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Daddy's Hole for Life


    "LA weather in December" I typed into Google, trying to figure out what the hell I needed to pack for this holiday season. Luckily, it seemed like I'd be able to get away with only packing one suitcase. Since I'd be taking the train to Chicago before flying to LAX with my son and Greg, I really didn't want to be lugging too much baggage around.

    I was finished packing sooner than expected, and I sat around in my room wondering what to do next. It was a Wednesday morning and my first day off work. Still, I logged in and checked my work email, trying to keep busy. It gave me something to do for a while, until it was time to head to the train station.

    By that evening I was in Chicago, and Eli and Greg came to pick me up at Union Station. The dynamic was instantly so different than when we were all at my house. This was a city Eli knew better than any of us. He moved through the crowd with such confidence, holding both Greg and me by the hand. "His dad and his daddy," I thought. Here, it felt like it was my son running the show.

    The first place we went to was a nearby restaurant for dinner. It was Eli's pick and I assumed it was a lot less fancy than what his boyfriend would've selected. Still, I was hungry, so I was grateful to sink my teeth into a large juicy burger rather than some selection of French-named delicacies that would've ultimately left me feeling unsatisfied. 

    If Greg and Eli's displays of affection were bad at my house, they were just as obvious here, even though we were in public. They hardly ever let go of each other's hands unless they were eating, and I noticed it was usually my son who would reach for Greg's hand first. There were plenty of kisses, pats on the ass, and even the occasional bulge squeeze. 

    "Are you sure we shouldn't spend the night at your place?" I asked my son. I was longing for some sense of familiarity, and I'd stayed over at his apartment plenty of times before.

    "No, Dad, the flight's at 6 AM. I really don't wanna get up at 3 and take an Uber all the way across town. Greg's got a hotel right by the airport. We can roll out of bed and we'll be going through TSA 15 minutes later."

    Eli seemed to be completely ignoring one thing: his apartment had a couch I could crash on. And from what he'd mentioned on the phone, Greg's hotel room only came with one bed. "I guess sleeping on the floor for one night wouldn't kill me," I figured and tried to get those thoughts out of my head for the time being.

    After dinner, Eli dragged us to a gay bar ("Just one drink! I promise."). There, my son and his boyfriend got even friskier, and I was left standing by myself while they sucked on each other's tongues right in front of me. Greg's hand went inside my son's pants several times, giving Eli's ass a squeeze.

    "Dad, you're such a twink magnet!" Eli said to me on one of his rare breaks from making out with Greg. "So many guys here looking at you."

    I have to admit, there WERE quite a few guys – all of them rather young-looking – checking me out at the bar. Even though I was feeling tired, I was almost sad to leave and head to the hotel. It's always nice to be desired, even when you know it's not gonna go anywhere.

    At the hotel, my suspicions were confirmed: the room only came with one bed. Eli quickly raided the mini bar and we had a couple more drinks before getting ready for sleep. 

    "Are there any extra pillows or anything I can lay on the floor?" I asked Eli while Greg was in the bathroom brushing his teeth.

    "What do you mean the floor?! Don't be ridiculous, Dad, you're sleeping with us in the bed."

    Just then, Greg came out of the bathroom... and he was fully nude. His large cock swung between his legs as he walked toward us and gave my son one more kiss. It was a long, passionate, and loud one. Eli's hand rested on Greg's chest as they kissed, and I noticed Greg's exposed cock start to stir and pulse.

    "I'll go brush my teeth," I said and gave the couple some privacy. In the bathroom I got down to my underwear, and figured I'd be sleeping in my boxers tonight.

    A few moments later, I was lying in bed with Eli on my right, and his boyfriend on the other side of him.

    "Night, Dad," my son said. Under the cover, Eli was also completely naked.

    "Night," I replied, assuming he was talking to me and not Greg.

    The few drinks I'd had created a buzz in my head, that I might have even if I were sober. This situation was so surreal, lying here with Eli and his partner. We'd shared a room before, but never A BED! Did they have to take their clothes off, couldn't they sleep in their underwear for just one night? I wasn't offended, but I... I couldn't get the thought of Greg's dick resting between my son's asscheeks as they spooned right next to me. They were so close I could hear both of them breathing. 

    After a few minutes, no one seemed to be sleeping yet. Eli started to stir and moan softly. From what I could tell, he was moving his ass. Once again, I thought of Greg's cock rubbing against it. Would all the movement make Greg's cock hard? Was that what my son was TRYING to do?

    A soft kiss was planted on Eli's neck and he giggled. After that, the stirring got a little more obvious. Pretending I was just getting comfortable, I switched from lying on my back to lying on my right shoulder. This way, I could open my eyes and try to see what my son and Greg were doing in bed... even though I knew I shouldn't look.

    After everything the two of them had put me through, I wasn't at all surprised to see and hear more kissing and moaning. They weren't too obvious or too aggressive. Maybe they thought I was asleep and they were trying not to wake me up. "That's nice of them," I thought. It wasn't until a moment later that I realized no rational adult would think that. It would've been "nice" for them not to do this at all, or to go to the bathroom if they really needed to have a quickie. But it was like they didn't care; they went for it whenever and wherever they wanted. I both condemned and admired it.

    "Mmm," the moans were now getting stronger. Greg was kissing the back of my son's neck, and Eli had his eyes closed as he ground his ass against Greg's crotch under the sheets. Greg had to be hard by now! Sure enough, a few seconds later he reached down with his hand and I was certain he was adjusting his cock more comfortably against my son's ass, probably lodging it right in between Eli's cheeks.

    "Oh, Daddy," Eli moaned once again, losing more control by the second. 

    "You want it?" Greg whispered in my son's ear loudly enough for me to hear.

    "Yes," Eli moaned in response. Then, Greg opened his eyes.

    "Do you want this?" he repeated while looking at me dead in my eyes. I swallowed saliva, unsure how or whether to respond.

    "Yes," my son answered, although I was fairly certain the question had been meant for me.

    I noticed Greg's large bicep flexing while he very obviously stroked his own cock. My eyes were by now adjusted to the darkness and I could make out every movement. Including the way my son's eyes squinted when Greg started to push up on his ass, probably penetrating him.

    "AH!" my son let out the loudest moan yet. The agony on his face disappeared a mere second later and was replaced by a large grin of pleasure. 

    "Yeah. Nice little boy hole," Greg said while still maintaining eye contact with me. "So nice and smooth and tight."

    "WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?!" I thought to myself as Greg narrated how my son's hole felt out loud. I should get up and punch Greg in the face for doing this, except... except, whatever he was doing had an effect on my cock and I was now fully-boned inside my boxers. 

    "Ah, that hole feels so good around my cock," Greg shamelessly continued. He was speaking in Eli's ear, but I knew I was his target audience. "So good. I get to fuck it whenever I want. It's all mine. I own it!"

    "Yes, Daddy, all yours," Eli continued to moan softly, probably thinking I was asleep next to him.

    "I get to load it up. I get to breed it. I get to do whatever I want with it."

    "Yes, Daddy, yes."

    "And you like that, don't you boy? You like being a little slut for Daddy, huh? Doing anything Daddy tells you?" Greg put his hand against Eli's throat. I watched his knuckles as he started choking him.

    "Yes Daddy, I'll do whatever you say," my son whispered, his voice a bit different now that Greg was pressing on his throat.

    "Yes, 'cause you're a nasty little slut, ain't ya? A hungry hole for Daddy to dump his load in. You can't help it; it's how you were raised."

    My heart felt like it was about to give out, it was beating so strongly. Greg was still looking in my eyes and baring his teeth.

    "Yes, Daddy," Eli writhed his body faster. He was LOVING this and I could tell.

    "It's what your whole life's been leading up to, becoming Daddy's cumdump. Every day, every year, every moment since your birth. And now, you're Daddy's hole for life! You'll never forget this moment. You'll always ask for more. Always come back for more."

    "Yes, Daddy, I'm yours for life," Eli moaned, reaching down and probably starting to stroke his own cock while getting fucked by his boyfriend. 

    "Good little cumdump. It's what you're best at! Taking my cum inside your guts, and any other man I tell you to. Huh, maybe we should do that soon? Daddy can whore you out to all his friends when we get to LA."

    "Yes, Daddy, whatever you want. I'll do whatever you tell me."

    "Good boy. And Daddy's gonna reward you with his cum inside you, right where you want it."

    "Yes, Daddy. I want your cum inside me. I need it!"

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing. For a while now, it felt like I'd left my body; like I was just observing this moment. Like it was a movie I was watching unfold right in front of me. And my son happened to be one of the main actors.

    "Are you hard?" Greg asked, nibbling on Eli's ear. Once again, I recognized the question was meant for me. And this time, I nodded.

    "Yes, Daddy," Eli moaned, still stroking his cock under the cover.

    Then, Greg reached forward. He took Eli's free hand and guided it between my legs. Next thing I know, Greg was wrapping my son's fingers around my throbbing hard cock.

    Suddenly, Eli opened his eyes when he realized what was happening, but he didn't flinch. He just tightened his grip around me and started to stroke up and down, guided by Greg's hand on top of his own. I finally interrupted my eye contact with Greg and started looking in Eli's hazel eyes instead. 

    "I'm gonna cum soon," Greg said. Then, he withdrew his hand. Now it was only Eli's hand around my cock. He was jerking me off on his own volition. 

    The whole bed started shaking as Greg started to pound my son's ass aggressively. No longer required to whisper quietly, Eli started to moan out loud and scream and cuss in pleasure. All the while, he managed to skillfully stroke both of our cocks without missing a beat.

    "Ahhhh!" Eli moaned as Greg went to town on his ass mercilessly. It's what my son wanted. What he needed. He'd said it himself. "Fuck me, Daddy!"

    A couple of strokes later and I started to shoot my load. "FUCK!" I yelled loudly before I could even catch myself. When my son realized I was cumming, he gripped me more tightly and accelerated his strokes. I closed my eyes in pleasure and moaned out as I shot load after load all over the bed. When I opened my eyes again, Greg's face was grimacing and I could tell he was just about to cum inside my boy. Breed him... just like Eli wanted. 

    "FUCK YEAH!" Greg shouted and started to fill up my son's guts with his sperm. Eli's grip around my cock loosened and he started jerking himself off faster. A couple seconds later, he started to cum all over the bed as well, probably pushed over the edge by his Daddy's load seeping into his ass.

    For several moments, the room was filled with echoes of manly pleasure. The bed was a cum-covered mess. Both my son's and my own, mixing together. Slowly, Eli withdrew his hand. Greg gave him another kiss on the neck. And we all fell asleep, not even bothering to clean up.


Three Days Later


    For me, the holiday season was synonymous with snow and cold and layers of winter clothing. At first, being in LA this time of year felt... wrong. Luckily, I was starting to get used to it. It helped that Greg's house, where all of us were staying, was absolutely gorgeous.

    Eli and I did our daily Hanukkah traditions. After being away for a while, Greg had plenty of business he had to take care of before Christmas. My son and I were alone during the day and he showed me around LA, a city he was starting to get to know well. We never talked about what happened at the airport hotel. At times, I even wondered if it was all just a twisted, drunken dream I'd had. But waking up to cum-covered sheets the following morning was proof enough.

    Today, Eli and I were meeting Greg for lunch during his break. Again, the dynamic here was different again. Greg was in full power-lawyer mode. He was always confident and imposing; but seeing him here on his home turf, with his expensive suits and cocky stride, he looked like he owned this goddamn city. 

    This afternoon was no different, as he marched into the restaurant full of beautiful people whose heads all turned when he walked in. He sat next to Eli and the two of them started kissing before Greg's ass had even hit the chair. 

    Once again, I found myself third-wheeling on my son and his boyfriend. I looked around the restaurant as the two of them made out. Unlike at the gay bar in Chicago, nobody here was paying attention to me. I stuck out like a sore thumb in this crowd. So far, LA was not good for my confidence.

    Still, a couple of minutes later, I made eye contact with a nice-looking boy who was sitting by himself. I hadn't noticed him earlier; he must've walked in shortly after Greg. He seemed to be in his late teens and looking at our table. He gave me a kind smile when we made eye contact, and I tried to return it as warmly as I could.

    Greg chowed down his food, saying he had another meeting coming up. Eli wanted to go shopping and asked if I don't mind if he went by himself, since he wanted to pick out some presents for me.

    "No problem," I said, "I can stay here for a while longer. That dessert menu looks delicious."

    Soon, Greg and Eli both left (after Greg threw enough money on the table to cover lunch plus every single dessert on the list). On my own, I couldn't help but look at the teen boy again, who surprised me when he got up and walked up to my table.

    "Would you mind some company?" he asked. 

    "Please," I said, pointing at one of the empty chairs. "I'm Isaac."

    "Nice to meet you, Isaac. I'm Toni."

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