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Staying with Uncle Stan


I Wanna Jerk Off with You Guys


    This was by far the craziest situation I'd ever been in. In less than six months, I was either going to become a father, or an uncle once more – and I didn't know which one it would be! 

    My brother and I had discussed things with Kelly and agreed to get a paternity test. Thankfully, we didn't have to wait until after the birth, but we did have to wait for a couple of weeks until an appointment was available, which was doubtlessly prolonged because of the holiday season. The suspense was killing me, but all I could do was wait.

    In the meantime, Ray and I had decided not to tell Nash anything. It wasn't easy keeping something so big from my nephew, especially as he walked into my studio on Christmas Eve, announcing, "I know your secret."

    "What?" I asked, trying not to sound guilty. It was morning, but I was already prepping some of the food we'd be having for dinner tonight.

    "I know you and my father are keeping a secret from me," the teen said calmly. "I saw you guys."

    "You saw us doing what?" I asked.

    "I saw you jacking off," Nash said.

    Phew. So, this wasn't about Kelly's pregnancy, after all.

    "How'd you see us do that?" I asked.

    "From the treehouse. I saw you do it three times this past week."

    Shit! I'd forgotten all about that damn treehouse. And Nash wasn't wrong: his father and I had been jacking off together quite frequently lately. Since she often felt sick, Kelly wasn't available for sex, and my brother and I used this opportunity to bond during this crazy set of circumstances that we found ourselves in.

    "You need to mind your goddamn business," I said to the nosy teen, doing my best to sound threatening even though I wasn't really all that upset.

    "I wanna join you," he added stoically, as if he'd rehearsed this speech, which he probably had.

    "You want to what?" I said.

    "I wanna jack off with you guys. All three of us. I don't like feeling excluded."

    "You're out of your fucking mind," I laughed. 

    "Why? C'mon Uncle Stan, you can make it happen."

    "Nash, I have enough shit going on, so I need you to lay off with the bullshit!" I shouted.

    I immediately regretted raising my voice. My nephew looked close to tears. He was a horny kid, but so was I when I was his age (and to this day, to be frank). I shouldn't have yelled at him.

    "I'm sorry," I said. "I just don't know how your father would react to something like that."

    "Well, I thought you could ask him. You know, during one of your… masturbation meetups. You can bring me up and see if he'd be open to me joining you."

    "I'll see what I can do," I sighed. "Now help me with this fucking food."

    Nash smiled, happy to get his way. "Is Kelly gonna be joining us for dinner?" he asked while rolling up his sleeves.

    "No, she's visiting her parents. It'll be just the three of us," I said, wondering if it was too early in the day to start drinking.

    Later that evening, I had dinner with my brother and his son in the main house. Just as we began eating, snow started to fall outside, which seemed very appropriate for Christmas Eve. It whipped up into a winter storm but at least we were warm and cozy indoors. After our meal, Ray opened a fancy bottle of bourbon for the two of us, and when he had his back turned, I spiked some eggnog for Nash and handed it to my nephew with a naughty wink.

    Nash put on a Christmas movie for us, and we joined him in the living room in front of the TV. I turned off all the lights save for the Christmas tree. I started a fire, before joining my brother and Nash on the large sofa. In the dark, Nash snuggled up to me a bit, resting his head on my shoulder. He pushed this a bit further and put his legs across his father's lap, moving to rest his head on my thigh. With my nephew's face so close to my crotch, my dick twitched every now and then. Absentmindedly, I ran my fingers through Nash's hair. I had to admit it felt kinda nice, the three of us spending some time together like this. Shortly after midnight the movie finished, and Nash announced he was headed upstairs to bed.

    "This is some good shit," I mentioned to Ray, indicating the bourbon we'd slowly been sipping the last two hours.

    "Yeah, early Christmas gift from Kelly," Ray explained.

    "She still blue-balling you?" I continued, hoping my brother would say yes, so I could suggest stroking one out before bed.

    "Yup," Ray responded, his frustration clear. "You wanna..."

    "You read my mind," I nodded with a smirk.

    "Should we go to your place?" my brother asked.

    "Let's stay here. Nash is asleep. I'm too comfy, and it's freezing out there. You good with some bi porn?" I suggested.

    My brother merely grunted in reply. I took out my phone and searched for a few minutes to find something interesting. I found a cheesy looking holiday-themed porn on the trending page, and figured that might fit with the mood. I cast my phone on the TV and turned down the volume a bit. In the video, an attractive married couple was hosting their hunky nephew who was on college break, visiting for the holidays. 

    The scene started with the three actors around a Christmas tree, with the wife in a slutty Mrs. Claus outfit. She was opening gifts which all seemed to be either lingerie or sex toys. The husband stood to one side with a grin while the nephew held a box over his crotch. On her knees, the wife opened the wrapped box and made a terrible look of surprise when she found the nephew's rock-hard cock poking through.

    "He kinda looks like Nash," I blurted out. While receiving a blowjob, the young actor, who was probably only a couple of years older than my nephew, made an expression that was very similar to the expression Nash made while getting head.

    "Huh? Um, I don't see it, but okay," my brother shrugged.

    Ray then proceeded to whip out his cock, which by now was an all too familiar sight. I followed his cue and slipped my pants off, getting naked from the waist down. Silently, my brother and I jerked off from opposite ends of the couch. I could still see him from the corner of my eye, and I paid as much attention to him as I did to the cheesy flick playing on the screen. Part of me was tempted to move closer and offer my brother another handjob. Ever since that one time when I jerked him off in my apartment, I'd fantasized about doing it again.

    "I wanna tell you something, bro, but don't get upset," I said suddenly. "Nash and I… we've jacked off together. Just like you and I are doing right now."

    Ray's hand slowed, but only for a few seconds. He was surprisingly calm with the knowledge that I had jerked off with his son. 

    "How... how did it happen?" he said, asking for more information.

    "It's happened in my studio, after he found all my porn. Including all the bi stuff," I explained.

    "I shouldn't be surprised. You keep all that shit out in the open. Nash was bound to see it," Ray noted with a neutral tone.

    He was silent after that, and we proceeded to jerk off again. On screen, the husband and wife were both on their knees in front of the tree making out while the studly nephew was taking turns fucking them in the ass. He was a well-hung guy, and his two co-stars were taking it like champs. Ray even seemed to have picked up his pace a bit when the nephew switched to fucking the guy. Every few thrusts the nephew would pull out of his on-screen uncle and let the woman blow him before plowing the man again.

    With Ray thoroughly engrossed in the porn, now seemed like the perfect time to text Nash to come downstairs. I was just about to reach for my phone… when the little fucker appeared all on his own. He seemed to have a sixth sense about these things. What surprised me, however, was the fact that my nephew stood in the doorway completely naked, with his teenage dick as hard as steel.

    "Can I join you?" he asked quietly, not moving a muscle, except for his cock, which twitched up-and-down in excitement.

    I looked to my brother who gaped at his son, no longer stroking. Ray even tried covering up his boner, though he wasn't doing a good job of it. Nash simply stood there naked, his dick practically pointing toward his father. There was obvious tension, but the exaggerated moans from the married couple getting fucked made the situation almost comical.

    What seemed to last for hours was probably less than a minute. Ray tore his eyes away from his son and focused back on the screen. Quietly, my brother had granted his approval for his son to join us. Ray started stroking again, seeming to lose his inhibition. Nash smiled at me and started slowly walking to the couch, his cock bouncing with every step. Then, my naked nephew sat down in the middle, right in-between his own father and uncle, all three of us with our dicks hard…

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