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Staying with Uncle Stan


Creamy Birthday Treat


    A year ago it felt like my life was falling apart. Living in New York, I was barely able to keep a roof over our heads for my son Nash and me. Then, shit REALLY hit the fan when I lost my job. I was hopeless. Thankfully, there was one person I could count on: my younger brother Stan. He provided a job and a free place to live. The only caveat: it was in rural Maine.

    At first, my son was furious about leaving the city. However, things soon changed. Nash and Stan began to bond… so much so that a couple of weeks ago, on our first Christmas Eve in Maine, I watched my brother give my son a handjob.

    Today was Nash's 18th birthday. Since he was clearly becoming more sexually active, I decided to go to a local sex shop on my lunch break and get him a few presents that would be both fun and useful. But, Nash spoiled the surprise by showing up at the shop. Apparently, this wasn't his first time here. On the contrary, he seemed very familiar with this place as he gave me a tour, leading me to the back where they had porn playing on a few TV screens. There was only one other patron present, a man my age who looked uncannily similar to me. In no time at all, my son was on his knees, sucking the man's cock. 

    So this is what Nash has been doing since learning how to drive: coming here to suck dick. I wasn't terribly surprised. My brother had told me that when he was Nash's age, he used to come to this exact same sex shop. Like uncle, like nephew, I suppose. Seeing Nash's eagerness while he sucked the stranger's cock made me pop a boner as well. I pulled my dick out, stroking while watching this married man go to town on my son's throat. Within minutes, he was blowing his load down Nash's throat, all while making eye contact with me, oblivious to the fact I was the father of the boy whose throat he was assaulting.

    "You wanna go next?" the man asked me, tucking his prick back in his pants.

    I looked down at Nash, still kneeling on the floor; sweat, saliva, and cum running down his chin. With a puppy dog look in his eyes, he licked his lips, smiled, and said three words: "Come on, Daddy."

    I let go of my cock and I stepped forward. My boner was pointing at Nash's face like an arrow. I only took three or four steps, but it felt like an eternity. My dick was now so close to my son's face that I could feel his breath on my precum-coated cockhead. Nash stuck out his tongue, ready to lick that precum off… when my phone started ringing.

    "Shit. Sorry, I gotta take this," I said, taking two steps back. Nash looked disappointed, but he didn't say anything. The stranger who was still standing there just tsked loudly and left.

    This was inopportune timing, but even without looking at my phone I knew it was an emergency. My phone was on silent, and I had it set to only ring loudly if Kelly called. If she was calling without texting first, I knew that it had to be important.

    "Hello?" I said, holding my phone up with one hand and my hard dick with the other.

    My pregnant girlfriend didn't beat around the bush.

    "Hey. I got the results from the paternity test. Can you come over?"



    "Happy birthday!" I shouted jubilantly as I walked into the dining room and saw my nephew sitting at the table and scrolling through his phone. It was freezing outside but it was nice and toasty in here, so Nash was naked except for a pair of black boxer briefs, which he filled out very nicely.

    "Thanks, Uncle Stan," he said as he got up and gave me a hug and a quick kiss on the lips.

    "Here, I brought you a cake," I said, placing it down on the table. "It's from the supermarket, but I figured it's better than nothing."

    "Mmm, a supermarket cake. You're really spoiling me," Nash said teasingly.

    "Oh shush. You be good and I might have another treat for you later," I teased back as I began to undress. "By the way, have you seen your father? He never showed up at work after lunch."

    "Funny story. I bumped into him at the Adult Arcade," Nash said. "Apparently you told him he could find some cool presents for me there."

    "Ha. And then what happened?" I asked, pulling my pants down and getting comfy in just my briefs and socks. 

    "And then, he came to the backroom with me and watched me suck this guy's cock," Nash continued. "And then Dad got a phone call and he just disappeared. It was so weird. He texted an hour ago to tell me he was with Kelly and he'll be home later tonight."

    There were a couple of things Nash didn't know: not only was Kelly pregnant, but there was a chance that the father of the baby was either me or my brother. I didn't want to drag Nash into all of this, so I just changed the topic.

    "So, your dad watched you suck some guy's dick today, huh?" I said, cupping the bulge in my gray briefs.

    "Yes. Oh, and the best part was: I came THIS close to sucking Dad's dick as well. He literally put it right in my face. I was gonna go for it… but that's when his phone rang and he bailed."

    "Fuuuck. You really think he was gonna let you do it?" I asked, awed by this information about my brother.

    "Yes! I'm telling you, we were like super close," my nephew said enthusiastically.

    "How close?" I asked, raising my eyebrows as I stood in front of Nash.

    "This close," the birthday boy said as he dropped to his knees, keeping his nose just an inch from my bulge. By now, my cock was half-hard, barely contained by the fabric of my briefs. After a day of physical labor, I wondered what my crotch smelled like. 

    I was just about to pull out my dick and let Nash have it… when we heard the front door opening and my brother shouting, "I'm home!"

    "Are you fucking kidding me?!" my nephew laughed in frustration. "I keep getting cockblocked all day!!"

    "C'mon. I'll let you suck my dick later, I promise," I said, helping Nash stand up. "It's a birthday promise."

    "Hey guys," Ray said as he entered the dining room. He didn't seem surprised to see his son and me in nothing but our underwear. Ray had a smile plastered on his face, but I could tell something was bothering him. "Stan, can you help me with something upstairs?" he asked.

    "Uh, sure. We'll be right back, Nash," I said. 

    Up in my brother's bedroom, I finally learned the truth.

    "Kelly got the paternity test results," Ray said, looking more nervous than I'd ever seen him. "It's… you."

    It felt like the earth quaked. Thankfully, the bed was right behind me, because I needed to sit down.

    "I'm gonna be a dad?" I asked in shock.

    "We both are," my brother said. "I asked Kelly to marry me. So you're gonna be a dad… and I'm gonna be a step-dad."

    "I… I don't know what to say," I admitted.

    "I know, it's a shock. But I've had a few hours to process it, and I wanna say three things. Number one: Congratulations! I know this was unplanned, but a baby's always a blessing. Number two: We'll do this together. And number three: I love you."

    I stood up and gave my brother a big hug. I couldn't explain it – whether it was the friction or all the emotions inside me – but suddenly my semi grew to a full erection, rubbing against my brother's body.

    "Duuuude," Ray said when he noticed my boner. "Are you SERIOUSLY sporting wood right now?! Now of all times?"

    "Shut up and hug me," I said, pulling him back into a tight hug. "We need to celebrate. But tonight, we're only celebrating Nash's birthday. That boy's had a long day. Let's go downstairs and make sure he has a special evening."


    I found it a bit weird when Dad asked Uncle Stan to go upstairs with him to "help" him with something. I wondered if they were throwing some sort of surprise for me. I sat back down at the dining room table in my underwear, reading all my birthday messages on my phone. Just a few minutes later, I heard footsteps and my jaw dropped when I saw my nude uncle walking into the room, followed by my dad, who was also fully naked.

    "Uhh… What's going on?" I asked them.

    "This is more comfortable, and fun," Uncle Stan shrugged. I certainly wasn't going to argue.

    My uncle picked up the cake he'd brought and started slicing it. Meanwhile, my dad sat down at the table, so all I could see was his hairy chest. He seemed a little shy, but he smiled at me and in my mind I was transported to the back of the Adult Arcade, where just a few hours ago my father watched me suck a complete stranger's cock.

    Uncle Stan placed three slices of cake on the table, followed by three glasses of scotch. 

    "Happy birthday, Nash," he toasted, and we all clinked our glasses together. 

    For the next few minutes, we ate and drank, and I continued to wonder why Dad and Stan had decided to take off all their clothes. Was it because it was my birthday, and they knew I'd enjoy the sight of their naked bodies? Thankfully, it wasn't long before the conversation turned to sex.

    "So, Ray, Nash tells me he bumped into you at the Adult Arcade today," Uncle Stan said after finishing his slice of cake. I noticed he pulled his chair out so I could see his crotch clearly. Then, my uncle absentmindedly tugged on his balls, waiting for his big brother's response.

    "Yes," Dad nodded, clearing his throat nervously. "It was an... interesting experience, to say the least."

    "I also hear you watched Nash suck some guy off?" Stan continued, now fully stroking his dick, working it to life in front of us.

    "Yes, I did," my father answered coolly. "Seems to be his favorite thing to do."

    "Oh, it is. And he's quite good at it," Stan said, making my dad raise an eyebrow. "I know from personal experience."

    My dad was clearly surprised by his brother's confession. Now, Dad knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that I had sucked my uncle's dick. I looked at Uncle Stan, who just winked at me.

    "Nash, I promised you a treat. Come get it," he offered, wagging his now rock-hard cock.

    Without thinking or wasting time, I got up and dropped to my knees in front of my hunk of an uncle. I was acutely aware that my father was still in the room, witnessing this incestuous act. Dad had already seen me suck dick once today. Why not again, even if the dick in question happened to be his own brother's?!

    I licked my lips and stared at my throbbing birthday present. I slowly leaned in, kissing the tip of my uncle's cock. The taste of his precum was instantly intoxicating. My own cock started twitching as I gently took Uncle Stan's entire dick into my mouth. Even though I'd done this plenty of times, it was always incredibly thrilling to taste my uncle's meat.

    I took my time, wanting to give my father a show. Inch by inch, my lips worked down Uncle Stan's thick shaft, until my nose was buried in his ginger pubes. I fucking LOVED the smell of his sweat and musk after a day of manual labor! I pulled back up, my lips making a satisfying smacking sound. 

    That's when I turned to look at my father, whose eyes were glued on his younger brother's cock. Dad was slowly stroking himself, already at full erection. I guessed that meant he had no objections to what was playing out in front of him. I turned back to Uncle Stan's cock with renewed hunger. This time, I greedily slurped it up, coating his shaft with my saliva, making it even easier for me to bob my head up and down.

    "Fuck, that's a good mouth," Uncle Stan growled. Even though I couldn't see, I had a feeling he was making direct eye contact with Dad when he said that.

    My uncle showed his appreciation by running his fingers through my hair and down to my neck and shoulders. This also encouraged me to deepthroat his girthy pole. As much as I loved sucking anonymous cock at the Adult Arcade, blowing Uncle Stan was my absolute favorite.

    Next, my uncle began guiding my head up and down with his hands. Suddenly, he stood up to get better leverage. I sat still on the floor and let him fuck my mouth, using my throat like a Fleshlight. In that moment, all I wanted was to be a toy for his pleasure.

    I wrapped my arms around his thick, hairy thighs, trying to lodge his dick as deep as possible down my throat. Uncle Stan held tightly onto my head, pulling my hair, which drove me wild. He kept pumping in and out of my mouth, working up a sweat like he was running a marathon. With a strangled cry, he finally rewarded me with my creamy birthday present. I felt my uncle's cum splatter the back of my throat, shooting down my gullet, and I swallowed every drop. Finally, once he was done emptying his balls, Uncle Stan sat back down, patting me softly on the cheek.

    "Wanna do your daddy next?" he suggested, lifting up my chin and nodding toward my father.

    I spun around and looked at Dad, who took his hand off his cock as if presenting it to me. I crawled toward his chair. When I reached him, I put my hands on Dad's knees and looked up with anticipation. Dad smiled, as if silently granting me permission to continue. I slowly inched my hands up his thighs, leaning forward. With one last look up at him, I stuck my tongue out… and I finally tasted the cock that made me for the very first time.

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