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Staying with Uncle Stan


Making Dad Proud


    When I was little, I remember barely being able to sleep on Christmas because of excitement. For the first time in years, I was experiencing that same sensation; only this time, I wasn't excited about Santa coming. Instead, I was excited about my dad and my uncle cumming all over me, just minutes earlier.

    As I lay in bed, I replayed that scene over and over and over again, trying to engrave every detail in my mind so as to never forget it. The cheesy porn playing on TV. All three of us getting buck naked and stroking away. And the best part: Uncle Stan's hand on my cock, jerking me off right in front of my dad. Holy shit! I knew my uncle was a shit stirrer, but I didn't expect him to go this far. It was the best evening of my life, all culminating with the three of us blowing our loads all over each other's bodies.

    Feeling content, I finally dozed off. When I woke up in the morning, I didn't want to take a shower since I didn't want to wash the leftovers of my dad's and uncle's semen off my chest. I rubbed my hands all over my body, lying naked in bed and stroking my hard cock until I was on the edge. Then, I quit and reluctantly went to the bathroom for a shower. 

    When I was done, I proceeded to the kitchen, still nude. My cock had gone soft, but it was rising once again as I descended the stairs. I could hear Dad making breakfast. The smell of coffee welcomed me. By the time I was in the kitchen, my cock was hard as a rock, pointing right at my father's back. I decided against leaving, and against covering up. After all, just a few hours ago, the two of us jerked off and shot our loads together, sitting next to one another. Letting Dad see me with a morning boner was no big deal any longer.

    "Merry Christmas," I said loudly, thrusting my hips forward a bit to make my dick look bigger.

    "You're up," Dad said before turning around. When he saw me, he added, "You're REALLY up."

    "Oh, you know, Christmas makes me horny," I joked as my boner throbbed up-and-down, which I kinda hoped impressed my dad.

    "What's your excuse the rest of the year?" he chuckled. "Have some coffee. Breakfast will be ready in a minute."

    I noticed a cup of hot coffee on the table in front of me and I walked to it. With each step, I grew increasingly more turned on and more daring. Should I start to masturbate in front of my father again? On Christmas morning? This new family dynamic offered so many exciting opportunities. Unable to control myself, I wrapped my hand around my hard cock and I began to stroke. After edging in bed earlier, it didn't take me long – or maybe it was my dad's presence that made me even hornier. Within a few strokes, I was almost ready to cum. I waited until Dad turned around. Then, I blew my load in the coffee cup in front of me, as my father watched each wad of jizz shooting out of my piss slit.

    "That was my coffee, by the way," he said calmly, as if this was the most normal thing to witness in the morning. "But you can have it now."

    "Thanks," I laughed, still enjoying the intense aftereffect of my orgasm. Then, while maintaining eye contact with dad, I lifted the mug and took a big sip. "Yummy."

    I'd hoped that while I was home for the holidays, bating with Dad and Uncle Stan would become a new normal. Unfortunately, my father spent a lot of time with his girlfriend Kelly, and Uncle Stan went out more than usual as well. Sometimes, the two of them would leave in the same truck, and I wondered if they were seeing Kelly together. 

    Thankfully, I'd made at least one friend at school this last semester. Tanner was one of those boys that were visibly gay, so I struck up a conversation with him one day and we'd been hanging out ever since. He spent Christmas in Connecticut, but I invited him over to my house as soon as he got back. Dad and Stan were out, so Tanner and I hung out in the living room, on the same couch where I'd been sprayed by my father's jizz just a few days ago. I was tempted to share that story with my friend, but I was worried he'd think my whole family was a bunch of freaks. Besides, this was a small town, and if news got out my uncle might go out of business, and I would never forgive myself if that happened. Instead, Tanner was the one who had some shocking news for me.

    "I'm starting a FansOnly account," he announced confidently. "I'd been thinking about it for ages, but obviously I had to be 18 first. Well, I turned 18 a month ago so I think this is the right time."

    "Whoa. What made you decide that?" I asked.

    "Well, you and I have talked about moving to New York next year, and I'll need money for that. Like, a lot of money."

    "Yeah, but you know posting on FansOnly doesn't guarantee you'll make money. Like, there's a lot of competition these days. Like a loooooooooot," I explained.

    "I know, I know, but it can't hurt to try. I won't show my face at first, so there's nothing to lose. Besides, I think I know someone who made a lot of money that way."

    "Who?" I asked with piqued interest.

    "You know how I was in Connecticut for Christmas? That's where my Uncle Brock lives, my dad's brother. He lives there with his husband Sawyer and Sawyer's brother Kurt. Well, a short while ago they were all renting a tiny crappy apartment in New York. And now, Kurt owns this gorgeous house in Connecticut AND a house in Miami. And he's only in his mid-30s. He never told anyone how he made all that money, and he totally looks like a porn star. So it has to be it."

    "I dunno. There are other ways to make money," I said, unconvinced.

    "I know, but get this: on Christmas morning, I walked in on Kurt. He was naked, and Sawyer was taking a video of him. And Kurt was saying, like, 'I wanted to thank you for all your support, there's a lot more coming in 2024.' They said they were shooting a video for Kurt's girlfriend, but c'mon, that's clearly a lie."

    "Wait, wait, wait," I said, struggling to keep up. "Sawyer was taking a naked video of Kurt? Didn't you say they were brothers?"

    "I know, right?!" Tanner said loudly. "Like, there's definitely something going on. I've been searching for Kurt's porn ever since, but like you said, there's so much porn online that it's not easy to find."

    "Okay, let's pivot away from this Kurt guy for a while… What kinda porn are YOU thinking of posting?" I asked my friend.

    "I dunno, just like nudes, vids of me jerking off. Maybe I'll find someone who wants to shoot with me. Maybe… you?" he suggested with a bashful smile. "You'll be 18 soon, right?"

    "Hahahaha, are you serious?" I laughed out loud. Even though Tanner and I were both gay, we'd never hooked up – let alone filmed sex videos together.

    "Think about it. I'll open the account, and I'll let you know how it goes."

    "You better send me a link with free access," I said, wondering if I could really start shooting porn with my friend.

    My 18th birthday fell on the first Saturday of the new year. My father and Uncle Stan both had to work, so with nothing else to do I drove to my favorite sex shop, the Adult Arcade. Since my dad worked nearby, I'd fallen into the habit of parking away from the shop, so he wouldn't see my car parked in front of an adult store. However, it no longer bothered me if Dad knew that I went to sex shops, so I parked right in front. To my surprise… Dad's truck was parked right there as well.

    I stepped into the store, greeted by one of the attendants who'd been turning a blind eye and allowing me to hang out here for months now. For a second, I thought that I spotted my dad, but it turned out to be a man who looked similar to him, wearing a plaid shirt and work boots, keenly looking for some quick release on his lunch break. He made eyes at me and nodded his head to the back, insinuating I should follow him to where the gloryholes were. Any other day, I'd be more than happy to do so, but for now I was focused on finding out if my father was really here. 

    I went through the straight porn aisles and didn't see Dad anywhere. Finally, I ventured into the gay porn section… and there he was, holding a basket full of condoms and browsing through some new calendars featuring naked hunks brandishing their boners for the camera.

    "Dad?!" I asked more loudly than I should've. Thankfully, we were the only people in the aisle.

    "Shit. You caught me," he said.

    "I caught you buying gay porn?" I asked, confused.

    "Yeah, it was gonna be your birthday present," Dad said. "I thought it would be funny to get you a box full of condoms and lube and maybe some porn. It was your uncle's idea. He suggested this place as well."

    "Aww. That's kinda cool," I said with a smile, kinda bummed that I'd spoiled my dad's surprise. "Yeah, I heard about this place from Uncle Stan as well. It's a cool store. Want me to show you around?"

    "You've been here before?" he raised his eyebrows. "You literally turned 18 today."

    I ignored Dad's comment as I was positive he already knew the answer. I started showing him around the store and we stopped for a bit in the sex toy section, laughing at some of the more outrageous toys, including what looked to be a dildo that you could strap to your chin. Surprisingly, Dad eyed the strap-ons with obvious curiosity. Maybe he was considering getting one for his girlfriend and asking her to use it on him?

    "What's in there?" Dad asked when we passed the door that led to the very back of the store, where I had spent a lot of time.

    "Do you know what a gloryhole is?" I said with a smirk.

    Without waiting for a response, I pulled my father by the hand and guided him into the dimly lit area. As always, the only lighting came from the TV screens displaying various genres of porn. The room was mostly empty except for the man in the plaid shirt I'd seen earlier at the front of the store. He had his belt undone and his pants unzipped. He had his dick out – and it was a thick one – and he watched porn while slowly stroking.

    "So yeah, you can... do that back here," I explained to my dad who kept a stoic face.

    "Is this what you do when you come here?" my father asked with a tone that suggested both curiosity and concern.

    "I... well, to be honest, I usually... I'm usually on my knees when I'm here, if you know what I mean," I admitted, hoping he understood without me blatantly saying I was the resident cocksucker at this place.

    My dad nearly nodded his understanding. For some reason, I realized I was getting turned on. Maybe it was the porn, or the stranger jacking off in front of us, or the fact I'd just confessed to my father that I liked to come to a sex shop and suck dick. I licked my lips while looking at my dad's thick-dicked lookalike, fighting the temptation he was presenting.

    "Is that what you came to do today?" my dad questioned, loud enough for the stranger to hear. "Suck cock?"

    "Yes," I stated bluntly, and the man turned to look at us.

    "By the way he's looking at you... I think that guy's interested," Dad smiled and winked before turning to leave.

    "You don't wanna watch?" I offered, grabbing Dad's arm, hoping he'd say yes.

    Without saying another word, my dad turned on his heel. I slowly walked up to the stroking stranger and then quickly dropped to my knees. With his tool directly in my face, I could see he was even bigger than I first thought. His dick was long and thick, so much that I could barely get my whole hand around the thing. It was already making my mouth water. 

    I started slowly by nursing on the head, flicking my tongue across his piss slit and tasting his delicious precum. The man groaned appreciatively, but I was only just getting started. I licked down his shaft all the way to his hairy balls, which smelled heavily of musk. I inhaled deeply, loving the scent, before sucking one nut and then the other into my mouth. His dick was already making this incredibly hot, but having my dad as an eyewitness made it even better.

    The man went to reach for my head and I noticed a wedding ring, which wasn't an uncommon occurrence here. If anything, it made me glad I could provide for him what his wife couldn't or wouldn't. I worked my tongue back up his shaft, letting the tip slide between my lips and across my tongue. I kept going down on him, making it about halfway. This was the point my jaws felt stretched to their limit, aching as I accommodated his thick pole without scraping him with my teeth.

    "Fuck yeah, kid, work it all the way down," the stranger moaned as I continued trying to deepthroat him.

    While I was perfectly enthralled with this man's cock, I wished I could see my father's reaction. I hoped he was impressed, maybe even proud. I wondered if Dad was jerking off while watching his only son suck a stranger's dick. A stranger, who coincidentally looked almost like him. At least there was straight porn playing on some of the screens, which hopefully helped my dad feel more comfortable about being here.

    I finally managed to swallow the man's entire cock, but not without gagging. Still, I was determined to give this man a stellar blowjob and I was able to adjust. Up and down, I bobbed my head on his dick, coating him with spit to make it easier. Eventually I got used to his size and was able to deepthroat him easily without choking or sputtering. 

    The man sensed I was more at ease with his rod by now and he took this as an opportunity to be a bit rougher. He ran his fingers through my hair, going to the back of my head and with a fistful of hair, he began to fuck my face. He started slowly, but gradually became more and more aggressive. I reached down and fumbled with my zipper to take out my raging hard-on. I started jerking off while the man used my mouth, hoping it would show my dad I was enjoying this and that I was not being taken advantage of.

    The man didn't say anything, but just groaned and grunted as he slid in and out of my mouth. I was loving every aspect of this – the man's dominant attitude, the sounds of porn in the background, his breath getting faster and faster, and the fact my dad was here witnessing all of it. It made me so horny to show off my oral skills. I hoped my father was enjoying himself just as much as I was. 

    Finally, my dad's doppelgänger grunted one last time and I felt his hot jizz splatter the back of my throat. I swallowed every drop like the good cocksucker I was. Just as quickly as it had happened, the man stepped back and was zipping his pants up. He patted my cheek as I looked up at him and wiped the spit off my lips. Oblivious to the fact that he was talking to my father, the man turned to Dad and asked, "You wanna go next?"

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