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Staying with Uncle Stan


Daddy Stan


    Soon after my birthday, my father and Uncle Stan sat me down at the kitchen table in a serious manner which instantly revealed that something big was going on. And then, the hits just kept coming: Dad's girlfriend was pregnant – pow! – but it was Uncle Stan's baby – pow pow!! – and Dad was marrying her – pow pow pow!!!

    "But… How… How did you get her pregnant?" I turned to my uncle.

    "Well, you know, Nash, when a man and a woman like each other very much…" he explained in a sarcastically patronizing tone, before switching it up to his regular voice and adding, "But for real, your father and I had a threesome with Kelly. That's when it happened."

    "You guys had a threesome with your girlfriend?" I turned to my father next.

    "Well, she's my fiancée now," Dad corrected me.

    For some reason, I assumed that my dad and Stan's kinkiest experiences always included me. Apparently, the two brothers also had some fraternal fun when I wasn't present. A threesome with a girl, and knocking her up in the process?! 

    "So, umm, when's the wedding?" I asked the groom-to-be.

    "There's not gonna be a wedding," Dad explained. "Weddings cost money, and so do babies. So we're prioritizing the latter. We're just gonna get married at city hall, and Kelly's gonna move here shortly before her due date."

    "Oh, she's moving here? To the house?" I asked.

    "Yeah," said Dad. "You're planning on moving back to New York as soon as you graduate high school anyway, so you won't be here much longer."

    "Yeah, uhh, I'll be leaving," I said softly, staring down at the table.

    "Okay. Well, listen, I gotta go, I'm taking Kelly to the doctor for a checkup," Dad announced as he stood up. "Stan, you wanna come with us?"

    "No, you guys go. I'll stay here and hang out with Nash for a while," my uncle said. After my dad left, Stan turned to me and asked, "So, how are you really doing?"

    "I'm okay. I mean, this is a lot to take in," I explained.

    "I don't blame ya," he sighed deeply.

    "And how are YOU, Uncle Stan?" I asked. 

    "I'm okay. I didn't plan on becoming a father, but now that I've had some time to make peace with it… I'm kinda looking forward to it," he said with a smile. "Plus, your dad and Kelly will be here, so we'll all be okay."

    "God, what a fucked up family," I said, unable to suppress my laughter.

    "So, have you made any plans about moving to New York yet?" Stan said, changing the topic. "There's only a few months until graduation."

    "No, no plans yet," I answered curtly.

    "Well, your mom's there, maybe she can help you out."

    "Yeah," I shrugged.

    "Unless… Are you having a change of heart?" Uncle Stan asked. "Cuz you don't seem too thrilled by the idea of going back."

    "No, I am, I love New York," I said. "I just… I'd be leaving you guys behind. And there's a baby on the way that's gonna be my step-sibling? Or my niece or nephew? I don't even know. It feels weird to be leaving now."

    I was surprised by my own words, but they were true. My father had to drag me to Maine against my will, and I couldn't wait to leave. I'd been saving my money from the hardware store so I could afford to rent a place in New York. And now that it was finally time to leave soon, I found myself attached to this place.

    "Listen, you have plenty of time to figure shit out," my uncle assured me. "And one thing's for certain: you will always have a home here."

    "I dunno, I don't know how I feel about sleeping in the house with a crying baby," I said jokingly.

    "The baby can stay here and you can come sleep with me in my studio," he said.

    "In your bed?" I asked, unsure if we were joking around or not.

    "Why not? But I gotta warn ya: I snore louder than any crying baby."

    "I'll sleep in the treehouse then," I said, making us both laugh.

    My comment made me remember the treehouse, and how the last time I was there I spied on Dad and Uncle Stan watching porn and jacking off together. Suddenly, I was in the mood for something similar, so I asked,

    "Uncle Stan, can we go to your studio and… watch some TV?"

    "You don't wanna watch TV in here?" he asked.

    "No, cuz all the porn DVDs are in your studio," I replied with a smirk.

    "Say no more," my uncle winked and got up to lead the way.

    I followed my uncle wordlessly as we made our way up the stairs over the garage. I loved walking behind him: he had the meatiest ass I'd ever seen on a man. It reminded me of when I first moved here and the two of us went for a hike. Sure, the nature was pretty and all, but I couldn't stop staring at my uncle's rump the whole time. 

    Once we were in his studio, Uncle Stan turned on the television and asked me to pick something out from his collection. Unsurprisingly, I gravitated toward a movie with a stepdad-stepson scenario. I popped it into the DVD player and the scene started out with the older man helping out his stepson with homework.

    "You dirty little pervert," Uncle Stan scoffed when he saw what was happening on screen. At this point, only a minute or two into the movie, the stepdad was blatantly rubbing his bulge against the son's shoulder.

    "How am I the perv?! You're the one who bought the DVD," I pointed out as I sat on the couch and immediately dropped my pants. I was never shy around my uncle anymore. I expected him to take his usual place in his recliner, but instead, he sat to the right of me, taking off his jeans and T-shirt before plopping down onto the couch in a pair of loose boxer briefs. I was tempted to immediately bury my face in his taint, but I wanted to take things a bit slower. 

    On the screen, the flick had progressed to the stepdad fishing his cock out the zipper of his khakis and feeding it to his son, who was still sitting at his desk with all his books.

    Uncle Stan grumbled next to me as he watched the twink choke on the older actor's massive cock. Next, Stan pulled out his own dick, which was now fully hard, and began slowly stroking himself. I followed his lead and started jerking off as well. I kept watching the porn, but I made sure to also keep an eye on my uncle and his glorious tool. 

    As the scene continued, Uncle Stan put his left arm on the back of the couch while tugging on his balls. It almost felt like he was presenting his cock to me now. I swapped hands to jerk off with my left, and I scooted closer to my dad's brother, so our thighs were touching. Without asking, I reached for Stan's shaft with my right hand and gripped it tightly. He let out a satisfied "mmm" and placed his left arm around my shoulders. While I worked his shaft with my hand, he gently massaged my neck.

    Now that I had his dick, I was literally salivating. I wasn't sure if my handsome uncle knew it, but he had me wrapped around his little finger (or his big penis, in this case). In the porno, the stepdad now had his pants off while the twink son was on his knees. The stepdad was mercilessly skull-fucking him to the point there were tears in the young actor's eyes and slobber was dripping down his chin. It was aggressive, but also so fucking hot.

    Uncle Stan must've been enjoying the scene since he was already coating my hand with his sticky precum. The massage he was giving to the back on my neck turned rougher. Soon, he was pushing, forcing me to lean down. As I bent at the waist, I released his cock from my hand only to take it into my mouth. By now, I was very familiar with my uncle's salty musky taste – and I absolutely loved it! Just like he had done when I was blowing my dad on my birthday, Uncle Stan used his hands to guide my head up and down his shaft, using my mouth like a fleshlight. 

    I began gagging slightly from the force he was using. My uncle, still caring, let me up to give me a chance to breathe and recover. I used this opportunity to stand up and take my shirt off, getting completely naked. As I was standing, my uncle spun my hips so my cock was in his face. He returned the favor, swallowing my cock in one go. My knees started to buckle while my uncle sucked my dick. For a man who was normally a dominant top, he sure knew how to use his mouth.

    "I can't believe you're gonna be a dad soon, Uncle Stan," I said while gently thrusting in and out of his mouth. "You're gonna be such a hot daddy."

    "Yeah? You think I'm hot, son?" Stan asked before standing up to face me and pulling me into a kiss.

    "Fuck yeah, Dad," I replied after a brief tongue wrestle. 

    My uncle's muscular arms were on my shoulders when I felt a sudden urge. I lifted one of his arms and buried my nose in my uncle's armpit. I breathed in his manly scent before I started licking up his sweat. I'd never done anything like this but it felt right, and downright nasty in the best way possible. Uncle Stan groaned and used his free hand to hold onto the back of my head, pushing me deeper into his pit.

    "Fuck yeah, you little pig," Uncle Stan growled.

    After a minute or two, my uncle pushed down on my shoulders and got me to drop to my knees. He pulled down his underwear before sitting back down onto the couch with his hands behind his head, allowing me to continue blowing him. In this position, I could easily deepthroat him with zero issues. I got on all fours, making sure to arch my back and wiggle my ass. Uncle Stan leaned forward and ran his fingers down my spine, heading toward my hole. When he got there, he didn't stop. Instead, his fingers started toying with my virgin pucker. That's when I knew I needed him. I needed us to go all the way.

    "Will you fuck me, Daddy?" I asked, looking up pleadingly at Stan.

    My uncle just looked down at me, not speaking for a moment, before he finally replied: "Is this your first time?"

    "Mhm," I nodded, kissing the side of his shaft.

    Without saying anything else, Uncle Stan pulled me to my feet and picked me up like a newlywed. He carried me, stark naked, to his bed, and tossed me onto the mattress. I quickly got back on all fours, presenting my hole to him. I was so ready for this.

    "Have you been practicing with the toys I gave you?" Uncle Stan asked, with genuine concern on his face.

    "Yes, Daddy," I replied, swaying my hips.

    Uncle Stan came behind me, spreading my ass with his rough hands. I winked my hole at him, inviting him in. He leaned forward and gently kissed my asscheek. He was so close, I could feel his breath on my hole. Then, for the first time in my life, I felt my uncle's tongue on my asshole. I was getting rimmed! It felt like he was making out with my hole. Fuuuck, it felt so good! I gasped, and when my uncle's tongue pushed all the way inside me, I let out a loud moan that echoed around the studio.

    After rimming me for about fifteen minutes, Stan got up and took out some lube and poppers from the nightstand. He squirted some lube onto his hand and knelt beside me. He looked into my eyes before leaning forward to kiss me. While we made out, he gently worked the lube into my hole. Just like I'd practiced, I relaxed and let his finger push inside of me. He could easily go two knuckles deep, and even added a second finger.

    Finally, Uncle Stan stood behind me, pointing his hard prick straight at my pulsing hole, ready to take my virginity…

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