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Staying with Uncle Stan


Dad's Box


    Most of the time when my girlfriend Kelly and I spent the night together, we did it over at her house. Last night, however, Kelly slept in my bed. I was off work today, so I started the day by making us breakfast and afterward she and I went for a walk in the woods. It was a nice August day, and this was the perfect time to be out: early in the morning, when the weather was pleasant but not too hot yet. 

    Less than fifteen minutes in, we stumbled upon an unexpected sight: my brother Stan, stark naked, lying on his back in a clearing, soaking in the sun with his hat covering his eyes and his clothes in a pile a few feet away.

    "Ahem. Morning, Stan," I said, clearing my throat as a way to announce our presence.

    "Hey," Stan said, removing the hat off his eyes and adding, "Oh. Hello, Kelly."

    "Hi. How's it going?" my girlfriend asked, trying to keep her tone neutral, yet she failed to hide the fact that she was intrigued by my brother's body. I couldn't blame her: Stan looked great, even I couldn't help but stare at him for a moment or two. He looked big and strong, and his plump cock made him appear even more masculine. It even made me wonder if my brother was sporting a semi. Maybe being naked in nature had that effect on him.

    "Haven't seen you in a while. How's the diner?" my brother asked Kelly, turning over to his side to face us, his cock now hanging heavily over his thigh.

    "The diner's fine. You should come over for lunch sometime," Kelly extended an invitation which sounded a bit too flirty for my taste. To make matters worse, I knew that she and my brother used to have a "thing." I don't think they were ever dating, but they were definitely fucking for a while. 

    "Do you guys wanna join me?" Stan asked, pointing at the empty space on the grass next to him.

    I looked at Kelly, who kept quiet and let me decide.

    "Uh, we came out for a walk, so we better keep going," I said.

    "Cool. I'll see you around," Stan said with a smile.

    "See you," said Kelly, taking one last look at his exposed body and hefty tool.

    We kept talking, and as soon as my brother was out of earshot I asked Kelly,

    "What do you think about Stan?"

    "What do I think about him? He's cool, I guess," she shrugged. Now that he was no longer lying naked in front of her, she sounded more nonchalant than before. "Was that weird for you? That we stumbled upon him naked and all?"

    "It's a bit weird cuz I know you guys used to fuck," I admitted. "But I'm no stranger to seeing my brother naked, if that's what you're asking."

    "You mean when you were growing up or… more recently?"

    "Both," I said.

    "Ha. And have you guys ever… had a threesome with a girl?" she asked next.

    "No," I chuckled. "But we have jerked off together."


    "Yeah. We had a friend whose dad had a huge porn collection, and he didn't even try to hide it. So we would go to his house and basically all jerk off. Back then we didn't even worry about it being inappropriate or anything. Once, Stan and I even found our own father's porn stash."

    "Did you?"

    "Oh yeah. I remember it like it was yesterday…"




    "Ray. Ray! Wake up. We need to make something to eat."

    "Uh, what? Stan, what the…? Have Mom do it," I replied sleepily.

    "Mom and Dad are gone for the weekend, remember? And I don't wanna do everything on my own. C'mon, get up, it's almost noon."

    "I can't believe you're such a nag," I yawned, kicking the sheets off me. To appease my brother, I got out of bed. I had been sleeping in just a pair of plaid boxers. As with most mornings, I was hard as a rock and severely tenting my underwear. I was glad the button was still intact otherwise I probably would've been poking out. Even though Stan was standing in my room and could very clearly see my morning wood, I really didn't care, nor did I see any reason to hide. It wasn't like my younger brother had never seen my prick before. Without another word or thought, I pulled down my boxers and tossed them into my laundry bin, my hard cock springing free. 

    "You start breakfast, I'm gonna take a shower first," I stated, walking out of the room completely naked, my cock bouncing with every step. When I got to the bathroom, I left the door open and stood in front of the sink to brush my teeth. My brother had followed and was standing in the doorway, discreetly staring at my boner as I brushed. I knew I was bigger than him, which is why I felt kinda proud to show off like this.

    "What do you want for breakfast?" Stan said, never once taking his eyes off my meat.

    "I don't care, just go make some toast or something," I said after spitting out the toothpaste.

    Stan finally tore his eyes away and stumbled off to the kitchen, leaving me alone. I hopped in the shower after turning it on to almost full heat. It was a Saturday morning with nothing to do. Our parents were gone for the weekend and as a high school senior, I really didn't have much homework to do. My plan was to spend the day driving around town, or maybe jerk off to some porn online. 

    After showering, I ate breakfast with Stan, both of us in our underwear. Later, I left the house to meet up with some friends. There wasn't much to do in our town so we just drove around, talking about what we planned on doing after graduation. I told everyone I was thinking of moving to New York, which turned into a discussion on whether big-city girls were sexier than small-town girls.

    A couple of hours later, I headed back home to see what my brother was up to. When I got back to the house, he wasn't in the kitchen or living room. The basement door was open and the light was on, so I figured Stan must be downstairs. I headed to my room and ditched most of my clothes. Even though it was only spring, it was a surprisingly hot day, and we didn't have any air conditioning. I stripped down to my boxers and felt much more comfortable.

    I grabbed some water from the kitchen when Stan came running up from the basement. He was also nearly naked, wearing just a small pair of running shorts and from what I could tell he was freeballing. He had a sly grin on his face, making me wonder what he'd discovered.

    "Dude, c'mere, come see what I found," he beckoned and basically dragged me down to the basement. I had nothing else going on, so I followed him. 

    "I was looking for some of my old magazines, but looks like I found someone else's instead," my brother said, almost sounding giddy. Down in the basement, he picked up a box, set it down in front of the couch, and opened the flaps. Inside was a pile of porno mags, and even some old VHS tapes. "Do you think it's Dad's?" Stan asked me.

    "Yeah, obviously. It certainly isn't Mom's," I replied, smacking him on the back of the head.

    My brother and I were no strangers to porn. We'd already seen plenty at our friend's house. This was different though. For some reason, knowing this belonged to our own father made it more exciting, more taboo. Even just the few images I saw from the magazine covers set my cock stirring. Stan grabbed a few magazines, handing me some as well.

    "Let's go through it," he suggested, already flipping through one magazine on the couch. I sat next to him, close enough that our knees brushed together. 

    Before long, my brother was rock hard, rubbing his dick through his shorts, flipping through a Playboy that had Pamela Anderson on the cover. A buddy of mine had some posters of her in his room that always made me hard, but now, seeing her fully naked, my cock was practically drooling precum. 

    Stan noticed my interest – and my erection – and he set the magazine down where we could both see it, resting it on both of our thighs. Almost like synchronized twins, we slid off our bottoms so we were both sitting there naked, side-by-side. It might've been my imagination, but after glancing over at my brother's cock, I could've sworn it looked bigger than the last time I'd seen it. He was still a growing teenager after all. Who knows, maybe one day he'll even outgrow me. 

    Wordlessly, my brother and I proceeded to jerk off. From time to time, out of the corner of my eye, I caught Stan staring at my cock like earlier, but I didn't think anything of it. Our thighs pushed together as we spread our legs more and more while stroking. Feeling the pressure and skin-to-skin contact made me even hornier, even though this was my brother.

    Given we were both teenage boys with raging hormones, it didn't take us very long to get close to cumming. It got to a point where our thighs were constantly pressed together, each of us pushing against the other. Our breathing got quicker and we were both beating our meat furiously. I let out a strangled groan… and I finally shot, my cum spurting forward onto the carpet. Stan, watching as I orgasmed, followed it by erupting and blowing his own load right next to mine on the floor. It was hard to tell whose load was bigger, but by the time we were both done there was a bona fide puddle of jizz soaking into the carpet. 

    "Shit," I muttered. I didn't want to leave a stain that our mother would notice. I grabbed my boxers and used them to clean up all the cum. While kneeling down and wiping the jizz off the carpet, a fresh wad of cum hit my hand from where my brother was sitting on the couch.

    "Oops, sorry, bro. I guess I had some more in me," Stan said with a smirk. 

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