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My Slutty Roommate's Brother, Pt. II


    It was turning out to be a scorchingly hot day; one of those days when you look outside and think "oh, what nice weather," then you step out and you need to go back to an air-conditioned room as fast as possible. Luckily, the gym was close to our apartment, and my roommate Kyle, his brother Jeremy, and I were all fast walkers.

    When we got back to our place, Jeremy said he wanted to take a nap and he quickly retreated to his room.

    "He's adorable! He can't even look you in the eyes," his younger brother chuckled when it was just the two of us in our living room.

    "What do you mean?" I asked.

    "You're the first dick he's ever sucked! He's fooled around with some guys before, but nothing too crazy. I always thought he was 100% straight."

    "Maybe he is. I mean, gay or straight, who can resist this?" I said, and flexed my muscles jokingly, showing off for Kyle, who laughed.

    "In all seriousness," I added. "Don't make this weird. It doesn't need to be a big deal."

    "Moi?!" he mocked offense. "When've I ever made a big deal out of anything?"

    I smiled, but I could see it in Kyle's eyes: that shit-stirrer was up to something.



    When I woke up after my nap, I felt much more relaxed. Indeed, it took me a couple of minutes to come back to reality and realize: this wasn't a dream. I had indeed sucked Owen's cock in the steam room! 

    Even though I barely knew him, Owen held a weird power over me. It's like I wanted to impress him, like I wanted him to like me and to be my friend. Which was childish and fucked up, especially since I didn't even act like this when I was an actual child. This was all new to me, and that's not even referring to the actual cocksucking! Somehow, that wasn't even the biggest deal.

    From the light, it seemed like it was early evening. I got out of bed and stepping out into the hall I almost ran right into Owen, who was emerging from his room at the same time. His hair was a little messy and I think he might have slept a little as well.

    The moment we made eye contact, I felt myself blush. ("For fuck's sake, Jeremy!" I berated myself.) But Owen's smile put me at ease right away. With his huge muscles and manly tattoos he looked so rough, yet that smile of his told a completely different story.

    "Hey, man," he said to me and then reached out for a hug. I fell into his arms and realized that being in them was exactly what I needed to reset myself. The embrace lasted only a few seconds, but I stepped away feeling rejuvenated and at ease. I smiled back at Owen and we walked together around the corner and into the kitchen, where we could hear Kyle busy at work.

    The table was set with a red checkered tablecloth and three place settings, certainly the fanciest thing I'd seen in this apartment since I'd been visiting.

    "Soup and salad for dinner, boys!" Kyle stated proudly as he brought things over to the table. "Sit down and eat up!" The salad was from a bag and the soup was from a can – Kyle could make a mean cocktail, but he wasn't all that creative with food. Even so, it looked good as I pulled out a chair and sat down.

    "But first, a little appetizer. An amuse-bouche, if you will," my brother said, grinning and  gesturing at a small plate near the center of the table. On it were three rolled-up joints and a matchbook. I laughed from the bottom of my belly! It had been years since Kyle and I smoked weed together. When he was in high school, I'd come visit from Chicago and bring him whatever "good weed" I could find there, which made me a superhero in his eyes. I was wondering what he'd managed to score for us here in New York…

    An hour later, we settled onto the couch with Owen in the middle, all of us nicely fed and decently stoned. And laughing our asses off! Owen was not only sweet and hot, he was also funny as hell, in a charming, goofy way. And my brother's laugh had always been infectious. Kyle got out a pipe and started to pack it.

    "Fuck, Kyle," I mumbled, slightly in a daze.

    "Ah c'mon, it ain't nothing."

    Easy for him to say: he was still in his early 20s and had a higher tolerance for everything. But he seemed eager for all of us to participate, and like a good guest, I respected my host's wishes.

    My brother took a hit of the weed pipe and then turned to Owen and muttered "shotgun?" without exhaling. Owen just leaned back and Kyle leaned in over him. Their lips met, and I watched their tongues intertwine briefly as the smoke passed from my brother's mouth to Owen's, all of it happening right in front of my face.

    Kyle sat back down and then Owen turned to me, looking expectant. It was my turn! I nodded and before I knew it, Owen's mouth was on mine. It was just our lips touching at first. It all seemed a little sudden and I tensed up, but then I felt Owen's strong hand on my chest and just relaxed. A moment later, his tongue was in my mouth, gently probing. Mine met up with his and it was heavenly. And over all too soon.

    "One more time?" my brother said to us with a conspiratorial tone, and didn't wait for an answer. We repeated the sequence and this time my kiss with Owen was much deeper, and he got a little more aggressive with the movements of his head and upper body. When he pulled away from me, I was completely out of breath.

    We leaned back on the couch and we were all smiling. Kyle handed me the pipe. I took a few hits before passing it to Owen. This was really good weed, and I was already in a very  pleasant place. Maybe this was my brother's plan all along? This time, when Owen came back in for a kiss, I was ready. Fuck! This was all better than I had imagined.

    I was still in a sitting position but lying back to enjoy Owen's weight on top of me as we made out. Holy shit, this was so different that making out with a girl. My ex was barely 110 pounds; and here Owen was, probably twice that. Feeling that weight crushing me felt… holy fuck, it felt so good!

    After a while of kissing my mouth, he started to move down to my neck, right at my jawline, which sent shivers down my spine. I opened my eyes for a moment and I saw Kyle behind Owen, rubbing his roommate's bare shoulders. My brother looked at me with so much love and excitement in his face. I giggled a little and just sighed, enjoying the feel of Owen's big hands roaming over my body.

    Owen pulled back and my brother reached around and pulled Owen's tank top off him with a quick motion. Then Owen did the same to me, tossing my T-shirt back behind him somewhere. I looked my new, muscled buddy in the eyes and then sat up to put my mouth on his gigantic pecs. I loved sucking tits and I could do it for hours! I was a total boob man and liked them huge; real or fake, I didn't care. My ex was quite modest in the boob department, and it's safe to say that Owen's pecs and his perky nips were larger than hers.

    My lips quickly found Owen's left nipple and I lost myself for a bit, teasing it with my mouth and tongue. His moans sounded even deeper with my ear right next to his chest and I felt my already-erect cock get even harder. Every taste, touch and sound was turning me on more and more.

    After a while, Owen shifted to sit back on the couch and I moved so I could get to work on his right nipple, still on one side of him. Kyle was on the other side and I saw him get down  on the floor as his hands went to Owen's chiseled abs. Pretty quickly, they moved lower and he was now unbuttoning the shorts Owen was wearing. My brother slid them down his roommate's legs and Owen's massive cock popped up. My mouth was still on his nipple, but my eyes couldn't help but focus on that beautiful sight. I'd never been turned on looking at a dick before in my life, and right now it was all I wanted.

    Kyle stroked Owen's cock a few times and then looked at me, the two of us making eye contact. "Come and get it, Jeremy," my brother seemed to say, wagging the giant dick he was holding right in my face, teasing me with it like we were kids and it were a toy he wanted me to go after. Not like I needed much enticing. I stood up and noticed that my brother was now naked, kneeling on the floor next to Owen. When had he shucked his shorts? I didn't want to be the odd one out so I slid mine off and kneeled on the other side of Owen, mirroring my brother.

    Kyle continued to hold the base of Owen's member as I leaned forward and took the swollen head in my mouth. I could suddenly taste Owen, and smell him, and it was intoxicating. The clean but musky scent of his cock. The saltiness of the precum that had already begun to ooze out of the opening at the tip of it. My hand reached up and grasped him, higher up than my brother's hand but overlapping it a little, so it was almost like we were holding hands. Even with both of us holding it, a good amount of Owen's cock was still exposed as I moved to lick around the flared edge of the head.

    I didn't worry too much about knowing what I was doing. I'd received enough blowjobs in my life to know what felt good, and I felt confident in my manly instincts. Kyle removed his hand and I slid mine lower, to the base and then further, to feel Owen's balls. They felt huge and I enjoyed the new sensation of holding another man's nuts in my hand. I was gentle but I also knew that pulling and tugging on them could feel amazing if done right. Owen's moaning as I tried a few things told me I was doing well.

    I slid my tongue down toward Owen's balls and I saw my brother loom up above me, to take Owen's cockhead into his own mouth. My own cock throbbed again. I hadn't expected to be sucking Owen literally at the same time as my little brother! Yet somehow, I wasn't surprised. Maybe it was because of the weed. Or maybe, this afternoon in the steam room, I'd opened up a can of worms, and there was no putting them back anymore.

    As my baby brother and I both worked Owen's cock with our mouths, I felt his hand on the back of my head, stroking it. I looked over and saw that his other hand was on Kyle's head in the same way. When we were little, our dad would rub our heads like this to say "good job, boys." Now Owen was doing the same.

    We continued this way for a while. If I was working on Owen's balls, my brother was at the head, and then we'd switch back and forth every few minutes. Neither of us gave any sign when we wanted to shift places, it would just happen organically. We were perfectly in sync, as if we'd been sucking cocks together all our lives.

    "Keep this up, guys, and I'm gonna blow a load in both your faces," Owen said at one point. Hearing that made Kyle and me work even harder.

    Soon, I could tell he was close, and I knew where I needed to be. And so did Kyle. I found myself staring into my brother's eager eyes, with the large, glistening cockhead right in between us, our tongues working either side of it like we were licking the same popsicle. I was holding Owen's balls which were starting to tighten up, and Kyle was stroking the slick shaft with his left hand, working toward what we both wanted.

    Every now and then our tongues would touch and it felt almost like an electric shock every time it happened. Several times we were looking right at each other when we made contact and shared a naughty eye-smile. It like the same mischievous look we'd share when we were kids, doing something our parents wouldn't approve of. It was fun and thrilling, and I was so fucking turned on.

    Owen started groaning and began to erupt. I heard Kyle moaning as cum started to coat both our tongues, lips and faces. I realized I was making the same sounds. In that moment, I felt more connected to my little brother then ever! Our tongues touched repeatedly as Owen continued to feel us his cum. At times, it felt like Kyle and I were competing who can get more of it; and there's no competition like a competition between brothers.

    After an impressive number of surges, the flow finally stopped and Kyle and I both sat back on our knees, our faces wet with Owen's jizz. We all stood up at the same time and Owen came in for a kiss with me, not caring about his load on my face. He reached over and pulled Kyle close and brought my brother in to join us in a wild, three-way kiss. I had never experienced anything like that before! It didn't feel weird to be making out with Kyle because Owen was really the focus. But still, all three tongues were writhing and slipping around one another, and all our lips found ways to meet. All the while, the wetness of Owen's cum glued our faces together, making us cum-brothers for life.

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