank you for being cool and causing a scene last night," I said to my father at the restaurant, which was still relatively empty at his hour.

    "Why would I cause a scene at my own party?" he asked, confused.

    "Well, I wasn't sure how you would react to meeting my mom. Like, I wouldn't hold it against you if you were angry at her for keeping me a secret," I explained.

    Dad took a moment to reply, slowly chewing his food and swallowing before speaking again.

    "Of course a part of me is angry," he said, "but not much I can do about it now." Then, after a few more moments of silence, he asked, "Are YOU angry at her, Toni?"

    "I mean… yeah, but I try to understand why she did what she did and move past it. But of course I'm mad that I didn't get a dad growing up, when you were here all that time. My best friend–"

    I stopped talking for a moment. I was becoming more emotional than I expected.

    "What about your best friend?" Dad asked.

    "My best friend at the time had a really good relationship with his dad. And I always wanted that, you know," I confessed with tears in my eyes.

    Dad put down his fork, reached for my hand across the table, and squeezed it reassuringly.

    "You have me now, Toni. I'm here," he said with a smile.

    I smiled back, wiped my tears with my free hand, and tried to steer the conversation in a more cheerful direction.

    "It's funny," I said. "You know, when I started watching porn, I would watch a lot of dad-son scenes. Basically an older actor fucking his make-believe son. Looking back, those scenarios were so cringeworthy. But hey, at least it helped me practice my English."

    "Who says porn isn't educational?" Dad said, picking his fork up with his left hand so he could eat while we resumed holding hands.

    "Oh I learned a lot of stuff from it," I added.

    "I know you did. Is that how you learned to give such good blowjobs?" Dad winked at me.

    Immediately, I felt a tingle down my spine and butterflies in my stomach. Dad and I had never before addressed the blowjob I gave him in his car a while back. Besides, I didn't get any dick during my week in Mexico, so I was full of pent-up sexual energy.

    "Umm, some of it was from porn. But I also learned my practicing IRL," I winked back at my father, who I knew by now was just as pervy-minded as I was. I was hoping things would continue to heat up, maybe even leading to another incestuous blowjob today. That's why I was so disappointed when my father suddenly let go of my hand, stood up, and said, 

    "Excuse me, I gotta make a phone call."

    Faced with my father's bulge when he got up, I saw that he sported a major boner in his pants. He was just as horny as I was! So what the hell was he playing at? Whatever his phone call was, it completely ruined the moment. When Dad got back, we finished our food quickly and went back to the office. Now, I felt even hornier than ever!

    I went back to my cubicle, trying to focus on work. About an hour later, I was shocked to see a familiar face show up: Isaac's.

    "Isaac!" I said, rushing to give him a hug. "What're you doing here?!"

    "You'll see in a bit. Come," he said, taking my hand and walking away. I felt like a child, letting him lead the way, as I realized we were walking toward… my dad's office.

    Isaac stepped into the room without knocking, and my father didn't seem surprised to see him. While Isaac shut the door, Dad picked up the phone and asked his secretary to hold his calls and now let anyone in for a while.

    "What's going on?" I asked, feeling weirdly ambushed.

    "It's all good, Son," Dad said to me. "I just made a promise to Isaac recently, which is why I invited him here."
   "What kinda promised?" I asked, looking from one man to the other. Both of them were donning grins on their handsome faces.

    "I promised Isaac that he'd get to watch when I fuck you for the first time."

    My head felt like it was about to explode. I kept waiting for someone to start laughing, like this was a joke.

    "And… is that what you're about to do?" I asked Dad slowly, my cock already throbbing.

    "If that's what you'd like, Son. While we were at the restaurant and you were talking about those father-son scenes you loved watching… I got the impression you might want to experience the real thing."

    While saying that, Dad reached down for his crotch and began rubbing it. 

    "And… you wanna watch?" I turned to Isaac.

    "Of course I'd like to watch, boy," he spoke gently. "You're very special to me, boy. I'm the one who got to pop that cherry of yours. Now, tell us, do you want your real daddy to have a go at your ass as well?"

    "Fuck yes!" I said, dropping to my knees in front of Isaac as soon as I saw him pulling his hard cock out of his pants. While I blew Isaac, my dad got up and slowly walked toward us. Suddenly, I found myself with TWO daddy dicks in my face! This was beyond my wildest dreams! While jacking Isaac off with my right hand, I took Dad's dick in my mouth, savoring the precum he was already producing. The fingers on my left hand were tickling Dad's balls; balls which would be unloading in my ass soon.

    "Fuck, this is hot!" I said in between taking turns on Dad's and Isaac's cocks. With my eyes closed, at times I couldn't tell whose dick was in my mouth, as they both started to fuck my face faster and harder. Once again, my eyes were tearing up; but this time, it was from having two daddy cocks aggressively shoved all the way down my throat, making me gag and choke occasionally. 

    After a while, Isaac pulled out and walked away. He got behind me and pulled my pants down until they were around my ankles. I was leaning down, sucking my dad's throbbing cock, as Isaac buried his face in my ass and began eating it out. 

    "Mmmpf," I moaned through a mouthful of the cock that had made me. 

    "That's right, you little cocksucker. Choke on your daddy's dick," Isaac said to me, then drove his tongue deep inside my tight asshole. 

    "How's that ass taste, Isaac?" my father asked, holding on to my hair while fucking my face.

    "Taste good. You can try it in a minute. For now, I wanna see you fuck your son's throat," Isaac said and resumed rimming me.

    "You fucking perv," Dad said to Isaac.

    "Takes one to know one," Isaac retorted. 

    About five minutes later, they switched positions. Having my dad's tongue up my ass was NOT something I was expecting today – or ever! – and getting to experience this moment with Isaac made it all that much more special. After rimming me for ten minutes, and helping my hole loosen up, Dad came up to kiss me and give me a taste of my own ass juices mixed with his saliva.

    "Time for me to go back," he said, wagging his rock-hard dick. It looked so appetizing that I was tempted to drop back to my knees and suck it, but it was headed somewhere even more special now. My father stood up behind me, placed his large hands on my hips… and slowly pushed his dick up my ass.

    "Ahhhh, fuck!" I moaned as quietly as possible. This was all happening at Dad's office, with hundreds of people right outside!

    "That's my boy!" Isaac said proudly, stepping forward and giving me a hug. Sandwiched between my two daddies, I felt hornier and happier than I'd ever been.

    "How's it feel to fuck your own flesh and blood? Your own son, huh?" Isaac asked my dad.

    "Pretty fucking good, Isaac. But of course, you already know that."

    My asshole throbbed upon hearing that. Was Dad suggesting that… Isaac had fucked Eli?!

    "How lucky are we," Isaac said to Dad, "to both have such sexy, insatiably slutty boys?"

    "Really lucky. Especially with a hole as tight as Toni's," Dad said as me smacked my ass loudly.

    "Man, I tell ya, when I was 19 I certainly wasn't taking it up the ass. And definitely not by my daddy," Isaac said before giving me a big kiss and gently stroking the sides of my neck. The tender treatment he was giving me from the front was a stark contrast to the rough fucking and ass-slapping that my father was administering in the back. 

    With my two daddies holding me up, I didn't need to worry about anything. A moment later, I felt Isaac's hand wrap itself around my hard cock, holding it firmly. With my father fucking me, my body was shaking backward and forward, which basically meant I was fucking Isaac's fist. 

    I reached down with both of my hands and took Isaac's cock in one and his hairy nutsack in the other. All the while, he and I continued to kiss passionately while two lovers who were finally reunited. My father's hands, in the meanwhile, were now firmly gripping my asscheeks, kneading them while fucking my hole without a break.

    "Fuck," I moaned while sucking on Isaac's tongue a while later. I was so turned on that I was close to cumming. I was overstimulated, not only by the physical sensation of finally taking a cock up my ass; but also by the perversion of who that cock belonged to – my own dad. After 18 years apart, we'd certainly found a way to make up for lost time.

    "I think your boy's about to cum," Isaac said to my dad, once again talking about me like I wasn't in the room.

    "That's good, cuz I'm getting close to busting a nut in this tight little ass of his," Dad grunted behind me.

    Hearing my father say that pushed me over the edge. I sucked on Isaac's tongue to hold back from shouting, as I blew my load all over Isaac's hairy belly. In that moment, I felt my asshole clenching Dad's dick tighter, which must've felt really good for him, cuz only a few seconds later he was depositing a warm load filled with my siblings right in my guts.

    "There we goooo," Isaac growled. "Load your son up with your sperm, Greg. Give him a taste of that load! Holy shit, he's shooting like a machine gun all over my stomach. He's so fucking turned on. Ain't ya, boy?"

    "Mhm," I nodded, blowing wad after wad of cum, and feeling my dad's jizz accumulate inside me. Finally, Isaac began to blow his own load, shooting it on the floor of Dad's office. 

    It probably took around three minutes for all of us to finally come down from our intense orgasms. As soon as I felt Dad's dick leave my ass with an audible plop, I clenched my hole real tight, determined to maintain possession of his seed inside me.

    "Tsk tsk, you came all over the floor," Dad said when he spotted Isaac's cumload. "The cleaners are gonna wonder what that is."

    "No they won't," said Isaac, pushing my head down until I was on the floor, licking up his cum and swallowing it, disposing of the evidence of our deviant intercourse.

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