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Basically Brothers


    The summer of 2002 is what changed everything for me. 

    After a few months of socializing with Parker Anderson, he did another thing I never saw coming: invite me to spend the summer in Europe with him. My modeling career in New York was just taking off (thanks to connections I'd made through him), but Parker insisted that "Europe's where it's at," and that the connections I make there would be even more important.

    Meanwhile, my son Sam seemed to be growing up healthy and happy. Danica's parents, who never seemed to think too much of me, sent me a heartfelt letter to thank me for all the money I'd been sending their way. I went back to Massachusetts at the beginning of May for Sam's first birthday. A week later, I was on a first-class flight to Paris.

    As soon as I got off the plane, I found myself overwhelmed and confused, but more than anything else: liberated! It was my first time being out of the country, and I hadn't realized just how much of an effect it would have on me. I loved the sensation of feeling lost, of not understanding all the signs and people around me. It made me feel anonymous; like I could get away with anything. Besides, I was 18 and still not fully an adult back home. In Europe, I could do whatever I pleased.

    Parker was the perfect travel companion. Not only was he exceedingly generous, but he also seemed to genuinely enjoy spoiling me. Everywhere we went, all the fancy boutiques and restaurants, everyone could tell our arrangement. He was the handsome, wealthy older gentleman; and I was his beautiful, barely-legal trophy boy. The places we went to were filled with men like him accompanied by their young girlfriends or mistresses my age. The only difference was my gender.

    As for gender: I'd started to question my own sexuality. What I had with Danica and the girls before her was real. At the same time, I was now surrounded by gay men, both through my uncle Mitchell, and Parker, as well as my work as a model. I appreciated their attention, and wanted to be liked by them. I enjoyed sex with Parker, but I was always the top; which added to my confusion whether I could be gay or not. 

    All in all, it was a summer full of work, as well as debaucherous fun. After Paris, we'd gone to Milan, Madrid, and London. At the time, I didn't even stop to consider how lucky I was. I just went with the flow until it'd all started to feel natural. Come September, I flew back to New York with two extra suitcases full of clothes I'd been gifted by designers and stylists.

    "Can I ask you something?" I said to Parker in the back of the limo he had pick us up at JFK (because, of course he did). "Can I please leave all this stuff at your place?"

    "What, you're asking if you can move in?"

    "No," I smiled. "I just don't have where to store everything at my uncle's apartment. I'm still sleeping on his couch, remember?"

    "Yeah, about that: why don't you move out? You can come stay with me, or I can help you get a place of your own. Pretty soon, you'll probably be able to pay for it yourself as well."

    "Thanks," I said. "You've been very generous. But so has my uncle. I don't mind living with him. And… he doesn't seem to have anyone in the city. Like, he has friends and stuff, but no one to come home to. I think it's best I stick around a while longer. But hey, I can come and go as I please. I'm sure I'll be spending plenty of time at yours."

    "You can cum anytime," Parker winked at me and leaned forward to give me a kiss, as we approached Uncle Mitch's apartment.

    "I'm home," I said loudly, closing the door behind me. It'd taken me forever to dig out the key from by bag; I hadn't used it in months.

    At first I thought the place might be empty, until Mitchell came out of his bedroom. Summer was still in full swing in New York, and Uncle Mitch was wearing nothing but a pair of tight white boxer briefs.

    "Benny boy!" he said with a smile and came in for a hug. "There's my little jet-setter. Good to have you back!"

    "Good to be back, Uncle Mitch," I said, putting my arms around his nearly naked body. 

    It was still morning in New York. Uncle Mitch made us some coffee, and we sat and talked about my trip for over an hour. I opened my suitcase to give Mitch the couple of gifts I'd brought him, when he spotted the photo album that was sitting on top.

    "What's that?"

    "Oh, that's my portfolio," I answered.

    "Ooh, let me see," Mitchell helped himself to the album full of new shots I'd had done, and started flipping through it. "Ben… These are incredible."

    "You think so? Thanks, Uncle Mitch. I met some very talented people. I really liked working with them."

    We sat next to each other on the couch as Mitch turned the pages of my portfolio.

    "Oh!" he said, amazed. I turned to look and realized he was looking at a full-fontal of me. It was an artsy black-and-white photo I had done with a photographer in Madrid. "Wow!"

    "Yeah…" I said, feeling awkward. "That was… an interesting shoot," I laughed.

    "I bet. You look really good, Ben," Uncle Mitch nodded approvingly. "And hey, good for you on what you're packing down there," he teased.

    "Thanks," I started to blush and looked down at my lap, feeling a tad embarrassed. 

    The next few photos were all of the same shoot. There were some some shots of my ass, but mostly the photographer seemed interested in my penis. I knew I was a shower; my length when flaccid was pretty impressive. The European photographer also seemed particularly piqued by the fact I was cut and my clean circumcision scar, so he took several closeups, and even asked me to "fluff up," which resulted in me being half-hard in some of the photos.

    Looking down at my knees, still blushing from being complimented on my nudity by my own uncle, I turned my head and realized he was getting hard. Yes, it was without a doubt: the underwear he wore was very tight, and his semi was clearly visible through the white fabric. 

    I smirked, amused by the fact I was having this effect on my uncle. Suddenly, my feeling of embarrassment started to fade. I knew plenty of gay men found me attractive, so I could only imagine what was going through my uncle's head. He was feeling turned on by my nudes, at the same time probably feeling disgusted for looking at his sister's son that way, but too impressed by my cock to look away.

    "Is this," he coughed a couple times, "the first time you've done this kind of photos?"

    "You mean naked?" I looked him in the eyes and grinned. "Kinda. I mean a lot of photographers will want you to pose in underwear, or a strategic pose where you're naked but covering up. But yeah, this was the first I did fully nude. Before that, the most someone's asked was… Here, I'll show you."

    I got up off the couch and took my T-shirt off in one swift move. I stood right in front of my uncle, who seemed taken aback by what was happening. Maybe he didn't know how to react, but his dick definitely did: I noticed it got even harder in his tight underwear.

    "This one time I was posing for an ad for these low-rise jeans," I explained. "They were similar to the ones I have on right now. The photographer didn't want me to wear any underwear…"

    And I wasn't wearing any now either. I stood in front of my uncle, shirtless, flexing my abs and my pecs, almost making him drool. I was being a bit of a douche, but it was too much fun not to continue.

    "… and he wanted me to pull down my jeans. So I did…" I said, and pulled down the jeans I currently had on, until my neatly trimmed pubic hair was peaking out over the waistband, "… and he took a few photos that way. From the front and back," I turned around to give Uncle Mitch a view of the few inches of ass crack that were now showing, "and every few minutes he kept saying to pull them down a bit lower."

    I turned back around to face my uncle. Sitting on the couch, his eyes were at the exact same level as my crotch, his face almost buried in my pubes. 

    "So I kept going lower…" I pulled down my jeans another inch, now showing the base of my dick, "and lower…" another inch…

    Uncle Mitch licked his lips, and tried to remain as nonchalant as possible. He tried covering up his crotch with his hands without seeming too obvious, but it was pointless: I could tell he had a full hard-on by this point, leaking precum staining his underwear.

    "And it was weird, because this was for an ad so I knew they couldn't show it," I spoke casually, my thumbs tucked in the waistband of my low-rise jeans, "but I was a newbie so I did what I was told." 

    I pulled my jeans down another inch; by now half of my dick visible. And since being a tease turned me on, I was slowly starting to get hard as well, which made my dick thicker.

    Uncle Mitch blinked fast, pretending to look me in the eyes, but casting as many glances down as possible. He tried not to be a perv, but I knew exactly what was on his mind.

    "Anyway," I pulled my jeans up in one swift move. "I better to take a shower after the flight."

    I headed to the bathroom, smirking, leaving my uncle with blue balls. I was pretty sure he'd jerk off as soon as possible. Maybe even use some of my underwear to do it.



    "Are you sure these aren't too small?"

    "They're perfect."

    "I feel like everyone is looking at me."

    "That's exactly why they're perfect," I smirked, and pulled down my sunglasses to shoot Ben a wink.

    He was standing in front of me in the smallest pair of speedos imaginable, a blue-and-white striped pair I'd bought for him in Spain. It was fucking criminal how good he looked in them! They did the bare minimum of covering up so we wouldn't be kicked out of the pool. They exposed every muscle on Ben's Adonis-like body. Truth be told, I wasn't sure we wouldn't be kicked out if I weren't one of the biggest spenders at this private club, which I mostly enjoyed because of their rooftop pool overlooking Manhattan. The exuberant membership fees and other donations I gave made the employees look the other way. Well, figuratively. In reality, they were staring at Ben just as much as everyone else was.

    I smiled at Ben, feeling like a weird mixture of a proud father and a horny boyfriend. In actuality, I was neither. Ben hadn't quite figured out his sexuality yet. He'd hooked up with several women in Europe, with my blessing. He was still young, freshly turned 19. He had plenty of time to figure out how he feels about men. As long as he agreed to give me some of his dick at time, I wasn't complaining.

    What I liked even more than the sex though, is the time we spent together. Model boys like him were a dime a dozen in New York. There was something special about Ben, though. Maybe it was the fact he never let his good looks and newfound success go to his head. Maybe it was that, while his peers in the industry blew their money on drugs and clothes, he sent most of it to his son.

    "So what's your cousin's name again?" Ben enquired, rubbing sunscreen on his body, for my pleasure and everyone else's around us.


    "Parker and Porter. How original of both of your parents."

    "Yeah, well we were raised like brothers, almost. Both groomed to take over the family business by our dads. It was amusing when Porter came out as gay as well." I checked my watch. "He oughta be here any minute."

    "I thought he didn't like me. Why did you want him to meet us here?"

    "He doesn't like me being with you. That's not the same as not liking you. I'm sure he lusts over you, that's why he disapproves. He's jealous."

    "Oh, so you wanted to rub me in his face? Is that why you made me wear these?"

    "Not just a pretty face," I smiled at Ben, who'd caught on to my plan.

    "Nope. I got a pretty dick as well."

    "Don't I know it."

    A short while later, Porter showed up. I could already tell by the way he was dressed he was trying to impress Ben.

    He and I greeted each other, after which Ben got up to shake his hand. I couldn't see Porter's eyes through his sunglasses (I'm sure he'd picked tinted ones on purpose), but I was pretty sure he was scanning Ben up and down and taking in every detail.

    "Nice to see you again," Ben offered a polite lie.

    "Ah yes, we've met before, haven't we?" Porter acted as if he could barely remember, but he wasn't fooling anyone.

    We lay by the pool for a while, talking business. Porter was definitely not impressed with me fucking off to Europe and leaving him in charge at the office all by himself, so we were in recovery mode. Ben, used to sitting on the side while I was having this kind of conversations with people, just smiled and looked pretty. Every now and then, he'd get up for a dip in the pool, making Porter's and everyone else's heads turn toward him as he strutted as if walking the runway.

    "I see you're still… entertaining this," Porter said to me while Ben was gone.

    "Yes. We've had a lovely time," I said smugly.

    "I am sure you are positively in love. Will you be getting married soon? Are you adopting his child as your own?"

    "I'm more interested in having him fuck me like an animal rather than playing house," I said cooly, responding to my cousin's sarcasm with further provocation.

    "Ah, well," he turned away, "glad that's working out for you."

    "Oh, it is. He's got a great dick. And he knows how to use it. Took to fucking an ass like a duck to water. There's just something about having a straight man fuck you, you know?" I continued to prod.

    "Doesn't sound so straight to me."

    "You're probably right. Even better. More long-term potential."

    "Oh, so you won't get rid of him when he reaches the ripe old age of 20, like with the ones before?"

    "He's not like the others. He's special."

    "He looks like the others from where I'm standing."

    "Well then maybe you should move, and have a better look for yourself."

    "What, you're willing to share?" Porter turned back to look at me.

    I smiled. 

    "Oh look, there he is," I said at Ben, who'd just come back, water dripping down his beautiful body. Instead of toweling himself dry, he just stood there and let the sun take care of it. 

    "If you excuse me," my cousin said and went toward the restrooms inside, probably just looking to get away from me after basically admitting he'd liked to get fucked by Ben.

    It gave Ben and me a chance to talk alone. When Porter came back, he found me on my own.

    "Where's your boy toy?" he asked me.

    "Come with me."



    Of course I was fucking jealous of my cousin for snagging someone like Ben! I still wasn't sure that Ben wasn't using him, but Parker seemed all too willing to be used. Hell, so would I.

    The private club where my cousin invited me to meet him and Ben was as ritzy as it gets. When I gave them Parker's name, the receptionist's smile revealed that he's one of their favorite clients. I'm sure they didn't mind the eye candy he was bringing either.

    When Parker asked me to follow him inside from the pool, I was confused about where we were going, until I realized we were headed for the changing rooms. At a place like this, each of them was its own individual small room, offering complete privacy.

    As surprised as I was that this all was happening, it was nothing in comparison to how I felt when Parker opened one of the doors and exposed Ben standing there, stark naked, hands resting on his hips and just waiting for us to come in.

    I was speechless, as my cousin ushered me inside and closed and locked the door behind us.

    Even though we grew up together and we were both gay, Parker and I didn't have "that kind" of relationship. Sure, we talked about sex more than your average cousins probably did, but we never did anything together! To be in a situation like this with him and a gorgeous young man like Ben, threw me for a loop.

    And the surprises just kept coming. As I stood there with my mouth agape, my cousin dropped on his knees and opened his own mouth to take Ben's penis inside it. 

    Ben's dick was already an impressive size soft, I could tell that even with his speedos on. When we'd walked into the changing room he was sporting a semi, probably having played with himself while he waited here for us. As my cousin started to suck him off, Ben got hard at a speed only a 19-year-old could.

    I looked him up and down, still in shock. When I looked at his face, he shot me a proud, dazzling smile; like this was a fucking toothpaste commercial. I could see in that moment why Parker called him special. His face was so pretty, yet handsome at the same time… he looked beautiful, manly, and gentle, all at once.

    As gorgeous as his face was, it was impossible to pay too much attention to it when my eyes just wanted to look down. Down his thick neck and his bulging pecs. His large arms, still resting on the sides of his body. Down his abs, clearly visible, but not as obnoxious as a roided out bodybuilder's. And his dick… Fuck, his dick!

    Seeing my cousin, who somewhat looked like me, take in this young man's cock, made me want it as well. They obviously brought me here for a reason. If the reason was to tease me and not have me participate, they had another thing coming. I got on my knees next to Parker and selfishly took the dick out of his mouth and put it in mine.

    My cousin smiled at me, but didn't object. He continued to caress Ben's body, feeling the ridges of his abs, and fondling his ball sack while I sucked him off. After a while, we switched roles and Parker was back to blowing him, while I settled for licking his balls.

    The matter of how weird this was wasn't escaping me. Parker and I were basically brothers, for fuck's sake! Both in our 40s, having shared so much together. But when a boy like Ben presents himself… there's no turning him down. I wouldn't care if my entire family came to join in. 

    Parker and I were face-to-face, trying to suck Ben's cock simultaneously, our noses bumping together, and our tongues touching each other at times. Ben started to run his fingers through our hair, squeezing our heads closer together, making us share his dick like a giant lollipop. 

    I don't know if it was a turn-on for him, or if he just enjoyed pushing limits, but Ben kept bringing our heads closer and closer together to the tip of his dick. We were now both licking the head of his circumcised cock, tasting each other's saliva as well as his precum. I could feel my cousin's breath on my face; I could hear him moaning and grasping for air. My tongue rolled toward his and we started making out, all the while trying to keep Ben's dick in our mouths. It was like a threesome kiss; only this time it was two tongues and a dick.

    This was so fucking wrong... I loved it! I was never particularly attracted to my cousin, but the fact we were doing this with Ben, and for him, was such a fucking turn on. Just when you think you've done everything under the sun, something like this happens. 

    The situation got even more heated once Parker and I started kissing. We were now paying attention to each other as well as Ben. Each of us had one hand on Ben's abs, who was nice enough to flex them for us knowing that feeling them up would turn us on.

    Parker and I continued kissing with our eyes closed, until it was time to go back to servicing Ben. I took his shaved, smooth balls in my mouth, as my cousin continued to stroke and suck his cock. He was getting close, I could tell by his body language. I put my fingers between Ben's legs and started pressing on his perineum and close to his asshole, making him moan out loud.

    He was close! I had to have it. I reached for his cock and started sucking him again. Parker let me do it alone for a while, before he joined in and we did it together. Ben's muscular legs started to shake. I grabbed onto his thick thigh for balance and went all in, giving him the lick that pushed him over the edge.

    Ben's load come shooting out. I took his dick in my mouth and swallowed some of it, before shoving it in my cousin's mouth to let him have some as well. Luckily, Ben kept going, shooting a large load long enough for both my cousin and me to get some. When he was finally done, he stood enjoying the aftereffect of the orgasm, while my cousin and I continued to kiss and lick the tip of his dick, before sharing a kiss and exchanging his cum between us, passing it from one mouth to another before finally swallowing.

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