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Nothin' Weird About That


    Every time I visited LA, it became more and more difficult for me to leave. I would miss Eli, I would miss Toni – hell, I'd even miss Greg! – and I'd sure as hell miss the sexy fun we all had together.

    As cool as my company was when it came to allowing me to work remotely, I knew I couldn't do it forever. And then one day, just as I was getting ready to return to Columbus, I was asked an interesting question from a coworker. She and I were team members, working on the same project, and after our weekly video conference she told me,

    "Isaac, I heard from a company out there in LA. They wanted to recruit me, but I'm not interested in moving. But I know you've been spending more and more time there, so if you want, I can put in a good word for you. I'd miss working with you, but I figured you might be looking for a job there already."

    Honestly, I'd never thought about that; but now that somebody else was mentioning it, it seemed like the most logical thing in the world. I called the recruiter the very same afternoon and he got me an interview in two days' time. Before the week was over, I had a job offer and a nice little salary bump.

    "I know you've all gathered here to say goodbye before I depart for Columbus," I said to Eli, Greg, and Toni, who were sitting at the restaurant table with me the following day, "but I've got a surprise for everyone. During the past week, I've been working on getting a job here in LA, and… it's official. I will be moving here full-time, starting next month."

    A loud cacophony ensued, and I couldn't tell who was the first person to get up and congratulate me. My son and Toni enveloped me in a hug from each side, and as soon as they let me go Greg reached for a strong handshake, before pulling me in for a hug as well. 

    "I'm so happy you're moving here, Daddy," Toni said to me an hour later, as he and I burned off the calories from lunch by taking a stroll on the beach. "But… where does that leave us?"

    Before answering, I took my polo shirt off, as I was already shvitzing in the hot Californian sun. With sweat running down my hairy salt-and-pepper chest, I tucked my shirt in the back of my shorts and took a big whiff of the ocean air.

    "You know, I've learned a lot about relationships over the past couple of years," I said to Toni, "a lot of it thanks to your dad and Eli. With you being so much younger than me, there's bound to be some complications. Besides, you and I are both new to the scene, and it's natural to wanna explore and have fun before settling down and committing to just one person. But what I've learned is… that those things aren't mutually exclusive. So if you'd like, we can continue to explore together. And I would love to be able to call you my boyfriend."

    A second later, I had the wind knocked out of me as Toni jumped in for an unexpectedly tight hug. I laughed as I felt his hands running up and down my back while his lips kissed all over my face. 

    "Does that mean…?" he asked with a smile.

    "It means, if you want to, we can be a couple. Of course, we can still continue to have fun with other people – especially your father and my son," I added with a wink. "As long as we're honest to each other, I'm confident we can figure it out. What do you say?"

    "Of course I want that!" the teen jumped up and gave me another kiss, this time right on the lips. As we continued to make out for over a minute, my cock began to grow harder – and the fact Toni's thigh was rubbing against my crotch wasn't helping.

    "There's people all around," I said with a smirk, trying to hide my erection. Although I'd developed a penchant for going at it in public, we were currently surrounded by families and patrolling police officers. 

    "I know a mall nearby with some pretty roomy bathrooms," Greg's naughty son grinned, sensually licking his lower lip and then playfully biting mine. I re-tucked my shirt in the front of my shorts in an effort to hide my boner, and I followed the teen to the beachside mall, where I dumped a load up his raw ass. 

    "I have something to ask you," I said to Greg that evening, as the two of us enjoyed a glass of bourbon and a cigar in his backyard while our sons were inside, watching TV.

    "Shoot," Greg said.

    "I was wondering if I could stay here while I'm looking for a more permanent place to live in LA."

    "Isaac…" Greg said, making me wait for half a minute while he took a long drag on his cigar. "After all we've been through, I'm offended you would even ask that. Of course you can stay here, buddy. As long as you need."

    Upon saying that, Greg reached over and patted my back with a broad smile. 

    "You know, when we first met, I had no idea this is how we'd end up," I smiled back.

    "Ha, YOU had no idea?! Before we met, I was a dom top, and now I'm a–''

    "A load-collecting cum dump?" I interrupted.

    "Well, I'd hardly go that far," Greg corrected me. "To this day, you and my son are the only people to breed me."

    "Speaking of Toni," I said, taking a long puff as well. "He and I are…"

    "Together now? Yeah, I figured," Greg nodded in approval. "I mean, now that you're moving here, there's nothing standing in your way."

    "Greg… I know this is weird…"

    "What do you mean? My son's boyfriend is my age. Nothin' weird about that," he laughed.

    "Yeah, not even the fact we ended up dating each other's sons," I added.

    "There's no one better I could ask for for Toni," Greg said, clinking classes with me. We downed our drinks and put the empty glasses down. Then, Greg placed his free hand on my back, and I put mine on his asscheek, and we stood that way until we finished our cigars and walked back inside the house.

    In the living room, Greg and I approached each other's sons and gave them a cuddle. It wasn't long before clothes were coming off and dicks were being sucked. About half an hour in, Eli suggested,

    "Why don't we take this to the bedroom?" 

    While Toni seemed slightly irritated by having to stop sucking my cock for a few minutes, we all quickly agreed and made our way to Eli and Greg's room. Any remaining clothes were left on the floor and all four of us climbed onto the king-sized bed and returned to our mutually pleasurable activities.

    As usual with a group of four, there were a few elbows and knees bumping into one another while we found some good positioning. Nothing uncomfortable, but it prompted an amusing comment from Greg.

    "Now that Isaac's going to be around a lot more often, maybe I need to swap this bed out for a California king," he said in a joking tone, right as he was sliding his cock into my son's eager hole. Eli purred softly as he felt his boyfriend balls-deep inside him a second later.

    "I'm happy if things are a little cozy," I replied, spreading Toni's asscheeks and slapping my dripping cock against his smooth pucker. I noticed Greg's eyes locked on the sight of my cock spreading his son's hole open as it plunged inside. Toni was much louder than Eli had been as he conveyed his pleasure at the sensation.

    "Hot as hell watching your son take cock, isn't it?" I asked Greg, and his gaze moved up to meet mine. I knew he was probably thinking of all the times he'd fucked Eli with me watching. Or in one case, with me in bed next to them. It was now thrilling for me to be giving Greg that same experience.

    "Even hotter watching him take my good buddy's cock," Greg responded, and I caught a warm look in his eye. I had to smile at how lucky I was. I not only had become closer to my son than I'd ever thought possible, and ended up with a wonderful young boyfriend. The events of the past couple years had netted me a new best friend in Greg as well. I leaned toward Greg almost at the same moment he moved his face closer to me. Our lips and tongues met and we shared an intense, passionate kiss while fucking each other's sons. 

    Kissing Toni was heaven, and making out with Eli... well, those feelings truly defied description. But this connection with Greg was almost fraternal. He "got" me in ways that no one else ever would. And I felt sure that was mutual. We made out for a while before moving apart, returning our attention to the younger men who were whimpering in pleasure as we penetrated them as deeply as possible.

    "Wanna swap?" Greg asked after bringing Eli close to cumming. I knew he loved taking my son right to the edge by really grinding into that special spot, something I had quickly learned to do as well.

    "Yeah. I think these two could use a taste of the cocks that made them," I answered, and both Eli and Toni moaned to hear me say that. Greg and I pulled our dicks slowly from the quivering holes we had been pounding, and I got off the bed to step around behind Greg as he shifted position on the mattress. I moved slowly and let my hard cock drag across Greg's ass cheeks, leaving a sticky trail across the hairy globes. Greg tossed me a dirty smile over his shoulder when that happened, and suddenly I wanted to fuck him tonight, too. So many configurations were possible in our new family unit, it was hard to pick. And that got my mind thinking about which ones we hadn't even tried yet.

    As always, my cock felt right at home when I slid it into my son's ass. I reached forward and caressed the back of Eli's head and neck. Keeping my hand there, I alternated between tugging on his hair when I gently fucked him and pushing him down into the bedding when I wanted to go really hard. He loved it both ways and I knew from the pitch of his moaning that he wasn't going to last much longer. But some other ideas had formed in my mind, and I eased up so that my son could keep his nut back a little longer.

    I wrapped my arm around Eli's chest and pulled him up against me, cock still inside him as his back pressed into my chest. I leaned in to whisper into his ear.

    "Get behind your boyfriend and start fucking his ass," I said, making it clear with my tone that this wasn't a request. Eli's eyes were closed but I saw a grin spread across his face.

    "Yes, Daddy," he replied. I moved my head a little and shared a long kiss with my son as I reached down to stroke his cock. Just like I expected, the constant fucking had produced a ton of precum and I was able to quickly slick up Eli's shaft before I pulled my cock out of him and stepped off the bed again. If Greg noticed us moving, I'm sure he thought we were just getting comfortable in a new position. He was definitely surprised when he felt Eli's hands on his hips and a cockhead poking between his asscheeks.

    "Oh..." I heard Greg say as he somewhat comically tried to look behind himself and take in the scene. It felt oddly satisfying to be directing this moment of his and Eli's relationship. First times were always so special, and who knew when this might have happened on its own? My slutty bottom son was also a talented top, something I'd had the chance to observe a few times. And I knew he would enjoy flipping things with Greg, especially with Toni and me here to witness it.

    I'm not sure Toni knew exactly what was happening at first. He was in that dreamy state that I knew he liked to be in while getting fucked hard. Closing his eyes and relaxing every muscle and letting himself just be a hole for daddy cock. As Greg slowed down his thrusting in order to let Eli push inside him, I watched Toni's face scrunch up a little and then he started pushing back more forcefully. It was so cute how much he craved being full of dick.

    "Oh, fuck," Greg said loudly as Eli suddenly had half his cock in. "Just... gimme a second here, baby. Fuck!" 

    Eli got a determined look on his face and made a sound that was almost like a growl. Suddenly, I had a flash of an older Eli, maybe with a little gray in his beard just like I had now, both of us still sharing something like this years from now. There was so much to explore together now that we were unfettered by taboos.

    As Eli continued to work his way further into Greg's ass, I reached out and rubbed my son's shoulder and upper back. When he was finally able to get balls-deep in his boyfriend, they took a moment to enjoy that and then resumed the more intensive thrusting in and out, this time with Greg on both the giving and receiving ends.

    The older man started making some noises I'd never heard from him before, even when I'd been the first one to ever top him. I knew from things Eli had told me that being in the middle like this was an almost overwhelming sensation. The two forms of pleasure happening at once pretty much took over your brain, he'd told me, and it was sometimes hard to even tell when you were about to cum.

    I reached down and stroked my own cock a few times as I watched the scene I'd directed: Eli fucking Greg, while Greg fucked Toni. I briefly considered stepping around the bed and sliding into my young boyfriend's throat to blow my load. But then I got an even better idea, as I realized I could help Eli experience the same thing Greg was enjoying right now.

    I reached down and slid two fingers into my son's hole. After taking my dick as well as Greg's, Eli's asshole was loose and stretchy. I stroked my precum-soaked dick, and maneuvered my way into a kneeling position on the bed, right behind Eli. Moving carefully, I pushed my penis inside my son's receptive ass.

    "Ahhhhh, fuck, Dad!!!!!" Eli let out a loud roar. The bed shook with the four of us on it, all of us entangled in one big incestuous fuck. I'd never seen four men fucking back-to-back like this, not even at all of the kinky parties I'd been attending. For the first time, I got to experience my son's hole just as he was fucking someone else. I reached for Eli's nipples and gave them a few twists, before reaching further forward and caressing Greg's hairy chest. 

    "Ayyy," Toni moaned, taking his dad's dick while stroking his own. Currently, the teen was the only one of the four of us not to have his cock buried in someone's ass. For the time being, Toni definitely preferred to bottom. One day… who knows. Maybe he'll become a dom daddy just like me. Or a switch like Greg. Or remain a bottom cumdump and continue to take his father's loads as well as mine. All I knew for certain was that I loved each and every single man on this bed right now.

    "Fuck!" Greg cussed with gusto. With my hands on his chest, I could feel his heart racing a mile a minute. 

    "Shoot your load, buddy," I told him. "Breed your son's ass."

    "Ahh, yes, Daddy," Toni begged, probably addressing both Greg and myself.

    "Fuuuuuck!" Greg said once again, as he thrusted his hips forward and began to jizz inside his teen boy's ass. "I'm cumming. I'm cumming," he announced to the group. 

    "Fuck yeah," my son chimed in, going even harder on Greg's ass. In only a few moments, both Eli and Toni were ready to blow their loads. The two young men came simultaneously; Toni's sperm shooting all over the room, while my son's seed was absorbed inside Greg's guts. While I could see Toni's cumshot, I could FEEL Eli's: his asshole muscles contracted around my hard dick as he blew his load. It had the effect of pushing me over the edge as well. I leaned forward, kissed my son's left ear, and I whispered,

    "I love you, Son."

    "Ahhhh. I love you too, Dad," he replied, still cumming inside his boyfriend.

    With that, I blew my load, breeding Eli's ass while kissing his neck. I felt ecstatic, and it was a high that was difficult to come down from. I thrusted back and forth and emptied my nuts for several minutes, until my cock was so raw and sensitive that I had to pull out. Consecutively, Eli pulled out of Greg and Greg pulled out of Toni, and all four of us lay in one big cuddle pile on the bed, enjoying the moment and each other's company. The room was silent and dark, at least until Greg reached for his phone and began browsing for something.

    "What the hell are you doing?" I asked him.

    "Looking up larger beds," he smiled, caressing my son's and Toni's torsos interchangeably. "I'm genuinely gonna order one. I have a feeling the four of us will be spending a lot of nights like this."

Isaac, Eli & Co. will return…

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