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His First Time


    "You can't turn back time, but I'll be damned if I go down without trying," I thought, smoothing out my wrinkles in the mirror early in the morning. Later today, I had an appointment with a friend of mine who did Botox. Thankfully, he was offering me a discount; my cards were maxed out as it is. If nothing else, it was a good excuse to take the day off work.

    "We can't all be as lucky as Ben," I thought while taking a piss. 

    My 18-year-old nephew had been staying with me for two months now, and he already seemed to be finding his way around the Manhattan social scene better than I ever did. Just the other week, he'd gotten us invitations to one of millionaire Parker Anderson's Gatsbyesque New Year's Eve parties. Ben accepted the invitation so nonchalantly, I don't even think he realized how much of a huge deal it was.

    With his luck (and good looks) though, this was probably just one in a series of fabulous parties Ben would be attending. Mr. Anderson seemed quite fond of my teenage nephew. No surprise there. Hell, if he weren't my nephew, I'd be going after him!

    Living with somebody so young, yet so handsome, presented both pleasure and torture. Having him walk around my apartment in his boxers had me drooling, ogling his nearly-naked body, jacked like an action figure. Can you really blame me for keeping the heating on all the time? 

    Whereas I spent five days a week at the gym, hoping to get in shape (okay, and also to creep on the hot guys in the sauna); it just came naturally to Ben. His pecs rivaled those of professional body builders. I had a thing for men's nipples, and I couldn't keep my eyes off his perfect nips whenever he'd take his shirt off, which was often.

    "I better have something to eat before going to the clinic," I thought, and left my room to go into the living room.

    There, an amazing surprise awaited.

    My nephew Ben was sprawled out on the couch he slept on; the back of his head turned to me. The cover was kicked down to his ankles, as were the boxer shorts he slept in. He was completely nude, jacking his hard dick.

    I stood still as a statue. I scanned Ben's body from bottom to the top. His muscular legs, only sparsely hairy, leading up to a set of thick thighs and a very impressive cock. I was just close enough to notice his balls were smooth, and his pubic area neatly trimmed ("Not bad for a straight boy," I thought). From there, a treasure trail led to his impeccable abs. I watched his pecs and his biceps pump as he beat his meat. Fuck, it was such a hot sight!

    "Uncle Mitch!" Ben suddenly noticed me and jolted. He fumbled trying to pull up his boxers for a few seconds, before giving up and pulling up the blanket instead. "I'm sorry, I thought you were at work. How long have you been standing there?"

    I honestly had no idea.

    "I just walked in," I lied. "I have the day off."

    "Sorry bout that," he apologized again.

    "There's nothing to be sorry about," I winked.

    That was another lie. He should apologize. Apologize for pulling that damn blanket up. 

    No biggie. Now I knew my straight nephew liked to jerk off in the morning. Quite useful to know that, sharing a small apartment together…



    "Anna, get Ben on the phone," I barked at my secretary over the phone.

    "Right away, Mr. Anderson."

    I hung up the phone, going back to my paperwork. My secretary was already on a first-name basis with Ben; she knew exactly who to call.

    "Hello?" I said loudly into the receiver, picking up the phone when it rang.

    "Hey. What's up?" Ben's voice said.

    "I'm working. What d'you want?"

    "Dude, you called me."

    "Oh, yes. I guess I did. How are you?"

    There was a second of silence, in which I pictured Ben smile. It made me smile as well, dropping my pen and leaning back in my office chair.

    "Pretty good," he answered. "Gonna get some shots taken tomorrow, so just getting ready for that."

    "Good. Listen, my dinner plans just got canceled. You doing anything tonight?"

    "No…" Ben said slowly.

    "You are now. I'll pick you up at eight."

    "Okay. See you then."

    I held my finger over the phone, before picking it up again.

    "Anna, cancel my meeting tonight. I'm doing something else instead."

    A while later, I was on one of the lower floors, checking in with people's work. When I realized I needed to piss, I decided to go to the nearby public restroom instead of going to my private one upstairs.

    "Hey, Parker!" I heard my cousin's voice yell out for me from across the floor. "I need to talk to you."

    "Not now, Porter," I ignored him and headed to the restroom instead.

    I stood in front of one of the six urinals and whipped my dick out, when my cousin burst in the restroom.

    "Why the fuck aren't you coming to the meeting tonight?" he barked at me. 

    "D'you mind, I'm trying to take a piss," I said, holding my cock and letting go. I noticed my cousin glimpse down, watching the stream of piss from my thick cock hit the urinal, before looking back up, to look me in the eyes.

    "You can't leave me alone with these people, Parker. This whole meeting was your fucking idea!"

    "Well I got other plans, so you'll have to survive," I raised my voice to show him who's the alpha. Both of our voices echoed around the bathroom. Good thing we seemed to be the only ones there.

    "What other plans?"

    I looked down at my cock, piss still spurting out of it. 

    "I'm meeting someone for dinner."

    "Who? That straight boy I met at your party on New Year's?"

    "None of your fucking business," I looked back at my cousin.

    Porter also happened to be gay, and obviously had some thoughts about Ben.

    "Parker, what the fuck are you doing? You know as well as I do that boy's straight. Doesn't he have a kid? He's only using you."

    "Give me a bit more credit, for fuck's sake! I know how to tell if someone's using me."

    That was true. So far, I was the one who always called Ben, as much as I tried not to. Gay or not, he was pleasant company. I'd enjoyed sucking his cock that one time, but other than that all we did was go for dinners or drinks. I was more than happy and capable to flip the bill, and it was none of Porter's, or anybody else's business. 

    I shook my cock, getting the last drops off piss out of it. When I looked up, I noticed my cousin looking at my dick again. I had a girth most other men would envy. Too bad I was a dyed-in-the-wool bottom.

    "Not that it fucking concerns you, but Ben and I are friends," I turned to Porter before putting my dick away and zipping up. "And if I were you, I'd be getting ready for that meeting tonight; not hanging around here, looking at people's cocks. It ain't that kind of restroom."

    "Fuck you," Porter turned and walked away.

    "I told you I have a shoot tomorrow, I can't stay late," Ben said, walking into my penthouse apartment after I'd successfully talked him into it after dinner.

    "Listen, kid. If you're gonna be a model, you need to learn how to behave. Being a model in this city ain't about being responsible and going to bed early. It's about this –" I lifted a bottle of champagne in one hand, "– and this," I held up a bag of coke in the other.

    Ben smiled, and he didn't protest any further. We did a few lines and popped the bottle open, before lying back on my large sofa.

    "How's your kid?" I asked, unbuttoning the top few buttons on my shirt.

    "He's okay. He's with his grandparents. It's his birthday in a few months, so I'll probably go back and visit."

    "And his mom?"

    "She's alright. Back in college. I think she's started seeing some guy there, but we don't talk too much."

    After that, Ben went silent. That is exactly why I'd avoided the topic throughout dinner.

    "Listen, you're doing the right thing," I said. "This is for the best."

    "Yeah, everyone keeps telling me that."

    "Because it's true," I added, although, to be honest, I was being selfish. I wanted Ben in New York, not in some off-the-map place in Massachusetts raising a kid. I had plans to go to Europe for the summer, and I was already toying with the idea of inviting him to come keep me company.

    "Can I change the subject?" I asked.


    "That time, in the back of my car…" I started. I was feeling tipsy and curious. "Why did you ask me to kiss you?"

    "Why?" he turned to look at me, and I looked at his muscles bulging under his tight T-shirt. "Because it felt right, I guess."

    "Usually straight guys will let you do anything except kiss them."

    "Oh, and you have experience with a lot of straight guys?" Ben said seductively, leaning forward so he was closer to me, our faces inches from each other. I wasn't sure if he was flirting or just fooling around.

    "Let's just say I've been around the block."

    "And you've kissed everyone on it?" Ben continued to move closer. Was he teasing me? Our noses were now an inch apart.

    "No. Just the special ones," I replied.

    "So you think I'm special?" Ben leaned in and I closed my eyes. I had no idea what was going on, but this wasn't just "fooling around." Our kisses were way too passionate for that! We made out, hands going through each other's hair, for several minutes. Ben lifted his body and got on top of me. Just the way I liked being kissed.

    Out of the blue, I dared to ask for more.

    "Fuck me," I said, looking Ben in the eyes.

    I felt like I could see his mind racing through his eyes.

    "Show me how," he said softly.

    I didn't waste a second. Something had made him say yes, and I wasn't gonna wait for him to change his mind. I leaned back in and started kissing him again, even more passionately than before. With my hands under his armpits, I pulled him up and we were standing up, kissing, taking off each other's clothes.

    I pulled up Ben's T-shirt, and he unbuttoned my shirt while kissing me. Somehow, I managed to guide us to my bedroom without breaking the kiss. We kicked off our shoes, and I lay on my California king bed. Ben pulled his jeans off, before reaching for my belt and unbuckling it. Pretty soon, we were completely naked, Ben on top of me, kissing until we were both hard as a rock.

    I flipped around.

    "Pass me that," I pointed to a bottle of lube on the nightstand. 

    Normally, I loved having my ass rimmed before being fucked, but I wasn't about to ask a straight guy to do that. Instead, I put some lube on my hole and started stroking his dick with my wet hand. 

    I turned around and stuck my ass out, presenting my hole to Ben.

    "So, I just go in?" he asked insecurely. If he didn't have a kid, I'd think this was his first time fucking anyone. It was obviously his first time fucking someone in the ass.

    "Just go," I said eagerly. 

    I couldn't wait to feel his dick inside me. Although not as thick as mine; it was long, cut, and just as beautiful as the rest of his body. But most importantly: it was Ben's! This gorgeous young man who was somehow interested in me. Maybe my cousin was right and he was only after my money, but holy shit he was worth it! If anything, I felt like I was the one using him for that babymaker of his.

    I felt the tip of Ben's dick push against my asshole, wet with precum and lube. I pulsed my hole, inviting him deeper in. Slowly, carefully, he went in. My hole was well-used to being fucked, but this was a new experience for me. I was so turned on by how attracted I was to him! "Oh my god, I love him," I thought in my drunk brain, as I felt the tip of his dick hit my prostate. He was all the way in.

    "Fuuuuck," I grunted with my eyes closed.

    "You good?" Ben asked, going back and forth slowly.

    "Yes. Oh, fuck yes! Go harder."

    I could feel Ben's confidence build up and he started to fuck me faster and harder. I loved how gradually everything was going; it only meant more time spent fucking. With time, Ben knew exactly what he was doing. He found his mojo and started to fuck the hell out of me.

    "Oh, fuck yeah, kid," I yelled as he pounded me. For a first-timer, he was fucking amazing.

    We fucked doggy style for almost half an hour, until I told him to lie on his back so I could get on top. I straddled him and sat on his long, hard dick. In this position, we could face each other. We both smiled.

    "That good?" Ben asked.

    "Fucking amazing," I answered. "You just lie back now and let me do the work."

    I bounced on his dick and it drove Ben insane! He shut his eyes and started spasming and moaning in pleasure, motivating me to only go harder. "Bet your baby's mother never fucked you like this," I thought devilishly, but never said it out loud.

    I rested my arms on Ben's chest, pinching his perky nipples, driving him even crazier. I continued to play with them for a while, before exploring and admiring his entire body. He was almost completely smooth, and so goddamn beautiful. I looked down at my salt-and-pepper body hair, and admired the contrast between our two bodies. 

    Every now and then, I'd reach for my cock and give it a few strokes as well. I had to be careful, however; I was so turned on that any contact with my dick could make me cum. For the most part, my thick erection swung around like a bat, untouched by either Ben or me.

    "Yeah, you like that?" I asked Ben, even though the answer was written all over his face.

    "Fuck, that feels so good," he moaned out.

    "Yeah, I bet it does," I said, squeezing his dick with my asshole. "Told you I've been around the block. I've picked up a few tricks."

    "Wait, what kinda tricks are we talking about?"

    That made me laugh, and I leaned forward to give Ben a kiss. As passionate as I thought our kissing had been so far, nothing compared to this: kissing while having him inside me, feeling his long dick pump back and forth in my ass.

    "I want you to cum inside me."

    "You sure?" Ben asked. I was still leaning forward and we were face to face, breathing heavily against each other.

    "Fill my guts with your cum," I nodded.

    And he didn't disappoint. He picked up speed again and soon enough he was going so fast that I could tell he was close. I closed my eyes and thought "Fill me with your cum. Fill my guts with your straight, teenage, baby-making cum."

    And he did. We both started shouting as I felt him shoot his load up my ass. I finally reached for my dick. I wrapped my hand around it tightly and that's all it took! I started to shoot out cum all over Ben's torso. 

    "Fuck! Fuck!" we competed who can grunt louder. Having his jizz inside me felt even better than I thought it would.

    We went on and on, until I finally passed out on top of Ben's body, sweaty and covered in cum. That night, he spent the night for the first time.

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