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Staying with Uncle Stan


At the Adult Arcade


    I'd been living on top of my garage ever since I finished building the studio there a couple of years ago. It was simpler, and honestly it felt less lonely than being in the big house all on my own. In the summer I occasionally rented the house out to tourists, but when I heard that my brother Ray and his son Nash were in danger of being kicked out of their apartment, I immediately offered the house to them for as long as they wanted.

    I'd bought this house in my early 20s. Back then, it was an old cottage that was falling apart, but I worked in construction and I quickly spruced it up. When I bought it, I pictured myself raising a family here – but unfortunately that never happened for me. I worked too much, and the relationships with the few women I dated never worked out. Now, Ray and Nash were my closest family, and I didn't hesitate for a second when it came to helping them out.

    My nephew wasn't thrilled by his new surroundings, but as the days passed his bitching wound down. He went to school and played video games in the evenings; and on the weekends we took him with us to do some work. He didn't do much apart from passing us the tools, but at least it kept him from getting bored and moaning about how much more exciting life in New York was.

    Today was a Saturday and we'd taken the day off so I could take Nash to the DMV to get his permit. My nephew usually liked to sleep in, but today he was the one to get up first and wake me with a banging on my door.

    "I'm coming!" I shouted, stretching in bed. The banging persisted, so I got up and scratched my balls. Usually, I woke up with a raging boner, but today my cock was only slightly hard. I walked naked to the door; I saw no reason to cover up in front of Nash. After all, we were all guys here. "Hey," I said as I opened the door, leaving my nephew speechless for a moment.

    "Uhhh, hey. Morning. Ready to go to the DMV?" he asked, looking down at my body and staring at my cock just a second too long.

    "Jeez, relax. C'mon on, lemme have some coffee and take a shower first," I said, inviting Nash in and closing the door behind him. I turned on the coffee maker and went to take a piss, leaving the bathroom open so I could talk to Nash. "You done studying for your test?"

    "Yeah, I went through the questions a bunch of times. They're pretty easy," he replied from the other room while I emptied my bladder. Next, I brushed my teeth before going back out to get the coffee. "Why do you have all these DVDs? You know all this stuff's on Netflix now, right?" my nephew said as he browsed around my studio.

    "I like physical items. Books, DVDs, magazines – gives me something I can touch," I said, pouring two cups of coffee. "Besides, not all of it is on Netflix."

    "Ha! I see," Nash laughed, undoubtedly discovering all of the porn flicks that were a part of my DVD collection. I never tried to hide my porn; I wasn't ashamed of it, besides, no one ever came into my living quarters. 

    Still naked, I walked up to Nash and handed him a cup of hot coffee. He sipped on it while strolling through my room, now flipping through my selection of dirty magazines. 

    "You kids are spoiled these days with the Internet," I said to my 16-year-old nephew. "You know how hard it was to get that shit when I was your age?"

    "No. How hard was it?" Nash asked, making eye contact before looking down at my dick again.

    "It actually wasn't all that hard," I admitted with a chuckle. "I had a friend whose parents were divorced. His dad lived alone and he had whole stacks of magazines. He didn't even try to hide them."

    "Wow. And he let you use them?" Nash asked in awe.

    "Yeah, his house was like a public library. All of the boys helped themselves there – including your dad," I said. 

    "Oh god, these aren't the same magazines, are they?" Nash asked, noticing how old some of the rags in my collection were.

    "Haha, they might be. I kept nicking them from my friend's dad and I never returned them," I confessed.

    "Ewww, they probably have everyone's jizz all over them," my nephew said with disgust, but I had a feeling he was pretending to be more grossed out than he really was.

    "They probably do," I admitted with another chuckle. "Although, I think by the time I was your age we'd mostly switched from magazines to DVDs."

    "Did you steal those from your friend's father as well?" Nash asked.

    "Nah, I bought my own. There was this adult bookstore about 20 miles away – it's actually still there. I looked a bit older than I was so they let me in and I got my movies there."

    Taking one last gulp of coffee, I went to the bathroom to take a shower. I knew my nephew would continue to snoop through my stuff while I was gone, but I had no problem with that. In a way, I now felt like my old friend's dad, who always knew that us boys were rummaging through his collection but never tried to stop us. 



    On a Wednesday mid-afternoon, I sat in my truck in the parking lot of Adult Arcade, the nearest adult bookstore. There were no other cars around, but my hands felt glued to the steering wheel. My heart was racing from a combination of nerves and excitement. I double checked the address I'd written down from the ads in the magazines my friend's dad owned and I was certain I was at the right spot. Now all I had to do was man up and walk inside. 

    I took a deep breath and finally got out of the truck. I knew I wasn't old enough to be here, but I was the only sophomore in my school that could grow facial hair. I hoped that would be enough to fool whoever was working. I summoned all the confidence I could find and stepped inside. 

    I wasn't surprised to find the store was dimly lit – I could imagine anonymity was desired in a place like this. A guy who looked not much older than me, probably early 20s, stood behind the register counter. He smiled and nodded at me. It was just the two of us. He had a Chad Michael Murray look about him – almost like a wannabe surfer. He had shaggy dirty blond hair, a smooth face, and wore a tank top that showed off his well-toned arms and shoulders. I wouldn't have normally said this about other guys (though I'd be lying to myself if I said I never checked out dudes in the school locker rooms after gym class), but I had to admit this guy was attractive.

    "Hey. You lookin' for anything in particular?" he asked me right away, taking a few steps toward me.

    "Uh, no... I'm just browsing," I mumbled and turned to the nearest shelf of DVDs.

    "How old are you?" he asked, making my heart race.

    "18," I lied as calmly as I could.

    "Cool," he nodded and turned away from me without asking for any proof. I wasn't sure if he bought my lie or he just didn't care. "Gimme a holler if you need help finding anything," he added before returning to the register.

    For the next few minutes, I felt his eyes on me, like a hawk watching a mouse. It didn't seem like he was suspicious or anything, but I was acutely aware of him watching my every move. The excitement of being here, however, quickly outweighed any other emotion and I forgot all about the salesman. I started to really take in my surroundings and realized there were more than just movies, but magazines, underwear, sex toys, and plenty of other items on the shelves.

    At sixteen, this was the wildest experience of my life, especially living and growing up here in Maine. I was a bit overwhelmed by it all, and I didn't quite know where I should start. The salesguy must have sensed my apprehension, as he rejoined me while I stood there and stared at everything.

    "If you don't mind me saying," he started, standing close enough I could feel his body heat, "but you seem a bit lost. Why don't I show you around the store a bit, eh?"

    I nodded in acceptance of his offer, unsure how to respond. He smiled at my obvious shyness. He first explained that all the "vanilla" porn was towards the front – apparently this was typical straight porno mags and videos, nothing wild. I recognized some of the titles from the magazines my friends and I looked at.

    Then we went a little further back, to the shelves that were lined purely with DVDs and older VHS tapes. I could definitely see the shift in what was offered. I saw new things like women having anal sex, gang-bangs and orgies, MILFs – you name it. At the back of the store, there was a doorway that led into a smaller room that had a combination of magazines and movies. Above the door frame was a tiny rainbow flag. The salesman led me in and my eyes bulged at what I saw. Every magazine and movie cover here had guys – only guys! 

    "And back here, we have our gay section," he announced nonchalantly with a smirk, amused by my befuddlement.

    Nothing I had seen prior could have prepared me for this. I'd never seen anything like it. Sure, I'd seen plenty of dick in those porno mags, but this was totally new. All these dudes sucking dick, getting fucked, they looked like they were really enjoying it. I was intrigued and curious.

    "Is this your first time seeing gay porn?" the salesguy asked me casually.

    "Uh, yes," I answered truthfully.

    "Come with me, I'll play some for you," he offered, grabbing a DVD case from a nearby shelf.

    He opened a door labeled "PRIVATE," which led to yet another room. It was much darker than the rest of the store, lit only by multiple television sets playing various porno vids and black lights. The TVs were all placed in stalls, kind of like a public restroom. Each stall had a chair and the partitions all had holes in them about waist height.

    I followed the salesman to the last stall. He swapped out the DVD and popped in the gay one. He fast-forwarded through the opening credits to a locker room scene. The set up looked to be two baseball players after practice getting ready to shower. I licked my lips, my eyes glued to the screen as the two muscled actors started soaping each other in the shower. One got down to his knees and took the other dude's dick in his mouth! My own dick immediately hardened at the sight, and my hand subconsciously started rubbing my bulge through my shorts.

    "Like what you see?" the salesguy asked, looking down at my swollen crotch.

    I didn't answer, but watched as he unzipped his jeans and proceeded to whip out his fully erect cock. He slapped it on his palm and looked at me expectantly. Then, I don't know what came over me… but I looked him in the eyes and sank to my knees. He smiled, almost how someone would smile at an obedient dog. I mimicked what I saw happening on screen and slowly opened my mouth wide. 

    The guy stepped forward and ran his fingers through my hair before tracing his dickhead across my lips. My heart was thumping in anticipation of what was to come next. His dick finally entered my mouth, running along my tongue until it hit the back of my throat, making me gag. He wasn't all that big, I'd say no more than six inches, but it felt like it was going to choke me. He pulled out slightly, giving me a chance to breathe.

    As I got my bearings, my mind raced at the realization of what I was really doing. I had come here to buy straight porn, and now here I was on my knees, sucking a dick for the very first time! What was even more mind-blowing, was the fact that I was... liking it. I loved the feel of this guy's cock in my mouth! How the skin was soft, even though his pole was rock hard. I could even taste the saltiness of precum and sweat. 

    I pulled my own dick out, the tightness in my jeans becoming unbearable. I jerked myself off while I sucked on the cock like a lollipop – it was the only thing I could think of to do. I made sure not to graze him with my teeth after I heard him take a sharp inhale. Eventually, I got into a good rhythm, bobbing my head up and down. 

    Once he could tell I was getting the hang of it, the guy held onto my head and started pumping in and out of my mouth, using me like a Fleshlight. With one hand I continued to stroke myself while the other pushed against his thigh whenever he went too deep down my throat. I could hear the TV playing the porno scene – one of the dudes was getting fucked mercilessly by the sounds of it. I kinda wished I could see what was happening, but I was trying hard to concentrate on not gagging. 

    The salesman's breathing became faster and I knew what was going to happen next. With a strangled cry, he stopped thrusting and I felt a spray of hot, salty liquid land on my tongue. It tasted... good. I liked it – I loved it even! As I swallowed his load, I shot my own cum onto the sticky floor between his feet. I moaned as I enjoyed every drop of his spunk, until finally my orgasm subsided.

    "Thanks, man," the guy murmured, pulling his pants back up while I looked around for something to clean the mess I'd made on the floor. "Don't worry about that. Some of our regulars will gladly clean it up."

    He helped me to my feet and then he went to take out the DVD that was playing, placing it back in its box. We walked back out to the front of the store, where he handed me the gay porn flick.

    "Oh, no charge," he smiled when he saw me pull out my wallet. "If you wanna practice some more, come back anytime!"

    And I did. Many times. 

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