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Staying with Uncle Stan


My Son's Skills


    Several weeks ago, when I found out my girlfriend was pregnant, I bought an engagement ring even though I knew there was a slight chance the baby wasn't mine. I had some time to think about it and I realized that I wanted to help take care of the little one, regardless of whether I was the biological father or uncle.

    Well, now the paternity mystery was behind us. Turns out, my brother Stan was indeed the one who got Kelly pregnant. As soon as she told me that, I dropped to one knee and asked her to marry me. Her initial reaction was to pull me up and ask me if I was crazy. After a long discussion, we came to the conclusion that living as a family was the best thing to do – even though our version of "family" was unconventional to say the least. Kelly agreed to my proposal. Now, we just needed to break the news to Stan.

    Of course, all of this took place on one of the most inconvenient days of the year: my son Nash's 18th birthday. He didn't know about any of this drama, and today wasn't the day to tell him. Stan and I had a brief conversation alone in my bedroom. I told my underwear-clad brother he was going to be a dad, and I was going to be a step-dad. Afterward, we exchanged a big hug… which was when I felt Stan's throbbing boner pushing against me.

    "Duuuude. Are you SERIOUSLY sporting wood right now?! Now of all times?" I said while laughing out loud.

    "Shut up and hug me," my brother insisted. He was clearly happy to hear that Kelly and I had a plan, and that everything was going to work out. "We need to celebrate. But tonight, we're only celebrating Nash's birthday. That boy's had a long day. Let's go downstairs and make sure he has a special evening."

    "You're right, you're right. There's still a few months to go until the baby's here. We have plenty of time to plan everything," I agreed. "Poor Nash. I feel bad for walking out on him at the sex shop this afternoon. I didn't even end up buying him the presents I went there for."

    "I just got him a cake and a gift card on my way back from work. Didn't have time for nothing else," my brother said, adjusting his balls and hard cock in his briefs.

    "Why are you in your underwear, man?" I asked.

    "What do you mean? I'm at my house, ain't I?" my brother shrugged. "Plus, Nash and I were… having a moment before you arrived."

    "Were you guys about to jerk off, like we did on Christmas Eve? I guess that's one way to make his birthday special," I said. 

    "Well… we were gonna do a bit more than just jerk off. But let's go downstairs and make sure our boy has a special evening. Take your clothes off. He'll think it's funny if we show up naked," Stan suggested.

    I was a bit confused by my brother saying he and Nash were gonna do "more" than just jerk off, but I did what I was told without asking any questions. I took my clothes off and followed Stan downstairs. He was right: Nash was definitely amused by seeing both of us naked. It was nice to see a big smile appear on my son's face. We had some cheap birthday cake and a couple of scotches. Before I knew it… my brother was sporting a full-on boner again, brandishing it at his nephew and saying, "Nash, I promised you a treat. Come get it."

    Before I could wrap my mind around what was happening, my son got up and knelt in front of his uncle like an obedient puppy. Holy shit: Nash was about to suck Stan's cock! Was this their first time? Sure didn't feel like it. So THIS is what Stan meant when he said they were gonna do more "than just jerk off" together.

    My jaw dropped when my only son kissed the tip of my brother's rock-hard cock. Next, I watched attentively as Nash slowly started to swallow Stan's tool. Even though he didn't take the whole thing all at once, the ease with which my son gradually took Stan's thick dick told me they've definitely done this before.

    My brother caught my eye and winked at me. He then closed his eyes as he relaxed and enjoyed the oral service provided by his own teenage nephew. I'd already seen Nash suck one man's dick today, and I was slowly getting used to the fact that my once-innocent boy had become a cock-hungry slut. But to know he was sucking off members of his own family felt even more extreme. And yet, even with all these confusing paternal feelings, I couldn't stop myself from feeling incredibly turned on. My hand moved on its own and started stroking my shaft until I was just as hard as my brother.

    The longer I watched, the hornier I became. I finally gave in to the fact that I was enjoying watching my son give his own uncle a blowjob. I even found it hot that Stan was talking dirty to him the whole time. I almost came when my brother started fucking my son's mouth aggressively, eventually dumping his load down Nash's throat. 

    "Wanna do your daddy next?" Stan suggested to Nash, making my dick twitch.

    My son turned to face me. A few hours ago I was almost ready to let him blow me in the sex shop. Was this really about to happen?! I couldn't believe we were about to go this far. Nash and I never had this kind of relationship in New York. I guess we had Stan to thank for all this. 

    I took my hand away from my cock, like I was presenting it to Nash. He started crawling toward me on the floor, his gaze honed in on my dick. When he reached me, my son placed his hands on my thighs. As he got closer, my body tensed. He gave me one last look before letting the tip of my cock slide past his lips. Fuuuck!! He's barely begun and his mouth already felt amazing!

    Nash didn't waste any time. While he had gone slowly with Stan, he now seemed eager to taste every inch of my shaft as quickly as possible. It felt like something primal went off in my son as soon as he swallowed the cock that made him. A few feet away, my brother growled in approval as my son went to work on my dick.

    I'd been jerking off while watching Nash blow Stan, so I was now on the edge and had to hold back from cumming right away. Thankfully, my son helped me with that: he drove me to the very edge but then gave me enough time to cool off. He was truly an expert at this. His mouth was warm and wet, and I never once felt his teeth. I had to grip the seat of the chair to stop from thrusting, which I knew would put an end to this far too soon.

    "How's it feel, bro? He's a damn good cocksucker, ain't he?" my brother growled. "He's been doing this for years behind your back. Did you know that?"

    I looked at Stan and shook my head. 

    "Yeah. Before you all came here, your boy was cruising for cock all over New York," Stan smiled. My brother seemed to be getting off on telling me Nash's dirty secrets.

    I was shocked to hear that my son had been sexually active for a lot longer than I'd expected. It did explain why Nash was so skilled at this. He then pulled off my dick, squeezing the tip and lapping at my precum like a melting popsicle. Next, Nash moaned deeply and slapped his own face with my cock. God damn, he was making me feel good.

    Suddenly, Stan got up and walked behind his nephew. He crouched down and tugged at my son's boxer briefs, practically ripping them off. He then put his hand on the back of my son's head, pushing it forward. He kept going until Nash's nose was buried in my pubes. I could feel my cock hit the back of my son's throat, making him gag a couple of times. I almost felt bad for him, but when I saw Nash jerking himself off I realized he LOVED having his own father's cock down his throat.

    Just like he'd done during his own blowjob, my brother began controlling Nash's head. Stan set the pace, guiding my son's mouth up and down my boner. Each time he pushed down, he held Nash longer, as if testing his breathing. When he finally let go, Nash would pop up and gasp for air with spit dripping down his chin. My son merely wiped his face with the back of his hand before swallowing me all over again.

    Next, Stan's hands found their way to the front of my son's neck, grabbing his throat and choking him lightly. Again, I had concerns this was going too far, but I could see that even more precum was oozing from Nash's cock. My son was enjoying this!

    "Fuck, bro. I swear I can feel your cock through his neck," Stan told me, squeezing Nash a bit tighter. I could've sworn, just for a moment, it felt like I was getting jerked off by my brother through my son's throat.

    Stan finally let go of Nash, who continued the blowjob. My brother caressed my son's back with his left hand while his right hand started gently swatting his teen ass. The smacks got harder with each spank. As Stan's palm struck my son's asscheek, Nash moaned loudly, causing his vocal cords to massage my shaft.

    After a few minutes, Stan knelt behind his nephew. He wrapped his muscular arms around Nash's slim torso and started tweaking his nipples. Then, my brother reached up and did the same to me, sandwiching his semi-hard cock between my son's asscheeks. I'd never had my nipples played with before and it felt amazing.

    "Fuck yeah bro. You gonna cum? You gonna shoot your down your son's throat?" Stan asked me.

    The combination of my brother's words, his hands on my nips, and my son's throat around my cock was overwhelming. I started thrusting my hips upward, getting my ass off the chair. Just like my brother had done, I was fucking my son's throat. 

    "C'mon man, do it! Feed him your babies!" Stan cheered.

    I grunted as my brother pinched my nipples ever harder. At last, I unloaded, shooting Nash's brothers and sisters into his mouth. I don't know how big my load was, but it felt like I kept cumming and wouldn't stop. When my orgasm finally subsided, I sat back down in the chair, panting. Stan let go of my nips and put his fingers in Nash's mouth, prying his jaw open while it was still full of cum.

    "Look at that, man! Look at your own cum in your cocksucking son's mouth."

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