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Dom Dad's Order


    When I first met Isaac, I was almost amused by his meekness. I was used to sexually asserting my dominance over his son Eli, and in a way that translated into my relationship with Isaac. I wasn't trying to be a dick; I just wanted to "show him who's boss," so to speak. Little did I know, this would backfire on me in the best way possible.

    Inspired by my relationship with his son, Isaac began to explore his own sexuality. Before long, he was going to leather clubs and joining fetish groups, and doing things that even I, in my two decades out on the gay scene, had never done. The biggest shock, however, came as the three of us walked into a gay hotspot in WeHo one evening, only to be greeted by "Isaac, my man! Good to see you again."

    "Hey, how's it going?" Isaac replied to the friendly doorman, who was checking Eli's ID to make sure we were all old enough to get into the popular bar.

    "You coming to The Dungeon later?" the beefy bouncer leaned forward and whispered to Isaac discreetly.

    "We'll see, I'll let you know," Isaac winked to him. "You working the door? Cuz I might be out with someone who's 21 minus two, if you know what I mean."

    "No worries, man," the man patted Isaac's back, and they said their goodbyes so we could go sit at our table.

    "You're on first-name basis with bouncers?" I asked Isaac with awe. That was usually MY role.

    "Oh you know, I've been out and about since being here," Isaac winked at me mischievously.

    Once again, Isaac's office allowed him to work remotely for a couple of weeks, long enough for him to extend his stay in LA and really enjoy the city. He stayed at my house, so he usually went out with me and Eli. However, due to our jobs, some nights we weren't able to go out, or we just didn't feel like it. That was when Isaac would order an Uber and go out on his own, making a name for himself in LA already.

    "I wanna know what The Dungeon is," Eli said as we sat down and got our fruity drinks that this place was famous for.

    "It's an underground club that just opened," Isaac replied. I appreciated the dichotomy of him wearing a black T-shirt that said Dom Daddy, while sipping on a fuchsia-colored cocktail with a tiny umbrella. 

    "Why haven't I heard of this place?" I asked, outraged. As I got closer to 50, I was secretly terrified of losing my "touch."

    "It's invitation-only," Isaac smirked. "It's a kink club, so they like to keep a low profile."

    "And you got an invitation?!" Eli said, with an impressed tone of voice that he usually saved for me and my accomplishments. "Who are you and what've you done to my father?"

    "Meh, a buddy of mine from Columbus hooked me up," Isaac shrugged.

    "Wait, and you're thinking of taking Toni there?" I asked, assuming the 19-year-old Isaac was asking the bouncer about was my son.

    "Maybe," said Isaac. "He's been begging me to take him there since I told him bout it. Honestly, I don't think there's anything there he can't handle, but I'm not sure."

    "Oh my god, babe, we have to go!" Eli squeezed my hand enthusiastically.

    "If you want, I can get you on the list," Isaac said. 

    There it was – that sentence I loved throwing around. I took pride in being well-connected in LA, whether it came to business networking or gay nightlife. And now here I was, in my own city, being outdone by my boyfriend's dad.

    "Sure," I said, admittedly curious about this Dungeon place.

    "Cool. I'll text Toni. He's out with some friend but he'll join us later," Isaac said, typing away on his phone and then getting up to chat with the bouncer.

    The Dungeon was aptly named considering its layout and the fact it was all underground. I immediately wondered who the owner might be, and how much they'd invested in this place. A mill, maybe more? All of the lighting and furniture looked top-notch; a stark contrast to how seedy many sex clubs were. One thing I hadn't realized before coming here was that this was NOT a gay club. The majority of the leather- and rubber-clad patrons seemed to be straight, at least judging by the people they were interacting with. There was, however, a good amount of men playing with other men. Even though there wasn't an official area reserved just for that, we sort of naturally segregated ourselves to a bunker-like room that was exclusively male.

    "This place is nice," said Toni, who had now joined our group. He looked around the venue with interest, standing in the middle of the room in his red jock, sneakers, and nothing else on. Looking at my son, I remembered the first time I went to a sex club. I was quite a few years older than Toni now, yet I was more mind-blown than he seemed to be. I guess by now the existence of these kinds of places was no longer a dirty secret. Besides, the first time I went to such a place, I was on my own. Toni had not only me – his dad – but also Isaac – his daddy, who kept his arm around Toni's waist and held onto him protectively.

    Naturally, a twink like Toni attracted a lot of predatory looks at a place like this. I knew that he and Isaac weren't officially a couple, but I did feel glad that my son had someone like Isaac to guide him around, just like I did to Eli when we first started off.

    Since Eli and I had left the house without any fetishy clothes (and neither of us wore underwear) we were made to strip down completely to abide by the dress code. That made Isaac the only one of us fully dressed, in leather pants and his Dom Daddy shirt. Although he kept his pants on, it didn't take long before his cock was out – looking bigger than I'd ever seen it! – poking out through the fly and being slowly stroked by my own son.

    Even though Toni's attention seemed focused on Isaac's dick, I did notice my son look between my legs a few times as well. Since that time at my office, I hadn't fucked Toni again, but I knew it was only a matter of time. Maybe even tonight, at this club?

    With my boyfriend's tongue in my mouth, it didn't take long for my cock to reach peak erection, which naturally drew Eli to his knees. Within seconds, Toni was down there as well, his shoulder pushed down by Isaac's firm hand. My boyfriend's dad and I made eye contact in the dimly lit room, letting our two sons lick and suck our cocks, going back and forth to the point where no one could tell who was sucking off whom.

    "Your boy's doing a great job," I said to Isaac, and honestly, even I didn't know if I was talking about Eli or Toni anymore.

    "No need for your boy, my boy anymore," said Isaac. "They're both our boys."

     "Damn right they are," I agreed, leaking precum into whosever mouth was currently nursing on my hard dick. 

    Around us echoed the sounds of whips and chains. After twenty minutes of getting my cock sucked by my son and my boyfriend simultaneously, I realized I had to go empty my bladder or I wouldn't be able to enjoy the rest of the evening. I went around looking for the restroom and realized there were two: one just for people who wanted to take a piss and leave; another for people who wanted to engage in piss play. Although I was curious about the latter, I wanted to take a leak and go back to my crew as fast as possible, so that's what I did. 

    After struggling to piss with a hard-on for a few moments, I returned to quite a sight: my son on his knees, sucking off Eli, who was being penetrated from the back by his own father. Isaac must've just started; I could tell by the expression on Eli's face that his dad's dick was still just entering. A couple of seconds later, my boyfriend's expression relaxed considerably, meaning, Isaac was in.

    "He's a great fucking hole," Isaac said to me when he saw me standing there, my boner pointing in their direction. Around us, around twenty men engaged in sex with varying levels of kinkiness, but none of them knew that leather daddy Isaac was the kinkiest one of all: fucking his own son. "I can tell why you love him so much," he added.

    When Toni realized I was back, he crawled over to me and took my hard dick in his mouth, immediately allowing it to slide all the way to the back of his throat. I let my son suck me off, combing my fingers through his soft hair, while I watched Isaac and Eli's incestuous fuck. Things must be even more intense for the two of them, I figured. I mean, Toni and I had just met; but Eli and Isaac had been together Eli's whole life. All those years, and now they were finally here, at The Dungeon of all places, fucking for a crowd that had no clue just how pervy this was.

    "Mmm, fuck, Son, I wanna get inside your ass," I told Toni, pulling him up by his hair and flipping him over. For a split second, Isaac winked at me, before I squatted down and my face disappeared between my son's juicy asscheeks. Toni's jockstrap – which if I wasn't mistaken was a gift from Isaac – provided me with perfect access to the teen's perky hole, and my tongue ventured deeper and deeper in it, until I could tell he was definitely loose enough to take my daddy dick with no lube. 

    I spit into my hand as I got back up, and I lubricated Toni's hole with my saliva some more. My fingers massaged my son's asshole while two feet in front of us, Isaac was fucking my boyfriend, making me feel like a cuck. 

    "Ahhh, Dad," I heard Toni moan. Feeling a drive to make him moan louder, I continued to drive my middle finger deeper inside his hole, until I couldn't reach any further manually. It was time to go in with my dick! 

    "Fuuuuuuck," I shouted as I felt my throbbing shaft sliding inside my son's ass.

    "Yeah!" Isaac encouraged me, nailing his own boy right next to us. "Go all the way in."

    I did as I was told, feeling my son's prostate with the tip of my dick. It made Toni go fucking wild, which in turn motivated me to only go faster and deeper and rougher on him. With my hands on his shoulders, I held on for balance while going balls-deep in his teenage ass, giving him an unforgettable "first sex club" experience. 

    "Load him up, man. C'mon. I wanna see you breed his guts," Isaac grunted at me. I fucked faster, partially in an effort to impress Isaac, who was the one who had brought us to this club in the first place. After about ten minutes of fucking my own son's hole, it was time for me to blow my sperm inside of him, just like I did at my office.

    "Here it comes, baby," I told Toni. "Here comes daddy's nut."

    "Fuck yeah, Daddy, breed me!" he begged, getting what he wanted just a few seconds later. I moved my hips back and forth, emptying my balls inside my son's hungry hole, filling it up to my incestuous seed. 

    "Well, that didn't take you long," Isaac smirked at me, still thrusting back-and-forth in Eli's ass.

    "He's got a tight fucking hole," I said, slapping Toni's ass and slowly pulling out of him. 

    "Just like his daddy," Isaac winked at me. "You know that about your dad, Toni? He's got a really nice, tight hole. Even tighter than yours."

    "Oh yeah?" my son said, clenching his asshole shut so he wouldn't let go of my sperm. He stood up straight, tenting the pouch of his jockstrap with an unmissable erection.

    "What, you don't trust me?" Isaac quipped, still fucking Eli while talking to Toni. "Go for it then, try it out for yourself. Fuck your father's ass."

    My son looked at Isaac, and then at me, as if to check if we were in on this together. What Toni didn't know was that I was just as taken aback as he was.

    "Go on, Greg!" Isaac growled at me. "Spread 'em!" Show your boy that barely-fucked hole of yours."

    I looked into the dom dad's eyes, swallowed saliva, and said,

    "Yes, Sir."

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