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Staying with Uncle Stan


The Best Blowjob Ever


    Even on sunny summer Saturdays such as today, my brother Ray and I didn't get to rest. We were at the construction site with a couple of my men, all of us shirtless, trying to get the job done as soon as possible.

    "I'm gonna go get lunch," I announced in the early afternoon. "Does anyone want anything?" 

    To my surprise, nobody took me up on my offer. 

    "Okay, then." I turned to Ray and I told him, "The property owner will be here in a couple of hours, he wants to check on the progress and talk to me. But I'll definitely be back by then."

    I drove to a nearby burger joint and had my lunch there. On my way out, I spotted my old Silverado parked in the same lot.

    "That horny fucker," I said under my breath, and I chuckled. Across the street was the Adult Arcade, so I knew what this meant: my nephew Nash was at the sex shop, probably sucking dick in the back room… again! In the spur of the moment, I decided to surprise him with a visit – and maybe get my dick sucked as well. After all, Nash and I had already crossed that line when he sucked me off in the men's room at the hardware store where he worked. Yes, it was weird to get my dick sucked by my own nephew, but hey: Nash's mouth was too good to turn down, and he certainly seemed eager to service my cock whenever he saw it.

    I walked to the Arcade, already sporting a semi in anticipation of seeing my teen nephew there. Just as I'd expected, I found Nash kneeling in the back room, sucking off two young guys who I hadn't seen before. It was the peak of summer, so I assumed they were tourists, or driving through town. Within seconds, my semi had grown into a full-blown boner, and I whipped it out of my jeans, jerking off while observing my brother's son pleasing these two studs.

    At first, Nash was too busy to notice me and realize who I was. Upon closer inspection, he recognized me and greeted me with a friendly and nonchalant, "Hey, Uncle Stan."

    "Hey," I replied, trying to gauge the two tourists' reaction. They didn't seem put off to hear Nash address me as his uncle – quite the contrary. I couldn't blame them. There was definitely an incredibly kinky aspect to the situation, which made it super hot.

    "Are you two... real uncle and nephew? No judgement if you are," the blond stranger asked.

    "Yup," I nodded. "I'm the one who showed him this place, as a matter of fact."

    Within moments, my cock was down Nash's throat. He was now working on THREE cocks simultaneously and doing an excellent job at that. I noticed that the blond man standing next to me had a huge Prince Albert piercing on the tip of his dick, and I wondered if this was a first time for my nephew, sucking a pierced cock. Knowing Nash by now, I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't.

    "Fuck yeah, suck your uncle's cock," the pierced stud egged my nephew on. It felt so hot – and liberating – to do this openly in front of strangers who we'd likely never see again. 

    Before long, the two guys, who seemed to be a couple, were coating Nash's face with their cum. The scene pushed me over the edge and I busted my nut all over my nephew's face as well. When he realized I was cumming, Nash quickly placed my dick back in his mouth, keen on swallowing as much of my cum as he could.

    "Mmm, that's right, swallow your uncle's load!" the blond man said.

    "So, Stan, have you ever sucked off your nephew?" the second man asked. "Cuz he seems to be pretty hard right now, judging by that bulge in his shorts."

    "Actually… I haven't done it," I replied, before adding a cheeky, "Yet." At that moment, I realized I was certainly ready to try. 

    The two guys were eager to see me repay Nash for the blowjob, tit for tat. They were kinky fucks, I'll give them that. They encouraged me to suck my own nephew's cock in front of them. 

    "Well, boy, would you like your dick sucked by your uncle?" I asked, looking down at my brother's son.

    "Y– Yes, sir," the handsome boy nodded.

    "Let's do it, then," I said, offering Nash a hand and helping him stand up. Next, I gave him a big kiss, tasting my own cum in his mouth. But then, before I even had a chance to go down on my knees… my phone rang. "Shit, hold on."

    This was NOT a good time for a phone call, but I saw my brother's name on the caller ID and I had to answer, just in case there was an emergency at the work site. Turns out, the owner of the property showed up early, and wanted to talk to me as soon as possible. This was a huge job for me so I didn't want to leave him hanging. Besides, I was technically supposed to be at work at this hour. 

    "Sorry, I gotta go," I said to Nash after hanging up the phone. "That was your dad, I gotta go back to work. And I really don't wanna rush… what we were about to do."

    "I don't care if we rush! I'm so horny, I can cum in thirty seconds," Nash said desperately. "C'mon, Uncle Stan."

    "Listen," I said, placing my hand on my nephew's face gently. "I promise we'll do this, okay? You have my word."

    "Don't worry, we'll take care of him," the two tourists said. They were already on their knees, ready to suck Nash's cock. Seeing how freaky they were, they were probably gonna do an excellent job at it.

    I gave Nash another quick kiss before heading out of the Adult Arcade and walking back to my truck. During the short drive back, all I could think was my nephew's cock, and how it would feel down my throat. 

    Later that evening after finishing work, I was exhausted and thrilled to finally get some rest. My brother Ray went to have a few beers with my other workers so I drove back home on my own. I was beat and immediately stripped naked once I got to my apartment. I took a lukewarm shower and immediately got ready for bed. 

    I was lying on top of the covers, completely naked, letting the air conditioning cool my body. Not even fifteen minutes later, I heard a knock at my door. I groaned but got up to answer the door, figuring it had to be either my brother or my nephew. I opened the door, too tired to care that I was on full display. There on the landing was my teen nephew Nash, shirtless in a pair of boxer briefs.

    "Hey Uncle Stan. Sorry to bother you. I was wondering... if I could sleep over," the teen asked coyly.

    "Uhh. Wouldn't your dad think that's weird?" I asked Nash as he walked into my apartment.

    "He texted me saying he's spending the night at Kelly's, and he'll probably be there all day tomorrow."

    I nodded in understanding as I closed the door behind me. I didn't say anything to Nash, instead I simply got into bed with enough room for him as well. I shut the light off just as my nephew dropped his underwear and climbed under the covers, just as naked as I was. Although my body was exhausted from working all day, my mind was suddenly awake. I didn't know what came over me, but I closed the space between us and I started spooning with Nash. 

    As I wrapped my arms around his slim torso, Nash made a noise, almost like a cat purring. He wriggled his body back toward me for maximum contact. I couldn't help but notice my cock, which was starting to get slightly plump, slipped perfectly between his smooth asscheeks. My naughty nephew even started clenching his glutes as if to coax me into a full erection, which wasn't far off. Without even thinking, my hand that was on top of his ribs snaked down towards his waist and was met by a fully erect teenage cock.

    "Remember the promise I gave you?" I whispered into his ear. "I'm a man of my word."

    With that, I gently kissed the back of my nephew's neck before sliding back so I could have him lie flat on my bed. Then, I climbed on top of him, spreading his legs with my knees before kissing him passionately on the mouth. He wrapped his legs around my waist, causing my dick to glide against his hole with his cock rubbed against my stomach. He practically whimpered when I pulled away, but his back quickly arched as I started licking down his neck to his chest.

    Traveling slowly, I kissed his soft skin and trailed its smooth surface with my tongue. I wanted to taste every inch of him. His body writhed underneath mine, clearly experiencing these sensations for the very first time. As I got to Nash's stomach and waist, I moved down the bed. I started licking the spot where his leg met his hip, using a free hand to massage his taint and balls.

    Nash's rigid cock quivered in front of my face. I looked up at him, loving the sight of his eyes screwed tight in pleasure. I licked my lips and took the head of his cock into my mouth. Nash moaned loudly as I sucked hard, squeezing out his sticky, sweet precum. Even this small taste of his juices was delicious and I wanted more. 

I swallowed more of his cock, going inch by inch until my nose reached his trimmed pubes. I always tended to be more dominant, but I still loved the feeling of a hard dick in my mouth, and my nephew's was certainly no exception. I knew he loved sucking cock, but I wasn't sure if he had had his own dick pleasured often – if ever. I wanted to make this blowjob perfect for him.

    I was able to work up some saliva to make it even easier for myself to suck on my nephew's tool. I soon had my head bobbing up and down at a quick pace, causing Nash's entire body to shiver. I felt his hand on my shoulder, a silent way of telling me to slow down, which I did. I knew he probably wouldn't last long if I kept going this way, so I took the cue and steadied my pace.

    I wasn't sure how long I was nursing on his cock but at one point I felt my jaw starting to get sore. I pulled off his meat briefly and I sucked on my finger. Then, I swallowed Nash's cock once more while searching for his hole with my wet middle finger. My aim was true and I found his tight pucker. I gently circled his hole before starting to push in. My nephew was tight, but I could tell he was trying to let me in. When my knuckle pushed past his sphincter, he gasped. He wriggled his hips as if trying to get my finger even deeper inside of him. The motion caused him to push his cock in and out of mouth at the same time. 

    I knew I'd found his prostate when a fresh spurt of precum landed on my tongue. Now that I'd located his special spot, I worked in and out, finger-fucking my own nephew while he fucked my mouth in return. Nash's breath became heavier, more ragged. He pushed down on the back of my head… and finally unloaded that tasty teenage cum that I'd been craving. 

    "Fuck. Fuck," Nash panted as I swallowed every drop. I kept him in my mouth until he went soft. When he did, I retracted my finger and moved up next to him. I gave him one last kiss before lying on my back. "That was the best blowjob ever, Uncle Stan," were the last words I heard before falling asleep with my nephew curled up next to me, my arm around his shoulders and his face resting on my chest.

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