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Staying with Uncle Stan


Three's a Party


    The fact I was bisexual wasn't a secret per se, but it also wasn't something I advertised around town. Most of the men around here were discreet or on the down-low, and it was just easier for me to stay that way as well. If anything, I had the reputation of a womanizer, since so many of the women I hooked up with were very hot, at least by our small-town standards. 

    When word got around that Kelly was now dating my older brother Ray, I got a lot of questions from people asking me if I was okay with it. I assured them that I was, and the reactions I got were varied. Some of my buddies agreed and said they had also dated sisters or cousins in the past. Other people said, "if I ever caught my brother with my ex, I'd never speak to either of them again."

    These days, I hardly ever went to the diner where Kelly worked. People assumed it was because I was mad at her; but really, I was just busy with work, and there were other restaurants that were closer. However, today I made a concerted effort to go to Kelly's diner. It was the right time of year for it as well: fall had just started, and that place had a mean pumpkin soup special.

    "Hey there, handsome," Kelly said flirtily when she came to my table. "Here all on your own?"

    "Yeah. I figured it'd give me more time to talk to you," I flirted back without even realizing that's what I was doing. It was just in my blood.

    "Let me guess: pumpkin soup to start with?"

    "You know me well," I shrugged.

    "Oh, I don't know about that. You're still good for some surprises," she smiled.

    "What kinda surprises?" I asked.

    "Oh, just things I'm finding out about you thanks to your brother."

    "You and my brother talk about me?" 

    "Here and there. Ray's been telling me some interesting stories from when you were younger," she smirked mischievously. "Anyway, I'll be right back with your soup."

    After lunch, I went back to the construction site. While the rest of the men were working outside, my brother and I walked through the inside of the house, making notes and having a chat.

    "I saw Kelly today," I told Ray. "She mentioned something interesting."

    "Oh yeah? What?" my brother asked.

    "She said you guys talk about me."

    "We don't talk about you. Not very often, at least," he rebutted.

    "She said you've been telling her stories from when we were younger."

    "Aha," Ray said, and then he chuckled. "She's just tryna tease you."

    "What kinda stories is she referring to?"

    "It's nothing, Stan. Remember that day a few weeks ago, when she and I bumped into you lying naked in the woods? Well, after that we got to talking about us being naked in front of one another. I told her we were brothers, of course I've seen you naked. Then I mentioned that growing up, we've seen each other jerking off. And I told her the story when you found Dad's porn magazines down in the basement."

    "Yeah, I remember when that happened," I nodded with a nostalgic smile on my face. That was a few months before I'd started going to the Adult Arcade, so finding porn in my own house was a big deal.

    "And Kelly… she asked me a question," Ray said. "She asked if you and I have ever had a threesome with a girl."

    "Huh, really?" I asked.

    "Yeah. And she's brought it up a few times since."

    "Brought it up as in…?"

    "As in, she'd like to have a threesome with us," Ray put it bluntly.

    "Oh." I was familiar with Kelly's freaky side, but even I was taken aback to hear this. "And… how do you feel about that?"

    "I dunno," my brother shrugged. "I mean, might be fun. I'm game if you're game."

    "You're shitting me?" I laughed out loud. "You want us to have a threesome with your girlfriend?"

    My brother shrugged, as if this was the least unusual thing in the world.

    "Alright then," I agreed, already feeling a stirring in my pants. "Is she doing anything after work tonight?"

    Later that evening, my brother and his girlfriend were knocking on my door. It seemed like maybe Ray and Kelly had been enjoying a few cocktails down in the main house, as they were both quite giggly and tipsy as I let them in. It didn't bother me at all, and it helped to lighten the mood a bit.

    Not wanting to feel left out, I chugged my beer bottoms-up. Then, I cracked another one open, trying to catch up to my guests, and I offered them some beers as well. While Ray closed the blinds so his son wouldn't see us in case he showed up, Kelly was intently watching the threesome porn I had playing on the TV.

    After chatting with my brother a bit, all three of us became entranced by the scene playing in front of us. By now, the female actress was completely naked while the two "doctors" had their dicks pulled out of their scrubs as she gave them alternating blowjobs. This led to Kelly tugging at Ray's belt while starting to make out with him. She was an expert, getting his pants down and shirt off within seconds. 

    Once his clothes were off, I couldn't help but notice my brother's nude body. He was hairy like me, but a bit taller and slimmer. His dark leg hair stopped short right at his ass, leaving his cheeks smooth. His bush looked like it hadn't been trimmed in months, yet this did nothing to hide his growing erection. Growing up, I remember my brother having a bigger dick than me, but by now the roles had reversed. Still, he had a great looking tool that I'm sure made Kelly happy. Even once she was fully naked, for some reason my eyes lingered on Ray.

    Kelly motioned us to sit down on the couch, which we did after I quickly took off my clothes. My brother and I sat naked, side-by-side. It made me think of the time I was sitting here naked with my nephew, Ray's son. That particular memory helped to spark some blood flow to my crotch. Kelly reached up and ran a hand up each of our thighs before gripping onto our two cocks. The contact sent me into full erection.

    My ex went down on my brother first, expertly deepthroating him with ease while jerking me off. I enjoyed the sight of my brother getting blown. Instinctively, my arm went around his bare shoulders, but he didn't shove me off or anything. The two male actors on screen began to make out – something I wasn't expecting from this movie. Interestingly, I noticed my brother paying a lot of attention to this scene. 

    When it was my turn to get blown, Kelly's mouth felt like a familiar place. I closed my eyes and let my head roll back, enjoying the sensations of her tongue flicking around the head of my dick. The combination of her wet mouth, feeling my brother's shoulders, and the sounds of the two male porn stars making out was the perfect combination to get my bisexual juices flowing.

    I held down on the back of Kelly's head, encouraging her to go deeper, which I knew she would be happy to do. She even let go of Ray's cock to use both hands to play with my balls, something I'd always loved. Meanwhile, Ray stood up, his cock swinging, to kneel behind Kelly. He bent at the waist to briefly eat her out. I enjoyed watching him slap his cock on her asscheeks before teasing her pussy by sticking the tip in and out. He finally grabbed onto her hips and shoved his cock deep inside her, causing her to squeal around my cock.

    I enjoyed the sight of my brother pounding his girlfriend, looking like some gruff, vintage porn star. Since working with my construction business, he'd put on a ton of muscle. Seeing him naked like this, in the midst of thrusting inside his girlfriend, I admired his hairy body, glistening with sweat. His pecs were rigid and his nipples were erect. His shoulder muscles practically rippled and his biceps bulged as he held onto Kelly's waist.

    Eventually, we moved to my bed. Ray lay down on his back and Kelly quickly climbed on top of him, riding him cowgirl style. Then, she looked back at me with a sly grin.

    "Come fuck my ass, Stan. I want both brothers inside me," she giggled before facing back to Ray again.

    Not needing to be asked twice, I went over to bed and climbed onto the mattress. I straddled my brother's legs while Kelly bent over to give me better access to her free hole. I spat on my fingers, sticking one up her ass as lube. I lined up my thick cock and started to push in. She took me quite easily, just like she did back when we were dating. As I bottomed out, Kelly squealed in delight as she was plugged up by both my brother and me. 

    I got into a low squat, kind of like a sumo wrestler, and proceeded to fuck Kelly's ass while my brother fucked her pussy. She kept her face down, biting the sheets to keep from screaming in pleasure too loudly. Meanwhile, Ray and I happened to catch each other's eyes. Maintaining eye contact, we smirked at each other, proud of this unique opportunity to be fucking a chick together at the same time.

    Even though she was able to take my dick with ease, Kelly's ass was still pretty fucking tight. The feeling was incredible and I knew I was going to cum soon. Right as I was about to blow a load inside her, my dick slipped out. I couldn't hold back, and my cum started spurting, coating my brother's cock and balls. I moaned loudly, not able to stay silent, as a few more ropes of cum shot out.

    Meanwhile, Ray continued nailing his girl without taking a break, actually fucking my cum inside of her. I stepped back off the bed and watched as my brother used my cum as lube to continue fucking his girlfriend. Knowing that my cum was covering my brother's cock kept my own dick rock hard even though I'd just gotten off. Minutes later, Ray slammed upward into her one last time, implanting his seed deep inside her. 

    Kelly rolled over, a satisfied look on her face, and then excused herself to go take a shower. Feeling like a kid, I jumped onto the bed with my brother, tickling and pinching at his sides. We wrestled briefly in a friendly tussle, laughing together like two teenagers. I even rested my head on Ray's chest and we lay there for a while, enjoying a quick cuddle and basking in our post-orgasmic glow.

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