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My Slutty Roommate's Brother, Pt. I


    Waking up after a night out at a club was always a slow process. The Saturday morning sun came in through my bedroom window, and from the silence I could tell that no one else in the apartment was awake yet. Pride weekend in New York City was always fun and it was still just the start of it, really. I figured a little more rest would serve me well. Alone in my bed, I stretched out and let myself drift back to sleep for a bit.

    Eventually, I heard some noises from the kitchen and I knew either my roommate Kyle or his brother Jeremy was awake. The third bedroom in our apartment was unoccupied until August and Jeremy had arrived a few days ago to stay for a while. I threw on a pair of boxer briefs and stepped out into the main area of the apartment to find Jeremy cooking some eggs at the stove.

    My roommate's brother was fully clothed in some shorts and a nice polo shirt. Jeremy knew how to dress well and I definitely enjoyed how those shorts hugged his ass in just the right way.

    "Morning, Owen," he said to me, glancing away from the pan for a moment. "Care for some scrambled eggs?"

    "Yeah, thanks man," I replied eagerly. It was nothing fancy but better than the shredded wheat cereal I probably would have grabbed for myself.

    "Did you get to sleep okay?" I asked as I sat down at the small table. Kyle and I had taken Jeremy out to one of our favorite spots the night before to make sure he got the full NYC Pride Friday night party experience. Even though he was straight, Jeremy had had close gay friends for years and was happy to celebrate with his brother while in the city. He wasn't here for Pride specifically, he had just needed a change of scenery after a tough breakup with his girlfriend of five years. It was just a happy coincidence and a great distraction!

    "Oh yeah, I was out like a light," Jeremy answered my question as he put some eggs on a plate for me. "Those drinks were pretty strong and I haven't danced that much in years. That place was awesome."

    "Ending the night with a bathroom blowjob helps too," I said playfully, grinning up at him as he set my breakfast in front of me.

    "Sure does," Jeremy replied with a smile. "Everything about last night was exactly what I needed." 

    Not long after we'd arrived at the club, a college-age girl had set her sights on Jeremy and had been all over him on the dance floor. At 32, Jeremy was older than a lot of the crowd at that club and his ruggedly handsome look (plus a very tight T-shirt) had won him quite a few admirers, both male and female. He'd suggested to this girl that she could come back to our place with us. For whatever reason, she couldn't do that but she did pull Jeremy into the bathroom for a nice semi-drunken round of oral pleasure.

    Jeremy had been beaming on the walk back home, I think it was probably his first sex in months, and first with anyone besides his ex in quite a while. Kyle had been trailing behind us as we walked, busy lavishing attention on his own hookup that he was bringing back to the apartment. Jeremy had leaned on me as we walked, partly for support in his inebriated state, but I think partly to get that physical contact that you sometimes crave after sex. The girl had vanished pretty quickly once they left the bathroom, but he didn't seem too bothered by it.

    As Jeremy sat down across from me with his own plate of breakfast, we started to hear some noises from Kyle's bedroom, which shared a wall with the kitchen area. Noises that were unmistakably Kyle's grunts and moans of pleasure. It sounded like he was getting a good morning fuck from the guy he'd brought home last night.

    As the sounds got louder, Jeremy and I made eye contact and both started laughing, though trying to be quiet about it.

    "Speaking of people getting what they need..." I trailed off, as I shook my head.

    "My brother always says, no point in having someone stay over if you don't get another round in the morning," observed Jeremy, rolling his eyes a bit even as he smiled.

    I laughed at that too, because I'd heard Kyle say that several times over the last few years of living together. During the last couple days, I'd learned more about Kyle's history with his brother, and how supportive Jeremy had been when his little brother came out in high school. They were part of a big family in a small town; Jeremy was the oldest sibling and Kyle the youngest, nine years apart. The rest of the family was very accepting of Kyle but he'd needed to get out of their hometown and spread his wings a little, so he'd moved in with Jeremy who was living in Chicago at the time.

    Jeremy had several gay friends his own age and they'd helped Kyle learn the ins and outs of big-city gay life. And from the stories the two of them had shared with me over the last few days, I think those friends enjoyed the idea of "mentoring" their straight buddy's little brother… quite often in the next room while Jeremy was trying to sleep.

    It was clear to me that Jeremy was comfortable with his own sexuality as well as his brother's. Jeremy hadn't pushed any of his male admirers away last night, though they certainly dwindled in number after that girl had latched on. And he was never fazed by Kyle's almost constant lurid stories about his more recent sexual adventures. I had the impression that Jeremy was still Kyle's confidant about most things and the openness seemed like a big part of their relationship. I'm not gonna lie: it made me envious. As much as I loved my sisters, I'd wanted a brother my whole life.

    We'd almost gotten used to the sex noises from Kyle's room, when they reached a crescendo and the sound of Kyle's guest moaning while unloading drowned out everything else. A few minutes later, the bedroom door opened and the man emerged with messy hair and a smile on his face, buttoning up his jeans with his T-shirt in one hand. Kyle was right behind him, buck naked and cock still half-hard. I'm not even sure if Kyle noticed us sitting at the table, but the other guy looked over and gave me a hello nod as they headed to the apartment door.

    With the door open, the older man turned around to face Kyle and my roommate stood up on his tiptoes to give his much taller friend a deep kiss goodbye. It lasted for a good fifteen seconds and the guy's large hand slid down Kyle's side and gave a squeeze to his clenched ass cheek as Jeremy and I watched. I felt my dick throb a little as I watched the passionate goodbye. The two finally parted ways and Kyle noticed us for the first time as he shut the door and turned around.

    "Hey guys," he said, unfazed (as usual) by being naked and freshly fucked in front of anyone. "Are we still on for the gym this morning?"

    Jeremy and I both replied that we were. We'd all decided yesterday that we could use some pumping up before heading out for another night out on the town, and sweating out the alcohol from last night now seemed like a good idea.

    "Sounds good," Kyle said as he headed toward the bathroom.

    "And Jer, I'll take my eggs sunny side up, thank youuu..." he chirped at his brother as we heard the shower turn on. Jeremy and I cracked up again as he stood up and headed over to the stove.



    I let out a deep sigh as Owen helped me set the barbell back on its rack. After giving myself a moment to recover, I sat up on the bench and turned around to look at Owen.

    "One more round?" I asked him.

    "Let's go," he replied, and we switched places so I could spot him like he'd been doing for me.

    This trip to New York to see Kyle had been just what I needed, and Owen had been a surprisingly nice part of that. Kyle had told me many times about his roommate and good friend, how well they got along, how Owen was getting more work as a trainer from guys Kyle referred to him at his bar, and of course how he sometimes gave my brother's ass a good fucking. I was happy Kyle had found a friend like Owen, and after finally getting to meet him I had to agree that Owen was a super genuine and good-hearted guy.

    What surprised me was how quickly I'd grown attached to Owen myself. The last couple years with my ex hadn't been great and I'd come to realize that one of the reasons was the fact I was slowly drifting away from my guy friends. So it felt good to connect with someone again on that level. But there was also another aspect to it. I had an attraction to Owen that came on pretty quickly and intensely. The muscles, the tattoos, the confidence, the openness— it all added up in some way that just really hit a new chord with me. I loved my brother in all his flamboyant openness. But something about Owen, who mostly "seemed" straight, made me instantly feel like he was a buddy of mine, like most of the guy friends I'd had my whole life.

    Over the years I'd had a couple experiences with guys myself, mostly just getting hand jobs or blowjobs from gay friends or acquaintances. I'd even sucked a guy's cock once during a three-way with a kinky girl who wanted to see me and the other guy mess around. But those had all been spur-of-the-moment kinds of things. Owen was the first man I'd ever felt myself drawn to in a way that felt… sexual. Since I'd been staying with Kyle and Owen, my mind had been drifting to thoughts of me and Owen messing around in some way. It didn't help that he walked around the apartment mostly naked, and somehow made every conversation seem a little flirtatious. And when that chick was sucking me off in the club bathroom last night, I had been thinking about Owen: what if he were to walk in and watch me while I shoot my load? Argh! These feelings didn't trouble me but they were just so new, it was messing with my mind a little.

    Looking down at his straining muscles as he benched almost twice the weight I had been able to handle, I started to wonder if Owen would be into messing around with me, and if I really wanted to go that far. And what would Kyle say about it? Who was I kidding? Kyle would love it. He'd probably ask to watch. That kinky little fuck. If there was anything my little brother was good at, it was pushing sexual boundaries.

    As Owen and I finished up, I wiped the sweat from my face and looked around the gym floor for Kyle. I finally noticed him by the dumbbell racks, chatting up some older dude in a low-cut tank top. Kyle looked over at us and I saw Owen cock his head toward the locker rooms, where we were about to head.

    Kyle met us in there and we all chatted idly while undressing. As my attention drifted, I was thinking about how I was about to see Owen's cock. In the few days I'd been staying with them I hadn't managed to catch a glimpse, though his package was usually on full display in underwear or tight shorts. Kyle had mentioned in the past that Owen was well-endowed and even without the attraction I'd been feeling, I would have been curious to see what he was packing. And I was not disappointed in what I saw.

    "Jesus Christ," I thought. "He's bigger than me even when he's soft." I wasn't insecure about my own size but it was difficult not to feel a little inadequate looking at Owen's cock. "Kyle's really had that thing up his ass?" Then again, thinking back to some of Kyle's other tricks I'd seen naked over the years, I knew my brother never had a tough time taking big ones.

    I tried not to stare but I think Owen noticed, since he smiled a little as he wrapped a towel around his waist and looked at me. We all shut our lockers and headed to the showers. After a refreshing few minutes under the water, Kyle and Owen both grabbed their towels and headed for the steam room. There wasn't any discussion; clearly that was the next part of the routine. I followed after them, remembering some of the things my brother had told me about New York City gym steam rooms. Amused and curious, I wondered what I'd see in there.

    It turned out to be empty and we had our pick of spots. The room was a simple square shape with the door on one wall and tile benches along the other three. The steam was already thick as we sat down next to one another, the three of us taking up one whole side.  Sitting quietly for a few minutes in the heat, hearing the occasional hiss of the steam, I got extremely relaxed and closed my eyes. Small stretches helped my neck and shoulder muscles that were tight from the intense workout we'd done.

    I heard the door open and the sound of someone entering but I didn't open my eyes right away. When I did, I saw that it was the guy Kyle had been chatting with earlier. He was naked, spreading his towel on the bench across from us before sitting down. Even through the steam I could see his body was beefy and muscular, his chest and stomach covered with dark hair. Interestingly, he looked like he was half-hard as he got comfortable and sat down. He spread his legs a little and his cock laid across his thigh, looking right at the three of us. He wasn't trying to be subtle, that's for sure.

    I wasn't very surprised when a moment later, Kyle stood up and moved across the room. He removed his own towel and set it on the tile bench, sitting down next to his friend. He looked over at me and Owen with a devilish grin and a raise of his eyebrows, and leaned over to take the other man's quickly-hardening cock in his mouth. The steam came on again and it became harder to see them clearly, but the motion of my brother's head and the low moans coming from the guy he was servicing made it clear they were well underway. I thought I could see the man's arm reach to the side so he could touch my brother's back and ass.

    The whole time I was aware of Owen next to me, though I hadn't looked over at him. He must have also been watching them. The whole scene was getting me turned on and I could feel my cock hardening under the towel. This was so wild! I'd walked in on my brother sucking cock and even getting fucked in the past, more times than I could count. And most of those times he didn't stop even when he knew I was standing there. But he'd never initiated sex with anyone right in front of me. I wondered if it turned him on more that I was there: his older brother, a witness to his sexcapade. As I often found myself doing, I envied his brazenness and sexual freedom.

    My hand moved to grip my now rock-hard cock over my towel and I finally turned to see what Owen was doing. I was more than pleased to see his towel fully open and his hand stroking his own erection, which was every bit as impressive as I expected. A second later he looked over at me and smiled, not missing a beat on his strokes.

    "Your brother gives amazing head," Owen whispered to me. The steam was running and I don't think Kyle heard anything (not like he would have cared anyway).

    "I can tell," was the only response I could muster. I was suddenly feeling a little overwhelmed by everything, the erotic intensity in the room along with the heat and wetness.

    Spontaneously, I decided I was going to go for it. Inspired by my brother and by Owen's overall magnetism, I felt confident enough to reach over and put my hand on my brother's roommate's cock. It felt amazing: thick and rock hard. Owen immediately removed his own hand and gave me full access, letting out a soft moan of his own. If he was surprised by my actions, he didn't give any sign.

    He lifted up his arm and put it around my shoulders, which allowed me to scoot a little closer to him and stroke him in a different way. I was entranced watching my hand slide up and down this massive cock, and when I'd get to the swollen head I could feel Owen respond. Like with most guys, that was a sensitive area and I took care accordingly, teasing him just the right amount. Though I couldn't see it with all the moisture everywhere, I could feel the different warmth and viscosity as precum started to coat his cockhead, and my hand quickly made sure it covered his entire member. The throbbing in Owen's cock got more intense and I felt it reflected in my own erection. I wasn't touching myself but the friction of the towel as I moved around was doing that job for me.

    Owen's large arm felt heavy across my shoulders. He wasn't pushing me at all but I felt myself leaning into him more and my head was against his gorgeous pecs, I was almost looking straight down as his cock as I continued to stroke it. In that moment, I knew what I wanted to do.

    As my lips went around his cockhead, I marveled how it wasn't like anything I had felt before. My one past experience with this was more like goofing around than anything else. This moment was so much more erotic, and it was something I wanted more than I'd even admitted to myself. I knew I wasn't going to be able to get much of his cock in my mouth; the thickness was a challenge for someone without experience doing this. But as I put my all into it, I hoped my enthusiasm made up for that. Because I wanted Owen to enjoy this, to feel how much I was enjoying it. And I also realized I wanted to have him cum in my mouth.

    I kept going, slowly but with gusto. My eyes had been closed and when I opened them, the steam from the last burst had mostly dispersed and I could see my brother clearly across the room, just a few feet away. We were mirror images of one another, both leaning over the men we were pleasuring. And his eyes were open too. We locked into eye contact for a moment and it was intense. He couldn't smile with his mouth full of cock but the smile in his eyes was clear to me, his brother who knew him better than anyone. I did my best to do the same back to him.

    The steam came on again and with it was a new wave of heat. I felt myself get light-headed for a moment and I started to worry I'd have to stop and take a break, or else pass out in Owen's lap. But at that moment, the moans from both men changed and I could feel a deeper throb within Owen's cock. I figured he was getting close and hoped I could stay with it until I got what I wanted.

    The guy Kyle was sucking was close too, judging by the increasingly agitated sounds he was making, clearly trying not to be too loud. I glanced over again and my brother's eyes were closed, his head moving faster than before. I noticed Kyle's other hand was on his own cock, stroking himself.

    Owen and the other dude didn't start cumming right at the same time, but it was close. I felt that first surge into my mouth and it was amazing. The heat of it, how it felt on my tongue. And fuck. There was so much that followed it. I swallowed some of it and I know more ran out the sides of my mouth. Owen was oddly quiet as he came, except for his breathing. His hand was on the back of my neck, but he wasn't squeezing it or pushing my head down. There was a light stroking on the back of my head, an almost fraternal encouragement. It was perfect.

    Owen's cumming eventually tapered off and I pulled up off of him to take a much-needed breath. The lightheadedness returned and I felt Owen help me back up to a sitting position. I opened my eyes to see him looking back at me, a look of concerned kindness on his face. All I could do was smile sleepily to let him know I was fine.

    It was deep breathing all around as everyone recovered from what had just happened. The man Kyle had sucked off stood up and gave Kyle a playful hair-mussing before exiting the steam room. The remaining three of us stood up. My brother was looking at me and grinning broadly.

    Owen stepped forward and held the door open for us. "How gentlemanly," I thought, which brought a smile to my face. Kyle and I stepped out of the steam room side by side and then stopped, facing one another. My brother had left his towel in the steam room and I could see his own load covering his abs. He had a fair amount of cum on his face as well.

    "Thanks for the show, bro," he said teasingly, as he reached up and wiped some of Owen's cum from my cheek. I knew he'd have a million questions for me when we got back home. I'm not sure I had all the answers, but I knew for sure that my brother would be there to help me figure things out, like we had always done for one another.

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