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Sex in The Dungeon


    I was beyond happy to see my father establish himself in the leather community in Columbus, making a name for himself in a matter of months and creating useful connections. I was surprised, however, to see him achieving the same in Los Angeles. After all, he was only here for a limited-time visit; he didn't even have a car to help him get around. Oh, but he got around, alright. Somehow, he'd managed to get his name on the guest list of an exclusive, newly opened sex club. Now that there were no more taboos between us, I eagerly suggested for Dad and I to visit the fetish club together, with Greg and Toni in tow.

    At the venue, aptly named The Dungeon, it didn't take long before my father buried his cock up my ass, just a couple of feet away from Greg, who was fucking his own teenage son. This was the second time Toni was taking his dad's dick. The first time happened not too long ago, at Greg's office, and as far as I know it was instigated by my kinky father. Dad was really getting into the whole "dom leather daddy" thing, which was quite a change from his past peaceable persona. Even the way he fucked me – aggressively, with no holds barred – was an excellent indicator of his sexual (r)evolution. Of course, I knew that men like that have to continuously up the ante. And that's just what Dad did when he told Toni,

    "Fuck your father's ass."

    Toni and Greg both looked up in amazement. Meanwhile, I shot out a wad of precum so large that I thought I was cumming. My dad's cock continued to thrust back and forth inside my hole without missing a beat. In the dim lighting, I noticed that I wasn't the only one shooting loads of precum: the pouch of Toni's jockstrap was positively soaked in it, the tented red material now maroon and wet. 

    "He's gonna do it," I thought. "He's actually gonna fuck his father's ass."

    "Go on, Greg! Spread 'em! Show your boy that barely-fucked hole of yours," my dad added authoritatively. He was the one pulling all the strings now; it was like Greg and Toni had no choice but to comply.

    Seeing this aspect of my boyfriend was not something I was used to. Greg was usually the one calling all the shots, making all decisions and barking orders at others. He was also NOT used to bottoming. So far, my father was the only person to ever fuck Greg. Even I, after years of dating, hadn't gotten to try out Greg's hole yet. And it now looked like his son might just beat me to it.

    As my father continued to thrust his boner back and forth inside of me, Greg pulled out of Toni's ass. Our audience of a couple dozen men was enjoying the show, but I was hardly paying attention to them. When I caught sight of Greg's still-hard cock, I started to salivate. I was tempted to reach for it and put it in my mouth, getting a taste of Toni's ass juices on it, but I didn't want to pull away from Dad. Instead, I just watched as Greg and Toni exchanged positions, and the teen came to stand behind my naked boyfriend. 

    "Get down and get him ready for it first," Dad directed the teen. "Eat his ass."

    With some visible hesitation, Toni obeyed my father's orders. Although young, the boy had plenty of sexual experience under his belt by this point, but he was always on the other side of the fence, with HIS ass receiving all of the attention. For some reason, Dad had decided it was Toni's time to try being a top, and the teen adhered to Dad's command. He squatted down behind Greg, and pulled Greg's asscheeks apart. 

    "Ahhhh," I moaned loudly, continuing to take Dad's cock as I watched Toni drive his tongue up my boyfriend's hairy asshole. Even though I couldn't see all the details, I felt like I was right there with him. I'd eaten Greg's ass before – he didn't bottom but he was partial to a good rimjob. I knew just what his musk smelled like; it was almost like I could feel it in my nostrils right now. I was jealous of Toni, who got to experience it all for the first time. On his own father, nonetheless! I watched as Greg shut his eyes, enjoying the ass-eating he was getting from his boy.

    "That's right. Go deeper," Dad instructed. Judging by Greg's expression, Toni shoved his tongue further and further up his ass, just like my father told him to. "All the way in, until you can go no further."

    For the next ten minutes, Toni rimmed his father's ass in front of us. He took plenty of breaks, during which he used his fingers to keep Greg's hole occupied. During this, my boyfriend's face contorted in ways I'd never quite seen from him, and I began to wonder if Greg was finally developing a fondness for anal play and having his hole stretched. If so, that would add a whole new level to our sex life, one which I was all too keen to explore along with him.

    "I think he's ready for it, boy," Dad told Toni. "Shove your dick up his cunt."

    Normally, I'd expect Greg to knock someone out for referring to him in this way. But my boyfriend was now in sub mode, made obvious by his body language: hands on his knees, arched back, and ass sticking out. His head nodded down, pointing in Dad's direction, as if bowing for him.

    When Toni stood up, his hard uncut cock was already poking out of his jockstrap. He stroked it a few times, gliding the foreskin back and forth over his shaft and cockhead as he inched closer and closer to his father's hole. I focused on Greg's face, and even though it wasn't super easy to see in the dark, I could tell the exact moment that Toni's cock slipped inside my boyfriend's ass for the first time. Greg's mouth opened wide and his eyes squinted. He looked like he was yelling, yet no sound came out. Whether this was a grimace of pain or pleasure was hard to tell; probably both, considering Greg's inexperience as well as the fact there was no lube except for Toni's precum and saliva. 

    "Go slowly, Son," my dad said. I could tell this wasn't directed to me, but Toni, who looked like he was trying to shove his entire dick up Greg's ass all at once. He heeded my dad's advice and pulled back. With his hands on my boyfriend's hips, the teen tried to pace himself and he began to thrust more slowly. The expression on Greg's face relaxed, like he was really enjoying himself now. 

    "Breathe, baby," I said softly, even though I knew he couldn't hear me over the sound of the techno music. I wanted to guide and encourage him, just like he'd done for me so many times. I hoped that my presence here offered him some comfort – or at the very least that it made him hornier to have his boyfriend witnessing this incestuous fuck! 

    "Take a couple of steps forward, both of you," my dad said. "Carefully."

    Greg and Toni synchronized their movement, so they were both walking toward us. They moved slowly, but after a few seconds there was no more distance to cross. My boyfriend and I were no face-to-face, our noses just an inch apart. I could feel his warm breath on my lips. As Toni turned to fuck Greg a bit faster, Greg's breathing accelerated. His eyes were now open, looking directly into mine.

    "You okay, honey?" I asked him. 

    "Aha," he nodded. "I'm – aaaaahhh – slowly getting used to this."

    "Getting used to being a bottom slut?" I smirked.

    "I don't know if – oww – I don't know if I'd take it that far," Greg smiled. "But this is nice."

    "After being together for so long, I can't believe Toni got to fuck your ass before I did," I said to my boyfriend. "You guys just met!"

    "Ahhhh. Don't worry. I have a feeling we'll be doing this REAL soon," Greg replied with a grin, and leaned in to give me a passionate kiss.

    While the two of us had our little chit-chat, Dad and Toni fucked us relentlessly. Dad was piston-fucking my ass with no mercy. Toni, meanwhile, was moving much more cautiously, but he was slowly picking up speed, as his dad's hole got more and more used to being penetrated. 

    "You gon let him cum inside you?" I asked my boyfriend, gripping a fistful of his hair.

    "Damn right I will," he whispered, just loudly enough for me to hear him.

    "You gon let your own son bust a nut inside your ass?" I growled. Talking like this made me feel like my father, when he got into his pervy "dom daddy" mode. 

    "Fuck yeah," Greg grunted. I yanked his hair even harder, making his head tilt backward. I looked over my boyfriend's broad back and made eye contact with his teenage son. Without using words, I let Toni know that he should fuck faster… which is exactly what he did.

    Greg squirmed, and then let out a long moan of pleasure. With his mouth wide open, some saliva ran down his chin uncontrollably. It gave me an idea. Pulling him by the hair, I stood up as straight as I could with my father's cock still inside me, and I brought Greg's face down to my rock-hard cock. 

    My boyfriend took the hint. In one gulp, he swallowed my dick, effectively getting spit-roasted by me and his own son. When my dad saw that, he squeezed my shoulders proudly and whispered "Good boy" in my ear.

    A brief moment later, Dad hit my prostate with the tip of his dick, and I couldn't hold it in anymore. My cock exploded, shooting my wad right down Greg's throat. He gagged and choked on it for a bit as I grunted and cussed loudly, holding his head in position so he couldn't pull away. Watching me feed his father my cum pushed young Toni over the edge. Judging by his face, the teen was blowing his own load, right up his dad's tight asshole, making Greg's wish come true.

    "Fuuuuuck yeah. Fucking pigs," my dad grunted, probably referring to everyone in our group. As I climaxed, I clenched my asshole, thus squeezing Dad's dick and getting him to blow his load inside of me once again. 

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