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Staying with Uncle Stan


At the Adult Arcade, Pt. II


    After divorcing my mom, my father didn't have much of a love life, at least as far as I was aware. He'd dated a couple of women throughout the years, but it never got too serious with any of them. Since moving to Maine, he'd started dating a waitress named Kelly, but the jury was still out on whether it would grow to be a proper relationship. 

    "But Daaaaaad, how am I ever gonna get my license if I don't practice driving?" I moaned to him one Saturday afternoon. It had been a few weeks since I got my driver's permit and I wanted to upgrade it to a full license as soon as possible, so I could start to have some semblance of a normal life here in the middle of nowhere.

    "I told you, I can't take you driving today. I'm meeting Kelly," my dad insisted, spilling the rest of his coffee in the sink and washing the mug while looking out the kitchen window. "Ask your uncle to take you."

    "I can't, he's out. Probably doing work," I said.

     "No, he's not. His truck's parked outside. He probably just got back," Dad informed me, pointing out the window.

    "Okay," I immediately grabbed my jacket and dashed out to talk to Uncle Stan. When I got to my uncle's living quarters, I knocked on the door with one hand while immediately opening it with the other. 

    "Now what's the point of knocking if you're not gonna wait for an answer?" my uncle reprimanded me. He was fully naked except for his socks, the rest of his muddy clothes in a pile on the floor. He'd clearly been working outdoors today.

    "Sorry," I blushed. I wasn't embarrassed by my bad manners as much as I was embarrassed by my reaction to seeing my sexy uncle in the nude. As much as I tried to fight it, Uncle Stan turned me on. His burly body glistened with sweat, and I could smell him even from a few feet away. He made no move to cover up his cock, instead he just let it dangle in front of me while he took his socks off.

    "Can I help you with anything?" he asked. I'd completely forgotten why I was here.

    "I– I came to ask if we could go driving," I stuttered before adding a "p– please."

    "Okay. I assume your father's busy. Is he going anywhere?" Stan asked.

    "He– He's going on a date with Kelly. I don't know where they're going," I said.

    "Ha. Well knowing Kelly they're probably going to her bedroom," my uncle chuckled.

    "What makes you say that?" 

    "Let's just say Kelly and I have some history and I know first-hand she can he quite… insatiable," Uncle Stan revealed with a mischievous grin.

    "Wait, you and Kelly used to date?" I asked.

    "I don't know if I'd call it dating. More like, we were fuck buddies for a while," my uncle said while scratching his sweaty balls. "Anyway, lemme take a quick shower and we can go out."

    "Sure. I'll just wait for you here," I said, admiring Uncle Stan's glutes as he walked away from me and into the bathroom. While he was in the shower, I rummaged through his room, going straight for the stash of porn magazines and DVDs. This time, I had a bit more time to browse through them… and I was in utter shock when I saw that a bunch of them were gay porn!

    In disbelief, I flipped through some of the mags containing pornstached daddies and svelte twinks that looked barely older than me. They all looked so old-school that it was funny, yet I wasn't laughing. I was too damned surprised to react. Was this really Uncle Stan's porn?! Could he be gay? Probably not, since he was just talking about having a female fuck buddy. Bi then? But he'd NEVER given any indication that might be the case. 

    I was so taken aback that I didn't even notice the shower was no longer running. Suddenly, my uncle was standing right next to me, fully naked and dripping wet, toweling himself dry. 

    "Going through my porn stash again?" he asked without sounding reproachful, letting out an amused chuckle instead.

    "Is… Is this all your stuff?" I asked, still holding one of the gay magazines. "I'm just curious cuz some of this stuff…"

    "Has guys in it?" Uncle Stan guessed correctly. "Yeah, so?"

    "Nothing," I said coyly, suppressing a grin. Then, realizing I'd never technically come out to my uncle, I added, "Uncle Stan, you know that I'm gay, right?"

    "What?! Noooo," he said mockingly. "A butch guy like you?! I would've never guessed."

    "Fuck you," I laughed, smacking his arm with the rolled-up magazine.

    "You know, I think I have the perfect place for us to drive to today," my uncle revealed with a grin, finally putting on a pair of boxer briefs (much to my displeasure).

    We started driving with Uncle Stan giving me directions, otherwise the drive was fairly silent. At every red light, I'd take advantage and catch a glimpse of his generous bulge. Half an hour later, we finally pulled into a small parking lot in front of what looked like an old convenience store with all the windows blacked out.

    "What is this place, anyway?" I asked, reading a sign that said The Adult Arcade.    

    "You're about to find out," my uncle smiled, leading the way into the store.

    Inside, it took a sec for my eyes to adjust to the dim lighting after being out in the sunshine. When I did, I was confronted with rows and rows of DVDs and the walls lined with various paraphernalia. I'd never seen so many movies in one place except for Best Buy. There was a girl at the register, probably college-aged.

    "Hey. You're over 18, right?" she asked casually while Uncle Stan nodded at me.

    "Uh, of course," I replied automatically, and she went back to scrolling through her phone without another word.

    "Is this the place you were telling me about?!" I whispered to my uncle. "The store where you bought porn at my age??"

    "The very same," Uncle Stan confirmed before giving me a tour of the sex shop he knew all too well.

    We went down the first aisle and I stared in awe at the explicit DVD covers. At the end of the row, we turned right towards one of the wall displays. There, I was faced with lingerie, fuzzy handcuffs, bondage gear, and of course: dildos.

    I was positive my eyes lit up at the sight of all the rubber boners, confirmed by my uncle chuckling at me as I stared. I'd definitely sucked quite a few dicks so far, but I'd never been fucked before. I eyed longingly at all the toys and vibrators, aching to know how one would feel in my tight, virgin hole. 

    Uncle Stan waved to me to get my attention and I continued following him. He took me into a backroom that I knew instantly was different from the rest of the store. For one thing, all I could see on the magazine and DVD covers here were naked men. I instantly started to get hard as I feasted my eyes on all the man-flesh. I felt like a kid in a candy shop, not even sure what to look at next. True, I had access to all of the gay porn on the internet, but there was something uniquely sexy about looking at physical objects like this. 

    Two men (a couple, I assumed) joined us in the room after a few minutes. I surveyed them while pretending to flip through a magazine. They were both good looking, but almost opposites. One was shorter, like me, with slim features. The other kind of reminded me of Uncle Stan. He had a beard longer than my uncle's, and wore the same kind of clothes: work pants, steel-toe boots, flannel shirt.

    "Hey," the bearded man greeted us.

    "Gentlemen," my uncle responded cordially.

    As they browsed, I noticed both men checking out my uncle. The bearded one then turned his attention to me, making me blush. He smirked, and winked, causing me to spin around fast so he wouldn't see my cheeks get all red. In my rush, I dropped the magazine I was holding. I bent over to pick it up, hoping maybe the stranger was checking out my ass now. When I stood back up and replaced the magazine, my uncle gave me an amused look and a raised eyebrow.

    "There's one other thing I wanna show you," he said, opening a door labeled "PRIVATE."

    I followed my uncle to a room that was even darker than the rest of the store. It appeared to be empty, but there were several TV screens all playing a myriad of porn genres. I even spotted some gloryholes, which I only knew from the internet. Towards the end, there were two TVs playing gay porn and we stopped to watch the scenes. 

    After a few minutes, the gay couple joined us. The four of us made a sort of semi-circle as we all watched the porn. Soon, eyes were roaming as everyone checked each other out. The bearded guy was the first to make a move and started rubbing his growing bulge through his khaki pants. He caught me staring at his crotch and smiled.

    "You wanna come suck on this?" he offered, unzipping his pants and pulling down his boxer briefs.

    I doubt the man would've been brazen enough to make that suggestion if he knew I was here with my uncle. I looked at Uncle Stan and I was stunned by how… calm he appeared. I began to wonder if maybe he knew something like this might happen when he brought me here. Either way, he didn't object, so I took advantage of the situation and I quickly got to my knees in front of the lumberjack-looking stud, admiring his girthy, bushy cock. 

    I felt right at home having a dick in my mouth – a natural born cocksucker. The stranger had an average-length dick, but boy was it thick. I could smell his sweat and natural musk, driving me wild as I pushed his dick further down my gullet to deepthroat him. 

    Next thing I knew, the man's boyfriend was on his knees next to me, offering a blowjob to my uncle. I watched out of the corner of my eyes as Uncle Stan undid his pants and slipped out his cock. I knew he was hung, but now seeing him hard, I was downright impressed! Uncle Stan's cock was massive, with a well-kept bush of ginger hair. The guy kneeling eyed it with lust before taking it into his mouth.

    Not only was it insanely hot to finally see my uncle's gorgeous horse cock in all its erect glory, but I also got to blow this hunky stranger who was basically Uncle Stan's lookalike. Now that I knew he was bi, I felt a lot more connected to my uncle for some reason. I continued my oral service with gusto, bringing my hands around to the bearded guy's ass, encouraging him to fuck my mouth. Pretty soon, he was holding onto the back of my head, pounding his dick in and out of my throat. I was in heaven! I was proud I could take him without gagging, and I hoped my uncle was paying attention and could see what a pro I was.

    Soon, both bearded tops started moaning louder and louder, and I knew what was about to happen. The two of them were close to cumming, and I couldn't wait to taste this stranger's load. The guy I was sucking and my uncle looked at each other. Something nonverbal passed between the two of them. Then, they both retrieved their cocks and started jerking each other off. The other cocksucker and I sat back on our heels, eagerly awaiting our reward. 

    Seconds later, Uncle Stan and the other bearded man suddenly erupted, spraying our faces with their combined loads. I couldn't be certain, but I was pretty sure some of my uncle's cum landed on my cheek! I knew I would be jerking off thinking about this for weeks. 

    After they were done showering us with their jizz, we all sort of laughed, and got cleaned up before heading back to the main area of the store. Uncle Stan walked up to the counter and dropped some cash in a tip jar, and he and I left the store.

    "So how was your first sex shop experience?" my uncle asked me as we got back in the truck.

    "Good," I replied from behind the wheel. "I had fun."

    There was no need to ask Uncle Stan if he had fun as well: the load he had shot on my face was all the proof I needed.

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