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Staying with Uncle Stan


Not the First Time

Previously on Staying with Uncle Stan:

    Halfway through Nash's junior year of high school, his dad announces that the two of them are leaving New York City and moving in with his Uncle Stan in Maine. Nash is used to having access to unlimited numbers of men in the city on the hookup apps that he uses. Suddenly, life in the country is depressingly different for him.

    Recognizing his nephew's desperation, Uncle Stan decides to let Nash in on a little secret. Stan introduces Nash to the Adult Arcade – a porn shop he himself started frequenting twenty years previously.



    Life in rural Maine was significantly more bearable after I got my driver's license. It took me a couple of months of driving around with my dad and Uncle Stan for practice, but I managed to pass my driving test on the first go. Uncle Stan even had an old truck for me to drive; it wasn't much but it meant freedom, finally!

    As winter turned to spring and the snow melted, I took advantage of my newly gained freedom by driving to the Adult Arcade pretty much every weekend. I got to know all the employees there, who always let me enter without asking for ID. At times, the store was empty and there wasn't much to do other than browse through the aisles of porn mags and DVDs. However, if I was lucky, there would be other patrons there – patrons who, just like me, were looking to hook up. 

    I began to feel quite at home, kneeling in front of one of the glory holes in the back room, sucking whichever dick came through it. After doing it for several weeks, I began to recognize the regulars, even without ever looking at their faces. I knew the freckles on their cocks, the condition in which they kept their pubic hair, the ratio of cut to uncut tools in town. Some of them even asked me to hang out outside of the shop, but I always turned them down. For now, I loved the anonymity and the excitement that came with swallowing loads without knowing who they came from.

    One Saturday evening, I was leaving the Adult Arcade wearing a black T-shirt soaked with cum. Usually when sucking dick, I let all the jizz go straight down my throat, but today I had been servicing a guy who had shot a huge load all over my face and down my shirt. On my way out of the store, I nearly bumped into a person walking in, and it took me a second to realize it was… my Uncle Stan!

    "Hey!" I greeted him friendly. "What's up? I haven't seen you here since… well, since the time you brought me to this place for the first time."

    "Let me guess: you've been coming here ever since?" my uncle said with a smirk.

    "I've been cumming, other people have been cumming…" I teased, showing off the obvious jizz stains on my shirt. "It's been fun."

    "You're such a little shit stirrer," my dad's brother laughed out loud.

    "Hey, didn't you say you used to come here every weekend when you were my age? I'm just following in your footsteps," I winked. "What brings you here tonight, anyway?"

    "I'm picking up some DVDs. They got a new shipment of old movies from the '90s. I see you didn't buy anything," he noted, pointing out the fact I was leaving the store empty-handed.

    "Oh, I never buy anything. I just come here to suck dick in the back," I said proudly. 

    I knew this wasn't how most people talked to their uncles, but Uncle Stan and I had a… special bond. After all, he was the one to introduce me to this place. On the day that he did, I ended up sucking a stranger's cock right in front of my uncle – a stranger who just so happened to be Uncle Stan's lookalike. And my uncle wasn't shy either! While I was sucking that guy's cock, my uncle pulled his own dick out and got orally serviced by another horny patron.    

    "Well, I'm gonna go get my DVDs and I'll be right out. If you want you can follow me back home in your truck," Uncle Stan said to me.

    "Okay," I agreed with a smile.

    I had an eager grin on my face the entire time as we drove back to the house. After we parked our trucks in the driveway, I didn't even bother going inside the main part of the house. Instead, I followed my uncle up the stairs leading to his living quarters above the garage.

    "Are you gonna watch any of those DVDs tonight?" I asked him before even getting halfway up the steps.

    "I was planning on it," he replied while unlocking the door to his apartment.

    "Mind if I join ya?" I asked mischievously, my heart racing. Uncle Stan gave me an inquisitive look… before ushering me inside after him and shutting the door.

    "Alright," he shrugged. He was trying to sound annoyed, but I noticed him hiding a smirk. "I'm just gonna hop in the shower first."

    Uncle Stan walked toward the bathroom, shedding layers of clothing as he went. He didn't even bother to close the bathroom door when he got naked, which I didn't mind at all. I loved seeing his sexy, hairy body. I went into the bathroom just to wash my hands, even though I could've done that in the kitchen sink. While washing up, I watched my hunky uncle get into the shower and run a bar of soap all over his body. Although I could've watched him all evening, I eventually went and made myself comfortable on the couch in front of the TV, already sporting a semi in my shorts. 

    My uncle was in the shower for all of five minutes before returning. His wet tousled hair made him look even sexier. He took one of the DVDs at random and popped it in the player before settling in his favorite armchair right next to me, wearing only a towel around his waist. I tried not to stare between his legs and I focused on the TV instead, as the credits for Breeding in the Barracks began playing. Judging by the title, I assumed this was going to be a military-themed flick, and I was soon proven to be correct.

    "Can't believe this was filmed before I was even born," I laughed. My uncle just rolled his eyes and chuckled.

    The porno started off with some cheesy dialogue between the "drill instructor" and a new recruit. The drill instructor was a beefy-looking man with a thick mustache and burly arms, while the recruit was a young, clean-shaven, all-American twink. In the scene, the drill instructor caught the recruit, who was only wearing old-fashioned tighty whities and his dog tags, looking through a male nude magazine. Then, the older man made the twink get on his hands and knees and start licking his boots, with the twink happily obliging while sticking out his ass so the top of his crack was showing.

    As the drill instructor looked down on the twink, he started rubbing his own crotch to make his dick grow hard in his pants. He finally whipped out his massive daddy dick, which the twink immediately started blowing with impressive skill. This scene was clearly having an effect on my uncle. As the action unfolded, Uncle Stan unwrapped the towel around his waist and proceeded to stroke his sizable meat. His cock wasn't quite as large as the one on the TV, but it was impressive nonetheless. I was hard as a rock by this point and I wanted to join in, but seeing as I was a guest I felt like I needed some sort of permission first.

    "Feel free to get more comfortable," my uncle said, as if reading my mind.

    Without hesitation, I slid my shorts and underwear down to my ankles, freeing my erection. I wasn't anywhere near as long or as thick as my uncle, but I was still proud of what I was working with. On screen, the twink was now totally naked save for the dog tags and he was getting on all fours on the cot. The drill instructor, still in his fatigues, came squatting behind him and rimming his smooth ass. 

    By now, my uncle was freely stroking himself without a care in the world. Not only did I find it almost impossible to resist watching him out of the corner of my eye, but I also realized I had an irrepressible urge to reach for my uncle's cock in that moment. I'd become such a glutton for dick lately, that even my own uncle's looked irresistible! I analyzed Uncle Stan's cock for a few moments: it was thick, with a mass of ginger hair at the base. The bulbous veins running up and down made him look even thicker. The skin was pale and the tip a pale pink. The tip was already looking shiny from the steady stream of precum that trickled out his piss slit. It was a cock that deserved attention, no doubt.

    "Do you... Do you want me to lend you a hand, Uncle Stan?" I asked quietly, doing my best to disguise how nervous I felt.

    After a heart-wrenching moment of pondering, Uncle Stan nodded and just said, "Sure." Then, he stood up, leaving the towel behind, his dick pointing straight at me. He came and sat next to me on my right, putting his arms up on the back of the sofa as if inviting me to go for it. He spread his legs so our thighs were touching.

    My breath was caught in my throat, but there was no turning back now. I reached over with my right hand and grabbed hold of my uncle's thick meat. My heartbeat fluttered and another big glob of precum appeared at the tip. I'd handled a lot of cock over the last several months, but it was still exciting to touch a new one. In a way, it even felt familiar.

    My attention was torn between looking at my uncle's cock in my hand and watching the twink now getting railed bareback by a fully naked drill instructor on the TV. I pulled my hand back for a second to spit into my palm and used my saliva as lube. I had my uncle's pole slick in no time and he was groaning appreciatively as I jerked him off. 

    After a while, I looked up at Uncle Stan's face, and noticed he had his eyes closed and his head lolled backwards. I was so incredibly turned on seeing the effect I was having on him. On screen, the drill instructor was yelling that was gonna breed the twink's ass. Right as he orgasmed, my uncle mirrored him and blew his own load. I was taken by surprise – I didn't expect Uncle Stan to cum so quickly! His jizz went everywhere: onto his legs, stomach, and all over my hand. I kept a firm grip of his tool, never loosening up for a second, sliding my hand up-and-down faster and faster as I felt his dick throbbing with pleasure. His cum served as makeshift lube, making my fist slide along his shaft more smoothly. 

    "I can't believe I just gave you a handjob and made you cum," I whispered after my uncle was finally done blowing his load. 

    "Ha. And it wasn't your first time either," Stan said.

    "Uhh, what do you mean?" I asked him, completely confused by his comment.

    "I've been meaning to tell you this for a while now, so we might as well get it over with. A couple of months ago, at that hardware store in town… The one with all the cruising in the men's room. You came in with a guy and you sucked him off in one of the stalls. I was in the next stall over. I put my dick under the divider and you jerked me off. Never even knew it was me."

    "Holy fuck! I remember that. That was really you?" I exclaimed, still stroking myself with my left hand while holding onto my uncle's softening cock. The realization that this was actually my SECOND time jerking him off suddenly caused me to blow a huge load that landed all over my uncle's hairy leg.

    "Ahh, man, and I just took a shower," Uncle Stan sighed. Once again, he was trying to sound irritated, but I could tell he was just pretending. "Now look what you did. Who's gonna clean all this up?"

    "I... I will," I offered, making eye contact.

    "You bet your ass you will. Lick it clean, boy!" Uncle Stan ordered, sounding a bit like the drill sergeant on screen. I got on my knees in front of him. Without breaking eye contact, I lowered my face to his left leg and I licked the mixture of our loads that was on there. Moving up, my tongue went all the way up to his stomach to make sure I got all of the sperm off him. He tasted fucking delicious… and I wanted more.

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