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A Sexy Smoke Break

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    For my first two years in New York, I was still in the closet, even to myself. Looking back, I can hardly believe that's the same person anymore! I came to the city not knowing anyone. I got a job and everyone at my office happened to be straight, and those were the people I ended up hanging out with. Of course, over time, I met more and more friends-of-friends who were gay. I began "exploring" that world until I finally realized that was where I belonged. 

    Initially, my main objective after coming out was to get a boyfriend. Easier said than done, I soon discovered. I met a ton of guys, but most of them seemed keen to fuck and then never call you back. I went out to gay clubs and I had a great time there, even if I always felt disappointed when I ended up going home alone. I soon learned that holding out for the right guy wouldn't get me far, so I embraced my inner slut. I shook my inhibitions and started hooking up with strangers, mostly as a bottom. I made friends with the employees at my local STD clinic, who I saw every few weeks for routine tests. And then after about a year, I met him.

    Owen did not have the makings of "the one" early on. He was supposed to be just another one-night-stand. Even if the sex was phenomenal, I knew I had to let him go. Luckily, we kept bumping into each other, whether it was at sex parties or at my gym, where he worked. Before I knew it, we were fucking 4-5 times a week, often going out for a replenishing meal after. Quite spontaneously, we realized we were dating. We laughed about it, and decided that we could still have fun with other guys occasionally, but we started to call each other "boyfriends."

    From there, things moved at hyper speed. Owen's landlord was selling the apartment, so he and his roommate had to get out. Owen's roommate Kyle already had other arrangements, but Owen found himself apartment-hunting. I lived with two straight girls, who were perfectly nice but always made me feel weird about bringing guys around. (Owen and I always fucked at his place; his roommate Kyle was also gay and didn't mind our antics.) During his hunt, Owen found a small one-bedroom in Hell's Kitchen, which was just a tad over his budget. It had rent control, and for that location it was un-fucking-believable. So in another instant of spontaneity, Owen found himself saying "Let's move in together!"

    "What?" I asked. It'd only been a few months since we met.

    "Yes! The place in Hell's Kitchen is just a bit over my budget but if we move in together and split it, it'll be less than either of us is currently paying."

    Normally, I might say something like "but what if things don't work out between us?", which would be a legitimate concern. But at that moment, I was way too excited to think rationally. I'd seen the apartment with Owen and it really did seem too good to be true. It was tiny, but we didn't need a lot of space. And to think: finally living with a boyfriend, no more roommates.

    "Let's do it!" I agreed enthusiastically. We called the landlady a few minutes later. We knew how things moved in New York, and we agreed to put down a deposit the very same day. On the first of the following month, Owen and I were living together.

    A few months after becoming live-in boyfriends, I was already set to meet Owen's family. His parents were coming to the city for a get-together in the beginning of summer, and since he and I now lived together it was kinda difficult to avoid them.

    "What're your parents doing here again?" I asked Owen one hot Thursday in June, the day before his folks were due to arrive.

    "It's the 30th anniversary of my dad's college graduation," he explained. "He's still friends with a bunch of his best buds from college, and a couple of them live in the city, so they're all getting together here. Usually it's just guys, but this year they're bringing their spouses along."

    "And you're… bringing me," I added.

    "Only if you wanna come, babe."

    "Oh, I always wanna cum," I tried cracking a joke. Truth was, I felt intimidated about meeting Owen's parents. I'd never met a boyfriend's family before. Just a few months ago, he and I were just fuck buddies, and now here we were living together and going to a meet-up with his dad's college crew? I mean, I wasn't opposed to it, but every now and then I paused in amazement at how quickly my life was moving now. Owen was always good for a surprise.

    Since our dinky little place wasn't big enough to host two guests (our couch might've been good enough for one, but definitely not two), Owen's parents got a hotel room in the city. That Friday, we went out for dinner at a fancy Manhattan restaurant where I met Lisa and Kevin, Owen's mom and dad, as well as Kevin's best buddy Scott. We were soon joined by C.J. and his wife Kiki, here from New Orleans; and Jeffrey, a fellow New Yorker who showed up with his partner Mitchell. The last to arrive was Mark, who I'd learned from Owen was also gay, even though he had an ex-wife and kids. 

    At such a large table, it was difficult to talk to everyone so most people ended up chatting with whoever was sat right next to them. I was sitting between Owen and C.J., who reminisced about "the good ole days," and whose convo got friskier as the night went along and the booze kept flowing.

    "You know, C.J. was the first guy to ever fuck me," Owen said, leaning in and speaking silently so only C.J. and I would hear him.

    "No way!" I exclaimed, my jaw literally dropping while Owen and C.J. smirked.

    My boyfriend had told me the story of how he lost his virginity – at 16 to one of his dad's best buds – but I never thought I'd get to meet the other man in person. It felt crazy to me, especially since at 16 I was so far into the closet that it was difficult to imagine how different things had been for Owen.

    In general, picturing Owen as a younger bottom was hard for me to do. Now 29, he was a certified dom top; maybe not quite as experienced as some of the leather daddies I'd met in the city, but certainly getting there. He'd managed to get my submissive side out of me, and we both had a lot of fun with that dynamic. 

    At the table, everyone kept getting louder except for the three of us, who spoke in hushed voices about C.J.'s and Owen's sexual experience thirteen years ago. They both remembered a surprising amount of details about the cabin by the lake where their whole crew stayed that summer. As I listened to the story, I started to get hard under the table and kept reaching to adjust my cock, something that didn't escape C.J.'s eyes.

    "Getting a little turned on there?" he winked at me.

    "Yeah, well… your story's having its effect," I replied, rubbing my cock through my jeans.

    "Why don't the three of us go for a walk?" C.J. suggested, and before I knew it he was announcing to the table that he was going out for a smoke, and that Owen and I were coming to keep him company. Everyone in the crew knew C.J. was a notorious pot smoker, so they didn't question it one bit.

    We walked out of the restaurant into the busy Manhattan streets, especially popping on a Friday night. I untucked my shirt and pulled it down to cover up my bulge. I had no idea where C.J. was taking us.

    "We rented a car and parked at an underground garage near here," he said, leading the way for a few blocks. "It seemed like a quiet place."

    A quiet place? For what? I got my answer when we arrived at the garage, which was unmanned, and C.J.'s hand went straight for my bulge.

    "Aren't there cameras around here?" I asked, feeling paranoid and looking around.

    "I'm sure there are, but I doubt anyone's watching them 24/7," said C.J. with a devilish smirk on his face. We were standing next to the car he had rented, and after feeling up my bulge for a few seconds, C.J. was down on his knees pulling on my zipper.

    "Whoa. He doesn't waste any time," I said to Owen, who was standing and watching us in amusement. The garage was dark and it wasn't easy to see, but it only made for a sexier, more mysterious experience.

    My zipper was down and my hard cock was free. Soon, I was feeling the wetness of C.J.'s tongue and he started sucking me. As our eyes adjusted, Owen and I looked at each other in the dark. I'd gotten my cock sucked by another guy in front of Owen plenty of times by now, but I never thought we'd be here with one of his dad's oldest friends – the guy Owen had lost his virginity to.

    I had no idea how many dicks C.J. had sucked in his life, but so far he was doing an amazing job on mine! I enjoyed the blowjob, leaning back against the car, which C.J. unlocked so the alarm wouldn't go off. Owen stepped in and started kissing me, which made the pleasure so much more intense. 

    I enjoyed the two men's tongues for several minutes, until Owen decided to move and squat down behind C.J. He patted the older man's ass until C.J. lifted it in the air and Owen pulled down C.J.'s pants. Just as I started to think "Is he gonna rim him right here?", that was exactly what Owen started to do.

    "Mmmpf," C.J. moaned on my cock when he felt my boyfriend's tongue on his hole. While rimming C.J., Owen pulled out his own dick and started jerking himself off. From what I could make out in the dark garage, Owen was almost fully hard. I looked around again, worried that we might get caught at any moment, but the only voices we could hear were too far from us.

    After eating his ass for a few minutes, Owen got up behind C.J. and started pushing his cock against his freshly rimmed hole.

    "Have you… Have you ever fucked him before?" I asked Owen. C.J.'s mouth was still full of my dick, so he couldn't talk anyway.

    "Nope," my boyfriend shook his head, slapping his boner against C.J.'s ass a few times. 

    The thought of fucking the first man who fucked you when you were a teenager, thirteen years later, made my mind whirl. Owen and I made eye contact again, just as he started to push his massive cock into C.J.'s hole. The expression on Owen's face was beastly and assertive. It turned me on more than I thought possible. It was at that moment I realized this thing between Owen and me might be even more serious and long-term than I realized.

    "AAAAHH," C.J. moaned loudly. Owen's cock had that effect on a hole. C.J.'s moans echoed around the garage. Even though the place was fairly cool, we were all starting to sweat. Owen pulled up his own T-shirt and tucked it behind his neck, only covering his shoulders. With that, he started to thrust back and forth, giving C.J.'s ass a good dicking. To his credit, C.J. managed to take it without letting go of my cock for one second. I don't know how often he hooked up with other guys, but he took to being spit-roasted with impressive ease.

    With every moment, Owen went harder and harder, fucking his dad's buddy, who was swallowing all my precum as my cockhead hit the back of his throat. I wanted to pull out my phone and record the action, but I decided to focus on being in the moment instead. Owen pulled up C.J.'s shirt and exposed his back. Both he and I now ran our hands on C.J's bare skin, meeting in the middle and letting our fingers intertwine.

    "You want me to cum inside him?" Owen asked me. It was up to me to decide.

    "Aha," I nodded, feeling my own orgasm coming closer. This was Owen's way of offering to pull out and cum inside me instead, but I wanted to see him blowing his load inside C.J. There was something about breeding one of your dad's best buds that turned me on, and I wanted to witness it. There were a few of my own father's friends who I found hot, and I should be as lucky to ever have the chance to fuck and breed one of them.

    Now that he had my blessing, Owen started pumping harder and harder. It was like his aggressive sexual energy flowed through C.J.'s body and into mine, connecting all three of us. I was on the very edge, but I tried holding back for just a bit longer, so I'd get to cum at the same time as the man I loved. "Fuck, I love him," I thought, squeezing Owen's large, strong hands, just as he let out a loud "OH FUCK!" and started to unload inside C.J.'s guts. Pushed over the edge, I started to cum as well, filling C.J. throat with my seed, which he swallowed dutifully without wasting a drop.

    My mind was in overdrive with horniness and affection. As Owen and I pulled our dicks out of C.J., we came up to each other and started kissing again. C.J., in the meanwhile, pulled his pants back up, careful to preserve my boyfriend's load inside his ass.

    "Well, time to go back to dinner," C.J. said casually. "This was a fun smoke break."

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