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Staying with Uncle Stan


Bate Buddies


    By now, jerking off with my brother had become a completely normal practice. After all, I didn't see anything wrong with two friends getting off while watching a sexy video together. And isn't that what Stan and I were, buddies in addition to being brothers? I learned the term "bate buddies" from him recently; apparently, there were several (straight) guys in the area who liked to drop by Stan's studio on occasion and crank one out with him. I thought it was really nice, actually. It turned what was normally a solitary, almost shameful act, into something social and accepted. We all did it, after all – gay or straight, single or taken – so why be embarrassed by it?

    Jerking off with my son… now that was a bit of a different story. I wasn't terribly shocked to learn that Nash and Stan had jerked off together as well. My brother's studio was stocked with so much porn, all out in the open, that it was impossible for Nash not to see it when visiting his uncle. The fact that a good amount of it was gay or bisexual porn doubtlessly attracted my son's attention even more. As uncle and nephew, they saw each other every now and then while Nash was growing up in New York, but not too often. They were never terribly close, so it probably wasn't too awkward for them to whip their dicks out in front of one another and start going to town. 

    However, my relationship with Nash was different. This was the boy I'd looked after since the day he was born. That boy was growing up into a young man now – made evident by the fully grown man's erection that he was brandishing as he showed up in the living room, walking in on my brother and me during our Christmas bating session. 

    "Can I join you?" Nash asked timidly. 

    My first reaction was to cover up my cock reflexively. But then I quickly realized there was no use pretending this was anything other than what it was: two brothers jacking off together early on Christmas Day. Many people might frown upon that and call it abnormal, but Stan and I had really grown to appreciate our bating sessions. Now, my son wanted to join in. Could I really stop him? Was it fair to deny Nash something that I myself was enjoying?

    I focused on the bisexual porn playing on the TV. The holiday-themed video was so cheesy that it fell in the "so bad it's good" category. The actress was hot as fuck, as were her on-screen "husband" and "nephew." Slowly, I started stroking my hard-on again, even though my son was standing just a few feet away. Nash took this as permission to join in. Then, he stepped toward the couch and sat smack-dab in the middle between my brother and me.

    I gulped as Nash got comfortable on my left. His leg was close to mine – enough for me to feel the heat from his skin, but not quite touching. I tried to focus my attention on the television screen, but I couldn't help but glance down at my son's hard cock. My brother's dick also attracted my attention, and for a moment it felt like I was almost comparing the two. Nash had sparse pubic hair and a slender shaft, while Stan's was bushy and thick. Each, however, had a healthy amount of precum already glistening on their tips.

    With the arrival of Nash, the atmosphere in the room had become even more charged. It felt like someone had literally turned up the heat. My brother was probably feeling the same, as he pulled his shirt off over his head before removing his socks, getting fully naked to match Nash. Sitting next to my naked brother and son, I suddenly felt overdressed in my unzipped jeans and flannel shirt. Without looking at either of them, I slid my pants down, boxers included, and removed my shirt to expose my hairy chest and stomach. 

    All three of us were now fully nude and slowly jacking off while the porno played. Nash looked like he was in a man-sandwich, sitting in between his hairier uncle and dad. The differences between us were even more noticeable, given my son's much slimmer frame and practically hairless body. Now that we were all naked, it seemed we all loosened up a bit and got more relaxed. 

    Feeling the need to free my balls a bit, I spread my legs but flinched when I made contact with Nash's thigh. He put me at ease by returning the pressure and I felt okay doing it again. I looked over and saw Stan doing the exact same thing. With all three of us manspreading, there wasn't a spare inch left on the sofa. The scene on the screen was wrapping up with the "husband and wife" on their knees, getting a joint facial from their "nephew." None of us seemed close to cumming yet, so it was lucky another video started playing automatically.

    "I'm not sure what this is, it just came on by itself. Want me to change it?" Stan asked, reaching for his phone.

    "Leave it," I replied, intrigued by the sight of a sexy college-aged chick on screen. It looked like another holiday-themed video as she and her boyfriend were arriving at his family's house, knocking on a door with a Christmas wreath on it while the boy squeezed the girl's ass.

    Once inside the generically furnished house, the actors were joined by a handful of extras, but the boyfriend's "uncle" clearly stood out. He was a tough-looking, bald-headed, muscular Mr. Clean lookalike who immediately got flirty with the girl. I had a feeling this was leading to another bisexual threesome. 

    The scene moved forward to the middle of the night, showing the nephew leaving his sleeping girlfriend and sneaking into his uncle's bedroom. There, he quickly stripped naked and got in bed with his uncle, who was also nude. The nephew pushed back the covers showing off his uncle's buff bod, which looked huge next to the slimmer young guy. The uncle soon had the boy on his back, giving him a slow and deliberate handjob.

    "Fuck, that's so hot," Nash whispered next to me. 

    I jerked my head at the sound of my son's voice to see him biting his lip and staring intently at the screen. I looked down to his cock, which was practically gushing precum at this point. So Nash was turned on by the sight of an uncle jerking off his nephew, huh? I looked up and happened to make eye contact with my brother, who had also clearly been staring at Nash's cock. Stan almost looked… tempted by it. I was suddenly reminded of the time I received a handjob from my brother, and wondered if Stan had ever provided that same service to Nash.

    Unable to tear my eyes away, I then watched as my brother put his right hand on Nash's left thigh. He squeezed his quad and my son merely spread his legs even further. I continued to look intently at my brother, noticing the mischievous smirk on his face. Next, Stan's hand started to slide further up Nash's thigh until his knuckles brushed up against my son's ball sack. My brother kept looking at me, trying to gauge my reaction. I tried to keep a poker face, all while still stroking my cock. 

    On screen, the "uncle and nephew" were getting more verbal, with the younger guy begging for his uncle to jerk him off. As if Stan was listening to the on-screen nephew, his hand gripped Nash's cock. I nearly gasped from the shock of it. I kept watching, holding my breath. Nash, on the other hand, let out a soft moan, spreading his legs wide and pushing his right leg against my left. I watched as my son closed his eyes, pleasure painted across his face. He was clearly into it, so I did nothing to stop it from happening.

    Stan let go briefly to spit in his palm before continuing to give my teenage son a handjob. My brother used a circular motion with his palm to coat Nash's shaft in saliva. On screen, the girlfriend finally joined the two men just as the uncle was penetrating the nephew's ass. The nephew proceeded to eat her out while getting pounded by the older man. However, by now, no one seemed too interested in the porn. Nash kept his eyes closed while Stan and I both kept our eyes on my son's cock. 

    Nash threw his left leg over Stan's right thigh to get more comfortable, exposing more of his crotch. Stan continued to stroke him with his right hand, but now reached over with his left to touch my son's balls and taint. I realized I wasn't even mad watching my brother treat my son this way. If anything, I was happy for Nash… and maybe even a little bit jealous that no one was doing this to me.

    From what I could see, Stan was now toying with Nash's hole. My son whimpered like a puppy as his uncle managed to get his index finger inside him nearly two knuckles deep. Stan pulled his left hand back and sucked on his first two fingers before returning. This time, he got both fingers inside my son's ass, making him moan even louder. Holy shit: my own brother was finger-fucking my son right next to me!! 

    At last, Nash was unable to hold on any longer. He gasped loudly and a fountain of cum erupted from the tip of his cock. His uncle continued to milk out a huge load from the horny teen. My son's jizz sprayed all over the place – some landing on Stan, some on himself, but most of it ending up on my thighs and torso. It was almost as if Stan was pointing it at me, and for a second I wondered if he was doing it on purpose.

    Feeling my son's warm spunk hit my skin put me over the edge. Some of his cum had even landed on my dick. I didn't think anything of it and simply used it as lube to continue jerking off. I groaned as I finally blew my load. I decided to return the favor and aimed my cock at Nash, raining cum all over my happy, spent son.

    "Fuck yeah, Dad!" Nash said encouragingly as he watched me bust my nut. From the other side, my son got simultaneously soaked by Stan's load. 

    "Phew. Merry Christmas, everyone," my brother said after he was done cumming all over my boy. Then, he stood up and walked away to the kitchen, probably getting some water.

    "I should go to bed," Nash said, before smiling and adding, "That was fun."

    "You better take a shower first," I suggested, patting my son's chest and realizing I was rubbing in Stan's and my cum.

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