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Staying with Uncle Stan


The DMV Daddy


    Since moving to Maine, I'd been jacking off more than ever in my life – even more than when I first discovered masturbation! One major reason for that was the fact I hadn't hooked up with a single person since coming here. I would neeever take New York for granted again. There, there was a dick on every corner. Here? NOTHING! A barren landscape of guys who were miles away, chatting me up on Grindr only to say that they "can't host." To be fair, even with the ones who did have a place where we could meet, it was still pointless since I didn't have a car and couldn't drive to them.

    But the MAIN reason why I was so horny lately was my own uncle. He was driving me wild and he didn't even know it! Just this morning, Uncle Stan answered the door fully nude. I had to work hard not to act like a horny idiot as I walked into his living quarters, doing my best not to stare at his ass and cock too overtly. It was damn near impossible, considering his cock was slightly chubbed up first thing in the morning. 

    To make matters worse, just minutes later I stumbled upon my uncle's old porn mags and DVDs. Uncle Stan proceeded to tell me a story of how difficult it was to procure porn when he was my age; how he would steal it from a friend's father until he was old enough to pass for 18 and get into an adult bookstore. Uncle Stan even mentioned my own dad, who apparently joined in on the porn thievery back then. All things considered, I'm very proud of the fact I managed to maintain my composure. I had a rock-hard boner in my jeans the entire time, but thankfully the winter jacket I was wearing went halfway down my thighs, concealing my throbbing erection. 

    Finally, my uncle put some clothes on and drove me to the DMV. I passed the test, answering every question right except for one. Since it was a Saturday, the place was super busy and I was told to wait until my permit was ready. I went to sit next to Uncle Stan, who was scrolling through his phone. These days, whenever I was in public, I made a habit of looking around to see if there were any hunky guys who might seem interested in a quick hookup. Unfortunately, as per usual, there was nobody sexy around (except for my uncle, who was off limits for obvious reasons).

    "I need to make a phone call. I'll wait for you in the truck, okay?" Uncle Stan told me and walked out of the building.

    Left on my own, I played a game on my phone for about ten minutes until something interesting caught my eye. Right across from me, a sexy daddy sat down with his legs wide open, showing off a very admirable bulge. I couldn't tell how old he was but he had to be at least 40, considering the fact he was here with his daughter who seemed to be my age and getting ready to take her test as well.

    A few minutes later, the girl left, getting a good-luck kiss from her dad (I wouldn't mind getting a kiss from him as well – a much steamier one at that). The man adjusted his bulge and I stared at it without looking away, even after he caught me looking. For a moment, I was worried he might get mad but he seemed… interested. Indeed, he kept rubbing his crotch in a way that was unmistakably flirtatious by this point.

    I made a show of looking around for the restrooms. I was happy to see there was also a single-stall bathroom, which was currently unoccupied. Once I spotted it, I looked back at the man and we both grinned knowingly. I stood up and headed to the bathroom, confident that the stranger would follow me there. And that's exactly what he did. 

    I discreetly slipped inside the restroom, waiting for my DMV daddy. The accessible bathroom was roomy and fairly clean as far as public bathrooms go. Seconds later the door opened, and the man strode in. He locked the door, spun around and pulled me into his arms. He backed me up against the wall. We immediately started kissing, his scruffy face tickling my cheeks. It was my first kiss since leaving New York, and it felt amazing. 

    The stranger stepped back to shirk off his down vest, standing before me in a flannel, jeans, and tattered Red Sox hat. He had such a sexy smile that for some reason reminded me of my uncle, but I quickly stomped the thought. I grabbed onto his hips and pulled him close again, grinding our swollen bulges together. I knew we didn't have much time, so I dropped to my knees and started to reach for his zipper.

    "Do you mind if I take a video? I won't post it online, it's just for me," the man asked abruptly, taking his phone out of his pocket. 

    "Uhhh, I'd rather you didn't," I replied warily.

    "No problem, totally understand. Is it okay if I make an audio recording instead? I really like to jack off while revisiting moments like this," he continued.

    "Sure, I'm fine with that," I agreed, amused that this wasn't his first time hooking up with another guy.

    The daddy set his phone on the sink and stood in front of me again. Then, he undid his belt buckle while I pulled down his zipper. His loosened jeans fell to the tiled floor and my eyes lusted at his tented boxer briefs. The material was dark gray, doing nothing to hide his considerable mound of daddy dick. I looked up at him with a greedy smile before tugging at the waistband, freeing his monster. 

    "You ready for my cock?" he asked me.

    "Aha," I nodded, even though I knew fitting all of it in my mouth would be a challenge. 

    His dick was massive, almost as thick as a can of Red Bull. I couldn't tell how long he might've been as his bush was fairly unkempt, but I loved the manliness of it. I pulled his underwear all the way down to his ankles and immediately shoved my face in his hairy balls, loving the feeling of another man's junk after being deprived of it for so long. He smelled of sweat and musk – I fucking loved it! I turned my attention to his mushroom head, softly kissing the tip.

    "That's right, boy, make out with my cock," he growled overhead.

    I swirled my tongue around his glans before taking him inside my mouth as best as I could. I was able to swallow about half his length before my jaw tightened from his girth. I was determined to take more, but I knew I had to work up to it. 

    "Mmm, I love seeing your pretty lips stretched around my meat," he whispered.

    I started bobbing my head up and down his cock, trying to lube him up more with my spit. With one hand he leaned against the wall while using his other hand to try and push more of his cock down my throat. I grabbed a hold of his thick thighs and willed myself to try and deepthroat him. The taste of his salty-sweet precum encouraged me to finally push further, until my nose was buried in his pubes. 

    "Ahhh fuck yes! You like that cock? You like being daddy's slutty cocksucker?" he moaned, starting to thrust his hips.

    "Mmhmm," I mumbled, not able to get much else out.

    I'd sucked a good amount of dick in the past year and a half, but after my month-long abstinence here in Maine I was a bit out of practice. Thankfully, it was like riding a bike, and it all came back to me. I started getting the hang of the man's girth and I let him take over. I relaxed and allowed the daddy to fuck my mouth while I gripped his quads. He was getting into such a good momentum, his low hangers smacking against my chin. He must've been getting close, as his breathing became faster and he kept saying "oh fuck" over and over again.

    "You ready for it? You ready for Daddy's load?!" he demanded, using both hands to hold my head down on his cock.

    "Mmm, mmmhmm," I muttered, feeling more-than-ready for my treat.

    "Fuckkkkk. Aaah fuck. Swallow it all, baby, that's right, fuckin' swallow my cum," he groaned as his hot sperm hit the back of my throat and I drank it all down. When I was sure I had milked every drop, I looked up at him and smiled.

    "Thanks for that, Daddy. I haven't swallowed a load in a while. I really needed it," I said as he helped me get up. He flashed me his handsome smile and retrieved his phone from the sink, thanking me back and saying he had to go before his daughter was done with her test.


    Even though it was a Saturday evening, I still had plenty of work that needed to be done. After taking a few hours off to take my nephew to the DMV this morning, I was now stuck to my computer, catching up on emails and organizing my calendar.

    Finally, at around 8 o'clock, I decided to call it a day. I sank back into my favorite recliner, getting naked and texting with a few people. I thought to text a fuck buddy of mine – a married man who lived a few towns over. 

    "Hey man. Was that your truck I saw parked at the DMV today?" I said in my text. It only took a couple of minutes to get a reply.

    "Hey Stan. Yeah, that was me. I was taking my daughter to get her permit."

    "Nice," I typed back. "You free these days?" 

    "Unfortunately, not. Busy with work and family stuff."

    "All work and no play, huh?"

    "Something like that," my buddy replied. "Although to be fair, I got a bj from this twink today."

    "Nice! Did you take a video of it?" I asked. I knew my buddy liked to record his hookups, and on several occasions, he'd shared the vids with me.

    "No, he didn't want to. But I got the audio. Wanna hear it?"

    "Fuck yeah!" I texted back immediately.

    Moments later, I received the audio file from my buddy. I had already started stroking myself in anticipation and my dick was nearly all the way hard. I turned the volume up on my phone and set it down on the side table next to me. I instantly recognized my buddy's voice.

    "You ready for my cock?" came through my phone speaker.

    "Aha," said another voice, sounding younger. It was followed by plenty of audible sucking and sloppy stroking. In my recliner, I was using my own saliva to lubricate my prick, working it up-and-down. 

    "That's right, boy, make out with my cock," my buddy growled to his cocksucker after a few minutes.

    I closed my eyes and imagined the scene: my hung buddy standing over some young, horny twink servicing him orally. I tried picturing myself in a similar situation, with a willing cocksucker on their knees in front of me. Fuck, it's been a long time since that happened! Way too fucking long.

    I gripped my cock tightly and quickened my pace. The audio file was short, so I knew it was coming to an end. With my other hand I tugged on my nutsack, my fingers even grazing my taint and pucker. Between the sounds of my buddy grunting and the slobbering of the anonymous twink, I was getting close to busting already. 

    "Fuckkkkk. Aaah fuck. Swallow it all, baby, that's right, fuckin' swallow my cum," a loud guttural noise echoed from my phone.

    I knew what was happening: my buddy was cumming down the twink's throat and filling his belly. At the same time, I shot my own load, splattering it across my chest and stomach. I felt a big glob land on one of my nipples, still hot. Remnants of my jizz covered my fingers. I brought the sticky liquid to my mouth and savored the saltiness. It had been far too long since I'd tasted another man's cum, and I was craving it. I kept stroking slowly as the audio clip finished, when I heard the cocksucker finally speak.

    "Thanks for that, Daddy. I haven't swallowed a load in a while. I really needed it." came the voice from the recording… a voice I recognized.

    My cock remained hard as I came to the realization that I just jerked off and shot my load to a recording of a man getting his cock sucked by my teenage nephew, Nash.

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